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Given a card name, outputs the card type.

{{Card type|<Card name>}}
<Card name>
Should be replaced with the the card name.



Card name Card type
{{Card type|Dark Magician}} Normal Monster
{{Card type|Hieracosphinx}} Effect Monster
{{Card type|Man-Eater Bug}} Flip monster
{{Card type|Oilman}} Union monster
{{Card type|Il Blud}} Gemini monster
{{Card type|Yata-Garasu}} Spirit monster
{{Card type|Toon Summoned Skull}} Toon monster
{{Card type|Rare Fish}} Fusion Monster
{{Card type|Black Luster Soldier}} Ritual Monster
{{Card type|Scrap Archfiend}} Synchro Monster
{{Card type|Gem-Knight Pearl}} Xyz Monster
{{Card type|Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow}} Link Monster
{{Card type|Labradorite Dragon}} Normal Tuner monster
{{Card type|Flash Knight}} Normal Pendulum Monster
{{Card type|Deskbot 001}} Effect Tuner monster
{{Card type|Five-Headed Dragon}} Effect Fusion Monster
{{Card type|Relinquished}} Effect Ritual Monster
{{Card type|Buster Dragon}} Effect Synchro Monster
{{Card type|Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer}} Effect Xyz Monster
{{Card type|Decode Talker}} Effect Link Monster
{{Card type|Oafdragon Magician}} Effect Pendulum Monster
{{Card type|Performapal Momoncarpet}} Flip Pendulum Monster
{{Card type|Nobledragon Magician}} Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
{{Card type|Shinobaron Peacock}} Spirit Ritual Monster
{{Card type|Formula Synchron}} Effect Tuner Synchro Monster
{{Card type|Shaddoll Falco}} Flip Tuner monster
{{Card type|Torque Tune Gear}} Union Tuner monster
{{Card type|Sea Monster of Theseus}} Tuner Fusion Monster
{{Card type|Supreme King Z-ARC}} Effect Fusion Pendulum Monster
{{Card type|Nirvana High Paladin}} Effect Synchro Pendulum Monster
{{Card type|Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon}} Effect Xyz Pendulum Monster


Card name Card type
{{Card type|Dark Hole}} Normal Spell
{{Card type|Mystical Space Typhoon}} Quick-Play Spell
{{Card type|Mage Power}} Equip Spell
{{Card type|Wave-Motion Cannon}} Continuous Spell
{{Card type|Kozmotown}} Field Spell


Card name Card type
{{Card type|Crush Card Virus}} Normal Trap
{{Card type|Call of the Haunted}} Continuous Trap
{{Card type|Seven Tools of the Bandit}} Counter Trap


Card name Card type
{{Card type|Wedge Counter (card)}} Counter
{{Card type|Token}} Token
{{Card type|Infernoid Token}} Token

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