Ugly Duckling

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Ugly Duckling
Ugly Duckling
  • Ugly Duckling
RōmajiHyaku-ten Ijō no Rei-ten
Translated100 Points Above 0
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster pack
Number of cards60
Cover cardUrgent Tuning
Video games

Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling is a booster pack available in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4. It contains cards used by Yusei Fudo and Rally Dawson in the anime.

The English name of the Booster Pack is based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, "The Ugly Duckling".

It can be unlocked by entering Rathie's shop with either Rally or Yusei. Each pack costs 150 DP and contains 5 cards.


Each pack contains 5 cards. There are 60 cards in total, comprising:


# Name Card type Property Attribute Type Level ATK DEF Rarity
Debris Dragon Ultra
Junk Warrior Ultra
Nitro Warrior Ultra
Quickdraw Synchron Ultra
Quillbolt Hedgehog Ultra
Turbo Warrior Ultra
Armory Arm Super
Graceful Revival Super
Level Eater Super
One for One Super
Road Warrior Super
Scrap-Iron Scarecrow Super
Shield Wing Super
Tuningware Super
Turret Warrior Super
Hyper Synchron Rare
Max Warrior Rare
Nitro Synchron Rare
Release Restraint Wave Rare
Road Synchron Rare
Silver Wing Rare
Skill Successor Rare
3634 Synchro Spirits Trap Normal Rare
3635 Trick Battle Trap Continuous Rare
Turbo Rocket Rare
Turbo Synchron Rare
Zero Gardna Rare
Advance Draw Common
Battle Mania Common
Card Rotator Common
Confusion Chaff Common
Defense Draw Common
Descending Lost Star Common
Domino Effect Common
Equip Shot Common
Fighting Spirit Common
Fortress Warrior Common
Ghost Gardna Common
3615 Giant Ushi Oni Monster DARK Fiend 8 2600 2100 Common
Give and Take Common
Healing Wave Generator Common
Junk Barrage Common
Level Warrior Common
Limiter Overload Common
Miracle Locus Common
Prevention Star Common
Reinforce Truth Common
Remote Revenge Common
Rockstone Warrior Common
Shield Warrior Common
Shining Silver Force Common
Slip Summon Common
Sonic Chick Common
Speed Warrior Common
Spirit Force Common
Stardust Xiaolong Common
Synchro Barrier Common
Synchro Strike Common
Turbo Booster Common
Urgent Tuning Common