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Cards with "weird" (non-alphanumeric, non-space - i.e. anything outside of the set [a-zA-Z0-9 ]) characters in their (official) names. Not limited to English names, though only English names are checked/listed for most of the "common" characters.

# (octothorpe)[edit]

... further results

 ! (exclamation mark)

Total: 223

" (quotation mark)

Total: 173

 % (percent sign)

Total: 4

& (ampersand)

Total: 98

' (apostrophe)

Total: 1420

+ (plus sign)

Total: 2

, (comma)

Total: 970

- (hyphen-minus)

Total: 4519

. (period)

Total: 587

/ (slash)

Total: 218

 : (colon)

Total: 358

= (equal sign)

Total: 3

 ? (question mark)

Total: 13

@ (at sign)

Total: 39

± (plus-minus sign)

Total: 1

Ü (Latin capital letter U with diaeresis)

Total: 6

à (Latin small letter A with grave)

Total: 1

á (Latin small letter A with acute)

Total: 1

ã (Latin small letter A with tilde)

Total: 1

ä (Latin small letter A with diaeresis)

Total: 4

é (Latin small letter E with acute)

Total: 7

ñ (Latin small letter N with tilde)

Total: 2

ö (Latin small letter O with diaeresis)

Total: 2

ú (Latin small letter U with acute)

Total: 2

ü (Latin small letter U with diaeresis)

Total: 1

Σ (Greek capital letter sigma)

Total: 2

Ω (Greek capital letter omega)

Total: 7

α (Greek small letter alpha)

Total: 10

β (Greek small letter beta)

Total: 3

γ (Greek small letter gamma)

Total: 1

– (en dash)

Total: 1

★ (black star)

Total: 6

☆ (white star)

Total: 12

・ (katakana middle dot)

Total: 9

+ (full-width plus)

Total: 1

- (full-width hyphen-minus)

Total: 2



In the English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish name:

English nameFrench nameGerman nameItalian namePortuguese nameSpanish name
Battle Steer (2)
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (2)
Bolt Penguin (2)
Celtic Guardian (2)
Curse of Dragon (2)
Dark Magician (Arkana Version)
Double Attack (Team Strike)
Durability (Dragon's Endurance)Widerstandsfähigkeit eines Drachen
Feral Imp (2)
Gaia the Fierce Knight (2)
Giltia the D. Knight (2)
Kuriboh (2)
Mega Thunderball (2)
Megazowler (2)
Mystical Elf (2)
Ryu-Kishin (2)
Sanga of the Thunder (2)
Sengenjin (2)
Skelengel (2)
Steel Ogre Grotto #1 (2)
Summoned Skull (2)
Thunder Kid (2)
Time Wizard (2)
The Winged Dragon of Ra (Battle Mode)Le Dragon Ailé de Ra (Mode Combat)Der geflügelte Drache von Ra (Kampfmodus)Il Drago Alato di Ra (Modalita Battaglia)El Dragón Alado de Ra (Modo de Batalla)
The Winged Dragon of Ra (Phoenix Mode)Le Dragon Ailé de Ra (Mode Phoenix)Der geflügelte Drache von Ra (Phönixmodus)Il Dragone Alato di Ra Modalità FeniceEl Dragón Alado de Ra (Modo Fénix)
The Winged Dragon of Ra (Sphere Mode)Le Dragon Ailé de Ra (Mode Sphère)Der geflügelte Drache von Ra (Kugelmodus)Il Dragone Alato di Ra (Modalitá Sfera)El Dragón Alado de Ra (Modo Esfera)

In the Japanese, Korean, or Chinese name:

English name (linked)Japanese nameKorean nameChinese name
Blast Lizard爆弾蜥蜴(とかげ)
Cocoon of Evolution進化の繭(まゆ)
Crush Cardのデッキかい(ウイルスカード)
Dark Magician (Arkana Version)ブラック・マジシャン(パンドラ仕様)
Double Attack (Team Strike)ダブル・アタック(がったいこうげき
Durability (Dragon's Endurance)ドゥラビリティ(りゅうたいきゅうりょく
Laser Cannon Armorレーザー砲機甲鎧キャノンアーマーLvレベル
Monster Tamerモンスター・テイマー(ごくもの使つかい)
The Winged Dragon of Ra (Battle Mode)ラーの翼神竜(バトルモード)
The Winged Dragon of Ra (Phoenix Mode)ラーの翼神竜(フェニックスモード)
The Winged Dragon of Ra [Phoenix Mode]ラーのよくしんりゅう(フェニックスモード)
The Winged Dragon of Ra (Sphere Mode)ラーの翼神竜(スフィアモード)
The Winged Dragon of Ra [Sphere Mode]ラーのよくしんりゅう(スフィアモード)

Square brackets[edit]

Less than/greater than signs[edit]

  • Amazement Administrator Arlekino (驚楽園の支配人アメイズメント・アドミニストレーターⱯrlechinoアルレキーノ>)
  • Amazement Ambassador Bufo (驚楽園の大使アメイズメント・アンバサダーBufoブーフォ>)
  • Amazement Assistant Delia (驚楽園の助手アメイズメント・アシスタントDeliaディライア>)
  • Amazement Attendant Comica (驚楽園の案内人アメイズメント・アテンダントComicaコミカ>)

¡ (inverted exclamation mark)[edit]

... further results

¿ (inverted question mark)[edit]

『』 (white corner brackets)[edit]

Ɐ (turned A)[edit]

  • Amazement Administrator Arlekino (驚楽園の支配人アメイズメント・アドミニストレーターⱯrlechinoアルレキーノ>)


  • Kuwagata = (North American English version of Dark Duel Stories)