Type Zero Magic Crusher (Tag Force 1)

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Type Zero Magic Crusher
Zero Shiki Madō Funsaiki
Card type Trap
Property Continuous
Rarity Common
Internal number 5153
Password 21237481

Discard 1 Spell Card from your hand to inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points.

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Other languages

Name Lore
French Broyeur Magique de Type Zéro Pour chaque Carte Magie dont vous vous défaussez, infligez 500 points de dommages aux Life Points de votre adversaire.
German Magischer Vernichter Typ Null Wirf 1 Zauberkarte aus deiner Hand ab, um den Life Points deines Gegners 500 Punkte Schaden zuzufügen.
Italian Frantumatore Magico Tipo 0 Infliggi 500 punti di danno ai Life Points del tuo avversario per ogni Carta Magia che scarti dalla tua mano.
Spanish Aplastador Mágico Tipo Cero Descarta 1 Carta Mágica de tu mano para infligir 500 puntos de daño a los Life Points de tu adversario.