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Introduction to Myself[edit]

Hello, my name is BassNettoHikari2, or as known on other places, JamesBlack17. I have been playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG since it started in '02. I truly love the game. I was also the Co-President of the Sinagua High School Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Club In this club I placed first in the single elimination tournament (not official, the closest place we could participate in Tournaments is a 2 1/2 hour drive away) and I tied for first in our Tag-Team Tournament. Over the years I have played many decks, but now, I have two great decks for tournament play (even though I have not competed in any tournament) and then I have two casual decks that aren't nearly as good. I just graduated High School. My favorite cards are Black Rose Dragon, Stardust Dragon, Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, Dark Magician Girl, and Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus.

~Note~ I am working on some decks right now for someone, so disregard any decks posted in Notes for Myself

My Decks[edit]

Here are the decks I've built, both in theory and in real life.

Quickdust (Main Deck, trying to make)[edit]


This is a deck based around a SDAM/Quickdraw Deck, then with the Side Deck I can take out the SDAM Cards and make a Quickdraw Deck...

Crystal City[edit]

Crystal City

This here is a Crystal Abundance OTK Deck, and currantly the only one that is useable, although it is without Super Rush Recklessly, Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings, Kuraz the Light Monarch, and Chimeratch Fortress Dragon #2...



My newest deck idea, it uses Anti-Meta Cards to disrupt my opponent, and then I use the Quillbolt Loop to make an OTK...

Fabled World Drain[edit]

Fabled World Drain

The deck I am working on for my Cousin, so he can Duel me, its reeally cool. It's like a Fabled World deck with Skill Drain, since most of the effects activate in the graveyard. Really fun deck...

I Say da Hip, Lock...[edit]

I Say da Hip, Lock...

My quirky deck I came up with, using a Lockdown of Angel 07, Naturia Bamboo Shoot, and something stopping SS, my opponent is DEAD!!!!!...

Envoy of the Light[edit]

Envoy of the Light

Here's my take on 'Sworns, built for OmniDraconis. It has Kristya which rocks, its fun, and it's Pure Lightsworns, which I think rules...

Blue Disaster[edit]

Blue Disaster

Okay, here is the second deck I built for OmniDraconis. It is my take on Disaster Dragon, with some Blue Eyes Cards in there. Plays quite nice I must say...

Raging Flamvells[edit]

Raging Flamvells

Here's the third deck I built for OmniDraconis. It is a Burn Deck using the Flamvell Engine. It has some stall, and killing with Raging Flame Sprite is a blast...



Okay here is the fourth deck I've built for OmniDraconis. It is a Blackwing Deck with the Dark Simorgh/Anti-Spell Fragrance lock. Another fun deck, but it can get nasty...

In 5...4...3...2...1...YOU'RE NOW DEAD[edit]

In 5...4...3...2...1...YOU'RE NOW DEAD

This is a deck that I made for a friend. It stalls like there is no tomorrow...

Notes to self[edit]

Work on these decks


Zombie Deck

I have a plaugespreader/quillbolt loop with imperial iron wall to synchro high leverl monsters, the rest is to swarm.


Gravekeeper's Deck

I just put it together with the stucture decks and wondering if I can make it good, I know I need a couple of magical dimensions but all the ones I have are in a dark magician deck I have, but basically powerup and lock down the graveyard since a lot of people activate cards in the grave, and to bring out a wicked god.