Triple Tuning

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Triple Tuning

"Red Supernova Dragon", a Triple Tuning Synchro Monster.
"Red Supernova Dragon", a Triple Tuning Synchro Monster.



Japanese (romanized)

Toripuru Chūningu

Japanese (translated)

Triple Tuning


Triple Tuning

The three sages welcome the King.

— Jack Atlas (Takanori Hoshino) on Triple Tuning

Triple Tuning (トリプルチューニング, Toripuru Chūningu)[1] is a kind of a Synchro Summon that uses three Tuner monsters, rather than the usual one. It is an upgrade of Double Tuning, and thus can be considered similar to Delta Accel Synchro, as both are further-evolved types of a Synchro Summon method.



Prior to the release of "Red Supernova Dragon", Triple Tuning was technically possible for 2 other Synchro Monsters, but not strictly required. "XX-Saber Gottoms" requires a Tuner and 1 or more EARTH monsters for its Synchro Summon, but it does not specify that the EARTH monsters must be non-Tuners; therefore, its Summon is capable of using 3 Tuners. "Crystron Quariongandrax" requires two or more Tuners to be Summoned, meaning that it is possible to use 3 Tuners for its Synchro Summon.

Relation to the anime/manga[edit]

Unlike Double Tuning, which was featured in both the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime and manga, and in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Triple Tuning was never featured or mentioned in the anime or manga. However, it is considered the evolution of Double Tuning, as the only monster that currently requires 3 Tuner monsters for its Summon, "Red Supernova Dragon", is an upgrade of Jack Atlas' "Red Nova Dragon" (which debuted the Double Tuning mechanic).


As it is an OCG-original mechanic, there was never a depiction of Triple Tuning in the anime or manga. In the artwork of "Red Supernova Dragon", 4 orange Synchro Summoning rings are featured in the background, possibly depicting a Triple Tuning being performed. However, during the Jump Festa 2020 Duel Opera, when "Red Supernova Dragon" was Synchro Summoned by Jack's voice actor (Takanori Hoshino), the 3 Tuners used were shown transforming into a number of fiery rings equal to their total Levels, similar to Double Tuning.

Monsters that require Triple Tuning[edit]

The following monster(s) specifically utilize this method of Synchro Summoning:

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/
Red Supernova Dragonスカーレッド・スーパーノヴァ・ドラゴンSynchro Monster
Effect Monster


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