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Random things[edit]

About time I wrote up one of these after 1000+ edits.

I just edit random pages here and there. If I make any mistakes, sorry about that.

2-17-13: 1337 edits (not including this one). Go figure.

3-13-13: I hate critical research failure. ._.

4-9-13: Wow, I'm too edgy...

10-9-13: These LC4 Normal Monster descriptions sure are interesting.

My sub-userpages[edit]

What I do for the Wiki[edit]

  • Grammar fixes
  • Potential card tips
  • The occasional page move (Mover rights granted to me on April 2013)
  • Dub differences if applicable (yes, I watch the English dub of the ZEXAL anime way more often than the original version)
  • Episode summaries, primarily those that need expanding or have aired in both Japanese and English.

More stuff about me[edit]

  • I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh since the 4th grade. I was a noob back then, doing things like Summoning a bunch of monsters with one turn and in some cases, without Tributing. I got better at the game the next year, and the years after that. My mom eventually banned me from the franchise in 6th grade, but I slowly got back into it. I still play in real life occasionally, but now I mainly Duel on Dueling Network.


Real life: Crystal Beast, Constellar (latter is almost done)

Dueling Network (experimented with some archetypes, but here are the most recent): Artifact, Shadoll