Upstart Goblin (Tag Force 1)

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Upstart Goblin
Narikin Goburin
Card type Spell
Property Normal
Rarity Super Rare
Internal number 4895
Password 70368879

Draw 1 card from your Deck. Increase your opponent's Life Points by 1000 Life Points.

Obtained by

"Upstart Goblin" is available in the following packs:

Limitation statuses

List Status
Default Settings Semi-Limited
Game Original Semi-Limited
March 2007 Unlimited
September 2006 Semi-Limited

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"Upstart Goblin" is part of the following genres:

Deck Recipes

"Upstart Goblin" is in the following Decks:

Character Deck Level Qty
Damon Soul Draw 2 2
Laurence Dangerous Pair 3 2
Nova Living and Beyond 8 2

Other languages

Name Lore
French Gobelin Parvenu Piochez 1 carte de votre Deck. Les Life Points de votre adversaire augmentent de 1000 points.
German Emporkömmling Goblin Ziehe 1 Karte von deinem Deck. Erhöhe die Life Points deines Gegners um 1000 Punkte.
Italian Riccastro Goblin Pesca 1 carta dal tuo Deck. Aumenta di 1000 punti i Life Points del tuo avversario.
Spanish Goblin Insolente Roba 1 carta de tu Deck. Aumenta los Life Points de tu adversario en 1000 puntos.