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Nail Saionji with "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor"
  • トロン
  • Toron (romanized)
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

Tron (トロン Toron) is a series of LIGHT Cyberse monsters, which was first released in Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel in Maximum Ultra Enhancement Pack. It is used by Nail Saionji and his manga counterpart in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS and Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Luke! Explosive Supremacy Legend!!, respectively.


The decreasing Levels of "Femtron", "Attron", and "Zeptron", reflecting their numbers.

The original 5 non-Maximum Monsters in this series are named after metric prefixes for negative powers of 10. The monsters' Levels correspond to the size of their prefix: the Level 1 "Yoctron" is named after yocto-, the smallest metric prefix; the next smallest prefix corresponds to a Level 2 monster, and so on. They are also tied to Buddhism, as the Japanese terms for the prefixes are also terms used for concepts in Buddhism.

The series' boss monster, "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", represents the origin of everything, which corresponds to the number 0. The systematic progression of the metric series represents nearing the limitless extremes of infinity as the metric variable approaches 0.

Each monster in the metric series has a similar design, based on plants. Each one has a number of leaves sprouting from its head equal to its own Level. Also, as they decrease in Level, the monsters become smaller, simpler, more compact, and paler in color; the gemstones adorning them also change color from blue to red.

Name Level Metric prefix Base 10
Permillind Hicrotron 8 Milli 10−3
Viskam Nanotron 6 Nano 10−9
Peacock Picotron 5 Pico 10−12
Femtron 4 Femto 10−15
Dark Femtron
Attron 3 Atto 10−18
Zeptron 2 Zepto 10−21
Yoctron 1 Yocto 10−24

The other monsters in the series are instead named after particle accelerators, machines that facilitate research at an infinitesimal scale. Each one has a number of glowing rings around its body equal to its own Level. Like "Yggdrago", they have a draconic design and appear to be entirely plant-based.

Name Origin
Cycliptron Cyclotron
Seedclotron Brusseln Synchrotron
Attolashoot Highdron ATLAS experiment
Hadron collider
Permillind Hicrotron Hadron collider

The Fusion Monster, "Permillind Hicrotron", combines elements of the two lines of monsters: it has a dark green color, a complex design with 8 leaves adorning its head to match its Level, and purple gemstones, matching the metric series; and it also has a long, draconic, plantlike body surrounded by 8 glowing rings to match its Level, like the particle accelerator line. It follows both naming schemes of being named after the metric unit, milli-, and likely a portmanteau of hadron and synchrotron. It may also be named after a croton, lindwurm, and permill: a plant genus, mythological creature, and unit of ratio, respectively.

Playing style[edit]

The Tron theme focuses on drawing many cards to quickly search the Deck for the three pieces of its ace Maximum Monster, "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", with which it can quickly overwhelm and finish off the opponent.

The effect of every monster in the metric series requires having "Femtron", as well as all other in-theme monsters higher than themselves in Level (except "Peacock Picotron"), in the Graveyard to activate, sending themselves to the Graveyard to draw more cards (with the number of cards drawn increasing as the monster's Level decreases). By Summoning each monster in order of decreasing Levels, the player can rapidly search through their Deck; as more monsters are added to the Graveyard, more effects become available to activate.

Once the Graveyard is filled with monsters, the Deck can use the effect of its Level 7 "Seedclotron Brusseln" to add all 3 pieces of "Yggdrago" back to the hand at once, which also allows it easy follow-up by re-Summoning it after "Yggdrago" is destroyed. The Level 1 "Yoctron" and the Spell "Vicissitude of Providence" can also make use of monsters in the Graveyard, returning them to the Deck to use again.


  • As most monsters in the series require "Femtron" in the Graveyard to use their effects, the Deck may struggle against cards that can return "Femtron" to the Deck, such as "Judgment of the Rising Light", "Widening Whisper", or "Grand Extreme".
    • It may also be slow to start if "Femtron" is not drawn early in the Duel.
  • Due to the repeated draws being performed, as well as the Deck cost of the effects of "Yggdrago [L]" and "Yggdrago [R]", Tron Decks are liable to losing by deck out.
  • As "Yggdrago" cannot increase its own ATK, and "Yggdrago [L]" can only target Level 8 or lower monsters, Tron Decks have few to no ways to deal with an opposing Maximum Monster with more than 4000 ATK.