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I'm from Chicago, Illinois. I've been playing after I got my first cards from my cousin. I'm not a competitive player (I'm thinking about maybe trying a tournament and see how I do) I just collect the cards and duel for fun. I do enjoy the anime but not so much the original because I thought it was too complicated. Yu-Gi-Oh's a bit of a secret passion of mine that's why I'm so hesitant to register in tournaments, and as such I don't usually face others outside of my house so I don't really know how good I am (easily the best in my family though). For the wiki I mostly do a lot of design stuff like fixing links and arranging pictures and boxes.

I will not be on a lot of the time since I'm now in school but I'll try my best to squeeze in a couple of hours a week. Sorry.


I believe in the Rock Paper Scissors Theory and out of the three I tend to specialize in Aggro decks but i also like to use control decks as well.

Dust Decks[edit]

The main Deck I use is a Dust Deck. My Dust Deck is basically a deck that focuses on the opposite attributes WIND and EARTH. As far as monsters go, I mostly focus on the Earth Monsters but my aces are usually Wind. Besides that, it is mostly a beatdown deck focusing on quickly getting out my Iron Chain Dragon and Turbo Warrior and using cards based to around their effects (like Battle Mania and a few more Iron Chains for Iron Chain Dragon and Demotion for Turbo). Turbo is focused on by quickly getting out my level fives which I can Special summon quite easily with their abilities and Turbo Synchron's effect and I use Iron Chain Dragon as a backup source if I have the cards on the field but not a Turbo Synchron, with a few mill cards to help me against Lightsworns but having a little mill in a deck is never bad. My Montage Dragon tends to be my ace outside of my Synchro Monsters and since I use a lot of Monsters, it usually comes out quickly. It focuses more on Trap cards than Spells just because they serve me more protection than spells do. (It's sort of cookie-cutter, since an opposite attribute theme is a vague one, but I like it and I consider it original so if you think it's a cookie cutter, please don't hate on me). this deck is pure Aggro due to its focus on bringing out large monsters and beatsticks. The cards marked with a capitalized X means if I don't have the card nor will I look for it but if I get them I will put them in. I ordered a Stardust Dragon online and I was delighted to figure out that the company made a mistake and gave me an Ultimate Rare instead of an Ultra Rare which is one of only two (the other being a Dark Hunter.

I also made a second Dust deck which I call Dust Deck 2.0. It's basically a combination of the EARTH and WIND Elemental Heroes. I honestly don't plan on making this I just created the list because I was thinking of other strategies that didn't fit in to the original so I just made this to get this out of my head (plus it also contains Japanese cards so if they ever get released we'll see how that goes, I might just fuse some of these tactics into my original.) This Deck is Aggro-Combo but as well as summoning my big monsters it also powers up my weaker ones. The deck also has combos involving powering up my Elemental Heroes and keeping them in the clear.

My third Dust Deck is my Dust Deck 3.0. This deck is a Machine/Insect Deck with the Machines mainly being EARTH with the Insects mostly being WIND. There is a large focus on Monsters that have weak attack but are most useful when face-up on the field so Light of Intervention is the Trap Card of choice. Another large focus of this deck is keeping monsters like Morphtronic Clocken, Decoyroid, and Spell Striker on the field to maximize their effects so Mist Body and Heart of Clear Water are very important. From there this deck is a stall deck which plans on swarming with my insects and keeping monsters alive with my machines until I can get out my Dreadscythe Harvester or Desert Twister. This deck is Combo-Control with my Morphtronics pulling off combos to put the game in my favor while Mist Body and Heart of Clear Water keep the game in my favor by locking down other effects.

<poll> The Dust Deck I think is the best is... Dust Deck Dust Deck 2.0 Dust Deck 3.0 </poll>

Other Decks[edit]

My Other Deck is a Blackwing Deck. It's pretty Standard except for Ancient Fairy Dragon, which makes it even easier to Swarm my Blackwings. I also threw in a couple of field spells to Supplement my fairy dragon and Dark Horus because in my opinion, Blackwings are about Swarming and removing them from play regularly isn't a good habit for a blackwing deck (I think most blackwing users know which monster I'm talking about). This deck is Aggro-Combo sue to the need for getting out as many Blackwings as possible and using combo's to get even more Blackwing's into my hand using a lot of draw cards. It's really sort of netdecked, it's staple cards along with the archetype, but once I get this together, that's when I'm going to truely start customizing cause I love blackwings even though everyone uses them and they're super expensive. Other than that it's just swarming and drawing. / means I've gotten the card.

This is the next deck I plan on making which is a Poker Deck. Its main focus is to get out Arcana Knight Joker and getting different types of cards into my hand to use his effect. This deck also takes the swarming abilities of the LIGHT Poker Monsters to easily summon Guardian of Order and also a variety of other cards that support light monsters and cards that involve the hand like Penguin Soldier and Toon Table of Contents. I also have a Sub-Strategy with this deck which is a warrior deck which is why I included Command Knight, Colossal Fighter, and Lightwave Tuning to Get him out. I plan on creating this deck because I love playing card games and roulette stuff so this deck is sort of a personal deck and not as competitive as my other deck. Not a lot of the cards outside of honest seem to be very expensive too so I'll be happy with getting the deck done without the Honests even though they are pretty important due to the low Attack of Queen's Knight and King's Knight.

My final deck that I will try to make is a Yubel Deck. This deck is a Yubel beatdown with a lot of full field destruction cards which actually benefits me now so that makes me happy. I also have a Synchro element with Black Rose Dragon to clear the field and have Yubel evolve. I will try to make the deck. I'm pretty sure the market is low for Yubel cards since they don't get used that much but I'll go for it anyway. My Traps have a focus on keeping the opponent locked down so they can't come up with any smart counter moves. This is honestly opposite to my poker deck since my Poker Deck is LIGHT, Yubel is DARK, Poker involves swarming, with this deck you almost always have a clear field.

<poll> The Deck I think is the best is... Dust Deck Blackwing Deck Poker Deck Yubel Deck </poll>

Decks I May Make[edit]

This next deck is a Cyberdark Virus Deck. Its main focus is using dragon beatdown and using my cyberdarks so they can meet the requirements of my viruses and not get destroyed. This deck is Aggro-Combo, With the Cyberdarks being the Aggro Part and my Viruses being the Combo part. I'm probably not going to make this deck again, I just enjoy making decks and I really like this one but a good majority of the cards are rare so getting them in packs will be impossible and getting them alone will be super expensive so, oh well.

The third deck I decided the make is called Frog the Jam. Basically what it is is a frog deck with some jam cards like Jam Breeding Machine so The Slime Tokens on My field get 1700 Atk with Wetlands and when that strategy has outlived his purpose and I can tribute the Slime Tokens, I'll just use Emergency Porvisions for a healing Bonus (this is also used with other strategies too). This deck is a Control deck since it locks my opponent down but I don't have a lot of combo's to get the cards I need and there aren't any real monsters that are aggresive and focus on destroying opponents

I have decided to offer my take on a classic Exodia Deck. This deck involves basic Exodia techniques with a special card known as Emissary of the Afterlife which can easily get me Exodia pieces. I also include Synchro elements to get cards into the graveyard faster so their effects can activate. I include a slight defensive strategy which I use with the synergy of Chorus of Sanctuary and Ancient Fairy Dragon which can stall for me with its high defense and give me a nice little bonus along with deck thinning. My Side Strategy is burn and gain where I use cards like Magic Cylinder, Des Koala, and Mask of the Accursed to do damage and use Nimble Momonga, Ancient Fairy Dragon, and Draining Shield to gain Life Points before busting out Ancient Sacred Wyvern for the kill.

<poll> The Deck I think you should make is... Cyberdark Virus Frog the Jam Exodia Deck </poll> (Feel free to comment and make suggestions on my deck on the discussion page, and you can be harsh, it will only make me stronger.)

Brothers' Decks[edit]

Of my three brothers, two of them play Yu-Gi-Oh and both of them play Opposite Attribute like I do. I helped them make deck lists but since their actual decks keep changing since they don't have the money to afford the cards they want I'll just show you the lists.

My Second youngest brother plays a Steam Deck, which is the attributes WATER and FIRE. His deck isn't very traditional for either attribute. No A Legendary Ocean and not a lot of Burn, it instead is focused on his Synchro Monsters and Dragon monsters to quickly get out his Trident Dragon or Nitro Warrior. He usually brings out Trident Dragon by using Tyrant Dragon and Magna Dragon as fodder then using Sacred phoenix to attack again, only to have him come back and destroy all spells on the field.

My brother also wanted me to help him with a second Steam Deck so this is Steam Deck 2.0. This deck is a Plant deck with significant focus on bringing out Phoenixian Cluster Amarylis. Other than that it's a lot of basic plant stuff, Black Garden, Black Rose Dragon, etc.

My youngest brother plays a Chaos Deck, which if you don't know uses LIGHT and DARK monsters, you must be new.. His Deck focuses a lot more on the Warriors than either me or my brother and his deck is full of lower level monsters for him to search using his Road Warrior to also help Junk Warrior. Most of his other cards are swarmers, stallers, and beatsticks.

I decided to create another Chaos deck for my brother called Chaos Deck 2.0. His deck is basically a Zombie deck with LIGHT attribute support.

<poll> The Opposite Attribute Deck I think is the best is... Dust Deck Chaos Deck Steam Deck </poll>

<poll> The best 2.0... Dust Deck 2.0 Steam Deck 2.0 Chaos Deck 2.0 </poll>

Duel Spirits[edit]

  • My youngest brother considers Spirit Reaper to be his Spirit Partner. It makes sense to me, he thinks those cards are cool.
  • My Second youngest brother considers his Spirit Partner to be Snowman Eater. Eh, not what I would've guessed but it makes enough sense. It's also weird that him and Mecha Bunny have the same trigger, hm.
  • I consider my Spirit Partner to be Mecha Bunny, because I am a fan of Burn and Machines, and it rolled into one with a swarmer, hello. I also consider Semi Duel Spirits The Tricky, Diskblade Rider, and Iron Chain Snake.

Ancient Cards[edit]

These are cards that are close to me from hen I played way back when.

  • Trap Master - He was my ultimate card and I loved him so much but I lost him and don't use him anymore
  • Shadow Ghoul - He was one of my few tribute monsters and he was who I would usually use
  • Wall Shadow - I got Labrynth wall and Magical Labrynth in the same pack then I traded to get Wall Shadow.
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon - It's cliche I know, but he was the first card I ever got.
  • Saggi the Dark Clown - I was a big Kaiba fan and when I got my first cards me and my brother could both choose two cards than randomize. I chose Blue-eyes and Saggi and I used them a lot.
  • Shapesnatch - I know he looks stupid and is awful but before there were tributes I played this card all the time.





  • Favorite- Joey Wheeler-His Warriors are Beasts.
  • Least Favorite- Weevil Underwood- He's the most annoying, nerdy, and stereotypical card game player of the batch.
    • Honorable Mention Yami Bakura- He's so awesome and I love the black trench coat it looks awesome.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX[edit]

  • Favorite- Zane Truesdale- He's evil, but you gotta admit his cards own.
  • Other Favorite (Tie)- Axel Brodie-Dude he's so awesome and he can kill things with his duel disk, I want one of those!!
  • Least Favorite- Vellian Crowler- The dude's man lady thing gives me chills.

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's[edit]

  • Favorite- Crow Hogan- Blackwings are awesome, he looks cool, and he's a signer, and he's got a criminal mark (which I think are bad ass)
  • Least Favorite- Lazar- He's annoying and again, man-lady.
    • Honorable Mention Akiza Izinski- She is easily my favorite female character and almost the only female character I like (I don't like Tea, hate Mai and Alexis, but Luna and Ishizu are pretty cool)



Five Dragons[edit]
Egyptian Gods[edit]
Earthbound Immortals[edit]

(The original five)


Duel Disks[edit]

  • 1. Chaos
  • 2. 5D's
  • 3. Battle City
  • 4. Academy

Duel Runners[edit]


Opponent Outcome Deck
blackwingggys Win Blackwing
Dragonty08 Loss Dust
Airbellum Win Dust
Vehicroidsrage Win Dust
Airbellum Loss Dust
Jampong Loss Dust
Jampong Loss Dust
Tantara Loss Steam