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I'm trying to find a name policy for the set pics.
If you happen to be seeing this and have any ideas/suggestions, feel free to try to help by editing or asking something.
Any question regarding this matter specifically, shall be left on this page's talk page.
I recommend the read of the Instructions section.
Note: I'm still building this page. It may have some typos/errors. Feel free to correct any.


Generic naming scheme: "ABBR-<type>LN.png".

  • ABBR-BoosterLN.png;
  • ABBR-BoosterLN.png;
  • ABBR-BoosterLN.png;

Other Thoughts[edit]

Using "Promo" for the majority might work. Though Special/Super/Advance/Plus/Deluxe Editions may offer some ambiguity (with Tins, perhaps?), so these should be the main focus of this project, I think.


"ABBR" means set abbreviation;
"LN" means set Language;
Feel free to change any of the "ABBR-BoosterLN.png" behind the line to any new suggestion;
Try to use Reference tags to justify and clarify your suggestion;
Use the Other Thoughts section to express your ideas more textually than just using the Reference tags;
Discussion goes on this page's talk page. I want to keep this page simple and succinct, if possible.


  1. Legendary Collections may use this, since they have two different prefixes. They can also go with "Promo" for the "LC0?" part and "Booster" for the Mega Pack part.
  2. To be used for special cases like X-Saber Power-Up, Samurai Assault and everything else, like magazines, mangas (or call it Y?0?-MangaLN.png?), Oversized, Movie packs, etc..
  3. I need to make a list of all that falls into this category.
  4. With "<Tin>" meaning "Tin<date><wave>"? Or maybe "<Full tin name>"? Check possible ambiguity on Collectible Tins 2009 and 2009 Collectors Tins. Does this make sense? Isn't "Promo" enough? Also check File:RGBTPP-PromoEN.png
  5. Some pics need revision.
  6. Are these relevant?
  7. Seems better than "ABBR-BoosterBoxLN.png", since the abbreviation will usually make up for any ambiguity (need to check Judgment of the Light: Deluxe Edition carefully).
  8. This won't work all the time, but can be used generically. Some special cases:File:YS15-DeckNA-F.png, File:YS15-DeckNA-L.png (These should be NA, but there needs to be a way to differentiate them.
  9. May offer ambiguity?
  10. May offer ambiguity with other posters for that set.
  11. Check this and this.