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Most cards used by the main characters don't really see much use on the competitive field, either because they're terrible, or they're situational. However, there are some that have, or have had, some use.


Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Catapult Turtle Magical Scientist FTK (Traditional Format only)
Electromagnetic Turtle Lightsworn, Shadoll
Sangan Staple card (Traditional Format only)
Soul Taker Tech card in some decks
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness Semi-staple card
Green Gadget, Red Gadget, Yellow Gadget Gadget, Machina Gadget
Mirror Force Some, but not all, decks use this
Swords of Revealing Light Stall
Exodia the Forbidden One, Right Arm of the Forbidden One, Left Arm of the Forbidden One, Right Leg of the Forbidden One, Left Leg of the Forbidden One Exodia

Joey Wheeler[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Jinzo No specifics known, but it's fallen out of favor nowadays, but still sees some use in decks like Monster Mash
Foolish Burial Teleport Dark Armed, Monarch, any deck that benefits from monsters being sent to the Graveyard
Bottomless Trap Hole Staple card
Scapegoat Goat Control, Thousand-Eyes Restrict deck (Traditional only), Destiny HERO
Fiber Jar Staple card (Traditional format only)

Seto Kaiba[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blue-Eyes, Hieratic
Cyber Jar Staple card (Traditional Format only)
Gyakutenno Megami Herald of Perfection deck
Obelisk the Tormentor Dragon Ruler (sometimes)
Thunder Dragon Batteryman
Crush Card Virus Perfect Circle, Destiny HERO (Traditional Format only)
Ring of Destruction Staple (Traditional Format only)
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Chaos, Chaos Dragon (Traditional Format only)


Card Deck(s) used in
Soul Charge Staple

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX[edit]

Jaden Yuki[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Elemental HERO Stratos HERO, HERO Beat (Traditional Format and OCG only)
Elemental HERO Prisma HERO, Gladiator Beast
Elemental HERO The Shining HERO, HERO Beat
Elemental HERO Absolute Zero HERO, HERO Beat
Elemental HERO Gaia HERO, HERO Beat
Elemental HERO Great Tornado HERO, HERO Beat
Elemental HERO Nova Master HERO, HERO Beat
Elemental HERO Escuridao HERO, HERO Beat
Miracle Fusion HERO, HERO Beat
Hero Blast HERO, HERO Beat
Super Polymerization HERO, HERO Beat
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Rock Stun, Koa'ki Meiru, tech card otherwise
Card Trooper Inzektor, Lightsworn, Chaos, Chaos Dragon
Necro Gardna Lightsworn, Chaos, Chaos Dragon
Gallis the Star Beast Monster Mash
Thunder King Rai-Oh Semi-staple card
Dandylion Monarch, Plant, Monster Mash, Synchron

Zane Truesdale[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Cyber Dragon Splashable card
Cyber End Dragon Cyber Dragon-focused decks, any deck that uses Malefic Cyber End Dragon
Future Fusion Gem-Knight, HERO, Chimeratech OTK (Traditional Format only)
Overload Fusion Chimeratech OTK (Traditional Format only)
Chimeratech Overdragon Chimeratech OTK (Traditional Format only)
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon Tech card for decks using Cyber Dragon
Cyber Valley Stall, Exodia

Aster Phoenix[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Destiny HERO - Malicious Monarch, Destiny HERO, Perfect Circle, Teleport Dark Armed
Destiny HERO - Dasher Destiny HERO
Destiny HERO - Plasma Destiny HERO
Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude Destiny HERO, Diamond Dude Turbo
Destiny Draw Any deck that utilizes Destiny HEROes

Atticus Rhodes[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Disaster Dragon, Chaos Dragon, Hieratic, Dragunity

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's[edit]

Yusei Fudo[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Effect Veiler Staple card
Swift Scarecrow Stall, Exodia; tech card otherwise
Quickdraw Synchron Synchron
Junk Synchron Synchron, otherwise a tech card for decks that use Synchros and level 2 monsters
Quillbolt Hedgehog Synchron
Stardust Dragon Semi-staple card
Starlight Road Semi-staple card
Junk Warrior Synchron
Turbo Warrior Synchron
Drill Warrior Synchron
Junk Destroyer Synchron
Junk Archer Synchron
Junk Berserker Synchron
Junk Gardna Synchron
Nitro Warrior Synchron
Level Eater Synchron, otherwise a tech card in high-level monster decks
Tuningware Synchron
Formula Synchron Jurrac, T.G., Synchron, Frog
Shooting Star Dragon any deck that uses both Stardust Dragon and Formula Synchron
Shooting Quasar Dragon Takes a dedicated deck to do this, but I guess Synchrons and T.G. can pull it off
Debris Dragon Dragon Ruler, Disaster Dragon, Batteryman, etc.
Stardust Spark Dragon Any deck that can summon level 8 Synchros

Akiza Izinski[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Witch of the Black Rose Monster Mash
Black Rose Dragon Any deck that can summon level 7 Synchros
Black Garden Plant control, Bujin
Glow-Up Bulb Lightsworn, Plant (Traditional Format only)

Jack Atlas[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Battle Fader Monarch, Stall, Madolche (to an extent), Frog, Mystic Piper deck, Synchron
Vice Dragon Disaster Dragon, Chaos Dragon
Dread Dragon Disaster Dragon
Exploder Dragonwing Disaster Dragon
Crimson Blader Semi-staple card


Card Deck(s) used in
Power Tool Dragon Vylon, Morphtronic


Card Deck(s) used in
Spore Plant

Crow Hogan[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind Blackwing, universal Tuner outside of said deck
Blackwing - Bora the Spear Blackwing
Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame Blackwing
Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North Blackwing
Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn Blackwing
Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow Blackwing
Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor Blackwing
Blackwing Armor Master Blackwing
Blackwing Armed Wing Blackwing
Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant Blackwing


Card Deck(s) used in
Meklord Emperor Wisel Meklord, Scrap, tech card otherwise
Meklord Emperor Granel Meklord, Scrap, tech card otherwise
Meklord Army of Wisel Meklord
Meklord Army of Skiel Meklord
Meklord Army of Granel Meklord


Card Deck(s) used in
Malefic Stardust Dragon Malefic, any deck that utilizes Field Spells
Malefic Cyber End Dragon Malefic, any deck that utilizes Field Spells
Malefic Truth Dragon Malefic

Bruno/Antimony/Dark Glass[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
T.G. Blade Blaster T.G.
T.G. Striker T.G., Madolche, Six Samurai, X-Saber
T.G. Hyper Librarian Synchron, or other Synchro-centric decks
T.G. Halberd Cannon T.G.
T.G. Warwolf T.G., Wind-Up, Madolche
T.G. Rush Rhino T.G.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL[edit]

Yuma Tsukumo[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Gagaga Magician Gagaga
Gagaga Girl Gagaga
Gagaga Caesar Gagaga
Gagaga Clerk Gagaga
Gagaga Gardna Gagaga
Gagaga Child Gagaga
Gagaga Cowboy Staple card
Goblindbergh Battlin' Boxer, Noble Knight, Heroic, Wind-Up (niche use)
Kagetokage Gadget, lswarm, Noble Knight
Cardcar D Stall, Chain Burn, Exodia, Hieratic
Tasuke Knight Infernity
Gogogo Golem Gogogo
Gogogo Giant Gogogo
Gogogo Ghost Gogogo
Gogogo Gigas Gogogo
Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja Ninja, Hieratic
Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Staple card
Number 39: Utopia Staple card
Number C39: Utopia Ray any deck that uses Number 39: Utopia
Number 61: Volcasaurus any deck that utilizes level 5 monsters, i.e. Hieratic, Constellar, etc.
Temtempo the Percussion Djinn tech card
Gauntlet Launcher Hieratic, Hazy Flame, Prophecy
Heroic Champion - Excalibur Heroic, Six Samurai, Noble Knight, Battlin' Boxer
Pinpoint Guard Tech card
Number 50: Blackship of Corn Staple card
Number 22: Zombiestein Dark World
Rainbow Kuriboh Lightsworn, Shadoll

Reginald "Shark" Kastle/Nash[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Bahamut Shark Mermail
Number 101: Silent Honor ARK Staple
Shark Fortress Any deck that makes Rank 5s

Rio Kastle/Marin[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Number 103: Ragnazero Semi-staple

Kite Tenjo[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Photon Thrasher Photon, Galaxy, Constellar, Noble Knight, Heroic, Battlin' Boxer, Vylon, Scrap, hunder, HERO, HERO Beat, Gadget, Monarch
Photon Slasher Photon, Galaxy, Constellar
Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon Photon, Galaxy, Hieratic, Disaster Dragon, Chaos Dragon
Starliege Paladynamo LIGHT decks such as Photon, Galaxy, Constellar, Noble Knight, Bujin, etc.
Number 20: Giga-Brilliant Swarm decks, i.e. Crystal Beast, Wind-Up
Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon Photon, Galaxy, Hieratic
Galaxy Wizard Galaxy
Galaxy Knight Photon, Galaxy


Card Deck(s) used in
Number 11: Big Eye Dragon Ruler, Mecha Phantom Beast, Mermail, Machina, Karakuri
Number 16: Shock Master Staple card (Traditional Format and OCG only)

Anna Kaboom[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max Hieratic


Card Deck(s) used in
Solar Wind Jammer Vylon, Karakuri, etc.


Card Deck(s) used in
Number 66: Master Key Beetle Gravekeeper's, lswarm, Infernity, Inzektor


Card Deck(s) used in
Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon Hieratic, Dark World, Gimmick Puppet


Card Deck(s) used in
Fire Hand Semi-staple
Ice Hand Semi-staple

Devon Knox[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Coach Soldier Wolfbark Fire Fist
Coach Captain Bearman Skill Drain beatdown
Coach King Giantrainer Gimmick Puppet


Card Deck(s) used in
Mechquipped Angineer Tech card for decks that make Rank 3s

Carlyle Chesterton[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Norito the Moral Leader Prophecy, Gagaga
CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader Prophecy, Gagaga (former 2 with Rank-Up card only), Dragon Ruler

Art Stanley[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Comics Hero King Arthur Heroic, Six Samurai, Noble Knight, Battlin' Boxer

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V[edit]

Yuya Sakaki[edit]

Card Deck(s) used in
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Pendulum Decks like Qliphort
Performapal Trampolynx Qliphort


Card Deck(s) used in
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon Semi-staple


Card Deck(s) used in
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon Semi-staple