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Well, I don't really know what to do here, maybe I just have to write about my Deck or something? Well, okay, here I go: I run a very powerfull Spellcaster deck with the most deadly and legal magician's ever. I ordered some new cards for my Spellcaster's (making it harder to beat) and in a phew days, Spellcaster's Command is going to be released here.with these cards, Spellcaster's will grow stronger and stronger and my greatest fear is that alot of ppl begin to realize that Spellcaster's have 2 Structure decks, and alot of powerful monsters. My experience with duelling --- I have never in my life lost to a Lightsworn deck, but I still hate them. earth decks are hard to beat with their high DEF lvls, and I only lost 2 times against one. Water decks are scary, when A Legendary Ocean is in play, it's hard to beat, but I have never lost to one either. I don't know why, and I still wonder why I keep losing to those Exodia decks, I hate them and the most of the Exodia duelists hate me too. but guys, don't forget, this is a GAME ffs... My Favorite card is my Dark Magician Image:DarkMagicianSYE-NA-SR-1E.jpg(green faced) but my strongest card is Sorcerer of Dark MagicImage:SorcererofDarkMagicMOV-EN-C.jpg