Unsporting Conduct - Cheating

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Cheating is regarded as the highest display of unsporting conduct a player can exhibit during a tournament. In the OCG and TCG, cheating includes, but is not limited to, intentionally misrepresenting the game state, rules, or policies; reporting inaccurate information to tournament officials; and bribery.

Examples Include:

  • A player offers booster packs to their opponent in exchange for conceding the final round, especially when the player offering the packs would lie about them.
  • A player purposely draws an extra card and attempts to conceal it.
  • A player lies to tournament officials.
  • A player who won the first game of the match purposely plays slowly in order to stall for time and wait for the round to end.
  • A player pre-sets their Deck while Side Decking and does not sufficiently randomize their Deck before presenting it to his/her opponent.
  • A player purposely marks certain cards to know where certain cards are, especially powerful ones.
  • A player shuffles his/her graveyard.