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Welcome to my user page, I'm Dark Ace SP!

I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! when I was around maybe 5 years old, and my fascination with the game started, as it does for most children, when I first saw the original Yu-Gi-Oh! show on weekdays. I continued to watch the show for a very long time, from Duelist Kingdom to the end of the series. I will always love the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, it was simply the best. But, GX and 5D's were good too. I personally found Zexal too much of a drastic change from the character styles of 5D's, but I did finish the first season. I enjoy Arc-V, and while the characters are sometimes too flamboyant, I do appreciate the throwback to other summoning methods.

Anyway, I bought my first set of cards with Starter Deck: Yugi, which isn't a surprise, because at the time, I thought Dark Magician was an absolute boss, take into consideration that I was maybe five or six at the time. I followed that up with Starter Deck: Kaiba, Starter Deck: Joey, and Starter Deck: Pegasus. I loved the game, I kept losing to another friend I played against, but I loved the game. I later bought Structure Deck: Dragon's Roar and Structure Deck: Fury from the Deep. The last Structure Deck that I bought was Structure Deck: Marik, and I've stopped buying cards since then. I now play exclusively on Dueling Network and YGOPRO.

Some of my other hobbies include watching anime and reading manga, but that's obviously not all I do. I don't really like saying that I have a favorite anime or manga, since many of them are really good. As for my favorite manga...that's hard to say, as I'm usually reading many different stories at once, but I'm a sucker for the Romantic-Comedy stuff, it's just so funny!


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