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Thanks for seeing my page.

My real name is Danny. 14 years old.

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Want to Duel???[edit]

I'm currently not available to duel right now.

What i like and not like in Yu-Gi-Oh![edit]

Likes in duel

  • Seeing a fair duel with no cheating
  • Get a card that i want
  • And, of course, Duel, even i got lost in the end.

Dislike in duel

  • Any forms of cheating

Favorite Characters, and some I hate[edit]




Favorite Cards

Wanted Cards

  • Currently none

Real Life[edit]

Name: Danny Likes:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Sleep most of my free time
  • Anime & Cartoons
  • Some J-Rock music
  • Gaming
  • Playing with my cellphone
  • Burgers, Hotdogs, Pizza


  • Seafoods
  • Exercises
  • Some tiring activities


Well, i use many deck, but never completed because many of my cards are lost, especially the vital cards. But in my neighborhood my deck is well strong enough, after get some cards from trading.

This is my decks. I often made beatdown decks, though.

Currently creating a deck with no destruction cards.

Contact At:[edit]


or HERE :D

Some Links[edit]

J0V1, talk

Duel Terminal