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Seeing as though people are fond of this:

You may refer to me as Khamille or Khamz, whichever suits your tastes/language pronunciation. I am 18 years old at the creation of this biography, and currently a college freshman in a three year trimestral course. During my weekend time, I travel to a nearby mall where I indulge in the Yu-gi-oh! Card Game along with people like me. Unlike them, I'm a girl. (-.-0) We have weekly tournaments with the Monthly Tournament during the final Saturday.

I currently have three complete working decks: My tournament-rank Hopeless Dragon deck, a Casual Play Dragon Anti-Meta Synchro deck, and a fan-deck Citadel of Endymion Deck. I also have a Machiners deck and a Reactor deck, and currently I'm reviving my Morphtronic deck to include the cards released in Raging Battle.

My contact addresses are Yahoo,Gmail, and AIM.

My other interests include drawing and writing stories, and watching numerous animes like Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Gurren Laggan, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and others i've forgotten already.

Favorite songs are numerous because I tend to use song lyrics as inspiration for fanfics. They could range from rock to pop to whatever else, but tend to be rock because pop usually has love-oriented lyrics, which bore me. _0_

Favorite Anime Characters? Typically the lead characters of the three Yu-Gi-Oh! series for their personalities, though my fanfics tend to revolve around the rivals just because their backstories are fertile ground for Fanfiction ideas. (Kaiba as James Bond or Jack getting a Marker, anyone?? XD)

Notable artworks include one picture on DA called Dark Shooting Star, which is typically what Yusei would look like as a Dark Signer, and La Famiglia Duelista, which is a crossover work with the original Yu-Gi-Oh and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Some others would be Yusei & Jack with a microphone & guitar, respectively done in chalk on the school blackboard. I have Crow on drums which I have intent to redo because the drum set couldn't fit the picture properly. >.>

After studying the Card Maker Wiki, I'll be posting my past creations there and link them to here for viewing and critique pleasure.

Envoy of the Philippine Hopeless Dragon Deck 13:50, September 6, 2009 (UTC)