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Ultraterrestrial Trouble Solutions, or UTS for short (ちゅうじんトラブルそうだんしゃ Uchūjin Toraburu Sōdansha, literally "Alien Trouble Consultancy") is a corporate entity in Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! run by Yuamu Ohdo and Yuhi Ohdo that specializes in getting rid of troublesome aliens.[1]


Image Character Description
YuamuOhdo.png Yuamu Ohdo President
YuhiOhdo.png Yuhi Ohdo Co-owner
YudiasVelgearUTSUniform.png Yudias Velgear Employee
MrTazaki.png Mr. Tazaki Employee
MrYagi.png Mr. Yagi Employee, caterer
MsMaki.png Ms. Maki Employee, gardener
165px Ms. Purisaki Employee
MrOmaeno.png Mr. Omaeno Employee
165px Unnamed employee resembling Tyler Getz. Employee
165px Unnamed employee resembling Janko Entant. Employee
165px Unnamed employee resembling Caterpillio Zomyoji. Employee


  • With the exception of Yudias and the Ohdo twins, the other eight employees of UTS all resemble characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, sharing the same last names and voice actors.
  • UTS employees exclaim "UTS" as a form of affirmation.


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