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And don't bother calling me anything or shouting back at me it won't change my oppinion.

I KNOW it's impossible to come up with an original deck. We all make decks based on archetypes, types, attributes and/or strategies but, come on! Where's your originality? Using Lightsworns, Monarchs, Tele-DAD, Gladiator Beasts or anything of that crap just to win and look like a pro hardcore Yugioh player? Or to win the rare prizes of tourneys too? You win because you use a good deck, NOT because you are a good duelist. Metagame is the cancer that is killing Yu-Gi-Oh.

Weather you agree or not, save any commentaries for yourself. I am stating my views on Metagame and don't care about haters or supporters. (supporters on the other hand have me on their side tho)

'K, done with my rant. 8D



  • Ancient Gear Swarm Beatdown (My Prime Deck. Will post recipe later)

In Progress:

  • Crystal Beasts (Deck made for my girlfriend. In early stages)
  • Milling Removal (Halfway-done, but probably will sell and/or trade it if I can't get the rest of the needed cards).
  • Ko'Aki Meiru (Will begin to work when I buy the box release of Raging Battle, and will be fully finished when I get the Ancient Prophecy box set as well).


  • Machiners (Dismantled. Will only keep the Machiners for collection now)
  • Fire Removal (Unusual mixture of FIRE Burn + Removed from play effects. Kille due to its slowness and to focus on Ancient Gear Deck)