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Attention duelists!

I am "D.Kaiser," formerly known by a brief nickname "Dmaster." If it entertains you, you should read this in the voice of an old man (DBZ's Master Roshi comes to mind for me). I was a relatively frequent editor back in my day (~2005 - 2009), but, unfortunately, I stopped editing because I had entered college and found myself to quite busy with friends and homework. I tried to fit Yu-Gi-Oh! into my life in college. I was successful in my freshmen and junior years, but there was no organized outlet for me to continue dueling since then. After a recent tournament was hosted by a younger friend of mine this past Sunday (3/30/14), I decided to revisit this place.

Regardless, this message is mostly meant for the admins and users who I was close with. I'll be around and do not hesitate to drop a message for me. I will get to it...eventually. :)

D.Kaiser 06:21, April 1, 2014 (UTC)

About Me[edit]

I am D.Kaiser (a.k.a. Dmaster, but I prefer D.Kaiser). I feel names are meaningless unless you give them to yourself and there meaning corresponds to who you are, what you will become or what you never wish to become. The "D" in my name can symbolize almost anything. Death, destruction, defense, to be devotion, duty, etc. are all examples of it's potential meaning. But again, "D" is a simple letter and can only shape so many things. In the beginning of my dueling career, "D" stood for Dragon, but since then it has evolved to mean other things. "Kaiser" became my nickname at college, a self enforced one at that. The title became my name and my identity, as my actual name merely exists for documentation. So, please, refer to me as "Kaiser", but you may add the "D" if you please.


Dmaster's Dueling Philosophies

I currently on have one true Deck, which I titled Darklight Dragons. It was orginally a combination of the Blue-Eyes and Cyberdark series. It centered on the ideas of Fusion and Chaos (Light/Dark). It used to focus on sending my Monster Cards to the Graveyard, like most Cyberdark Decks, and summoning powerful monsters to the field, like most Blue-Eyes and Cyberdark Decks. It does use Synchro Monsters, but not to the same extent as most current decks do.

My deck currently still holds these functions. It still retains its basis on Cyberdarks and Blue-Eyes, but now has a Malefic twist. It is still under construction, but will soon be on it's way to completion.

It's Time To Duel![edit]

I have Spirit Caller, WC08, WC09, YVD(Yu-Gi-Oh! Virtual Desktop) as well as messengers on MSN (Windows Live) and Yahoo! With YVD and the following, if you want to duel me, contact me so we can join on the IRC to exchange IPs or email addresses in order to connect (go to the #wikia-yugioh-duels channel). Tell me your time zone so we can arrange a time to duel. Note that I probably won't duel during a period where either of us are short on time and times must be mentioned earlier than the date itself in most cases. Also, with the DS games, I may not have wifi depending on where I am, so don't get too excited.

My Thoughts[edit]

These are my thoughts regarding the anime and TCG/OCG, but it's not like you care. If you want to ask me a question regarding my thoughts, just ask on my talk page.

Also, for those who are unaware of my very much ignored views, I firmly believe every card is useful. I also get kind of annoyed whenever someone says a card is "worthless". Following this paragraph-notice thing is a list of some cards that I have heard are "useless". If you believe you need to gain my respect for some reason, or believe the same thing I believe, then I have something for you to do. You can make a "good" deck that focuses on either summoning or activating one of these cards or performing a powerful combo that requires one of these cards almost specifically to be used then I will proved my point, something I'm usually very good at.

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