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Random Stuff[edit]


Real Decks[edit]


Help is {}

WDC Decks[edit]

  1. Ojama Yellow x2
  2. Ojama Black x2
  3. Ojama Green x2
  4. Ojama Blue x3
  5. Ojama Red x3

Rescue Cat 2 snowman eater

spells Fissure x3 smashing ground x3 Heavy storm Mst Trunade Ojama country x2

Traps 3 T roar 1 mirror force 1 ojama Trio 3 wabaku Torrentail royal oppression x2 Bottomless Trap hole x2 Trick battle x3


<poll> vote for the best deck !!!! Crows madeness Rock hard World of dragons </poll> i work for dueling guides {} hope you can come and ask a question {}

Cards i HATE[edit]

  • Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's character : Crow

i love him 1 because he's funny and 2 he has the best deck

[[2]] } this is my rock deck i need help!!