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About Me[edit]

Well, you can see my name up there. Hi.

Err... Stuff...

My stuff


Right. I currently have fourteen decks. Um... In no particular order, there's:

Myth; Magicians, Dragons, Warriors. Key cards are Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning and Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End - I play traditional format so it's ok.

Legend; A counterpart to the Myth deck, focusing more on the Dragons than the Magicians. Features Dark Armed Dragon and Exodia.

Airflow, or simply Wind; Possibly the strongest deck I built. Except maybe Isobel's macro-booster. This deck has Harpie Ladies and support, Simorgh, Bird of Divinity and Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry, and typical WIND spell and trap removal.

Psychic, or Surgery (don't ask, running joke); obviously, psychic monsters and support. Making this was going to happen eventually - I've been around since the intoduction of the psychic type, so I have a lot of the key cards, like Thought Ruler Archfiend. He was the first Synchro I got...

Disruptor or Scramble; Bad Reaction to Simochi with accompanying things, and other things to mess up your opponent's game. I try not to use ths too much, except when against Danny's Volcanics burn deck, as it frustrates people...

Hero; With Elemental Heroes and Evil Heroes, and some general warrior support too. I'm mising some things, but it's been able to best complete decks of the same type with relative ease, mostly due to the combo of fusing Elemental Hero Flame Wingman, then playing Dark Calling to bring out Evil Hero Inferno Wing.

I'll add the rest after...

^^ I like building decks.

Other Stuff[edit]

See, I keep two decks in boxes, and 7 in wristbands, but there's 6 decks that go into the golden book I have, which are ranked. The boxed decks are outside of the ranking system I use. The golden book's right hand side is the strongest, then down to the left it gets weaker... then the decks in wristbands are just there. It's like the boxes are Aizen and Gin, then the golden decks are the espada, then the wristbanded decks are random arrancar. ^^;

Trying to think of a way of comparing the power of all my decks and properly sorting out some form of ranking system. Alas; there's no real way I can do that. Unless you, the reader, has any ideas? Talk page is there if you're a genius.

Anyway, I think that's all. I can always edit the page later. Bye, and thanks for having the patience to reach this far...

In retrospect... that's not too difficult.