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BirthNovember 23, 1994
  • male
DeckQuickdraw Accelarate(Main)
Black Swarm(Second)
Earthbound Acceleration (Turbo)

|} I'm back guys... I started to get bored in using Crystal Beasts, and took attention towards my new Quickdraw deck. Well, I still use my Crystal Beast deck, and I'm open to any suggestions in order to edit my Crystal Beast deck

My Deck

Main Deck[edit]

"The time for the Darkness to cover this world has arrived, the Dark Immortals shall rise from the Depths and will never stop until they achieved utter Destruction"

"Overpowering Force creates a new Force. Let the Accel Synchro and Double Tuning opens the way!"

"The wings of Darkness shall swarm the whole field and destroy anything in it's wake"

Turbo Deck[edit]

Uhh, this deck is not a real deck, however if possible, I'll create it like this. Haha

Current Project


Favorite Cards

Duel Stories

Haven't dueled with my friends at school lately, I'll update this part as soon as I dueled...

Cards I'm looking for

Ain't got anything to look for... Maybe Scrap cards

That's pretty much of the cards I needed right now

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