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I'm totally inactive right now. I do still enjoy playing Yugioh but everyone needs a break as things get stale when you focus on them for too long. Please check out my blog and comment. I would greatly appreciate it.









Previous affiliation(s)



Searching for a job


Hi, I'm BobaFett2!

I now own a Glow-Up Bulb and a T.G. Hyper Librarian

If you are reading this page. Go here.

I'm selling some cards on Ebay right now although they haven't been doing as well as I had hoped.

My favorite card artworks are Darklord Zerato and Orient Dragon.

My all time favorite card is Glow-Up Bulb. You can fit it into almost any deck.

I'm a big fan of Trading Card Games in general, but mostly Yugioh and Magic the Gathering. I have a large Yugioh Collection, and I also have a large Shonen Jump + other Yugioh Manga collection. I've been into Yu-Gi-Oh! since 2001/2.

I applied for a job and failed, but I'm back to searching. I've gotten a job for about 80 dollars a month but I currently need to get a lot of cards.

Current Decks:

  • Psychic Synchro:
3-1 at locals twice (out of two tournaments)
  • Gladiator Beast:
4-0 at locals twice (out of two tournaments)
  • T.G. Stun:
Haven't brought to Locals yet

I AM willing to trade cards online. However, the requirement is that you send first. If you don't like this, then we can either not trade or work out some other solution. However, in no condition will I send first unless you've completed successful trades with me. Successful trades:

  • Indaend (Frost and Flame Academy) and I have traded many times
  • tylerjohnson (DN) and I have traded

Table of Contents[edit]


User:BobaFett2/Overly Long List - List of Rares/Holos. Needs updating.


Scanned images of my Custom Tokens

Great Deckbuilders[edit]

If you need help with your decks, these users are some of the better deckbuilders on this wiki. You could also ask me if you wanted to.

How Good Am I?[edit]

Apparently I'm quite good from what people say.

Sets of Memory[edit]

  • Pegasus Starter-I still love those toons, and Relinquished has a really fun effect
  • Joey Starter-I got a box, a bunch of protectors, and some cool other stuff, as well as a deck based off that of my favorite character
  • Master Collection Volume 1-I used to use Dark Necrofear ALL the time
  • Tactical Evolution (I may be wrong-it's the first Gemini Pack)-The time when I went to a sneak peek with my brothers and cousins and ended up being the only one without an ultra rare


Not much here because I haven't been posting my new decks...but...

  • Indaend: The more time I spend around you the easier it is to build decks.
  • Kungfu-Mama: Hi Bobba! I've been eyeing this Meklord Geartown deck of yours (saw it first here: Forum:Genex Ally Instant. I noticed that you have Chimeratech Fortress Dragon listed in the extra deck - but I don't see any way of summoning it. Am I missing something here?

Thanks for any info. You do awesome work

Bad Stuff[edit]

  • Trading away both Veilers for no apparent reason
  • Trading away three Thunder King Rai-Oh even though I probably had use for them...


Real Life Tournament Decks[edit]

Updated List to be posted sooner or later

Main Dueling Network Decks[edit]

To be updated

Decks for Others[edit]

Theory: If you know Agents, you already know this.

Theory: Again, if you know Dark Worlds, this is nothing special.

Theory: This is my Diamond Dude Turbo deck. It uses four Field Clearing cards (three Mega Ton Magical Cannons, my personal favorite), as well as three copies of Knight's Title and Bonding - H2O, both of which Special Summon a monster from your hand, Deck or Graveyard. Diamond Dude is very versatile but the deck is very luck based. To improve your chances of doing something, Trade-In, Reinforcement of the Army, Card Trader (also returns useless Normal Spell Cards to your hand), Magical Mallet (same as Card Trader), Destiny Draw, Elemental HERO Stratos, and Armageddon Knight add speed and consistency to the deck.

Theory: Neos-Fusion Decks are usually terrible. However, Neo-Space can give them quite a few advantages. One, the summoned monsters are even more powerful. Second, you can use Grand Mole's effect each turn without losing a monster, get an even bigger monster with Flare Neos, or negate a monster's effect with Dark Neos. With a lot of searching and Special Summoning power this deck can be quite powerful.

Theory: Summon Bamboo Shoot as quickly as possible and hope that they don't get rid of it with a monster's effect or get a Synchro Summon solely with monster effects.

Theory: This is the true autopilot deck. No theory necessary.

Theory: Valhalla allows you to Special Summon Darklords, Zerato gets rid of monsters, Superbia lets you Special Summon more monsters, Athena lets you Special Summon Superbia, and all of these monsters are big so you don't need the defense of Trap Cards.

Theory: Again, just know your Gravekeeper's.

Theory: Spell Counter decks are inconsistent because they run out of cards to provide Spell Counters. The deck has some Synchro Power but mostly it focuses on getting powerful effects with Spell Counters.

Theory: Send King of the Skull Servants to your Graveyard and send Skull Servants as well as its two helping cards to your Graveyard as well. Bring back the King and attack for massive amounts of damage..

Theory: The best Wicked HERO stuff is with Dark Gaia as he is an OTK engine. Get him out, allow him to attack twice or summon another, and win.

Theory: Gadgets are the best tribute engine (other than the Formula engine and I wanted it to be able to summon more times per turn). Use the Vanity's cards to stop Special Summons. It was one of three options for an anti-Special Summon deck.

Theory: This is the second of three options for stopping Special Summons. With this deck, you use Possessed Dark Soul to steal Level 3 or lower monsters by using Discord or Vanity's Emptiness right after they're summoned. Then, you can Synchro Summon or Xyz Summon and return Limit Reverse to your hand for re-use.

Theory: This was the third of three options. The deck uses Vanity's Emptiness but to avoid it being destroyed, it uses Macro Cosmos and Imperial Custom to stop those from being destroyed. Rai-Oh, Doomcaliber Knight, and Fossil Dyna are all standard anti-meta cards.

Theory: Basic RFP Psychic deck with the Synchro Engine.

Theory: Need speed? Add Plants. The Plant Synchro Engine really helped this deck. With it, you can get all the Plant Synchro goodness as well as a few Wind-Up Goodies, such as Kitten's ability to return monsters to their owner's hands, Soldier's ability to stop an attack, Magician's ability to Special Summon Wind-Up monsters from your deck, and the Factory's ability to give you searches. Add in D.D. Sprite to reset their effects and serve as a Tuner monster and you're set.

Theory: It's called pure awesomeness. Add Malefic, Meklord, and Black Salvo-scary enough, and then add Gadjiltron Dragon, just about the coolest and scariest (in terms of power) "Dragon" there is (except for the obvious Judgment Dragon, Chaos Emperor Dragon, and Judgment Dragon). Oh yes. Many, many Special Summons. Clear the field with Black Rose, get a Meklord and attack directly. If they get rid of your Field Spell while you have Malefic Cyber End, you get a Meklord. If Gadjiltron is summoned as well, that's even better!

Theory: I made this for someone who needed help improving their Dragonsworn deck. I added in some better cards, added Decree to make room for monsters, and voila-you have a recurring Judgment Dragon (with Genesis Dragon), Synchro Power, and massive beatsticks like White Night Dragon and Dark Horus.

Theory: This deck is a modification of someone's Savage Colosseum/Final Attack Orders/Light of Intervention beatdown. I added in some more powerful monsters and some cool support, then added in Synchro Power with Airbellum.

Theory: Divine Neos really is useless but nonetheless it's quite popular. The best way to summon it is with Future Fusion but it's not that likely that you'll draw Future Fusion. As such, you have to make a turbo that not only uses Divine Neos but also uses other Elemental HERO Fusion Monsters (after all, what is the point of getting a 2500 when you can get a 2200-2800 that has an effect (Gaia, Great Tornado, Escuriado, The Shining).

Theory: Someone asked for a Level 8 Synchro deck and two options came to mind-Dragunity and Resonators. They didn't think that Dragunity had powerful monsters (Legionnaire resents that) so they asked for Resonators. So I made this. It's pretty cool, but how it works should be obvious.

Theory: This deck is made for someone who requested a creative and powerful combination of Malefic monsters and Destiny HEROes (using Clock Tower Prison). I'm not sure about consistency but it can get some quite powerful monsters out.BobaFett2 (talk)

Theory: A standard meta deck.

Theory: This deck is made to support Simorgh, Bird of Divinity and Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry. I believe that it does so effectively.

Theory: I've never before made a Clown Control deck so this is my first try. Injection Fairy Lily is the kill card.

Theory: Someone asked for a Silent Swordsmen deck. The deck tries to lock your opponent down. LV decks are pretty bad in general so I doubt that this will be great but it seems like it could create an effective lockdown.

Theory: I can't claim that this deck is my original idea-it's based off a YCS winning deck. It uses Crystal Beasts and Horn of the Phantom Beast for a strong beatdown and then finished with Crystal Abundance.

Theory: Ordinary Plant Synchro with Tour Guide.

Theory: Standard Miracle Gemini but with Evocator Chevalier and Nova Master.

Theory: Someone asked for a Jackal Beatdown deck so I gave them one. This one focuses on using the two Jackal Knight as tough beatsticks that are summoned with the WATER engine, which also allows for Synchro Summons.

Theory: Royal Decree only works when you have tough monsters that are easy to summon. This deck has tough monsters. Athena is the most important card here-by tributing a Fairy-Type monster, she can Special Summon Superbia, which Special Summons another monster. If that monster is also Athena, she can do the same thing again on Superbia.

Theory: The Gallis FTK works as follows-Koa'ki Meiru Doom negates Genex Ally Birdman's effect, allowing you to return Gallis to your hand without Special Summoning Birdman (which allows you to use it over and over). When Cockroach Knight is sent to your Graveyard, it returns to the top of your Deck. This means that by sending Cockroach Knight with Gallis you deal damage to your opponent and then can re-use the combo all over again for an FTK. Tour Guide was my addition-by using it to Special Summon Sangan then Xyz Summoning Leviair, you can use Gold Sarcophagus on Koa'ki Meiru Doom, then Special Summon it with Leviair by removing Sangan as a Xyz Material-which then lets you search for either Gallis or Birdman. You should have the other in your hand already. Royal Decree is practically necessary for OTK/FTK loops that don't require Trap Cards. The deck also has the benefit of being able to Xyz and Synchro Summon even if it can't pull off the FTK.

Theory: This deck is based off another powerful deck idea. It uses Crystal Beasts to Xyz Summon powerful Rank 4 monsters with Crystal Abundance. Full House is part of a combo-select Rainbow Ruins and a Crystallized Beast on your side of the field and three of your opponent's set Spell and Trap Cards. You don't lose Rainbow Ruins because it's protected during the resolution of the effect, giving you a +1 and getting rid of what is usually their entire backrow. Horn of the Phantom Beast is just plain good.

Theory: This deck allows you to Xyz Summon Rank 3 and 5 monsters quickly. For the Rank 5 monsters I've used Instant Fusion, The Tricky, and Cyber Dragon. The Tricky isn't the greatest card anymore but it's pretty much necessary because I only get three Instant Fusions in a deck. For Rank 3 monsters I use Tour Guide and Kageki Mizuho. This also lets me access Shien's Smoke Signal as a deck-thinning card and I could theoretically use Six Samurai United although I won't because there's a good chance that it will be a dead draw.

Theory: In the Deck Help Forum someone requested help with a Warrior/Spellcaster deck. I stayed true to the theme but added synergy and some anti-meta capacity. Absolute Crusader<Rai-Oh, but this is a Warrior/Spellcaster deck.

Theory: This is a Miracle Gemini deck with Evocator Chevalier and Elemental HERO Nova Master in addition to the standard Elemental HERO The Shining. HERO Blast is for Elemental HERO Neos Alius. Gemini Spark has quite a few targets. Reinforcement of the Army's primary target is Elemental HERO Stratos (because it searches for Neos Alius, generating advantage. Miracle Fusion can make any advantage-generating HERO monster.

Theory: An improved version of my real-life Karakuri deck, using a few cards that I don't possess. Debris Dragon is my special little tech-it Special Summons Karakuri Merchant mdl 177 "Inshichi", and all the draw/search power in the deck means that I can get it pretty consistently. The deck has a good chance of achieving an OTK as well as possessing the ability for a powerful beatdown and Synchro-based deck. It's very versatile, with its main weakness being System Down-that's understandable, as System Down is just broken. It is ridiculously good.

Theory: This deck uses four/five archetypes: Malefic, Meklord, Ancient Gear, and Scrap (you could say Cyber too...but that is a bit of a stretch since the monster is a Malefic monster). It has a lot of synergy-the Field Spell Cards destroy each other allowing you to search or Special Summon a monster. Malefic Cyber End Dragon has 4000 ATK-this means that there's a good chance it will be destroyed, allowing you to Special Summon a Meklord. Black Salvo is amazing-Synchro Summon Black Rose Dragon, clear the field, Special Summon a Meklord-OR, Synchro Summon Ancient Fairy Dragon, and gain Life Points while getting a Meklord or a Special Summon. Scrap Goblin is a bit slower but it can achieve the same end or be used as a blocker which self-destructs after your opponent is done attacking, allowing you to Special Summon a Meklord.

Theory: Burn them with chainable Spell and Trap Cards. It works but burn isn't super consistent in the first place.

Tournament/Hobby League Experience[edit]

I go to tournaments at Misty Mountain-maybe there's someone else from there online. Hobby League:

On Hobby League Sundays, I do extremely well-I went there and won every duel-part of this is because the people I was dueling were not topdecking, but part is because I had made a pretty decent deck.

Thursday Night Tournaments:

I've only been to one of these, but from experience I can say that I didn't do very well-I won one game against a little kid-the reason for this is that I was using my old deck. I am confident that if I return I will do a lot better, judging from my experience at a far bigger tournament day.

Sunday Big Tournament:

I'm not sure what it was, but I came there just in time to duel. My first match was against my friend-My Good Stuff versus his Counter Fairies. I won. Next round was me versus a Machina Gadget deck. I won that one in flying colors-and I had lost to that deck the month before with my older deck. Next round was the biggest pain: Six Samurai. Netdecking of course: I don't blame them personally, but it wasn't much fun to lose that quickly. The last round was a 2 to 1 with me on the losing side against Debris-Dandy. I COULD have won with my Gorz but I was in a rush. I was almost in the top 8. I couldn't have won because there were some really competitive decks there.

Sneak Preview for EXVC (Local):

My friend got a something that cannot be described as anything but a fuckin' bag o' luck. He got a Tour Guide From the Underworld and a Gladiator Beast Essedarii. He also got a Super Rare. I got a pretty good pull-T.G. Wonder Magician plus a Super Shien's Advisor. I really needed that Tour Guide and Essedarii SO badly but I wasn't fast enough-my friend got an 80 dollar card turned into a Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier and his Essedarii into a Naturia Pineapple. And he even traded the Reborn Tengu before I could get it. Which means that I only had two Tengu (mine and my little brother's). Which I ended up trading (much later) because I thought it wouldn't be worth using. And I was totally wrong. Tengu is awesome in Dragunity. I still brood about that Tour Guide every day. It could have been mine and I'd have traded some good cards for it instead of a 15 dollar card.

Hobby League (Local): I traded two Reborn Tengu for Dark Hole (Super), Torrential Tribute (Ultra Parallel), and Monster Reborn (Ultra). The price was right but I didn't think I'd need Reborn Tengu. Only a week later I would discover that Reborn Tengu is amazing in Dragunity (thanks for DGA). My youngest brother came, wanting to duel, but it turned out that Regionals had been the day before, and the people there were the more advanced players and nobody wanted to duel against a little kid. I got to duel against a Scrap deck and a Fabled deck.

Tournament in another state (while on vacation):

While on vacation, I went to a small tournament at this great store. There I dueled a Plant deck (sort of Bamboo Shoot lockdown, sort of Synchro), a Reficule/Simochi burn, and a Six Samurai deck. There was also a person using some odd deck with no theme as well as a Gladiator Beast deck and a Lightsworn deck. The Gladiators, Samurai, and Lightsworn were pretty high level. I used my Dragunity deck, which so far only has one Vajrayana (and unfortunately, two Dux). I lost against the Samurai but beat the Reficule and Plant decks. I won two packs of Extreme Victory (one contained a Halberd Cannon Ultimate). Two people gave me their packs (one of them got a Shien's Dojo and took that out first) so I got 4 packs for 6 dollars.

Hobby League (Local): I traded a Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Ultra) and a T.G. Halberd Cannon (Ultimate) for a Dragunity Dux (Super) from Duel Terminal. I had no idea how much it was worth-I thought that the 15 dollars he claimed it was worth sounded right for a DT Super Rare. I was wrong. It's only worth 5 dollars. And apparently Halberd Cannon has gone up from 5 to 10. I also traded Naturia Beast, Blue Rose Dragon, some other cards, and T.G. Wonder Magician for Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En, Gateway of the Six, Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, Super-Nimble Mega Hamster, Kinka-Byo, Meklord Emperor Granel, and some other cards that I can't remember very well. I then traded Meklord Emperor Granel, Super-Nimble Mega Hamster, and something else for two Gladiator Beast War Chariot, two Gladiator Beast Laquari, Guardian of Order, and possible one or two other cards. I got some pretty good cards that I wanted/needed in those trades. I also got to duel against a Skill Drain deck, a T.G. deck, and a Nordic deck.

Sneak Preview for GENF (While on vacation):

I went with both of my younger brothers, both of whom give their cards to me. This means that I got 15 packs. One of them got Orient Dragon, Ultimate Rare Elemental HERO Nova Master, and Masked HERO Vapor. The other one got Absolute Crusader (this same brother only got a T.G. Power Gladiator last time) and nothing else of value. I got Wind-Up Juggler and Number 17: Leviathan Dragon. Needless to say, I was pleased with the results. The store also had a Duel Terminal Machine-as I had never used it before, and I had 5 dollars, I took two cards, and then did the duel function with the two cards (one dollar for each play/card) and Dragunity Dux. I won, but didn't win anything (for some reason). I then took two more cards. I got Island Turtle, Rush Recklessly, Worm Gulse, and a Goyo Guardian (Super). I lost the Island Turtle but that's no big deal as it wasn't worth anything in the first place. My little brother cried about not being able to duel afterward...he didn't tell me he wanted to use it. Quite a few people wanted to trade for my Leviathan Dragon but I didn't trade it because I had no idea what it was worth (I was told 5, turns out it was 15). People also wanted Nova Master but I didn't trade that either (30 dollars although everyone said it was 15). Lastly, at least two people wanted Goyo Guardian (even though it was banned). They all claimed it was one dollar-yet I found online that it's at 15-like I thought the Dux was. And thankfully, I didn't trade that. It seems that I had learned my lesson about the values of cards.

Tournament During Sneak Preview (While on vacation):

While at the same store, I entered a tournament for 5 dollars with my Dragunity Deck (still don't have Tengu but I don't have the Trishula I'd need so it doesn't matter right now). I got a Turbo Pack 5, with Miracle Fusion, Spirit of the Six Samurai, and a Rare Torrential Tribute. Two good cards but I only needed Miracle Fusion and no Super/Ultra/Ultimate Rares. I won the first round 2/0 against Blackwings. I won the second round 2/0 against a random deck made by someone who needs to read Forum:Deck Guide/General (and the new rule about deck size-it was way over 60 cards). I won the third round 2/1 against Gravekeeper's-the first round was a fight over the Field Spell Card Zone, while the second was a rather wholesale slaughter on his part. I had sided in a Nobleman of Crossout and a Prohibition-I drew the Nobleman, and it turns out that his set was a Spy. That pretty much guaranteed my victory. The other factor that allowed me to win was a special tech-Dragunity Knight - Gae Dearg. It's a highly underrated card-it is a Dragon Ravine that allows you to send cards to the Graveyard at no cost and allows you to search for Zephyros. The downside is that you have to have a Dragon-Type monster or a Winged Beast-Type monster to discard but it works nonetheless). The other thing that allowed me to win was Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite. I used it to return Dragon Ravine to my hand, saving me from him playing Necrovalley the next turn (he didn't play it until it was too late-I still had all the tools I needed in my hand) and Synchro Summon Mist Wurm, attacking for 2500 direct. The last round was a brutal match with Six Samurai. First round loss, scoop after first turn (I lost the die roll). Second round I actually won, squeaking bye due to him not being able to get Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En and instead getting a Naturia Barkion. The last round I lost just as badly. He had Gateway of the Six every time. It made me veeeery annoyed. He also had Solemn Warning. I made top 8 but I wasn't able to stay because my brothers were really bored. I think I could have made top 4 if I didn't have to duel Gravekeeper's or Six Samurai again (top 4 means prizes). However, I didn't get a chance too, so I'm quite disappointed.


I really don't recall all of the decks that I dueled at the Regional, but I did pretty well 5-3 record, putting me 48th out of 250 people. I didn't get an invite, although I was pretty close (the ranking was determined, as always, first by score and then by last name, unless I'm mistaken). I had not known beforehand that you could trade, so all my trading materials were a Maxx "C"...I succeeded in trading this away for a slightly damaged not Unlimited Scrap Dragon....not good. On the other hand, I also had about 50 bucks and bought three Thunder King Rai-Oh (which helped my deck greatly) and some other cards. I also traded an Ultra 1st Effect Veiler for a Naturia Barkion. It was unfortunate that I did so...anyhow, back to the main event. My brother and I pulled a Pain Painter, an Ultimate and an Ultra Nova Master, Vision HERO Trinity, Infected Mail, and possibly some other Super Rare card. We turned the Nova Masters into a Burei. I was using Gladiator Beasts. I lost my first matches against Blackwings, HERO, and something else, and then turned around, beating Dragunities, Watts, Zombie Synchro, and two other decks. About halfway through, my little brother left with a 1-3 record (he was using Karakuri) and my father brought me my trading books and a bagel. There were ups and downs but it was great overall.

Sneak Preview for PHSW:

Didn't realize that there was a sneak preview, I tried to trade a Rai-Oh (Secret) for 20 dollars but was unsuccessful. In the end, I ended up trading away three Rai-Oh and a rare Effect Veiler for a lot less than they were worth. It was a bad day.

Local Tournament: I dueled X-Sabers and won, then dueled Valhalla Agents and lost (first time to a Kristya dropped turn one, third game lost to a Hyperion brought back late game). I beat then beat Blackwings pretty easily with early Naturia Beast and Bureido, and beat an okay Gadget (a mix of Gadgets and Wind-Ups with teched GK Spy and Cyber Dragon), for a 3-1 record using my Karakuri (revamped). The best duel was probably the X-Saber one - I OTK'd game 1, lost game 2 to a Naturia Beast and won Game three even though my opponent played a System Down. Best of all were the trades. I found someone with an Evolzar Dolkka and traded a Barkion, and Exodius, and Exodia Necross for it and then traded the Dolkka for a T.G. Hyper Librarian, Pot of Duality, Chimeratech Fotress Dragon, and Xyz Gift (all mint) due to a betting war between to of the people there. I also traded away miscellaneous cards that I didn't need for a pair of Thunder King Rai-Oh, One Day of Peace, and Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands. I bought a Glow-Up Bulb for 45 dollars. I traded some Inca cards that nobody else wanted for Deep Sea Diva and Sergeant Electro. I traded for Beast King Barbaros, Sergeant Electro, Skill Drain, and Vampire Dragon as well as traded with another person for a Blue Rose Dragon.

Miscellaneous Tournament Stuff: Too much to update regularly

Local Tournament 2/5/2010: Brought Gladiator Beasts. I dueled Dark Worlds first round. The player was an MTG Player but he had a good Deck. I thought I'd lose at first but I won because he didn't draw any Dark World Monsters for his Grapha and wasted his Dragged Downs. I won game 2 a lot more quickly. Round 2 I dueled my friend with X-Sabers and his Level Limit - Area B worked against him as I Xyz Summoned a Utopia and proceeded to attack his Darksoul, then brought it back with Monster Reborn during Main Phase 2 in order to prevent him from searcher. He pulled out a Hyunlei and killed Darksoul but was not able to get rid of Utopia and did not get a search as I controlled Darksoul. I killed his Gaia Knight with a Dimensional Prison and won pretty easily. Game 2 was just as easy. He ended with a 1-3 record. I dueled another Dark World Deck. We recorded LP on Paper and in Game 1 we forgot to record when I used A Hero Lives. After I won that game, we realized that, counted it as null and void, and continued to Game 2. I didn't draw any Sided Cards but a Monster Reborn allowed me to bring back Grapha and the fact that he had traded away his Adreus prevented him from Xyz Summoning it (which would have let him kill my Grapha). I won Games 2 and 3 rather easily. The last match was ALSO Dark Worlds, and I thought I would lose. Normally Dark Worlds are incredibly tough for me to beat (usually I lose) but I was able to pull off a 2-0 victory pretty smoothly, even after losing my only Gyzarus (I had traded away the Gold for some stuff as I needed Orient Dragon) through a combo which let me bring it back with Equeste and tag out for it with Darius and then controlling the game. I got four packs for my 4-0 record and got a Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation. Not bad, not great. I also traded for numerous Secret Rares/Ultimate Rares as well as a Zephyros and two Thunder-End Dragons.

Yugioh History[edit]

I've been into Yugioh since 2002, when my neighbors showed the game to my brother and I. We showed it to our youngest brother and ended up buying a few packs. It turns out that the neighbors were pretty incorrect about how to play, with using 5 copies of cards and believing that Flame Champion was indestructible being among the odd things. Nonetheless, I showed the game to my best friend and we played Yugioh all the time. We collected quite a few cards, with me usually being the better duelist (although not by much), albeit one who didn't know the difference between cost and effect among other things (not that it was particularly obvious-it was not in the rulebooks). Eventually, I took a strange mix of Gravekeeper's and Archfiends to a tournament. Needless to say, I lost very quickly-I was under the impression that Spy could Special Summon another Gravekeeper's monster face-down, and I was disappointed. I won one game during the tournament, whereas my brother lost all of his, meaning that he got a shirt that said "champion" on it, albeit one that was many, many sizes too large and that still fits me today. All the while, I was also collecting Pokemon cards and Magic cards (more Pokemon than Magic-lots of people at school played Pokemon and I had a huge rares binder). I got the Magic cards from a different neighbor, receiving 1/4th of his common cards. He doesn't know what he did with his rare cards, although recently he game my brother and I his two decks. Back to the story; I continued playing and being a fan of the anime. After my Pokemon binder was stolen I quit playing Pokemon because I felt like a bag of shit that someone had stepped on. I eventually discovered Manga, and that became my new hobby. My interest in the anime waned (this was GK era), and my interesting in Manga grew. I got a few Shonen Jump Subscriptions and reaped the benefits, getting cards like Embodiment of Apophis and Archfiend of Gilfer (at the time, I thought they were the coolest things ever). I also encountered Dungeons and Dragons and devoted most of my meager allowance to it. As such, my Yugioh Collection did not grow much after Shadow of Infinity. I attended a few Sneak Previews. I traded for Judgment Dragon, Gil Garth, and Gladiator Beast Retiari during those dark times when Judgment Dragon was worth over $180. Soon after that, I moved to Argentina for a 5 month sabbatical. I tried to play Yugioh there but I got my cards (a Fiend Deck) stolen. I bought a few cards (although they were about 30% more expensive than usual and I received a much smaller allowance there) from the "new" packs. I came back and traded for a few cards-my friend had opened a few more packs, and voila, a Chaos-End Master, which I ended up trading for (every time I go to the hobby league, at least three people want my Judgment Dragon. Usually there's at least one or two people who want Chaos End Master). I became a fan of LEGO, and focused entirely on that (almost doubling my collection and adding the collection of the same neighbor who game me his MTG decks to my own). You probably wouldn't guess that the source of this was one thing-Wikia. I became obsessed with LEGO after joining the LEGO Wiki for some reason or another. I was still a moderate fan until then but I wasn't truly into it. However, after I became an administrator and had become quite popular, disaster struck. A user named "Lego_lord" came and ruined everything. He had two brothers-one who did just about everything he did, and one who had at least 30 sockpuppets that continually vandalized and spammed (we didn't know that they were sockpuppets until recently as we didn't even know that this user existed). Lego_lord constantly complained about consistency, acting as if we should be machines that edit everything the same way, as well as extolling the greatness of Wookieepedia and the rejecting Brickipedia. After much arguing and insanity, I left. I grew bored, and re-discovered Yugioh. I played with my brother a lot, discovered Yugioh Wiki, and became thoroughly interested in Yugioh. Thankfully, I already had a quite large collection so I didn't have to start anew. Which, after about half a year of Yugioh, brings us to today.