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Hey, I'm just here to insert some YGO Pics into the databases. So yeah...that's about it for now.

Oh yeah, and if I change an image then change it back, it was probably an accident.  :)

Decks[edit] are some decks that I've constructed (mainly for casual play, not necessarily tournaments)

I guess I'll post my card collection ... I = bored

Super Rares[edit]

Starter Deck Section

SDY-041 Soul Exchange

SDY-042 Card Destruction

SDK-041 Lord of D.

SDK-042 The Flute of Summoning Dragon

SDJ-022 Penguin Soldier

SDJ-041 Scapegoat

SDP-040 Graceful Charity

SDP-050 Gryphon Wing

SYE-001 Dark Magician

SYE-025 Black Luster Ritual

SKE-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

SKE-041 Shadow Spell

Booster Section

LOB-003 Flame Swordsman

LOB-007 Celtic Guardian

LOB-052 Dark Hole

LOB-053 Raigeki

LOB-066 Curse of Dragon

LOB-101 Swords of Revealing Light

MRD-EN026 Kazejin

MRD-120 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon

MRL-012 Maha Vailo

MRL-026 Invader of the Throne

SRL-EN049 Painful Choice

MRL-053 Black Illusion Ritual

MRL-076 Toon World

MRL-102 Messenger of Peace

PSV-034 Nobleman of Crossout

LON-017 Mask of Dispel

LON-034 Fire Princess

LON-047 Jar of Greed

LON-079 Dark Spirit of the Silent

LON-081 Riryoku Field

LON-097 De-Fusion

LOD-002 Dark Balter the Terrible

LOD-EN019 Ryu Senshi

LOD-023 Exiled Force

LOD-028 Reinforcement of the Army

LOD-039 Fiend Skull Dragon

LOD-050 Luster Dragon 2

LOD-063 Twin-Headed Behemoth

LOD-071 Asura Priest

PGD-033 Book of Life

MFC-004 X-Head Cannon

MFC-005 Y-Dragon Head

MFC-006 Z-Metal Tank

MFC-053 XZ-Tank Cannon

MFC-064 Skilled White Magician

MFC-065 Skilled Dark Magician

MFC-076 Tribe-Infecting Virus

MFC-096 Amazoness Archers

DCR-018 Mirage Knight

DCR-076 Mudora

DCR-082 Dark Master - Zorc

IOC-014 Freed the Brave Wanderer

IOC-018 Chaosrider Gustaph

AST-014 Stone Statue of the Aztecs

AST-076 Emissary of the Afterlife

New Booster Section, including the Reprint series

SOD-EN007 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6

SOD-EN033 Penumbral Soldier Lady

SOD-EN057 Null and Void

SOD-EN060 Hallowed Life Barrier

RDS-EN030 Big Core

RDS-EN045 Monster Reincarnation

RDS-EN050 Divine Wrath

DB1-EN083 Ceasefire

DB1-EN169 Makyura the Destructor

FET-EN009 Granmarg the Rock Monarch

FET-EN036 King Dragun

DR1-EN179 Dark Flare Knight

TLM-EN005 Winged Kuriboh

DB2-EN081 Mirror Force

DB2-EN084 Heavy Storm

DB2-EN152 Spear Dragon

DB2-EN179 Yamata Dragon

CRV-EN016 Cybernetic Magician

EEN-EN024 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World

EEN-EN032 Cyber Blader

DR2-EN039 D.D. Designator

DR2-EN088 Guardian Angel Joan

DR2-EN149 Enemy Controller

DR2-EN218 Curse of Anubis

DP1-EN010 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman

DP1-EN022 Burst Return

DP2-EN012 Armed Dragon LV7

DP2-EN030 The Grave of Enkindling

SOI-EN034 Ruin, Queen of Oblivion

SOI-EN047 Ancient Gear Castle

CDIP-EN001 Cyberdark Horn

CDIP-EN005 Cyber Esper

CDIP-EN056 Trojan Blast

DR3-EN192 Hieracosphinx

DR3-EN217 Card of Sanctity

Promotional Section

DL1-001 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

DL1-002 Buster Blader

DL2-001 The Masked Beast

DL2-002 Dark Necrofear

DL4-001 Machine King

DL6-EN001 Toon Gemini Elf

DL7-EN001 Toon Goblin Attack Force

DL8-EN001 Acid Rain

DL9-EN001 Last Day of Witch

CMC-EN001 Abyss Soldier

CMC-EN002 Inferno Hammer

CMC-EN003 Teva

DBT-EN001 Emes the Infinity

DBT-EN002 D. D. Assailant

DBT-EN003 Twinheaded Beast

NTR-EN001 Silent Magician LV4

NTR-EN002 Silent Magician LV8

NTR-EN003 Magician's Circle

WC5-EN002 Kaibaman

WC5-EN003 Mind Control

WC6-EN001 Golden Homunculus

WC6-EN002 Helios - The Primordial Sun

WC6-EN003 Helios Duo Megistus

Ultra Rares[edit]

Starter/Structure Deck Section

SDY-006 Dark Magician

SDK-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

SDJ-001 Red-Eyes B. Dragon

SDP-001 Relinquished

SYE-024 Black Luster Soldier

SKE-015 Kaiser Sea Horse

SD1-EN001 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon

SD2-EN001 Vampire Genesis

SD3-EN001 Infernal Flame Emperor

SD4-EN001 Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus

SD5-EN001 Gilford the Legend

SD6-EN001 Dark Eradicator Warlock

YSD-EN019 Elemental Hero Bladedge

SD7-EN001 Exxod, Master of The Guard

Booster Section

MRD-060 Change of Heart

MRD-129 Seven Tools of the Bandit

MRL-072 Toon Mermaid

MRL-073 Toon Summoned Skull

PSV-012 Call of the Haunted

PSV-084 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

LON-025 Torrential Tribute

LON-029 Card of Safe Return

LON-050 Mage Power

LON-080 Royal Command

LOD-001 Dark Ruler Ha Des

LOD-056 Fiber Jar

LOD-081 Creature Swap

LOD-099 Last Turn

PGD-025 Guardian Sphinx

PGD-029 Don Zaloog

PGD-069 Mystical Knight of Jackal

MFC-105 Dark Paladin

MFC-106 Double Spell

DCR-073 Skull Archfiend of Lightning

IOC-067 Manticore of Darkness

AST-038 Burst Stream of Destruction

New Booster Section, including the Reprint series

DB1-EN097 Big Shield Gardna

DR1-EN052 Byser Shock

TLM-EN006 Ancient Gear Golem

DB2-EN124 Dark Ruler Ha Des

DB2-EN137 Freed the Matchless General

DR2-EN208 Dark Magic Attack

DP2-EN026 Ring of Defense

CDIP-EN035 Cyberdark Dragon

Promo Section

IOC-SE1 Gemini Elf

IOC-SE2 Magic Cylinder

IOC-SE3 Ring of Destruction

RDS-ENSE1 Dark Magician Girl

RDS-ENSE2 Diffusion Wave-Motion

RDS-ENSE3 Judgment of Anubis

RDS-ENSE4 Vampire Lord

TLM-ENSE1 Invader of Darkness

TLM-ENSE2 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

TLM-ENSE3 Mazera DeVille

TLM-ENSE4 The End of Anubis

SP1-EN001 Cyber Harpie Lady

SP1-EN002 Amazoness Chain Master

SP1-EN004 Exchange of the Spirit

SP2-EN001 Ancient Lamp

YSD-ENS01 Elemental Hero Sparkman

JMP-EN005 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

UE02-EN001 Dragon Master Knight

WC5-EN001 Silent Swordsman LV7

JMP-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

JMP-002 Red-Eyes B. Dragon

JMP-EN003 Archfiend of Gilfer

JUMP-EN010 Toon Dark Magician Girl

EP1-EN001 Theinen the Great Sphinx

EP1-EN002 Andro Sphinx

EP1-EN003 Sphinx Teleia

Secret Rares[edit]

Booster Section

LOB-125 Gaia the Dragon Champion

MRL-103 Serpent Night Dragon

PSV-104 Imperial Order

LON-000 Gemini Elf

LON-104 Magic Cylinder

LOD-000 Yata-Garasu

LOD-100 Injection Fairy Lily

PGD-107 Lava Golem

MFC-107 Diffusion Wave-Motion

DCR-000 Vampire Lord

DCR-105 Judgment of Anubis

AST-000 The End of Anubis

AST-111 Mazera DeVille

Promo Section

EEN-ENSE1 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8

EEN-ENSE3 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

EEN-ENSE4 Silent Swordsman LV5

DPK-ENSE3 Hero Spirit

FL1-EN002 Dark Magician

BPT-001 Dark Magician

BPT-008 Buster Blader

BPT-009 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

BPT-011 Jinzo

CT1-EN001 Total Defense Shogun

CT1-EN002 Blade Knight

CT1-EN003 Command Knight

CT1-EN004 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

CT1-EN006 Obnoxious Celtic Guard

CT2-EN001 Gilford the Lightning

CT2-EN003 Vorse Raider

CT2-EN005 Rocket Warrior

SD1-ENDE1 Armed Dragon LV7

SD2-ENDE1 Rope of Life

EHC1-EN001 Elemental Hero Avian

EHC1-EN002 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix

EHC1-EN003 Elemental Hero Bubbleman

EHC1-EN004 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman

EHC2-EN001 Elemental Hero Sparkman

EHC2-EN002 Elemental Hero Clayman

EHC2-EN003 Elemental Hero Wildheart

EHC2-EN004 Elemental Hero Thunder Giant

MC1-EN001 Exodia the Forbidden One

MC1-EN002 Barrel Dragon

MC1-EN003 Relinquished

MC1-EN004 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

MC1-EN005 Dark Necrofear

MC1-EN006 Dark Ruler Ha Des

MC2-EN001 Guardian Sphinx

MC2-EN002 Breaker the Magical Warrior

MC2-EN003 Exodia Necross

MC2-EN004 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

MC2-EN005 Blowback Dragon

MC2-EN006 Theinen the Great Sphinx

Ultimate Rares[edit]

SOD-EN027 Mind on Air

RDS-EN031 Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast

FET-EN021 Chiron the Mage

EEN-EN042 Feather Shot

EEN-EN050 Chthonian Blast

SOI-EN029 Memory Crusher

EOJ-EN013 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon

CDIP-EN001 Cyberdark Horn

CDIP-EN005 Cyber Esper

Promotional Rares[edit]

This is a rarity that is commonly referred to as Secret Rare. I prefer to call them Promo Rares because the text is silver with small foiled portions and the image holofoil is in a prism-y (by that I mean there's a distinct square pattern in the foil). It's quite clear that these rarities are different from the Secret Rares.

DDS-004 Seiyaryu

DDS-005 Acid Trap Hole

DDS-006 Salamandra

DOD-001 The Winged Dragon of Ra

DOD-002 Dark Sage

DOD-003 Widespread Ruin

DOR-001 Alpha The Magnet Warrior

DOR-002 Beta The Magnet Warrior

DOR-003 Gamma The Magnet Warrior

EDS-001 Exchange

EDS-002 Graceful Dice

EDS-003 Skull Dice

PCJ-EN001 Red-Eyes B. Dragon

PCJ-EN002 Sebek's Blessing

PCJ-EN003 Sword of Dragon's Soul

PCK-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

PCK-002 Aqua Chorus

PCK-003 Seal of the Ancients

PCY-001 Windstorm of Etaqua

PCY-002 Anti-Spell Fragrance

PCY-003 Thousand Knives

ROD-EN001 Dark Magician Knight

ROD-EN002 Knight's Title

ROD-EN003 Sage's Stone

SDD-001 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior

SDD-002 Sinister Serpent

SDD-003 Harpie's Feather Duster

TFK-001 Zoa

TFK-002 Metalzoa

TFK-003 Goblin Fan

TSC-001 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth

TSC-002 Riryoku

TSC-003 Goblin Fan

WC4-001 Fairy King Truesdale

WC4-002 Kinetic Soldier

WC4-003 Slate Warrior

JMP-EN004 Obelisk the Tormentor

YMA-EN001 Slifer the Sky Dragon