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==Finally, 100 edits!==
Armed Creator Deck Talk!

MY DECKS[edit]

  • Armed Creator Turbo
  • Morphtronics Revolution
  • Ancient Crystal Beasts
  • Super Gladiator Beasts
  • Cyber End Dragon Beatdown
  • Destiny Hero Destruction
  • Plants Swarm
  • Koa'ki Meiru-Blackwings
  • Lightsworn Meltdown


Duels: Around 50

Wins: Around 50

Losses: 1 or 2

Deck: Armed Zombie Turbo

Favourite Card: Dark Armed Dragon/ XX-Saber Gottoms/ The Dark Creator

Favourite Card Theme: Lightsworn/ Blackwings/ DARK

Favourite Normal Monster: Gogiga Gagagigo

Favourite Effect Monster: Dark Armed Dragon

Favourite Fusion Monster: Elemental Hero Divine Neos

Favourite Ritual Monster: Demise, King of Armageddon

Favourite Synchro Monster: Blackwing Armor Master/ XX-Saber Gottoms

Favourite Spell Card: Allure of Darkness

Favourite Trap Card: Return from the Different Dimension - Because of its card art!

Here is my Armed Zombie Turbo deck![edit]



Krebons x 3


Dark Resonator

Dark Creator x 2

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Snipe Hunter

Necro Gardna

Mystic Tomato x 2

Armageddon Knight



Patrician of Darkness

Infernal Dragon


Foolish Burial

Allure of Darkness

Brain Control

Lightning Vortex

Heavy Storm

Smashing Ground

The Shallow Grave

Telekinetic Power Well

Dark Eruption

Reinforcement of the Army

Different Dimension Capsule

Monster Reincarnation

Mausoleum of the Emperor

Fires of Doomsday


Threatening Roar x 3

Sakuretsu Armor

Bottomless Trap Hole

Waboku x 2

Call of the Haunted

Widespread Ruin

Return from the Different Dimension x 2

Reckless Greed x 2

Extra Deck:[edit]

Stardust Dragon x 2

RDA x 2

Ancient Fairy Dragon x 2

Colossal Fighter

Goyo Guardian

Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth

Black Rose Dragon

Blackwing Armor Master

X-Saber Urbellum

XX-Saber Gottoms

Power Tool Dragon

Exploder Dragonwing

Below they are my wants so any offers post on my talk page!

Link to my talk page is at the top of this page!



Solemn Judgment

Power Tool Dragon x 2

Allure of Darkness

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

Dark Bribe

Blackwing cards


Cyber Dragon

D-Hero Malicious x 2

Mirror Force

Emergency Teleport

The Tricky

More wants coming soon!

Gladiator Beasts

DarkTurbo 10:36, October 27, 2009 (UTC)