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Names to be updated[edit]


Gate of the Magical Contract in Card Tips
Performapal Allcover Hippo
Performapal Gongcat
Predator Plant Fly Hell
Superheavy Samurai Soul Arbitrator
Sauravis, the Crowned Ancient Sage
Ryuuseiryuu Meteo Black Dragon
Crystron Quondam
Denglong, Origin of the Yang Zing
Empowering Armory
Rank-Up-Magic The Phantom Knights of Launch
"A" Cell Recombination Device
No Cheaters Allowed
Dimension Barrier
Blackwing - Tornado the Anticyclone
Performapal Barrier Balloon Baku
Performapal Extra Shooter
Reflecting upon the Destruction Sword
Endless Trap Hole
Joining Forces
Spell-Reduction Zone
Fusion Doom Waltz
Triamid King Golem
Metamor Formation
Magic Expansion
Agnimazd Vanisher, the True Dracoruler
Metalfoes Silvird
Metalfoes Wolflame
Shocking Mustangun
Soul Card
Ebon Void Magician
Assault Blackwing - Onimaru the Thunderbolt
Assault Blackwing - Sohaya the Summer Shower
Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain-Shrouded
Metalfoes Cardinal
Metalfoes Orihulk
Fairy Tail - Snow White
Shiranui Sage
Metalfoes Steeleren
Blackwing - Gofu the Ghostly Shadow
Ghostly Shadow Token
Burgesstoma Anomalocaris
Burgesstoma Hallucigenia
Burgesstoma Canadia
Burgesstoma Olenoides
Burgesstoma Pikaia
Magnet Field
Alpha The Electro-Magnet Warrior
Beta The Electro-Magnet Warrior
Gamma The Electro-Magnet Warrior
Beserkion the Electromagna Warrior
Magician's Protection
Performapal Bubbulldog
Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Superior Dora
Acrobat Magician
Performapal Rubber Mutton
Burgesstoma Dinomischus
Burgesstoma Eldonia
Burgesstoma Leanchoilia
Burgesstoma Marrella
Burgesstoma Opabinia
Cyber Angel - Idaten
Cyber Angel - Vishnu
Cyber Angel - Benten
Cyber Angel - Dakini
Number 51: Finish Hold the Amazing
Number 59: Back the Cook
Cardian - Yanagi
Number 45: Crumble Logos
Number 98: Dystopia
Cardian - Matsu
Cardian - Susuki
Cardian - Kiri
Cardian - Matsu ni Tsuru
Cardian - Susuki ni Tsuki
Cardian - Yanagi ni Ono no Michikaze
Cardian - Kiri ni Houou
Cardian - Ameshikou
Hana Awase
D - Pressure
D - Doom Dance
D - Death Match
Raptor's Intercept Form
Overlay Breast Armor
Fairy Powder
Amazoness Liger
Amazoness Magical Mirror
Slow Life
Amazoness Audience Room
Amazoness Secret Hot Spring
Ancient Gear Double Imitate
Wire Mesh - Chain Deathmatch
Demise Urban
Counterattack Entermate
D - Soul
Cyverse Wizard
Trickster Lilybell
Trickster Lycorissica
Trickster Candina
Gouki Suplex
Star Grail-Bearing Priestess
Star Grail's Chosen
Star Grail's Beckoned
Star Grail's Protector Dragon
Star Grail Fairy Ries
Star Relic - Star Grail
Lyla, Twilightsworn Magus
Parry Knight
D/D/D Gust High King Executive Alexander
D/D/D Wave High King Executive Caesar
Trickster Holy Angel
Star Grail Dragon Imduk
Star Grail Shrine Maiden Eve
Star Grail Swordsman Aurum
Star Grail Warrior Ningirsu
Gaiasaber, the Video Knight
Trickster Lightstage
Chance Meeting with the Star Relic
Star Relic's Aegis
March of Darkness
Urgent Emergency Assistance Rescue
Spellbook of Rudra
Trickster Reincarnation
Star Relic's Guidance
Twilight Clothes
Breakoff Trap Hole


Beginner's Edition.1
Beginner's Edition.2
Ra Yellow Mega-Pack
Legendary Collection 2 Mega-Pack
Legendary Collection 3 Mega-Pack
Legendary Collection 4 Mega-Pack
Legendary Collection 5D's Mega-Pack


Continuous Monster EffectContinuous Effect


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