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Reference Code Grab[edit]

  • <ref>[Insert Site Here , Insert Distributor of Reference, e.g, Konami]: Date - State/Providence,Country, Event Title > Title of Article</ref>

N.B. Must first insert <references/> at bottom of page being edited, if not already in place, preferably in a new header.

Deletion Codes[edit]

  • {{Delete|reason=}}
  • {{Delete|reason=|speedy=true}}

Preview Box[edit]

  • Enter <pre>, insert content, then add in </pre>.

Example of Preview Box[edit]

{{Decklist| Example
|color = Black
|color2 = White 
|monsters = 
* 3 [[Masked Dragon]]
|spells = 
* 1 [[Dark Hole]] 
|traps = 
* 1 [[Mirror Force]] 

Adding a Unsigned Signature[edit]

  • {{unsigned|USERNAME}}
Replace USERNAME with the username of the wiki user.