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This is my User page. :) I first played Yu-gi-oh! when it first came out in America, but I quit for a while because of college. 4 Years later I'm back into and I absolutely love the game. I currently have a X-Saber Deck, Zombie Deck, and Absolute Zero Deck.

X-Sabers (Pre-Hidden Arsenal)

The strategy of this build is to use Charge of the Light Brigade, the effects of the Lightsworns, and Card Trooper to mill X-Sabers into the graveyard. This allows me to take advantage of the effects of XX-Saber Ragigura and XX-Saber Faultroll to recycle and reuse X-Sabers for fast synchro summoning. This synchro summoning allows me to bring out XX-Saber Gottoms quicker so that I can abuse his ability to make my opponent discard his/her entire hand (via the infinite loop with XX-Saber Faultroll and XX-Saber Ragigura).

Diva Zombies

This deck focuses on getting Goblin Zombie out early by using Pyramid Turtle and Mystic Tomato to summon it to the field early. Goblin Zombie is then used to set up major plays by using Deep Sea Diva and Plaguespreader Zombie as tuners to bring out Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Goblin Zombie's effect lets me bring a Mezuki to hand and dump it with Brionac's effect to continue my abuse of Goblin Zombie and fast Synchro Summons while controlling the field with Brionac's effect. Burial from a Different Dimension let's me reuse Mezuki and Plaguespreader to the fullest potential. This allows me to OTK faster. Diva is used as opposed to Krebons so that I don't have to dedicate another card to the deck (Emergency Teleport). Diva's effect also let's me synchro at least twice in one turn because normal summoning it acts as an Emergency Teleport (to bring out another Diva). Raigeki Break is used as opposed to Phoenix Wing Wind Blast because it is a better option against cards such as Royal Oppression, Judgment Dragon, and other game changing cards.

Absolute Zero Zombies

This is my newest deck, my Elemental Hero Absolute Zero deck. This deck uses the Destiny Draw engine to thin the deck to help draw the support cards. I use Mystic Tomato and/or Elemental Hero Stratos to quickly bring Destiny Hero - Malicious to the field/hand to conduct quick synchro summons. Deep Sea Diva is used because I can use its ability to bring out itself for multiple synchros in one turn. I can also combine the synchro material monsters I used with Miracle Fusion to bring out Absolute Zero (by using a Elemental hero/Destiny Hero and one of the water monsters). This way my monsters will have a purpose once they hit the graveyard. The Miracle Fusion will also allow me better control of my graveyard to summon Dark Armed Dragon. Future Fusion can be used to send appropriate monsters from the deck to the grave for delayed Absolute Zero. This helps me thin my deck and get closer to the cards I need. I believe this will be one of the best decks soon. Absolute Zero's effect helps me keep swarm decks (e.g. Lightsworns and Blackwings) in control, while maintaining proper field control with my own monsters. Gold Sarcophagus is used mainly to search for Heavy Storm, Allure of Darkness, Destiny Draw, Reinforcement of the Army, and other spell cards that can be game-breaking. I've changed this deck around to include zombies. Zombies have helped this deck synchro faster and push my opponent into a wall much faster than having just Destiny Heros as the core of the deck. I use pretty much the same strategies with the zombies in this deck as I did in the zombie deck listed above.