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Hola everybody and welcome to my page! :) I don't have much to say so I'll show you the awesome deck I have created (I have most of the cards but I still have to do some more card-hunting!)so here it is:

My favorite Archetypes out there are the Burning Skulls, Blackwings, Ice Boundary, Juracs and the Synchrons.

My Made-up Archetypes
Over the many years which the TCG first came out, I always invented my own cool cards and booster sets to make it more awesome (sadly they're not playable but I hope that I can send in my ideas to Konami to make 'em real!). One of the best (and perhaps coolest) Archetypes I came up with are the Vermin monsters; a set of DARK Beast- and Beast-Warrior-Type monsters that have fierce effects when Normal Summoned or Special Summoned. Here is the following list of the monsters and support that go into this Archetype: