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'Ello! My name on here is Blatch, but you can just call me Gordon. I am 16 years old, and I've loved Yu-Gi-Oh! For a long time. Well... by "old", I remember when Spell Cards were called Magic Cards, and I've known of this game since Kindergarten.

If that freaks you out, then don't worry. I don't bite... usually. I also have Asperger's Syndrome, which usually doesn't effect me that much online. In real life, it's a different story, but it's going to be okay here.

What I Do[edit]

I like to patrol the Trivia section for different cards on the Wiki. Most of the edits I've racked up are from over there, between making new entries and improving old ones. I've also created new Trivia pages for cards that don't have any.

Considering how many kinds of cards I have from different regions (Regular English, European English, and a few Japanese OCG cards), I'm also into copying cards from my Scanner and uploading them to the Wikia's card galleries. They're not always perfect, but it's worth the thought, especially if there's a new booster pack coming out and more scans are needed.

How do I play?[edit]

Despite following this game for over 7-8 years, I've never played competitively. More recently, however, I finally got the chance to discover my locals. I'm currently prepping a deck, and I should be starting up there sometime within the next few weeks. :D

I also play on Dueling Network pretty often. My user ID is just Blatch. You can hook up with me sometime, if you like.



Well... that's all for now. I'll get working on this page again when I have some more free time. See you later. I guess.