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I made this page since my Decks were sort of getting out of hand, and this seemed like a good solution. Be sure to check out me, my other Decks, my finished Deck requests,, my competiton Decks, and my Talk Page.


My Decks:

  1. Tropical Paradise
  2. The Prodigal Son{s}
  3. Neo-Darkness
  4. Ally of Genex Ally
  5. Dark Tornado
  6. Konami Tsunami
  7. Burning Soul!
  8. Cosmic Junk
  9. You are Ded!
  10. Swampy Frogs
  11. Darklord's Revival
  12. ABC...VWXYZ!
  13. DarkWorld Corp.
  14. Buster Fun
  15. The Wise Hero
  16. Neo-Yubel
  17. Next Generation Deck
  18. Clash of Titans
  19. Tyrannic Duo

Volcanic Resort[edit]

The Prodigal Son{s}[edit]

Darkness (Neosphere) Approaches[edit]

Frenemy of Justice[edit]

The Eye of the Hurricane[edit]

Wrath of the Ocean Dragon Lord[edit]

Jack Atlas Power![edit]

Faith, Trust, and Stardust[edit]

The End of Destiny[edit]

Frogs and Fun[edit]

Reign of the Darklords[edit]


Welcome to DarkWorld Inc.![edit]

Instant Assault[edit]

A Wise Hero[edit]

Genex Turbo[edit]

Ritual of Chaos[edit]

Don't Reign on my Parade[edit]

--Drew-Gi-Oh! (talk) 06:48, August 22, 2010 (UTC)