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Look all im gonna say is im a huge fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx.

my ims are as follows:[edit]

  • Msn=
  • Yahoo= evil_yugi94
  • AIM= evilyugilover

If you have any of these and you edit one of my articles please im me explaining why so i understand and perhaps offer a suggestion for the future. Thanks!

Alright I guess ill add more about me. I'm 18 years old and i live in MD.

Top 5 Characters of Yugioh[edit]

  • 1. Yugi
  • 2. Yami
  • 3. Joey
  • 4. Marik
  • 5. Tea

Top 5 of GX[edit]

  • 1. Alexis Rhodes (White)
  • 2. Syrus Truesdale
  • 3. Jaden Yuki
  • 4. Nightshroud
  • 5. Zane Truesdale

Toon Deck[edit]

This is a Toon deck i made through Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force.

Created Cards[edit]

Monster Cards[edit]

Spell Cards[edit]

Trap Cards[edit]

Cards not created by me[edit]

Note: Please note that i will be using the effects of the cards from where i found them.

Monster Cards[edit]

Fic Chapter[edit]

A/N: Kaibaman’s deck will be a mix of his anime deck and other cards used to prevent the opposing player from declaring an automatic win with Exodia while Yubel’s is a mix of Adrian’s Exodia deck along with several of Evil Jesse’s cards. Also the effect of Hand Destruction will be slightly tweaked. Also Exodios retains it’s anime effects about it not being able to be destroyed but it also has it’s real-life effects of being able to send Normal Monsters other than ones with Forbidden One in the name to the grave. Disgraceful Charity’s effect is altered so only the user can retrieve cards from the grave because in the way it’s used, if Yubel could retrieve cards, she’d win automatically due to the effect of Exodia and also Kaibaman chooses to leave his discarded Blue-Eyes in the graveyard.

Last Time

Kaibaman nodded, to let him know he had things under control before turning back to Yubel. “Yubel!” He called.

“Yes?” Yubel answered curtly.

“I challenge you to a duel!” He yelled.

Yubel grinned wickedly. “Very well, I accept. Prepare to lose, you fool!” She cackled in a dark almost maniacal way.

End Flashback

“I won’t lose. Understand? I’ll defeat you and end your reign of terror!” Kaibaman shouted, activating his duel disk.

“Now that I’d like to see so come and get me!” Yubel taunted, activating her duel disk while sticking her tongue out.

Yubel: 8000 Kaibaman: 8000

“My move! I draw!” Kaibaman shouted, drawing his 6th card to begin his turn. “I summon forth myself, Kaibaman!” He declared as a mirror image of himself appeared on the field. (200/700)

“Wait a minute. You’re a dueling spirit?!” Yubel shouted in disbelief. (1)

Kaibaman grinned. “That’s right. Now I’ll sacrifice him with his special ability to bring out the one and the only!”

Yubel’s eyes widened in horror. “No, not him!” She called.

“You better believe it’s him! I summon the legendary BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON!!!” Kaibaman declared, as the famous blue-eyed white-scaled dragon appeared, unleashing it’s trademark roar. (3000/2500)

“It’s an impressive tactic but it’s all for nothing.” Yubel taunted. ‘Because with one more card, Exodia will be complete and I win automatically!’ She thought with an evil laugh in her mind.

Kaibaman calmly looked over his remaining cards. ‘Let’s see. I have De-Fusion, Hand Destruction and another Blue-Eyes in my hand. Looks like I have one move to make.’ He thought as he reached for another card from his hand. “I activate my Hand Destruction. With this card, we both have to send 4 cards from our hands to the graveyard. However should we be holding less than 4 cards, then our whole hand goes to the grave. In the case of where we send our whole hand, we draw the same number we send to the grave. But if you’re able to send 4 cards, you draw 4 from your deck.” Kaibaman calmly explained the different effects of his card.

Yubel growled, visibly upset that her hand was so greatly upset. Reluctantly, she sent Exodia’s left arm, left leg, the right arm and The Ritual Of The Ultimate Forbidden Lord to her graveyard while Kaibaman sent De-Fusion and his second Blue-Eyes to his own graveyard.

Kaibaman drew his 2 cards which he smiled at to see Pot of Greed and Trap Booster.

Then Yubel drew her 4 cards, grinning evilly as she drew Exodia’s head itself to go with the right leg in her hand along with her newly drawn Yubel card, along with a relatively useless Mystical Elf that she planned to use to power up her ultimate beast. She calmly examined her 4th and final card which was Grave Squirmer.

“Next I’ll use Pot of Greed to pick up 2 more cards.” Kaibaman stated, drawing 2. ‘Perfect that’s exactly the card I needed.’ He thought, while looking at the second card he drew, Negate Attack. “I activate the magic card known as Trap Booster. Here’s how it works; I discard one card in order to activate a trap from my hand. So I’ll discard the Silent Doom card I drew due to Pot of Greed in order to play Disgraceful Charity from my hand. This allows me to retrieve any cards I lost due to a magic card’s effect that I wish. So I return De-Fusion and Silent Doom to my hand, but Silent won’t stay in my hand for long because I’m playing it. With it I can bring back a Blue-Eyes from the graveyard in defense mode.” He said as the second Blue-Eyes roared, bringing his arms up in front of himself to defend him. (2500) “Finally I place 2 cards facedown and end my turn.” He called, grinning.

Yubel drew, looking calm despite facing 2 Blue-Eyes as she peeked at her drawn card, Rainbow Life. “I activate The Ritual Of The Ultimate Forbidden Lord spell card! It only works when it’s in the graveyard and I have all 5 Exodia parts in either my hand or the grave. I put 3 of them; The Left Arm, The Left Leg and The Right Arm back into my deck then re-shuffle. As for the other 2, I re-send them to my graveyard and to my field I will now summon EXODIOS, THE ULTIMATE FORBIDDEN LORD!!!” Yubel called, laughing wickedly.

To be continued…

1 – What Yubel meant was that she thought he was just a regular duel spirit that he didn’t have his own Duel Monsters card of him, that’s why she was stunned.

Yami grinned, Anzu too looked pleased with the work, giggling before moving forward and wrapping her arms around him. "Feeling better" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yeah, it's all a blur but it's all coming back.." Yami says: "That's alright sweetie, as long as you're alright, that's all that matters". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What did happen" Yami says: "You lost control of yourself, you thought the Oracle wasn't important when Yami was on their side. We were able to get him back before we did you". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi's eyes widened in horror. "Anzu-chan.. i'm so sorry." Yami says: "That's alright, we were even able to get Yami back because of it" she whispered, turning her head to glance past the back of Yuugi's head at Yami with a smile. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yami smiled back. Yuugi sighed, still feeling a bit guilty. Yami says: Anzu pulled back, looking down at Yuugi. "Don't feel guilty, at least we didn't lose you as long as we did Yami" she whispered. "She's right Yuugi, you were strong in staying with the Oracle for so long" Yami replied. "Don't feel weak from one incident". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Thanks, aibou. That makes me feel better." He replied. "Good cause you look dorkier than ever!" Alcina taunted, snickering. Yami says: Yami glared at Alcina, clenching his fist tighter, glaring with so much hate. "Quiet you little pest" Anzu snapped. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Ooh i'm so scared.. not!" Yami says: "Actually kid, we should be thanking you" Anzu chuckled darkly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What are you talking about" Yami says: "If you hadn't angered Yami, he would have never been able to come back onside, his anger was what fuelled his darkness. And without him, we wouldn't have gotten back Yuugi. Bad mistake for you just made things better for us" she stated with a dark grin. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Big deal!" She shouted before falling backwards thanks to Varon sneaking up and pushing her. Yami says: Yami and Anzu laughed as Alcina tumbled to the ground, both thanking Varon for the surprise attack. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi chuckled softly. "No problem mates." Varon replied with a sheepish smile. Yami says: "Good work Varon" Yami chuckled. "Now do something else, I'm sure you're creative enough to really play on her downfall of hating humiliation". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Varon grinned. "Just need a jumpstarter idea, Pharaoh." Yami says: "Something to do with that diaper. I'm so tempted for so many things to do to punish her" Anzu giggled. "But we don't really have time". She sighed. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Anzu-chan we have all the time in the world." Yuugi replied. Yami says: "I don't know, if the Oracle can even slip from you, who knows what else could go wrong" Anzu mumbled. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Relax." The 2 seemingly twins replied. Yami says: Anzu sighed, she was really beginning to worry about what could happen if the Seal was to begin acting up again, if she could lose them. She shook her head, before smiling at them. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "So give me a suggestion here, mate." Varon insisted. Yami says: "I don't really know" Yami mumbled. "Maybe teasing her with words will bring up an idea*. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Then go for it, mou hitori no boku." Yuugi encouraged, his eyes turning a darker red. Yami says: "Good" Yami chuckled. "Hey brat, go home and go embarrass yourself there. Walking around in that piece of crap makes you look like some wannabe ballerina, I'm sick of it and I'm sick of you". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Alcina stared at him, unphased. Yami says: "Damn, she's not so easy to crack" Yami growled. "Well What do you have to say Obviously your parents can't stand you and make you wear that diaper to protect yourself, surely you're that clumsy if you need it for your bed accidents". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Varon and Yuugi chuckled at this. Yami says: "Come on you scum, argue back" Yami hissed only his breath, gritting his teeth. "Can't you see You do nothing other than humiliate yourself, you don't fit in society, you never will, especially with that thing". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "At least i dont worship a duel monsters card you loser." Alcina replied with a snicker. Yuugi held Yami's shoulders, in case he wanted to tackle her. Yami says: Yami glared at her, his shoulders convulsing slightly, he felt Yuugi's hands lay themselves on them, he was still determined to get at her, even if he had to fight back Yuugi. "Its better to worship a card than be you. For the record, I don't, but you clearly worship your diapers, that's why you refuse to stop wearing them. It's a diaper queen" he yelled in fury. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi restrained a snicker before he and Varon fell over laughing at how good their partner's insult was. Yami says: Yami smirked, glancing back at Yuugi and Valon. "Run home if you can face it, I'm sure, you'd just crawl under your bed and go to you little Kingdom of diapers. I know it, I was a king too, so you might want to learn a thing or two. Your subjects would have the sense to turn against you, one problem, they wouldn't be real, diaper girl". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Alcina bit her lip trying not to let Yami's insult get to her. (brb i hafta reboot so my updates take effect Yami says: "What's the matter?" Yami teased. "Am I annoying you?" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Alcina's brow furrowed. "Keep it up aibou" Yuugi said through his giggling. Yami says: "Well?" Yami asked again, waiting for an answer. "Did the diaper queen lose her voice? I sure hope so". "I am not a diaper queen!!" She shouted. Yami says: "Prove it" Yami called. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I dont have to prove anything to you!" Yami says: "That's cause you can't". "What?" Yami says: "You can't prove you're mature or even sane, you're just a little brat that no-one likes. And those diapers are what you wear because it upsets you like the little baby you are". Alcina looked puzzled. "Aww she's all quiet now." Yuugi taunted. Yami says: "Yes, because she can't handle it" Yami chuckled darkly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Well keep it up, maybe make your insults meaner. "I will aibou, I'm just going to see her explode before then". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Be quiet!" Alcina shouted. Yami says: "How are you going to make me?" Yami called with a sinister grin. Alcina charged at him but tripped and fell in front of him. Yami says: (that's good ^_^) Yami laughed hard when Alcina tripped and landed just before him, he held his ribcage as he began to double over, he hadn't seen something so amusing in a long time, Anzu also roared with laughter. Oh thats so rich, how i wish i had a video camera!" Yuugi said cackling with insane laughter. Yami says: "Same here" Yami replied laughing. "I have a way we can make it even better". He reached forward, grasping a handful of Alcina's t-shirt, trying to drag her closer, the look on his face only getting darker and more sinister. "I have a great idea" he chuckled in a less human tone, sounding more like a dulled servant. "What? Tell me tell me tell me!" Yuugi urged with excitement. Yami says: "We strip her of her soul and force her corpse to follow our demands" Yami mumbled, staring at Alcina with wide dull eyes and an insane grin. "Why do that? I'd rather mock her about her little diaper. Explain your reasoning." Yuugi replied. Yami says: Well, the second half Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: after i came back? Yami says: "Because she deserves it" Yami muttered in the same tone. "She's been a bad girl and she needs to be punished".

"But only the diaper insults seem to work."

Yami says: (repost please ) "But she needs to be punished, she needs to learn what happens to naughty girls" Yami chuckled, staring at Alcina with wide eyes, looking insane, waiting for the fear to surface. "She needs to have first hand experience with a punishment, like her friend did". "I still like my plan. Come on, aibou shes the only one i have a blast mocking." Yuugi protested. Yami says: "No Yuugi, she needs to feel fear, not just humilation, she needs to know what happens. What happens to bad kids when they shout at their superiors" Yami replied calmly, his face slowly closing in on Alcina's having already been close. "We should mess with her in other ways so she won't insult us again". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "But Yami.." Yuugi and Anzu protested. Yami says: "No, listen" Yami replied without looking back. "We need to, she won't fight back, we can finally be rid of her". He chuckled darkly, giving Alcina the darkest open-mouthed grin he could, staring into her eyes with his own black ones that had been left from the Oracle's takeover. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yami i insist you leave her alone. Yuugi and I love insulting her and laughing at her feeble comebacks. She cant make comebacks without a soul." Anzu replied. (Since she outranks him so to speak have Yami listen to her.) Yami says: Yami turned to Anzu, giving her the same insane look, his smile faded after a moment, he just glared up at her without even giving her a real glare. "I don't see why not, it'll be fine to hear her screams, to see her squirm, to be punished like she deserves" Yami mumbled. "That's what you did with the real me". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes but its so much more fun to insult her." (do the diaper queen series of insults again but worse) Yami says: "Fine, I'm not happy about it, but I have no choice" Yami sighed, turning back, grasping a clump of Alcina's hair. "What do you say, diaper queen Want to play Anzu's game" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What game?" She growled. Yami says: "The game where I get to pull your spirit apart like they did the to real me" Yami laughed, staring at her with wide eyes. "Don't you want to be teased to the point you can't fight it anymore" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Alcina laughed. "Please your pathetic." Yami says: "I am, am I" he asked, clenching his fist in her hair, pulling at it. "We shall see, won't we Go on, cry out in pain, I want you to". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Alcina smirked. Yami says: "Why won't you call out" Yami asked. "Look in my eyes, see your fate, the one where you're left as nothing. You will share my fate, you know it, your ignorance can't fool me". He clenched his fist tighter, grabbing her right arm with his left hand to hold her close. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yami your not preying on her weakness." Yuugi muttered. Yami says: "I don't need to Yuugi" Yami mumbled back to him, his eyes not leaving Alcina's. "We need to make her scared of us, I want her to cry, I want to see her suffer. You can't stop me, the teasing will come". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Fine then. Hang on i have an idea." He replied with a wicked smile. Yami says: "What's that" Yami asked, determined to make Alcina stare back at him, not breaking his sight with her. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Perhaps she'd be afraid of our fiend monsters like Kuri Babylon." Yami says: "Maybe, we could try it, although I would like to get at her" Yami mumbled. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "You will don't worry." Yami says: "Good" Yami giggled before turning back to Yuugi. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: He stepped in front of Alcina and summoned Kuri Babylon who bonded with the Oracle which made his teeth long and demonic-like. Just as Yuugi hoped, Alcina screamed in terror. Yami says: "Yes, scream" Yami teased in his dull voice. "Scream like you'll never be happy again, do it, let me see the terror, the horror, the fear". He threw his head back and began to cackle wildly, Anzu stared at him, unsure why he was so amused, but shrugged it off and looked up at Yuugi, smiling. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Scared yet, little diaper queen?" Yuugi taunted, laughing wickedly. Yami says: "Tell them you're scared, admit the truth" Yami called through his laughs and he stared up at the sky above. "You can't hide it, admit it, admit it". He slowly began to shake Alcina as she screamed, Anzu continued to watch Yuugi, still confused what the game was and whether it was going right. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I think he's gone insane." Yuugi teased. Yami says: "I think so too" Anzu mumbled, glancing down at Yami, both glad he had been pushed so far, yet worried that he really was on the brink of insanity. "What do you think we should do" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Gently slap him a few times." Yami says: "I can't touch him" Anzu sighed. "His spirit form means that he can interact with things and people, but only you can return the touch". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Fine i'll do it." Yami says: Yami paid no attention to them as he brought his head back down, staring at Alcina as he continued to gently shake her, continuing to repeat his demend 'admit it' to her quietly when he noticed Yuugi come into view. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi gently but forcefully slapped him several times to calm him down. Yami says: Yami groaned as Yuugi slapped him, releasing Alcina who toppled away. He growled as he opened his eyes afterwards, glaring up at Yuugi with the dead look, dark anger shooting upwards at him. "Don't mess with me, Mutou" he growled. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi's eyes widened. Yami says: Yami grinned at Yuugi's look as his eyes widened. "What was that for Surprised" Yami chuckled darkly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes.." Yami says: "Good, that's what I was going for". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "But why?" Yami says: "Because the Pharaoh doesn't exist, this is a free existence. I can take control of him I never did with you. Just to see your face look down at him like that, like you're worried, looking like you care, it makes me laugh" Yami replied breaking into another fit of laughing. Anzu stared at Yuugi, she didn't undestand anything, wondering what Yami meant, clearly it was the Oracle talking through him but that was all she got. "What are you talking about mou hitori no boku?" Yami says: "You don't get it, you don't listen" Yami laughed. "There IS no mou hitori no Yuugi anymore. The instant you let him fade only for Timaeus to watch, you erased any mou hitori no Yuugi and now look at him. His shell is mine because of how you took him apart. There's nothing you can do, I am the Oracle and I could drain you of me at anytime. Scared yet" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Say what?!" Yuugi asked now getting frightened. Yami says: Yami cackled loudly sensing the fear inside of Yuugi, the way it had emerged, he looked at Yuugi with the dark grin. "Do I need to make it simpler" he teased. "Yami's gone. Gone away for a long time. And you're left with me, what do you think Fair price you paid and now I'm your mou hitori no Yuugi. Or as close as you'll get to him". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi slowly backed away. "A-Anzu-chan did you hear what he said?" Yami says: Yami laughed more, laughing hard, Anzu stared at him as if he were insane, which was what she saw him as now, she took a step back too, looking at Yuugi who was the other side of Yami to her. "I should have known something would go wrong. We really did push him too far" she whispered fearfully. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What should we do? Maybe if we summon Timaeus that can push the most insane part of the Oeacle out of him." Yami says: "I don't know, but its the closest we have" she called. "We'll just have to hope Timaeus will listen" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes lets hope.." YamiRena says: "Yuugi, call Timaeus, see what happens" Yami chuckled. "I dare you to". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi ignored him as he held the card aloft, evoking the spirit of the blue dragon inside and summoning it. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says:

  • summoned

Yami Rena says: "Hello Timaeus" Yami chuckled. "Reckonigze me You should the shell, but whats inside is much different. I'm sure you know what I mean". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Timaeus roared in confusion. Yami Rena says: Yami laughed at the roar, his only response, he had expected words, he glared up at Timaeus, anxiously awaiting Timaeus' voice, waiting to see if he had picked it up Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Pharaoh whats going on?" He asked, though he already knew. Yami Rena says: "You know" Yami laughed. "You know, I know you do. The Pharaoh doesn't exist, you know who I am, WHAT I am. Face it Timaeus, when you saw him fade like the Battle City final match would have made him, you had failed him. You both had failed him". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Why target him?" Yami Rena says: "Why do you think" Yami asked laughing. "He was my prime target all along, or did you forget our first fight with him dragged into it And with his aibou and his girl a part of me already, the Pharaoh was desperate to save them, encasing him in darkness, binding him, stopping his voice from even coming from his very mouth, it was easy. I knew it would lead to this. His aibou and girl will think Yami Rena says: I'm bad again. Just like I knew the Pharaoh would try to convince them all along". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "You must stop this or I shall force you." Timaeus growled. Yami Rena says: "How are YOU going to try that" Yami laughed. "You couldn't save the Pharaoh when he was himself, now he isn't even here. What are you going to do about it" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I'll show you!" Timaeus snarled driving himself into Yami's body like an exorcism spell in order to force the darkest of the Oracle out of him. Yami Rena says: Yami's eyes widened, his pupils and iris shrinking as Timaeus passed right through him, he uttered a simple sound from the pain the spirit endured. As he fell back, the Oracle continued to hold strong, everything it could keep in him would stop him from becoming nothing but a memory. He stared ahead blanky as Yuugi sank from his view, the sky coming into it as his back and head hit the ground. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yami!" Yuugi screamed, anguished. Yami made no response, he just stared upwards, his breathing quicker than normal, Anzu looked up at Yuugi, fear evident in her eyes, even through the Oracle's control. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi hugged her tightly. "Shh it's ok Anzu." He reassured her. Yami Rena says: Yami made no movement, just his chest heaving up and down, watching as Yuugi flickered in and out of voice, hearing his distorted words. He shivered, waiting for his form to recover, silently cursing Timaeus. "Yami are you in there?" Yuugi asked. Yami Rena says: Yami didn't answer, his spirit form convulsing, staring at the sky without any emotion in his eyes, since the Oracle had taken complete control, his eyes had been void of it all, now even moreso Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: (Have the true Yami break free eventually Yami Rena says: (yeah) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yami??" Yami Rena says: "Yu-Yu-Yuugi" Yami sounded. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes aibou?" Yami Rena says: "Yu-Yuugi. D-d-don't g-give in" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What do you mean?" Yami Rena says: "Fi-fight it. The Ora-Oracle" he whispered, shivering. "S-stop it while you c-can. If you care about a-anything, e-ever, then don't let it-it t-take over". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "But Yami.. my promise to Anzu.." Yami Rena says: "Yu-Yuugi, please" Yami whispered, a tear coming to his right eye. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "But Anzu.. I promised her.." Yami Rena says: "If you ignore me now. I-I can't come back" Yami breathed. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "But how can I help you?" Yami Rena says: "Just stop it, please. Its up t-to you, I=I need to you to this on-one thing for me. Pl-please ai-ai-aibou, if you exist, you'll do this" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Anzu-chan i'm sorry but i must do this.. if you value Yami you'll let me." Yami Rena says: "Yu-Yuugi, ar-are you still there" Yami whispered. "I-I can't see anything, I feel numb. I feel alone". The tear slid down the side of his head, Anzu made no protest against Yuugi, she could see if he was to lose Yami, he'd never forgive her. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi smiled seeing she'd let him, he gave her a peck on the cheek. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled as she watched him walk away, Yami did nothing, just whisper into the air above him, too quietly for her to hear him. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What do i have to do, Yami?" Yuugi asked, kneeling at his side. Yami Rena says: "L-let Timaeus t-ta-take the Oracle" Yami strained. "From A-Anzu and you ai-aibou". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "But that would break our promise. Anzu-chan what should we do?" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: (go on Yami Rena says: "Its your choice Yuugi, this is your battle for Yami" Anzu whispered. "If you choose to give it up, I understand for Yami, if it were me, I'd want what was best for him too". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yami if we release the Oracle then after saving you re-bond with it would that harm you?" Yami Rena says: Yami closed his eyes before nodding weakly. "I-It and I have a link, wh-when you are influenced from the da-darkness, it will j-just do this". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No.. I wish there were a way i could save you and keep my promise.." (^^ thats your cue to think of somethin ^^) Yami Rena says: "Fine, then j-just sacrifice me then. Th-that promise is j-just too important" Yami hissed, turning his head away from Yuugi. "F-forget me and go, th-there's only one th-thing that c-can keep b-both". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What is it?" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: (go on Yami Rena says: "Th-that the Oracle t-takes over me l-like it did" Yami spat. "I-I would hardly be here, b-but you'd be able t-to k-keep your precious promise". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: (Think of somethin other than that ok Yami Rena says: (I don't know what else to, I'm not really in the creative mood today) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: (Hmm maybe transfer the effect to somewhat they dont really care for like Haga/Weevil) Yami Rena says: (sure, go for it, I don't care) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: (ily man ^^) "I have a new plan." Yami Rena says: "A-and what would t-that be" Yami spat. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "If i use Shadow Magic i think i can transfer the effect to someone else." Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: (is that 18+ anime called when they cry? Yami Rena says: (Yeah) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: (kay continue Yami Rena says: "Oh really" Yami growled, opening his eyes as he turned his head back, glaring at Yuugi. "And what makes you think it'll be that easy" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I'm as skilled with it as you. Look if you want to live then shut up and let me do this." (Srry but he was gettin irritated Yami Rena says: (just how I feel) Yami glared at Yuugi, he still didn't like where everything was going, he'd be free, but they'd be back with the Oracle, it would have changed nothing, he sighed and turned his head away again. The eye glowed brighter as the effect was transferred from Yami to the insect duelist, Insector Haga. Yami Rena says: Yami groaned when he felt the power being pulled from him, he clenched his fists, neither his nor the Oracle's resistance was enough. His message had failed getting through to Yuugi, with his severe condition, the Oracle could have destroyed him, but with someone like Haga in a fit state, he wouldn't be affected so badly. He exhaled deeply, relaxing his hands, his head tightly slightly more as the Yami Rena says: Oracle left him. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "You ok aibou?" Yami Rena says: "I'm fine" Yami mumbled without turning back. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Good." Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled, hopping over to Yuugi and hugging him tightly, proud that he had been able to do what he wished and still keep them both bonded to the Oracle. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi blushed softly.

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Yami Rena says: "Now what" Anzu asked quietly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yugi!" Kaiba called. (He's outside.) Yami Rena says: (I thought Yuugi, Anzu and Yami were too o.o) "What is it Kaiba" Anzu called. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: (no lol) "Just come outside will ya?" Yami Rena says: Anzu stood and moved towards the door, turning back to see whether Yuugi would follow the order before stepping outside herself. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi walked toward the door. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled, taking Yuugi's hand as he exited the building, she turned to Kaiba, almost with a glare for having just interrupted a moment that they needed. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Follow me, trust me you'll like what you see." Kaiba said. Yami Rena says: Anzu growled, glancing back to the inside, wondering what had happened to the dragon after he had removed the Oracle from Yami. She moved forward, following Kaiba. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu and Alexis* We'll miss u Barbaro says: (He's completed their empire. just use your imagination on the design.) Kaiba led them to a rather large building where rubble from his Blue-Eyes once stood. Yami Rena says: Anzu gazed up at it in awe, the tower similar to Alcatraz only brighter from the light about, she smiled, several extensions sticking out of the sides like thrones to a rose that would be pathways to rooms and such was what she saw, the tower itself paling in comparison of heights to Alcatraz. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi looked up at it in both shock and pure joy. He was totally speechless. Yami Rena says: "What do you think, Yuugi I really like it, I think Kaiba's done a great job on it". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "It's beautiful.." Yami Rena says: "It is, isn't it Alright, what's our next step This is done, Yami's back to normal - even if he's in a damn weak state - and everyone's acting okay". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I suppose we basically start to recruit the entire world to our cause." Yami Rena says: "I suppose so" Anzu replied with a nod. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi smiled wickedly. Yami Rena says: "What's that look for" Anzu muttered. "You usually have that look when you have a great idea". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "It's because im happy the world nearly belongs to us." Yami Rena says: "That's good" Anzu giggled. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi kissed her deeply on the lips. Yami Rena says: "So, what do we do now Split up and recruit Or do we work as a team" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I think it'll be best if we split up." Yami Rena says: "Right" Anzu replied nodding her head. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Promise you'll be careful." Yami Rena says: "I will, you must be too" Anzu whispered. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I will i promise." Yami Rena says: "Good" Anzu whispered. She turned away and headed back in the direction they had come from, looking around for anyone that had arrived in their path. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Airtos!! No!!!" A familiar voice screamed. Yami Rena says: Anzu froze in her path, turning back to see the one who had called out to the forgotten guardian. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Raphael sobbed softly as he glared venomously up at his opponent. Yami Rena says: "Raphael" Anzu growled without emotion. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: He turned around. "Anzu is that you?" Yami Rena says: "Yes, what do you want" she mumbled. "I'm dueling right now. Feel free to watch." "Fine" Raphael smirked. "Whenever Airtos is destroyed it calls forth Guardian Deathscythe!" Raphael smiled. "I have 7400 thanks to magic cards while my opponent only has 1500 left." He said, smirking as the Oracle now shown on his forehead. Yami Rena says: "Oh" Anzu mumbled, smiling at the Oracle. "Good for you, listen, when you're done, I need you to help me with something". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Sure, just tell me what it is you need." (JC but why is she mumblin) Yami Rena says: (dunno, couldn't think of another word at the time ) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (oh continue Yami Rena says: "I need to to help me with a little something I have to finish off close to Yuugi's home" Anzu giggled darkly. "I know you'd be prepared to help me. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Sure." He replied as Deathscythe appeared on the field. ATK:3000 Yami Rena says: "Good. Should I go ahead, or wait for you, I don't care either way". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Wait. It shouldnt take too long." He replied as his opponent ended his turn. His opponent was standing in shadows so he couldnt be identified. Yami Rena says: "Alright then, I wonder who you're duelling". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "He uses dino cards but i do not remember any such duelists." Yami Rena says: "Sounds like Dinosaur Ryuzaki* (can't remember the name, just gonna look it up in a manga volume) Yami Rena says: (oshi, that was right =o) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (actually thats it) "Heh well he;s about to out 1 soul.." He turned back to the duel and activated Deathscythe's special effect to sacrifice his other 5 guardians to raise its attack to 5500. Yami Rena says: "Nice work then" Anzu giggled, watching the duel proudly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Deathscythe wipe him out!" Yami Rena says: Anzu grinned as she watched the deathly creepy guardian rush up to the other duellist, swinging the scythe down upon them. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Dinosaur screamed in pain as his life points were wiped out with one swipe. Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled watching the unfortunate duellist fall to his knees as the Oracle closed around him, listening to him yell as he was stripped of his soul. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Raphael laughed softly as Deathscythe disappeared along with the Oracle. Yami Rena says: Anzu turned her head to Raphael, grinning at him, both proudly and darkly. "Good job, now we have another prisoner waiting with that pest". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Raphael smirked. "Who might that be?" Yami Rena says: "Katsuya Jonouchi" Anzu laughed. "When he finally lost and accepted his fate to lose to the Oracle. He was finally sealed away just for the safety of the Pharaoh, and even afterwards he wasn't safe". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Hm? How so?" Yami Rena says: "Because the Oracle still infected him, he pushed Yuugi to almost give it all up until Yuugi's quick thinking helped him keep a hold of it". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I don't understand what you mean. Explain more." Yami Rena says: "What do you mean I thought it was simple enough. After Jonouchi was defeated, the Oracle was still able to get to Yami. he said Yuugi would have to give it up to safe him because of a bond between them so Yuugi just transferred the bond to someone else" Anzu growled. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I see. Is that a problem?" Yami Rena says: "No, it's good, but it could turn into a problem because Yami seemed like he wanted to try and keep the Oracle inside to force it out of Yuugi" Anzu sighed. "Come on, lets go and do this". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes let's." Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled and turned away, heading back in the direction she had been travelling in before running into Raphael. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Shall I follow?" He asked. Yami Rena says: "Yes, it would do good with your help, there's something I must do quickly and then I must continue mine and Yuugi's mission". "Very well." He said jogging casually behind. "Good, once we get to Yuugi's home, everything will be set straight. I can finally help Yuugi in our Kingdom's growth" Anzu giggled darkly, moving along briskly. "What kingdom?" Raphael asked. "The Kingdom of the Oracle. The Kingdom that Yuugi and I will rule over". "Interesting.." "Yes" Anzu replied. She said nothing between then and Yuugi's home coming into view, she grinned darkly at it. "Are you ready?” she asked, turning back to Raphael. "Yes Anzu." "Good" Anzu chuckled, moving towards the building. Raphael walked inside, the shadow of his hulking form showing in the doorway. Yami opened his eyes and turned his head back, seeing both Anzu and Raphael standing in the doorway, their shadows looming over him. "What do you want?" he hissed. "Pharaoh, is that you?" Raphael asked, concerned. Yami glared at Raphael, he cursed at Anzu under her breath. "What do you think Raphael?" he hissed. "Are you alright, Pharaoh?" "Raphael, I'm the weakest I've been in a long time, I've lost my aibou, I'm stuck like this and I can barely move below my neck. Do I look alright to you?" Yami snapped. Anzu chuckled before stepping forward, moving slowly towards Yami. Raphael moved closer as well, "What do you two want?" Yami growled, repeating his question as he glared up at them both. "What do we want again?" Raphael asked her. Anzu giggled, not looking back at Raphael, instead she lowered herself to her knees, giggling more at the dark marks under Yami's eyes as he glared at her. "I told you, we're going to help Yuugi. And the best way we can do that is but getting rid of anything that holds him back. Namely in this case: Yami". "But wouldn’t that hurt him deep down?" "Not if he thinks Yami passed on because of how weak he was. There's nothing that can hold us back or hurt us". "All right but what if Yuugi-san gets angry at you?" "He won't. As far as he knows we weren't here. We didn't see Yami again, he'd never know". "But what if he comes back here looking for Yami?" "He's gone off elsewhere to recruit, we split up" Anzu growled. "Now stop asking questions and worrying, just be quiet while I do this". "Whatever you're doing, it won't work" Yami protested. “Yuugi will find out, he will come and stop you. I don't care what you say, my aibou still exists somewhere". "You really believe that huh?" "Yes I do. Why shouldn't I?” "Have you seen the child duel?" "Of course I have" Yami shouted. "What kind of partner would I be if I didn't? Then again, what kind of partner could I be to let him slip into the Oracle". "Pharaoh, he feels stronger now." "I know. And I know why and how. And that's what makes me fear for him the most" Yami sighed, staring up at the ceiling above him. "When you two are done" Anzu hissed. Raphael nodded, backing away. "Good" Anzu replied, sounding like she held an authority over Raphael before looking back at Yami. "Now hold still, this'll only hurt if you resist”. Yami growled before Anzu moved her hand forward, plunging it into Yami's chest, he cried out in pain sharply for a second as her hand floated in what was mid-air to anyone other than Yami and Yuugi. He gritted his teeth, closing his eyes as he could see Anzu's hand glowing white. He tried to open the mind-link to Yuugi, praying it still existed. 'Y-Yuugi. Tell me you can hear me'. ‘Aibou.. what is it?’ Yuugi sent back though the link was extremely weak. 'I-Its Anzu' Yami replied, the strain in his mental voice making sure his words would be believed. 'I-I don't know what's she's doing,'. His train of thought derailed, he went limp under Anzu's power, his eyes closing slowly, his head falling to the left side of his body, looking at the wall numbly, Anzu's cackle ringing out in his head. ‘Aibou!’ He sent before the link was broken. Yami laid still, his eyes floating about as he stared at the wall, the link was dead, Anzu continued to do whatever it was, he could only guess it was she was draining his very soul. He couldn't move back, his eyes were all that would as they flickered. "B-bitch" he breathed. Raphael watched, looking thoughtful. "Ai-aibou" Yami whispered, determined to fight as long as he could. "For-for, forgive me". His head slowly lowered to the ground, his world going blurry, his head throbbed, he felt sick, he was sure Yuugi didn't care, surely he didn't. The link was dead, Yuugi didn’t send a response. "Ai-aibou" Yami muttered again as his eyes closed completely, his senses failing as his strength dipped too low to stay conscious. "Good, now he's out. It'll be easier without his will or resistance to fight" Anzu chuckled. Mokuba watched with an evil smirk. Noah laughed in the same fashion he had with his first encounter with the others, seeing Anzu - half of their leaders - winning over Yami's resistance, seeing her drain whatever was left of him, he felt it was best to agree it was good, Mokuba had felt so and just watching made him proud of her. "Noa-kun?" Mokuba asked softly. "Yes Mokuba?" Noa asked. "Do you remember when you controlled me?" "Yes" "Well I don’t exactly know why but I felt happy when i was just as I do now." Noa smiled, laying a hand on Mokuba's shoulder and turning back to Anzu, a large portion of her arm riding up towards her elbow glowing white. "Do you know why Noa-kun?" He asked shyly. "Why's that?” "I was asking if you knew why I felt that way." He explained with a slight giggle. "Probably because I was protecting you from what you believed what was" Noa replied with a smile Mokuba smiled up at him much like he did when he was under Noa's mind control. "I love you Noa-kun." "I love you too Mokie" He slowly wrapped his arms around his step-brother seemingly melting into his arms. Anzu glanced back at them, smiling sympathetically. 'Soon Yuugi. Soon you and I will have no problem taking on this world, as close as that'. "I always want to be with you Noa-kun." Mokuba whispered. "Yes" Noa replied happily. Raphael looked at them, smiling as he remembered the bond with his own siblings. "How well do you think Yuugi is doing?" she asked him. "What is your family up to?” "He's probably doing fine. As for them they're on a little trip or something they told me." "I hope so" Anzu mumbled. "He should hopefully be away from this area long enough for me to finish this". "Then hurry up." Raphael urged. "I'm trying, don't you think I am?" Anzu shouted. "We can't let him come back into the area and find this happening". "Trust me he's nowhere near here." "Yeah, that's good, with Yami unconscious like this, it should only be a couple of minutes before he's erased, hopefully Yuugi shouldn't even be anywhere near done. He'll come back and find Yami gone before all salvation" Anzu giggled, looking up darkly. "Er is that a good thing mate?" Varon asked. "Yes it is" Anzu hissed. "So he won't know we were directly involved". "Sheesh, relax will ya?" "I would, but this is taking longer than I expected" Anzu sighed. "Maybe even like this, Yami has some fight left". Raphael stared ahead, watching. Anzu smiled as Yami legs slowly began to fade, vanishing from sight, finally it would be very soon when Yami would be gone and out of the way Raphael continued watching. Anzu grinned, her arm almost completely surrounded by the white glow that climbed up higher to her shoulder, the fading process climbing up Yami, reaching his waist when he groaned, his breathing becoming deeper pulls for air, his chest heaving from each. Varon watched with a curious look. Anzu giggled, Yami's torso vanished around and beyond where her hand sat. She looked up at Raphael with the dark smile, wondering if he had seen any sign of Yuugi. He gave a thumbs-up indicating Yuugi was nowhere near for the moment. Anzu nodded before turning back, she could feel the light rising almost reaching her shoulder when the process passed Yami's shoulders. "You’re almost there Anzu-chan." Mokuba replied. "Yes" Anzu replied with a nod of the head. She could just feel it, loving how she could feel Yami's energy reaching into her arm, the instant it would complete and he would vanish, the light of her arm would disappear and she would be so much more powerful Varon and Raphael grinned. "That's it, almost there" Anzu giggled, watching as Yami's face slowly vanished, rising past his mouth, his eyes. "Good Yami, keep co-operating" "Aibou.. I know part of you is still there.." Yami begged as his mouth vanished just as he uttered his last words. Anzu giggled, hearing Yami's last fading words. The glow brightening as more and more of Yami disappeared, watching with a wide smile. "He's gone now ain't he mate?" Varon asked. Anzu nodded as the spikes of Yami's hair vanished, the light reaching the tip of her shoulder. It took a moment before the light faded. "There we go. Yami no longer exists in this world" she giggled. Varon and Raphael laughed along with Mokuba and Noa but unbeknownst to them Yuugi had arrived back at the shop but hadn’t gone back inside. Anzu watched her arms return to normal, turning back to the laughing boys with a dark smile, now their real goal was beckoning them. Yuugi walked in but his eyes widened in surprise to see Anzu there. "Hi Anzu-chan!" He called cheerfully. "Yuugi" Anzu chirped, glad he hadn't come a secon earlier to see Yami. "What are you doing back home so soon?" "Oh, I had to take care of something". "What exactly?" "Oh, nothing really important, just something I wanted to fix". "Oh ok." He said smiling. Anzu giggled, glad that Yuugi hadn't caught on, nothing had existed that would lead him to believe that what had just happened really had. She walked up to him, peaking him quickly on the cheek. Yuugi giggled softly, happily returning the kiss. "So Yuugi, what did you come back for?” "Well I wanted to come back and relax as I’ve recruited like 20 people already." "That's great" Anzu called. "Well, I guess we should get back to work soon, right guys" "No. I need a break.." Yuugi replied. For some reason he wondered where Honda was during all this. "What's wrong Yuugi? You seem a bit off, like you're searching for something" Anzu muttered. "Are you alright?” "Yeah I'm fine. I just need a couple hours to relax." "That's good, we don't want to wear you out" she giggled. "Yuugi, you truly are my closest and best partner". Yuugi smiled evilly softly. Anzu smiled brightly at Yuugi, liking the smile he held. Yuugi grinned a bit as he kissed her deeply on the lips. Anzu kissed back, hearing the others' reactions, mostly giggles and sounds of interest, she just smiled as she pulled away at the end. "I love you Anzu.." "I love you too Yuugi" "I always have." "I agree, so have I" "Really? 'Cause for the longest time before the Oracle came along I saw signs you loved Yami." "Yami?” Anzu gasped. "Why bring him into everything? He doesn't even belong in this conversation, just you and me". Yuugi looked at her, puzzled. "What's the matter Yuugi?” "The way you answered, like you’re hiding something." "What do you mean? I'm just saying, Yami had no place in the conversation. And he's been so weak lately, weak and unneeded. He should just disappear-" "Well you do bring up a good point there." "Exactly, there's nothing to hide, Yami's just a pest and we'd be better off without him". Yuugi's eyes dulled like she was controlling him and he nodded without a second thought. "Good boy, because I have some good news for you". "What my queen?" He asked, his voice dull as she kept her control over him. "Yami really IS gone" Yuugi smiled widely even under her control. "He is?" He asked joyfully.

"Yeah"  Anzu giggled. "I drained his soul of all power, anything he did have is in my arm, now he's somewhere else, far far away and we won't need to fight him ever again".

Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi smiled happily. Yami Rena says: "So you don't mind He was your other half" Anzu mumbled. "Even before you were worried for him, even under the Oracle's control I thought you'd be at least a little unhappy. Oh well, you're my special Yuugi and I wouldn't want you upset". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No i dont mind at all. All that matters is you." Yami Rena says: "That's my good little Yuugi". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi hugged her, seeming to melt in her arms. If he could he'd stay in her embrace forever. Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled, hugging him tightly, smiling as she rang her hand through his hair Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I could stay in your arms forever. I always feel so warm, safe..and loved while in your arms." He said with a dreamy sigh. Yami Rena says: "I know, I feel the same, I would never wat to give you up, just to be able to be with you is like a dream and I'll never want it to end. Ever". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Really?" Yami Rena says: "Yes, really". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Ohh Anzu.." He said and melted into her gentle loving embrace. Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled as he did, holding him tighter, she never wanted the moment to end. Her eyes shot open with an evil look upon her face out of Yuugi's sight. 'Give my regards to Jonouchi if you ever see him again Pharaoh. Yuugi's mine and mine alone.' Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi purred contently as he gently pulled her closer to him. Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled more, she just couldn't help but want to hold him and never let him go, she turned to the others and jerked her head, commanding them to leave and search for more recruits. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Raphael and Varon nodded along with Noa and Mokuba as they left leaving her alone with her king. Yami Rena says: Anzu grinned at their leaving before turning back to Yuugi, lookign down at him proudly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: He looked up at her, even with his eyes having the Oracles's evil glow in them he still looked pure. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi I love that look. But I can't help but feel I get a sense that something is wrong from it" Anzu whispered. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Nothing's wrong. We're the most perfect couple in the world.." Yami Rena says: "I agree Yuugi. We are, no-one can tear us apart. Ever. Not Jou. Not Yami. No-one". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes.. and soon we'll officially be permanently together once we marry." Yami Rena says: "Yeah and then no-one will even want to tear us apart, let alone try". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes i know your my evil little queen." He replied with a giggle. Yami Rena says: Anzu nodded, her eyes watching Yuugi brightly like his own real eyes had shone through. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I wish we could marry right now. The anticipation is killing me inside."

Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro just sent you a nudge.

Yami Rena says: "Yeah, well, at least nothing can go wrong. Nothing ever will". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I love that about you. Your always so sure of yourself." Yami Rena says: "Yes, because you're the one that makes me so certain. The way you've pulled through things, even when they were against you, its inspiring. Yami Rena says: ". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Like when?" He teasingly asked, Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says:

  • .

Yami Rena says: "Like Battle City and all those other times". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yeah but i almost killed Seto or rather Yami did." Yami Rena says: "Yes and that's why he was so bad. But now he won't and can't hurt anyone ever again". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yeah thank goodness you stopped him.." Came Kaiba's voice from the doorway but he didnt move any further seeing as Anzu was enjoying being alone with his rival. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled, wondering if Kaina knew about the new barrier that had stopped Yami. She nodded to thank him, smiling. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says:

  • Kaiba* He smiled back. "Hey Anzu?" He asked.

Yami Rena says: "Yeah" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "We may not be on the best of terms but if anyone could rule beside my rival im glad it's you." Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled as a response to Yuugi's words, everyone was close something very rare before the Oracle's intervention, she liked it a lot. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi smiled. "Thank you Kaiba." Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled, kissing Yuugi on the cheek quickly again. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Kaiba chuckled softly at that. Yuugi giggled as well returning the kiss. Yami Rena says: Anzu blushed slightly, smiling at Kaiba, to see the pair getting along so well was like a dream come true. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I just wish i could find my own girlfriend whose as good to me as Anzu-chan is to you." (Have her be surprised by his honorific use) Yami Rena says: Anzu seemed surprised by Kaiba's words, but was flattered nonetheless. "Don't worry Kaiba, they will be someone for you, I know there will be". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "How?" (brb Yami Rena says: "You have to have faith Kaiba, there will be, I'm sure someone will see the good in you that will attract them, you're hardly heartless and inhuman". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I hope so.." Kaiba replied. Yami Rena says:

  • You'll see".

Yami Rena says: sorry, my bad =x Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi smiled happily at her. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (np ur turn Yami Rena says: "Oh Yuugi" Anzu giggled, seeing his smile. "Don't you believe it It'd be great for Kaiba". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Of course i do." Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled happily before turning back to Kaiba. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Kaiba smiled. Yami Rena says: Anzu looked back at Yuugi and then at Kaiba. "Kaiba, I must speak with Yuugi in private for a moment. Do you mind if we go into a seperate room for that moment" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No I don't. Take all the time you need." Yami Rena says: "Thank you" Anzu said before leading Yuugi into the kitchen Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi looked up at his girlfriend curiously. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, I was thinking, what do you think we should do I mean, Kaiba and the others were supposed to be set free, that was our promise to Jonouchi. Besides, with both him and Yami captured and gone, who knows what might happen". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Just because we promised him doesnt mean we have to keep it. We're both evil remember?" He teasingly asked. Yami Rena says: "I know, but I can't help but feel something's wrong. I don't know what, but I feel like it is". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: His eyes turned hypnotic. "Nothing is wrong." Yami Rena says: "Wha" Anzu asked dully. She didn't continue to protest, they had both drawn each other under a spell of their own so many times, neither knew what was really going on. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I said nothing is wrong. forget about Jonouchi." Yami Rena says: Anzu nodded dully, the only response she made. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: His eyes returned to normal as he stopped his brief control. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled down at Yuugi, her concerns about Jonouchi and Yami had vanished like they never existed, she giggled lightly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi giggled evilly softly. Yami Rena says: "That's my Yuugi" Anzu giggled. Yami Rena says: (I'mma head off soon, not feeling too good today T.T) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (aww plz dont go.. im having so much fun.. Yami Rena says: (Okay) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (you'll stay?) Yami Rena says: (alright) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (yay ^^ *hugs*) Yami Rena says: (your turn) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "And that's my Anzu." He said with a giggle of his own. Yami Rena says: Anzu looked down proudly, giggling again. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi smiled. "Your mine and only mine." He said with a prideful somewhat arrogant grin. Yami Rena says: (I have no idea what we're doing after this little love scene o.o You got any clue) Anzu leaned forward, holding her head close to Yuugi's, kissing him on the cheek quickly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (Mm maybe their wedding? Yami Rena says: (I guess, I think there should be something leading them to getting Jou and Yami out of their mess coming up soon hopefully, but I wasn't sure what. But I guess their wedding will do) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (Alright.) Yuugi kissed her back but for far longer. Yami Rena says: Anzu blushed as Yuugi kissed back for so long, she didn't understand what had happened lately, but in a way, she felt so comfortable with it. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I love you Anzu Mazaki.." He said in a sort of dreamy voice. Yami Rena says: "I love you more Yuugi" Anzu repeated in the same tone of voice. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi giggled happily. "You know what the happiest day of my life was?" Yami Rena says: "When I kissed you" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Well yes but what i meant was when you became my girlfriend." Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled, she felt the same way to Yuugi, their coming together had meant so much for her. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Your the best thing in the world to me." Yami Rena says: "And you're the most important thing ever to me". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I know my beautiful queen i know."

Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro just sent you a nudge.

Yami Rena says: "Yes, you're the one I want to protect. You're the one that matters to me. The only one". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Aww how sweet of you." Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled, holding Yuugi to her tightly, smiling as she held onto him, wanting to just stay there. Just for no-one to interrupt. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Anzu-chan the waiting is killing me i want to marry you tonight if we can." Yami Rena says: "I know what you mean, but if we're recruiting and stuff, we have to wait until we have enough on our side to overpower others". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No one can defeat us my love so please lets marry tonight." Yami Rena says: "Fine then, at the tower would be best. Then we'll complete our mission". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes, let's." Yami Rena says: Anzu nodded before standing, moving towards the doorway that would lead them back to the main room where she expected to see Kaiba. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Kaiba was there, his arms crossed. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled, waiting for Yuugi, a distant voice entered her head. 'Anzu, you bitch' 'Jonouchi' she thought after it faded. 'No, he won't come back, whatever he tries is pointless, Yuugi won't go there, not even for him and Yami'. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (Hang on i thought that Jou's soul was taken.) Yami Rena says: (you shall see >]) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (kk) Yuugi followed, smiling widely. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled as if she had heard nothing, taking Yuugi's hand, she pulled him to Kaiba, smiling at him as they passed him, waiting for him to acompany them back to the tower. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Kaiba smiled as he followed. Yami Rena says: "Hey Kaiba, Yuugi has an idea. We're getting married tonight. I would like you to be the best man, you're the closest guy to us around at this time" Anzu annoucned cheerfully. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Kaiba smiled. "Sure id be glad to." Yami Rena says: "Thanks so much Kaiba. We'll have to plan the rest when we get back to the tower. Don't you agree Yuugi" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes i do my soon-to-be wife." He said, giggling. Yami Rena says: "That's right. My husband-to-be. I like it" Anzu giggled. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi giggled more. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled cutely at Yuugi before looking ahead again, as the tower's upper half came into view, she smiled at Kaiba, silently thanking him for the job he had done. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Kaiba smiled as well.

Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro just sent you a nudge.

Yami Rena says: Anzu nodded, turning her head back towards the tower, wondering what the others were up to. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Are you ready for this my love?" Yami Rena says: "More than I've ever been" "And so am i." Kaiba smiled at her. Yami Rena says: "You're both so sweet, I'm glad to know you both so well". They blushed and nodded. Anzu giggled at their blushes. Yuugi smiled at her. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, this is the final step, right" Anzu asked. "Once this is done, our recruits will recruit more, the Oracle will spread and our goal will be achieved". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes.." Yuugi replied grinning wickedly. Yami Rena says: "Good, no-one in the world will go against us". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes we will be their rulers." Yuugi replied, giggling evilly. Yami Rena says: "Yes, everything the others tried to do in resisting will be shattered, it'll be nothing, they would have failed". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi nodded, believeing everything the once pure girl said. Yami Rena says: "Good, then that means you can truly be this world's king and we can show those others what we were capable of all along, when they thought we were weak". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes my queen." He replied as though his mind were controlled by the now twisted girl. Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled, stroking the smaller king's head gently as she looked ahead at the tower watiting before them.

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Anzu giggled, stroking the smaller king's head gently as she looked ahead at the tower watiting before them.

Yami Rena says: Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled, stroking the smaller king's head gently as she looked ahead at the tower watiting before them.

Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi giggled as well. "I love you my evil queen."

Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro just sent you a nudge.

Yami Rena says: "I love you more, my evil little king, You will show them all what only the Oracle gave us the boost to do". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi blushed. "Do you really think a little guy like me could do that?" Yami Rena says: "Yes, with or without the Oracle, you were powerful enough to achieve this goal". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No. I could have never completed this without you. Remember it was you who set the real evil me free." Yami Rena says: "Maybe, but your strength, your power would have unlocked your true potential that Yami held back. I would have stood by you no matter what". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "You really think so?" Yami Rena says: "I know so Yuugi, no doubt about it". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: He still looked unsure, so without Yuugi noticing Kaiba made a motion to her to try to control his mind to forcibly make him understand. Because of how deeply Yuugi loved her, it was quite unlikely he'd offer any resistance at all. Yami Rena says: Anzu nodded at Kaiba before turning back to Yuugi, touching his chin with a couple of fingertips, gently lifting it, looking into his eyes, speaking in a hypnotic tone. "I know you would have been strong Yuugi, locking Jonouchi and Yami away like you did, that was proof enough, you are strong enough, you would have been either way. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I..don't know." Yuugi replied hesistantly. Yami Rena says: "Listen to me, you would have, you've proved it already, you will prove it again, no matter what you think, what the voices of doubt in your mind say, you should believe me". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi looked at her slightly fearful. (She should probably assert the fact that she rules over him so to speak) Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, listen, the doubt is something the Oracle was trying to stop. I need you, you need me. This is one of those moments where you need me most, I need you to listen, to not resist, accept my words, the words of the Oracle". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes my rule over me correct?" Yami Rena says: "In a way, I guess you could say that. But there are moments when you rule over me much more". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "How my evil queen?" Yami Rena says: "Because when I'm scared and unsure, I know you use the same tactics on me that I use on you, to bring me back like I bring you back". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I will do as you say." Yami Rena says: "Thats my good king" Anzu giggled. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Hr nodded his amythest eyes looking dull. Yami Rena says: Anzu patted him on the head before turning to Kaiba with a smile, leading the way back to the tower. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Kaiba smirked softly as he led them there. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled as Kaiba led them to the doorway leading inside the tower, she turned back to Yuugi with the same look, slipping her hand into his. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi smiled, though his eyes were still dull as she kept her control. Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled as she moved towards the door, pulling him along with her as she entered the tower for the first time. Yuugi giggled softly, as he kissed Anzu's cheek. Anzu giggled as Yuugi kissed her gently, she also kissed back, looking upwards at the doors about when she stood up again, turning to Kaiba, he seemed to be their navigator, after all, he had helped in building the structure. Yugi smiled. Anzu smiled back before turning to Kaiba. "Where do we get prepared for the wedding You'll have to led us each to our our rooms and then to the place where we get married" she called sternly. "Yes Anzu-chan." "Take Yuugi to where he needs to be, I'll wait here and look out for if anyone returns with more recruits". "What exactly would I have to do?" Yuugi asked innocently. "Just get ready for the wedding silly" Anzu giggled. "Kaiba will explain the rest to you while you get sorted, about how the ceremony goes and everything". "All right but I must admit I’m a little nervous." "That's perfectly normal, everyone gets nervous when it comes to their weddings" Anzu giggled. "Yeah that’s true." Anzu waved, smiling innocently before turning away, watching out with a stern look as she awaited any other arrivals. Yuugi walked off with Kaiba calmly leading him to his room. Anzu grinned darkly as Yuugi and Kaiba left the room, she couldn't help but feel that the wedding would secure their power over the rest of the world when their followers would begin to manipulate the others. Kaiba led him to a rather lavish room with a really large bed and a closet with Yugi's trademark clothes along with a few tuxedos, not that Yuugi would ever use them he thought with a chuckle. Anzu folded her arms across her chest, everything was going according to plan, it wouldn't be long before Yuugi would truly be hers and the world would bow to them. After about 20 minutes Raphael and Varon showed up. "Raphael. Varon" Anzu called proudly. "How are things?" "See for yourself." They replied as a group of about 100 each were on opposite sides of them. "Good work boys" Anzu laughed. The 2 former Doma duellists blushed. "Get ready, we've got a wedding to finish preparing for, you two are a vital part of our plans, make sure no-one tries to tempt you with lies, I want you both there because of the help you've been". "As your best er warriors mate?" Varon guessed. "Sure, let's do that" Anzu replied. "Kaiba's the best man, you guys should have important roles too". "Please, we've hardly done anything plus I've already lost my soul twice." Varon joked. "Don't worry about that Varon. And you've recruited so many people, you were around when Jonouchi and the other pests were interfering, you have done a lot" Anzu replied cheerfully. Varon blushed, bowing to show respect. "You honour me my dear queen.." Anzu giggled, she liked that, she looked back at the others behind Raphael and Varon, grinning darkly as the plan was just getting closer to completion with every soul taken, every second that passed. Yuugi came out dressed in a small, but casual white tuxedo. "Anzu-chan.." He called sweetly. "Yuugi" she gasped, blushing as she stared at him, giggling at how adorable he looked at her. "Oh my, you look so sweet, I should've known you'd look great". Yuugi blushed dark scarlet. "Well, you should go get dressed yourself my love." "Alright then my king, wait for me" Anzu giggled before walking away by Kaiba's side. "I will my sweet." He called softly as he blew her a kiss. Anzu blew a kiss back just before she left the room, she smiled as the door closed, turning to Kaiba with a sincere smile. "Alright then Kaiba, lead the way" she giggled. "Are you always this giggly?" Kaiba teased, grinning softly. "I don't know, I've never been married before, remember" Anzu replied with a grin of her own. Kaiba smirked a bit. "Trust me you giggle quite often." He teased. Raphael smiled at Yuugi as he returned with Mokuba and Noa. "How's it feel that soon you'll be married little man?" He teased. "Maybe I do and maybe I don't, it's all a matter of the mood" Anzu replied. Yuugi blushed. "I'm a little nervous but other than that I'm fine." He told the guardian duellist. "True. did you ever release Mai?" Kaiba asked. "Mai, I haven't seen her in a while, I'm sure she was released and sent out elsewhere, maybe she can come along" Anzu replied sternly, glaring ahead. "What’s to glare about?" "I don't know, I just have a bad feeling about something". "Pre-wedding jitters?" "Maybe, I don't know. I just feel something else" Anzu replied, the glare fading slowly. Kaiba put his arm around her. "Don't worry." "I won't" Anzu sighed. He didn't know what possessed him to do so, but he gently hugged her not expecting her to return it since she was Yugi's fiancée. Anzu stared up at Kaiba, leaning her head against his chest, staring out of his embrace, she knew this wasn't right, but someone felt close ot her without the Oracle forcing them together. Unbeknownst to them, Yuugi had been watching but wasn't angry as he knew why Kaiba hugged his girlfriend. Anzu sighed as she stood there, she didn't smile, she didn't look happy, she just stood there, gazing aimlessly at the corridor down from them. "Anzu?" Yuugi asked from where he was. "Yuugi" Anzu gasped, pushing away from Kaiba as she looked around for him. "Back here." He called with a giggle from behind her. Anzu turned her head back to see Yuugi standing there, she sighed, looking downwards in disappointment. "It's ok Anzu. I know." He looked at Kaiba. "Thank you." "Yuugi" Anzu whispered, staring at him, surprised her wasn't annoyed with Kaiba, let alone thanking him "Yes?" "Nothing, I was just thinking" Anzu sighed, turning away. He jogged over to her side. "What's up Yuugi?" she muttered, turning t o him. "What's wrong my cutie?" "Nothing's wrong, I was just thinking, I thought you wouldn't like it if Kaiba and I were doing that" "Normally i would've of but Kaiba was only trying to help." "I see" Anzu replied with a smile. Yuugi smiled as he led her to her room. Anzu smiled as she was escorted to the room, she nodded gratefully before turning away and moving inside. Yuugi winked in a seductive way before leaving. Anzu's smile faded after she close the door, she looked up sternly, something didn't feel right, she had to get this done quickly before whatever it was interfered with hers and Yuugi's wedding. Yuugi shivered as he swore he heard Jou's voice. 'Yuugi, listen to me' Jonouchi's voice rang out. 'If you want to go through with this, you're making the biggest mistake of your life. You can't do it'. 'Jou you’re nuts. Anzu is my girlfriend!' 'Yuugi, don't tell me you're just completely discarding Yami just began he wasn't with you on the Oracle front' 'I am now get lost your ruining the most important day of my life!' 'Yuugi, how can you? Yami's been through everything with you, he did everything, gave up how he was, joined the Oracle just to try and help you!' 'How are you even talking to me?' 'Listen, that doesn't matter, what does matter is that I need you to face the truth, stop hiding behind your dream world, you have to come here, to see what you've done, the pain you've caused' 'Get out of my head!' 'No Yuugi, I won't, not until you face it and wake up' Yuugi screamed. 'Yuugi, listen to me, don't do it, don't fight me, don't fight us. You have to understand what you did, shut up and listen to me for a moment' 'No! I tell you you’re evil!' 'I'm not Yuugi, listen to me, I just need you to wake up. You do realize Yami's been left in such a state he can barely move? You have to listen, this has gotten out of hand, by a long shot, come here and I'll show you' 'No!!" "Anzu help me." Yuugi called, anguished. 'Yuugi, listen, if you call her, it's all over for Yami! Can't you hear me? This is the guy that did everything just to help you, to protect you. If you let this happen, I'll never forgive you, he'll never forgive you. You'll be left with the guilt forever‘. "I HAVE NO GUILT!!' Yuugi roared as he called for Anzu again. "Yuugi" Anzu called as she rushed out. 'Yuugi! You'll kill him, are you freaking deaf? He needs you here now, I swear, if you let him down and someone frees me, I'll make sure you understand what you lost. Listen to me damn it' Jonouchi screamed. "Anzu help me!" Yuugi called fearfully, doing all he could to ignore Jou. "Yuugi, what is it? Well whatever it is, fight it!" Anzu called. 'Yuugi, how can you still be fighting me? I'm on your side, just in a different way, just don't fight, please, I need to talk to you here‘. "It's Jonouchi!" He called. "What about him?" Anzu called. 'Yuugi, damn it!' Jonouchi screamed. "He's trying to turn me against you!" "What do you mean? He's gone, I was afraid this would happen?" Anzu hissed. 'Yuugi, what the hell am I doing Talking to a brick wall I need you to come here, just to see Yami if you really are going to let him fade away' Jonouchi continued to yell. "Will you please shut up?!" Yuugi spat. 'No, not until you freaking listen to me, I can't be quiet until you hear me. You're clearing not hearing me, just come and see Yami, at least make that a reason, he needs you' Jonouchi called, ending with a sigh. "Yes but I no longer need him!" 'If that's the way you feel, just come and say goodbye' Jonouchi shouted, sounding almost in tears. "That I will do!" 'Good, then do it now, if you wait too much longer, it'll be too late' "Fine whatever lead me to him." Jonouchi closed his eyes, ignoring the area around him, he just focused on getting Yuugi's spirit into it, just to show him what it was needed to before it was too late. "What?" Yuugi spat. Jonouchi opened his eyes, hoping he had brought Yuugi to the place quickly, he looked up, surrounding them was a larger version of the room Dartz held the souls of the trapped in, he stood at the centre of the Seal that was laying across much of the floor. He sighed and looked downwards, Yami was laying at his feet, his back almost touching Jonouchi's trainers, he looked slightly curled up, his legs drawn inwards close to his chest, his arms reaching out before coming back, his hands laying limply on the ground, his eyes stayed shut like he was sleeping. "So what? He's sleeping." Yuugi growled even though he knew otherwise. "It's more serious than that Yuugi" Jonouchi sighed. "He's literally fading from existence, the signs aren't showing yet, but he will. You'll see if you care". "I don’t care!" Jonouchi looked up from Yami, staring ahead, tears forming in his eyes, he turned to Yuugi, glaring at him. "What the hell? What is your problem? You can't even remember who he is, that's why you don't care. I bet you that's it" he yelled. "Actually I do remember I just don’t care," He said laughing spitefully. "What the hell is this?" Jonouchi yelled. "I'd kill you if I could get to you, I can't see how you want to see the person that was closest to you completely vanish!" "He isn't! Anzu is now!" 'What the hell has the Oracle done to you? When you could break through, when Yami was in trouble, you'd see the truth. Why the hell cant you now?" "Because unlike you, I want to save this world not destroy it!" "Y-Yuugi" Yami groaned weakly, pushing himself around to face Yuugi. "Heh heh, yes?" "Wh-what's happened to you?" Yami whispered. "Listen, I-I need you to do one thing for me". "What?" The wicked duellist asked, hovering over him the Oracle burning bright on his forehead. "You ha-have to give up the Orac-cle, it's tearing you a-apart". "That is never gonna happen." "Yu-Yuugi, where i-is my ai-aibou?" "He's still right here just not the one you knew." "No Yuugi, fight it". Yuugi laughed. "You are so pathetic!" Yami pulled himself forwards slightly more, panting from the lack of energy left, Jonouchi looked down at him worriedly, Yami reached out for Yuugi despite the Oracle's barrier, his pupils became solid black. "What the.." Jonouchi lowered himself own by Yami's side, laying a hand on Yami's back. "Ai-aibou" Yami whispered. "I told you, he's running out of time, much quicker than you understand". "Again, I don't care damn it!" "What the hell is your problem? Maybe you should try fighting back against the Oracle before Yami dies, you know its going to happen, I bet the real Yuugi will break through just a little too late" Jonouchi spat. "You don't get it do ya? The Yuugi you think you knew is long gone." "Obviously, because the real Yuugi would care that his best friend is dying. Yami would have understood you loved Anzu before the Oracle even arrived, he said he was sure you two would go far together. But you couldn't let that happen, you couldn't trust him, you went blind because of how scared you were that he wouldn't let you have your happy end. Well thanks a lot you jerk". Yuugi just turned around and walked away. "Yuugi, get back here. If he has to die, you should at least watch, just to get it out of your sick twisted system". Yuugi giggled, his mind being so wicked by the Oracle that his mind perceived it as a compliment. "I'll kill you" Jonouchi yelled. "You think this is funny You're other half dying like this I swear Yuugi, Anzu won't forgive you, I bet she wanted to keep Yami alive". "Wrong." "I don't know what happened to you, but no even the Oracle you have made you into something like this". "Yes it can.." Yuugi replied. "Something's not right, you cared about Yami when he was in trouble. What about when the Oracle took over him and all you could do was call out to him Even when the Oracle's had control of you you've been concerned for him" Jonouchi shouted. Yuugi growled wishing he had a muzzle. "You little bastard, I can't believe you'd betray us like this. Especially this far". "You brought this among yourself. This is my world now." "How did we cause this? By caring about you? You little brat, we did nothing to cause you to jump off the deep end" Jonouchi snapped. Yuugi chuckled before it became cackling. Jonouchi bore his teeth as each jaw locked against the other, glaring at Yuugi as if he held the fury of the entire world. To see Yuugi like this, it drove him mad, he just wanted to knock some sense back into his head, just try and see the old Yuugi again. "I haven’t gone nuts, I’m completely sane." "Yes you have, this isn't you, just an Oracle clone, a cover by that psychopathic crap. I don't know why you changed so much, but I know that you were never like this when you really were sane". Yuugi snickered as he walked away again, ignoring Jou the best he could. "Yuugi, you can't escape" Jonouchi yelled, throwing his fists against the barrier of the Seal, yelling out each time he did. "You haven't understood a word I've said and when it happens, it'll be too late, you'll realize then, when the Oracle leaves you". "It never shall!" "Exactly, you're too blind to let it go". Yuugi ignored him as he stepped inside with Anzu and slammed the door. "Yuugi!" Jonouchi screamed. "No Jonouchi" Yami whispered. "He's made his choice. When I leave, tell him...tell him I tried. And I'm sorry for failing him". Anzu smirked as Yuugi returned from wherever Jonouchi had led him. "Those 2 don't know when to quit.." "What did they say? Who was with Jonouchi?" "Yami. And basically tried to turn me against you." "What do you mean? They always try that, but what did they say" "That I’m insane." "Heh, morons. I bet they made some stupid threat about something that could happen too" Anzu laughed. Yuugi laughed as well. "They did, but I didn't believe a word." "Silly boys". "I know, what losers." "Yes, they're jealous. And whatever Jonouchi said was surely a lie". "You’re right." "Yeah, I wonder what lame idea he came up with this time" she growled, looking away. "Let's not worry. Do you need some more time to prepare?" "Only to get changed, I'll be fine". "I can hardly wait to see you in your dress." He teased with a giggle. "Awww you're so sweet" Anzu giggled. "Yes I know. I've loved you since we were little after all." "Yes and I've felt the same". "Really?" "Of course I have. I wouldn't lie to you". "Would you to Jou?" He teased. "Given how far he's gone, at the moment I would. After all, its not like he's dying, he'll probably try to fight his way back. I admire him for fighting, but he need to learn when to give it a break" she sighed. "I think he did." "You think he did what?" Anzu asked curiously, turning to Yuugi. "Gave up." "I don't understand. What do you mean? When I last heard him, he sounded full of fight, I don't how or why he would simply quit". "Because he knows i have too deep a bond with the Oracle and you." "But he knew that before, that doesn't sound like something that would stop him so late after he knew for so long" Anzu replied. "Don't get me wrong, but I feel like you're hiding something". "I'm not. Do you want me to step out so you can change?" "Sure". Yuugi smiled and stepped outside, leaning against a nearby wall. Anzu smiled as she looked across at a dress laying nearby, close to the traditional kimono, she walked over to it, beginning her preparations for the moment to come. Yuugi hummed a tune as he patiently waited. Anzu smiled at the reflection in the mirror, wearing the elegant dress, she turned to the door, ready to see what Yuugi would think, walking along slowly. He continued humming. Anzu laid her hand on the handle, pushing it down slowly and opening the door, blushing as she caught a glimpse of Yuugi's hair before moving out. He turned around and blushed madly at the sight of his future bride in a pure white wedding dress. "What do you think?" she asked sweetly, in a tone sounding much like the old Anzu. "It's beautiful.." "Thanks, you look mighty handsome yourself sweetie". Yuugi blushed darkly. "Awww, you're so sweet the way you do that" Anzu giggled. "Really?" "Like you couldn't? Of course you do, my little king". Yuugi kissed her cheek. Anzu kissed back, blushing, she couldn't feel more happy. "I love you." "I love you too". Yuugi smirked. "What's with that?" Anzu giggled. "You’re so evil…I love that." "You're so much more evil. I could almost hear Jonouchi screaming at you as you left him and Yami behind. I love how you could do that so calmly". Yuugi giggled. "How sweet." "Not as sweet as you". Yuugi giggled. "Well, I suppose we should do this now, before anything else happens. After all, I don't want to miss out on marrying my special guy". Yuugi smirked. "That look again?" Anzu laughed. "Come on". "Lets do this." "Right, there's nothing I'd rather do". "Let's go." Anzu slipped her hand into Yuugi's, walking ahead proudly smiling back at him Yuugi smiled back as they soon arrived at the altar Kaiba had set up. "Thank you, Kaiba" Anzu spoke to him. Kaiba blushed as he nodded. "Ready Yuugi? This will end everything that people thought about us, this is where we make our mark". "Oh yes our destiny is nearly complete." "Yes, no-one can stop us". Yuugi grinned wickedly as the ceremony began. "What's with your smile?" Anzu asked cheerfully. "I suppose this is just something to get at the others too. As wall as making our bond eternal and our takeover secure". "That's correct." "Good" Anzu whispered, kissing him on the cheek quickly. Yuugi hummed softly as the ceremony continued. Anzu smiled proudly, she couldn't believe the day had come, the day she had always dreamt of, her and Yuugi as one. Yuugi felt the same, he just personally didn’t like wearing a tuxedo. Anzu smiled around, the room looked similar to the traditional Shinto shrine that would usually be used in a wedding, she nodded to Kaiba, liking the work he had done Kaiba grinned as the I do parts of it began. "Mutou Yuugi, do take Mazaki Anzu as your lawful wedded wife to love and to hold, for richer or poor, for better or worse, in sickness and health til death do you part?” "I do." "Mazaki Anzu, do take Mutou Yuugi as your lawful wedded wife to love and to hold, for richer or poor, for better or worse, in sickness and health til death do you part?" "I do" Yuugi smiled. "I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride" the priest added. Yuugi giggled, kissing her. Anzu kissed back, kissing deeply, they had done it, her dream had been fulfilled. "It's all over for our enemies now." "Yes, nothing can stop us, we're together forever and no-one can break our union". Yuugi cackled evilly softly. Anzu stroked his hair as he laughed, smiling gently as she blushed at him, it really was her most treasured dream made real. "We did it." "Yes we did". "Shall we…Motou Anzu?" He asked with a giggle. "Shall we what?" Anzu giggled at her new name. "Go out for awhile. Just you and me." "Sure. I'd like that". "Lead the way." Anzu giggled as she led Yuugi from the room, making her way slowly to the entrance to the tower. Yuugi smiled, winking gently at her. Anzu winked back, she couldn't be more happy, to think that her dream of being with Yuugi had reached beyond what she had thought of. "I love you." "I love you too, my true king" Anzu giggled, kissing him on the cheek. Yuugi giggled back. Anzu smiled brightly at Yuugi, he looked so happy, so confident, he was hers, she was his, they were together finally. "This is the best day of my life." "It's mine too" Anzu replied happily. Jonouchi sighed as he looked downed, Yami panted weakly, his eyes closed, his head laying on Jonouchi's knee. "This is bad. And what's worse, I completely forgot about the link between you guys, because of the way your spirits work, when you go, so does Yuugi. Anzu'll think we planned this, she's so damn blind, I don't know how Yuugi forgot about this". "But since our spirits are separated, he's protected." "That can't be, I thought the Puzzle linked you guys together. Your spirits aren't really separated, are they" "Yes." "I don't get it. I thought he'd understand everything when I told him how bad things will get. It's not like they can pull you back, there has to be something we can do". "Too late. Because they married we're separated for good." "No" Jonouchi called. "It can't be, we don't have much time left, if you go and he doesn't realize, that means your tries were in vain. I won't let that happen, isn't there anyway we can get him to realize" "No.. He's gone Jou." "No, there has to be something. You'll be the one that'll go. I won't let that happen. There has to be something. Please Yami, you can't give up" Jonouchi cried out, tears building in his eyes. "I'm sorry, Jou." "No Yami, I won't let this happen, you can't die. Then they'll really win, no, no damn it. I won't let them. I won't let you fade away into nothing". "It's too late.." "No, stop saying that damn it, you can't give up now, not like this, not after everything". "It's over." "No Yami, no its not" Yami held his hand up weakly for Jou to stop. Jonouchi gritted his teeth, tears building in his eyes, he wiped them away. "But Yami..." "I mean it." "No Yami. You can't give up" Jonouchi cried. "Jou...stop it." "But why give up?" Jou sighed. "This isn't right. This isn't like you". "Yes it is." "No it's not, you never give up, you always fight, even when we lost Yuugi before. Damn it, why won't you fight?" Jonouchi cried out. "There's no point. They won." "Yami, shut up with that talk, they haven't won. But they win the instant you die. And you will die if you give up like this" Jonouchi called. He grabbed a fist full of Yami's shirt, pulling him upwards, watching as the Pharaoh just hung limply, wondering if he really was going to fight back. "Let me go.." "No Yami, not until you fight, you have to admit they can still lose". "They cant lose.." "Yami!" Jonouchi yelled. "They can and if we fight them they will". "Jou, face it man he's given up." Came a familiar voice. Jou clenched his fist tighter, he looked upwards, trying to see where the source of the voice was. "Honda.." Yami whispered. "What? Honda? But he hasn't been around at all. How did he get here anyway?" Jou asked. "I walked over here.." Honda replied. "What do you mean? I thought our souls were somewhere else, hardly in walking distance from Domino. Can you get us out of here Honda?" "My soul wasn’t taken, genius." "I can tell that. Just see if you can find something to get rid of this Seal around us, we can get back to Yuugi before Yami completely dies here" Jou growled. "You know I can’t get rid of it. Only someone with the Oracle Stone can“. "Great, only Anzu and Yuugi have those. And Yuugi's lost his mind to the point where he doesn't care about Yami dying. See if you can get at least one here, tell them something like they should see us suffer". "All right." "Hurry Honda, we don't have much time". He nodded, and took off. Jonouchi turned back to Yami, their only hope laid in Honda and hoping he could convince Yuugi and Anzu to come, maybe seeing Yami in such a state could make sense come to at least one. Jonouchi sighed, if that didn't work, they were both lost. Yuugi looked around thinking he heard something. Anzu turned to Yuugi. "What's the matter?" "I could of sworn I heard something." "It was probably nothing". "I don’t know.." "Yuugi, Anzu!" Honda called, rushing towards them. "Told you." "Yuugi, listen to me, I have something to say". He didn't speak again until he reached them, slowly quickly before halting, he panted, breathing in the air he needed, smiling darkly at them, trying to give them a front that he was on their side. Yuugi arched an eyebrow. "I'm listening." "I got a message from Jonouchi. He and Yami are really suffering, he wants you to come and set them free. He knows you won't listen, but going there, you could at least see it all, watch them". "Why?" "Think about it, Yami's practically finished anyway, you could see the big mouth Jonouchi finally squirm and submit until he shares the same fate. I thought you'd want to see that". "I do, but I have to be cautious." "What do you mean?" "I must choose my actions carefully." "I don't understand. It's not like they can do anything. They're trapped inside the Seal". "All right all right you convinced me." "Cool, let's do this" Honda laughed confidently. "Sure." "I don't know" Anzu sighed. "It sounds a bit strange, Jonouchi isn't the type to take taunting easily and really not one to let us watch him suffer". "That’s true." "No really, he says Yami wants Yuugi to be there when it happens, just so he can talk to him before he loses the chance. Besides, afterwards, Jonouchi will be broken. That guy really annoyed me, he said I was a backstabber for not being around when everything was happening, I want my own back and with you guys having enough of him, what better way to get back than all three of us at once". "Well...alright." "Right, I'll show you the way I came from after I found them". "All right" Honda began his return, leading Yuugi and Anzu in the direction of the place he had seen Jonouchi and Yami, unsure of how he had found them and made his way to Yuugi and Anzu. He didn't dare question it, he decided just to go with it. Yuugi chuckled softly. "You like this idea Yuugi?" Anzu asked, referring to his chuckle. "Yes I do." "That's good Yuugi, you sounded unsure at first, I'm glad you decided to see Jonouchi at his wit's end" Anzu giggled darkly. "Yes I know." "It'll be worth it". "Yep". Honda stopped close by, Anzu turned to him, grinning as she thought of what Jonouchi must have been thinking. "It's just here I'm sure, I'm not sure how it came to exist here, I'm sure one of you did something, but now you have your wish" Honda stated. "Excellent." "You first my king" Anzu insisted, stepping back. "Oh no, you first my queen." "Okay then" Anzu replied, walking ahead, looking at the walls around as she entered. "Anzu" Jonouchi called. "An-Anzu?" Yami whispered, pushing himself up into a sit. "What?" She asked coldly. "It is her" Jonouchi spat. "She's still under it then?" Yami sighed. "Under what?" She asked with false innocence. "Anzu? You really are alright?" Yami asked. Jonouchi glared at her, unconvinced. "Yeah why?" "I was worried about you, I thought the Oracle held its power over you still. I knew you'd be strong enough to fight". She chuckled, amused at how easily fooled Yami was. "Anzu? What's funny?" Yami asked naively. "Nothing." "I don't understand" Yami sighed. "But then again, I don't understand much lately. Like how you and Yuugi could have been drawn into the Oracle in the first place". "I found your Oracle Stone." "What?" "I found it and Yuugi asked for its power. That’s how." "I know that, he told me. But I don't understand why. I just don't get why you would turn to it, you guys know what it does and how badly it changes people. The real Yuugi and Anzu would have never done such things. Wait, where is Yuugi?" "Right here.." Yuugi said having snuck up behind him. Yami gasped, he turned back, he couldn't tell whether Yuugi was inside the Seal or not, but if the Stone had let him in, then there could have been hope. Yuugi smirked a little. "Yuugi, are you alright? Are you free of the Oracle too?" "Yes." He said giving a sincere lie if there was such a thing. Yami lifted his head, looking at Yuugi with eyes filled with hope, Jonouchi growled, glaring at Yuugi. "So you'll help us out? Yami's on his last legs enough, maybe you two could reconnect if you're really free" he suggested, a hint of distaste underneath. "Maybe.." "What do you mean ‘maybe’? You know the state he's in" Jonouchi called. "Yuugi, are you alright?" Yami asked. He nodded. "I was worried, Yuugi, what are we going to do? The Oracle is still about in Domino, our link hasn't been restored, I thought when the Oracle was gone, we'd be able to restore it". "Interesting.." "What do you mean?" Yami asked. "That we can’t restore the link." "What do you mean its interesting? It's normal for us, Yuugi, I think the Oracle has had a lasting effect on you". "What’s that mean?" "You're still not acting like my aibou, I'm worried, maybe being bonded so long has changed you" Yami replied, sounding desperate. "Could be." He replied coolly, "Yuugi, tell me, if something's up, if something's going on, you have to say, I have to know if you're alright or if the Oracle has done anything to you" Yami called. "I'm fine." Yami stared up at him, concern evident, Jonouchi growled before looking back up at Yuugi. "Then let him back in, he needs you" he called. "Shall we reveal our secret?" Yuugi whispered to Anzu, "Secret?" Yami whispered, turning his head to Anzu. "Well my sweet?" Anzu nodded, Jonouchi growled turning back to Yuugi. "What's this secret you two are on about? I bet you're really with the Oracle and are playing with us, that's what you did before" he shouted. Yuugi smirked. "Yuugi" Jonouchi growled. "What is it?" "Tell them my queen." "Haven't you noticed the rings? We're bonded together. And speaking of bonded, Jonouchi, you were right" Anzu laughed. Jonouchi and Yami's eyes widened in hearing the words, their bottom jaws dropping. "And because of that we're now eternally bonded to the Oracle!" Yuugi said cackling wickedly. Yami groaned, hearing the words, pressing his hands against the sides of his head, he couldn't take it, listening to Yuugi's cackle was like being pulled apart piece by piece, he moved his hands over his ears, closing his eyes to block it all out, Jonouchi sighed, watching him while Anzu too cackled. "You’re powerless. This is our world now!" "No Yuugi, snap out of it" Jonouchi called. "This isn't right" "Silence!" Yugi shouted as he fired a beam of Shadow Magic from his hands. "Yami!" Jonouchi called, throwing himself over Yami as the magic headed towards them. Yuugi fired several more blasts. Jonouchi held himself over Yami, wondering what Yuugi was up to, whether he was intending to hit Yami or him or just unnerve them Yuugi cackled in a near-insane tone. "Like the new ability?" He asked, his voice twisted around a bit just like his heart but on a far smaller scale. "Yuugi, stop it" Jonouchi called. "Never." "Yuugi, you have to. You don't know what you're doing, the Oracle has clouded your mind, you don't understand anymore, don't do this" Jonouchi shouted. "Too late check this out." Yuugi replied as he fired a blast into Jou to inject him with his own twisted evil. Jonouchi yelled out as the blast injected into him, Yami stared up at him in horror, Jonouchi smiled back gently. "I'm sorry Yami, I tried to help. Forgive me" he groaned. "Jo-Jonouchi" Yami replied, unsure what he could say. "Your mind belongs to me now Katsuya!" Jonouchi called out before falling deathly silent, Yami's eyes widened when Jonouchi lifted his head, a red glow in his eyes, a dark grin on his face. "No" Yami whispered. Yuugi threw his head back letting out an insane if inhuman cackle. Yami stared up at Yuugi, moving away from Jonouchi who rose and stood beside Yuugi, a wide grin remaining. "Welcome to the team, partner." "Thanks Yuugi". "No problem." "This isn't happening, it can't" Yami muttered to himself. "Jonouchi, Anzu, Yuugi, Kaiba, not all of them, there has to be someone left that can stop this. There just has to be". "Well Malik is still around somewhere not that it means anything." Yuugi replied. "No Yuugi, please listen to me, you have to fight it, please. Don't let this happen" Yami called. "I suggest you be quiet. You’re in no condition to fight." "I know that, that's why I need you to listen. Or else I'll never be in a condition to do anything" Yami sighed. "I know but then that’s the point!" Yuugi cackled. "Yuugi, don't let this happen, you can't lose to this. Let the old Yuugi free, be the true Yuugi again". "I'm the true Yuugi, it's my destiny to conquer this pathetic planet!" "No Yuugi, that wasn't what you were like, this isn't the true you. Let my aibou free, let him go" Yami began to scream, tears building in his eyes, pressing his hands against the sides of his head. "Awww the mighty Pharaoh is gonna cry." Yuugi taunted. "No" Yami protested. "No, I won't, I won't let myself fall to you". "Yes you will." "No I won't" Yami shouted angrily, glaring up at Yuugi. "I won't listen, I won't submit, I won't surrender, I can't let you win. Someone will stop you, if its not me, someone will come and stop you". Yuugi laughed. "Anzu do you hear this?" "Yes I do" Anzu replied laughing. "And he calls us mad" "I know what a loon." "I'm not a loon" Yami protested. "I just believe in what should happen, for the sake of the world, you two aren't like this, this isn't like you. I can't lose you guys like this. Jonouchi as well". Yuugi looked at him confused. "Why wont he give up?" He asked Anzu. "I don't know, he's always been stubborn" Anzu sighed, looking down from Yuugi to Yami with a glare. "I can't give up, I can't believe you're so blind" Yami replied. "I suppose you're just going to wait until my time comes then. There's not many people that can stop you at this point, but they still exist". "You’re nuts.." "How am I the crazy one?" Yami shouted, pushing himself forwards as he glared up at Yuugi. "You're the one that's trying to take over the world with the Oracle, you're the last person I thought would try that". "Heh those who look innocent hide the greatest evil!" "I can see that, I don't care what you say, this isn't like you". "Yes it is." "No Yuugi, it's not, you would have never done anything like this if that damn Oracle hadn't returned". "Uh yes I would have." "Yuugi, quit playing this game, you wouldn't have. Listen to me" Yami began shouting. "Anzu-chan please shut him up." "How should I do that?" she asked in a devious voice. "Come to think of it, I don't think I can from out here, I think only you can because of how you're inside there with him". Yami growled, he couldn't retreat further, his back was already against the Oracle's barrier and he still hadn't been able to rise to his feet, it looked pretty hopeless, he just glared at Yuugi, all he really could do. "Simple use the Oracle's power." "I'll try, but the way you used the Shadow Magic on Jonouchi seemed a lot more effective. I'm not sure what it would do to him, I might set him free by accident" Anzu sighed, ready to try it out". "Go for it." "Alright" Anzu replied uneasily. She began to focus, closing her eyes, trying to think of anything that would stop Yami, something that would shut him up, she began to think back to the Shadow power used against him previously to keep him quiet, whether the Oracle possessed the same power or whether Yuugi would have to step in there was a different matter. The Oracle began to glow on her forehead. Yuugi grinned wickedly. Yami glared at Yuugi, he didn't like what was going to happen, but the feeling below he neck had vanished, he glared at Yuugi, Anzu's start had left him immobile again, he guessed Yuugi was going to enjoy this. "Yuugi, wake up" he called. "I'm plenty awake!" "Stop it Yuugi!" "Go on my king, I'll try and work on that mouth of his, it doesn't want to stop, you can play with him until then" Anzu added darkly. Yuugi giggled wickedly as he nodded. Yami tried to fight against the force, nothing was coming out of it, he glared up at Yuugi, he hadn't felt so helpless and alone for a while now. "Now what" he growled. "You just beat me until Anzu figures out how to stop the rest of me so you use your Shadow Magic like you did on Jonouchi? Make me your mindless slave like him?" he spat. "Perhaps." Yami growled, baring his teeth as he just glared at Yuugi with all the hate he could. "You aren't my aibou, I can barely see my real aibou when I look at your face". "Aww how cute." "And what's so cute about all this?" Yami growled. "Your little insults." "Oh really?" "Yes." Anzu giggled darkly as the Oracle grew brighter on her head, Yami growled again as he tried to resist, only for his jaws to be locked shut, his teeth still baring as he glared at Yuugi all the same. Yuugi grinned as he watched. "There we have it Yuugi, he can't resist whatever you throw at him now" Anzu laughed looking up at Yuugi. Yuugi laughed as well as he started to use his own dark magic. Yami could do nothing but just glare as he could see Yuugi's magic appear, it was like Anzu said, he didn't have anything he could do to defend himself, let alone fight back. Yuugi's magic surged into Yami's body as he laughed. Yami groaned as he felt the magic affecting him, his head lowered a fraction, other than that, he was powerless, he couldn't fight back, he couldn't protest, he just had to sit there and endure it. Yuugi kept laughing. Yami felt his chest tighten, he closed his eyes, trying not to let whatever it was get him too hard, Anzu also giggled as she watched him struggle. Yuugi put his arm around Anzu. "This is fun isn't it?" "Yes it is. What are you going to put him through? He's been a thorn in your side for a long while now" she giggled. "Oh I don’t know maybe a lot of torture first." "That's my Yuugi. Using the Shadow Magic to get at him physically and taunting to get at him mentally and he can't even fight back. I love that, just like I love you". "Yeah I know I’m insane aren’t I?" "You are? I thought that's what Yami was saying. Why are you saying that, even for a joke?" Anzu asked, sounding slightly surprised. "Well I.." Yami made no reaction as he listened without turning back to Yuugi and Anzu. Anzu herself just watched Yuugi, she still looking surprised that he had said such a thing. "Would a sane person do this?" "Do what" Anzu asked. "Like what you're doing to Yami I don't think so, but in a way, aren't you just agreeing to everything he said" Yuugi looked at her for a moment then shook his head quickly. "You’re right, what am I saying.." "You worried me for a minute Yuugi, I thought Yami had really gotten to you" she sighed, turning to Yami, glaring at him. "I wish I could just get rid of him forever.. all he does is disrupt our wonderful plans." "He'll be gone soon enough, Honda told me what Jonouchi said. That Yami was dying out because of the breakdown of your link". "Excellent." "You think that's good" Anzu asked. "Wow, even after all this it surprised me that you accepted it so easily". "Of course it's good I want him gone for good." "Alright then, maybe tormenting him like that will push him quicker". Yami opened his eyes, he couldn't believe what the was hearing, he sighed, looking down at the ground in despair, waiting for Yuugi's footsteps so he could get rid of it before Yuugi came before him again. "Yes you may have the honours my wicked queen." "Alright then, I'll see what I can do, maybe you could use your Shadow Magic to attack him the way you were hitting Jou too" Anzu laughed. "Yes." Yuugi replied using his magic. Anzu grinned as she turned back to Yami, strengthening the force that held him still, wondering what else the Seal would allow her to do while he remained there. She smiled at Yuugi, glad to see him so happy. Yuugi activated his magic making it stronger, Yami groaned as he felt himself pushed against the barrier of the Seal harder, he clenched his teeth, cursing his lack of options. "You’re all mine." 'No Yuugi' Yami though, feeling his back slowly sliding down the Seal's edge. 'Don't do it, please. I'm begging you, I know our mind-link is gone, but if you ever cared about me, about anyone, you'd stop'. "I only care for Anzu and the ones on my side." Yuugi replied, knowing his thoughts despite the lack of the link. Anzu smiled as she looked at Yuugi, proud that he was fighting the person who he would have at one point called his closest friend. She grinned watching Yami slowly sinking towards the ground, the pain in his face shown to Jonouchi would have only made her feel even more proud of their actions. Jou grinned evilly as he watched. Yami breathed deeply as he could feel himself falling, he felt as though his chest was hollow, he tried to lift a hand to clutch a fist full of his shirt, but he couldn't even do that, he kept his eyes closed, he didn't want to open them to find Yuugi right before him, taunting him on how weak he surely looked. "Heh he is so pathetic, right my love?" "Right, he can't do anything but fall to the ground the way he is" Anzu laughed. Yuugi cackled. "I know, what a pathetic weakling." 'Please Yuugi, fight it' Yami though, feeling his elbow softly hit the ground. When will you learn that coward isn’t here?" 'No, I believe...his still here, somewhere' "He isn’t, loser." 'He is, somewhere...somewhere inside you' Yami didn't even turn his head, even if he could, he just stared dully ahead, the world around beginning to spin. "Heh heh.." "Hey Yuugi, if you wanna taunt him, I suggest you come over here and hurry, he looks like he's about to pass out" Jonouchi laughed. "Excellent.." Jonouchi chuckled, Yami just moved his sight's focus to Jonouchi, hearing him with his new found loyalty to Yuugi and Anzu. "Though I still found that brat Alcina fun to mess with." "That's because she'd protest" Anzu laughed. "You could throw her words back at her, but without a chance to talk, Yami's just a mute toy". "I know. It's boring." "Maybe we should let him talk again, he'll barely have anything to pull together for his voice to call". Alcina snickered as she looked at Yami. Anzu turned her head in the direction of the sniggering she heard, she growled, there was someone else here, someone she couldn't be bothered to argue with, but at least Yuugi would have his wish. "Heh so the puppet confronts the puppetmaster." "Yes, maybe we should save the last of Yami until after her". "Yes.." Yuugi replied as Jou pushed her down revealing her diaper. Yami slumped against the floor as Anzu released him, she glared at Alcina. "Oh look, the diaper head returns" she cackled. "Guys whattya talking about with dis?" Jou asked. "She hates it when people talk about her diaper problems, you were under the Rod's control at that point, so its time you had a catch-up session" Anzu laughed. "Shut up!" Alcina hissed. "Calm down, its not our fault you need the diaper to protect your clumsy ass. You moron, why not have a body sized one, that way we could shut you up easily" Anzu laughed. "I just like wearing it!" "Only a baby would like that". "Shut up!!" "Come and make me". She slowly walked toward Anzu. "What's with the approach? Going to wet yourself on me?" Anzu sneered. "Ooh good one." Yuugi said kissing her cheek. Anzu giggled, leaning over to kiss him back quickly, she looked back at Alcina with a dark grin, a glare to match it. "She probably wets her little baby bed every night." Yuugi said, laughing evilly. Anzu laughed along with Yuugi, nodding her head to signal her agreement. Alcina looked at her, confused. "What's the matter? Figured out you're outmatched? Even in the state he's in, Yami is still easily much stronger than you. Give it up baby, you don't belong with the big kids. Or even the little kids in your case" Anzu called. Alcina glared. Anzu sneered at her, al she had done from the beginning was get in the way, Anzu felt like she would like nothing more than to give Alcina what she deserved, absolute defeat and humiliation, she didn't know how a four year old would be dealt with, but she wished she could do it. "Anzu-chan I think I have an idea." Yuugi said. "What's that?" Anzu asked. "Maybe you have to stoop to her level”. "And do what? How do I stoop down to a level so low that its unknown?" "Well maybe you have to act her age to get in her head." "I see" Anzu sighed. "Come on it'll be fun." "I guess it'll be worth it" Anzu replied, still not sounding like she'd enjoy it. "That’s my girl." "So, what do you say Alcina? How do you insult someone?" Anzu mumbled, folding her arms. "Just point out their weaknesses." "You mean like your baby diaper? That's yours". "What?" "That's your weakness, Yuugi and I have been able to play on that for a while now, so if anything, we've already gotten inside your head". "No. I only wear it for certain reasons." "I have another idea." Yuugi said, his voice gleeful. "What's this one?" "We hypnotize her into telling us why she wears her diaper then we make her do the things she told us." Anzu laughed. "Oh that's a good one Yuugi, I should've thought of that" she chuckled. Yuugi smirked. "Isn't it?" "Of course, I really do like it, you want to do it or should I" "You my love." "Alright then, give me a minute and I'll get to work on her" she replied. She walked towards Alcina, grinning darkly as she towered over her. "Ready to play?" Alcina giggled a little darkly as she nodded. "Good" Anzu replied, starting her voice's hypnotic tone. "You're going to admit it, you know its the truth. That you do wear a diaper, escape the truth all you like, but its there. You're a baby for wearing it and you'll never grow up. "I'm only a baby.." "That's a good girl, now just keep admitting your problems, you weaknesses. Tell Jonouchi all about them, I have to talk to Yuugi a sec". She turned back to Yuugi, signalling him to join her. Yuugi walked over, grinning evilly. Anzu smiled as Yuugi made his way over, keeping an ear open for Alcina's confessions. "What do you want to know?" "I was just thinking about what we're going to do about Yami. We can't let this brat be there when he dies. And even afterwards, there is the matter of the battle he's been having with Bakura. He won't have his memories or anything, he hasn't even moved since I released him. Are you sure you want to force him all the way?" she whispered, watching Yami laying close to the Seal's edge. "Yep." "Alright then, just wanted to make sure you were ready for something like that. There's no going back once he's gone, we wont be able to get him back again". "I know but lets focus on the baby, okay?" "Alright then, we can't spend too long on her though". "Aww.." "I know, I'd like to too, but the thing is, we don't know when Yami's going to fade away, we're only quickening the process, he could start any second". "What do you want to know?" Alcina repeated. "Anything" Anzu replied confidently, turning back to her. "Ask her why she wears them." Yuugi told her with a snicker. "Good one. Why do you wear them then" "Because I like them.. and I haven’t been potty-trained yet so sometimes I wet my diaper by accident." Alcina replied not realizing how much mocking she'd receive. Anzu tried to hold a laugh in, but hearing the words from Alcina's very mouth sent her and Jonouchi into a fit of laughing. "What did she say? I didn't catch that." Yuugi replied. "She said...she said she likes them. And hasn't been potty-trained and has accidents" Anzu laughed before her laughter grew to the point where she couldn't speak. Yami lifted his head from the floor, watching the three of them with a smile, he felt dazed, but seeing them happy, even at the expense of others, he couldn't help but think of the old days when they were sane. "Oh my god.." Yuugi managed to say before falling over laughing very hard. Yami smiled as he watched Yuugi hit the ground laughing, Jonouchi and Anzu were also in hysterics. "What’s funny?" Asked the hypnotized 4-year old. "N-nothing" Anzu laughed. "Tell her anyway my baby." Yuugi urged. "You just confessed everything to us". "Bet dere's more, Yuge." Jou replied. "I agree" Anzu laughed. "Tell us if there's anything else" "Well.. its just I wear them because they’re comfortable and all." "I don't know if there is" Anzu sighed in disappointment turning back to Yuugi. "You mean besides that I don’t want to be potty-trained?" She replied as Yuugi fell over laughing again. Anzu giggled as Yuugi threw himself to the ground. Yami also enjoyed watching Yuugi laugh at the young girl, he smiled proudly of him, she was getting what she deserved, although he missed the old Yuugi dearly. "Oh man she’s more of a diaper queen than I thought." Yuugi said through his laughter. "Yeah I know" Anzu giggled. "I have a way to humiliate her even more." "How's that" Anzu laughed quietly. Evil Yuugi says: "We dress her up even more like a baby." Yami Rena says: "Haven't we done that" Anzu asked. "Besides, that'll take too long. How about you do that and I'll check on Yami" She turned back to see Yami watching them, she smiled at seeing him up, he looked at her uneasily, feeling slightly unnerved by her look. Evil Yuugi says: "He cant do anything will you relax?" Yami Rena says: "He's already awake. I didn't expect for him to be up for a while now. Besides, it'll be fun to toy with both of them at the same time". Evil Yuugi says: "Ooh your right." Yami Rena says: "So you work on her and I'll start on Yami again" Evil Yuugi says: "Sure." Yami Rena says: Anzu grinned as she moved away from Yuugi and Alcina, signalling Jonouchi to follow her as they made their way to Yami. He growled, glaring up at them from the ground. Evil Yuugi says: "Alcina come to Yuugi little baby.." Yuugi taunted. (btw can u do alcina Yami Rena says: Alcina follwed Yuugi obediently, staring dully ahead as she moved. "How you doing down there Yami" Anzu teased. "That's not funny" Yami hissed, glaring up at her, balling his fists tightly. Evil Yuugi says: Alcina walked to him, still hypnotized. Yami Rena says: "I think its about time we showed someone that they can't keep this up" Anzu chuckled. The Oracle began to glow brightly on her forehead, Yami found himself pulling up into a sit before thrown back slightly, his back and head crashing into the edge of the Seal. Yuugi giggled. Alcina made no reaction to Yugi's giggle. Yami felt himself slide down towards the ground again, Anzu grinned as she began to the power to hold him back. He could feel his arms go numb, the rest of his body quickly falling victim. Yuugi slowly stripped her of her clothes, grinning wickedly. Yami Rena says: Yami growled, he couldn't let them win like this again, he began to shake as he fought back the power, Anzu gasped, trying to fight back with her own strength. "Aww the little baby is quiet now." Yuugi taunted. Anzu glared at Yami as he seemed less affected by the power, he growled at her as he struggled, seemingly having gained back some energy from his rest. She couldn't risk annoying Yuugi by calling on him, she'd just have to wait and see, applying more pressure to her power. Yuugi frowned that she was quiet. Anzu glanced at Yuugi in the corner of her eye, he didn't seem to be enjoying the treatment as much as before. She whipped her head round to Jonouchi. "Go help him, I'll do what I can to stop Yami" she hissed. Jou nodded. Anzu turned back, Yami was slowly pulling his arm away from the edge of the Seal, growling as he did everything he could to fight back against the dark power. Yuugi looked a little frustrated for the moment. Jonouchi made his way over to Yuugi, noting the frustrated look on his face. "What's the matter Yuugi?" Anzu hissed as she and Yami continued to dominate over each over for a few seconds, neither could keep a long hold over the other, both glared into the other's eyes. "She's not giving any reaction that she hates this." "I thought you guys stopped her from being able to do that" Jonouchi replied, surprised that Yuugi wanted resistance. "It makes it more enjoyable when they fight." "If you want fighting then you might want to help Anzu". "Why?" "Yami's found a way to fight back, if anything, he's almost winning against Anzu. I think you might need to step in with your Shadow power to hold him back. Like those things you were shooting at us just before you brought me to this side". "Ah alright then." Anzu glanced back, seeing Yuugi and Jonouchi focusing on her and Yami, she went back to paying attention to the battle, she didn't understand where Yami had regained some spirit to fight back with. "Anzu-chan do you need my help?" Yuugi asked. "It's Yami, he's fighting back in a way I didn't expect, he's gotten more powerful than when we arrived, I can't hold him back much longer". "No problem watch this." Yuugi replied as the power of a dark dragon flew into him. Yami stared up, both angered and worried about the dark dragon he had just felt entering Yuugi, he growled, he had to remain defiant to their demands, he couldn't fall to their power, not without a real fight. Yuugi laughed wickedly. Yami growled again in response to Yuugi's laugh, he twisted his torso in another attempt to wriggle free of the power. The dragon's force inside Yuugi seemed to make the Oracle's force about 10 times stronger. Yami groaned when he could feel the power growing stronger, Anzu chuckled darkly as she watched. Alcina looked as though she was breaking out of the control. Jonouchi glanced at Alcina as he noticed the control over her began to weaken. Yami groaned more as the power began to strengthen around him. "You belong to me understand?" "No" Yami replied, the strain in his voice. "You can't own anyone, you can't Yuugi". "Yes I can, you fool." "You won't own me, I won't let you" Yami growled, twisting more as he tried to struggle further against the power. "Fine then I’ll just eradicate your soul!" "No Yuugi, fight back against it". "No." "Yuugi, I know you're in there somewhere, surely you've got to be fighting. Please Yuugi, don't let this happen". "Oh but I will!" Yuugi laughed wickedly. Yami growled, without any idea what Yuugi was planning, without any idea what had happened to the Yuugi he had known, he feared what was ahead for his once-pure aibou "Soon your soul will be completely destroyed!" "Damn, I can't let this happen" Yami growled, talking quietly to himself. "If I'm destroyed here, there'll be no-one to help the real Yuugi". "That’s the point!" "No, there has to be something" Yami called, waiting a moment before grinning. "Fine, destroy me, see what happens afterwards, you'll feel the guilt, the pain, you'll realize what you do. The real Yuugi is who I care about, but you're not even Yuugi, you're just a demon called the Oracle, using his body. So see how strong you are over Yuugi when you don't have me to kick around". "That’s weird why did he submit so easily?" Yuugi whispered to Anzu. "I don't know, but that smug look on his face makes me wonder, he doesn't look like he's submitted, he's daring you if anything" Anzu replied. "Should I?" "See what you feel like" Yami laughed. "You'll only realize when it's too late". "He really is nuts”. "Go on then" Yami shouted, grinning, despite what he knew he was leading himself to. "And while you're at it, why not shut me up? You've been tempted to while I've been pleading for the real Yuugi". "He has a point." "What point?" Anzu asked. "About shutting him up?" Yuugi nodded. Yami glared at him, his smile fading for a minute, waiting to see what Yuugi's move would be. Yuugi started to use his shadow magic. Yami glared at the magic, gritting his teeth, he was sure with them emerging and his spirit on the brink of collapse, Yuugi wasn't using it as a threat, he was really going for the kill. Yuugi grinned. "Your done." Yami grinned hollowly, he was ready for it to happen and at the same time nervous and disappointed that his tries had failed to bring out the real Yuugi, they had made no difference. Yuugi's magic pulsed stronger. Yami groaned, he wasn't sure what was happening, if the magic was invisible or not, he closed his eyes, waiting for the blows. "Go on, do whatever you feel you need to" he shouted. "Very well!" Yami opened his eyes again, glaring at Yuugi, still clenching his teeth, waiting to see what Yuugi planned to do. Yuugi laughed as he sent a large ball of the evil magic towards his former friend. Yami could feel his heart thumping against his chest as she stared down the ball, he didn't fight the invisible force holding him down, he sat there, glaring, balling his fists as tight as his jaw locked together. "Say goodbye.." Yuugi said as the shadow ball of magic made its impact. Yami called out as the ball hit against him, throwing him further back against the Seal's barrier, he felt as though it were burning away his very spirit, he bit his bottom lip, determined not to let it affect him too much. "Want more?" Yuugi taunted. Yami groaned as he slipped further towards the ground after the ball faded, his body smoking from the impact. He pushed himself up slowly, his body slipping a couple of times from the damage. "B-bring it on" he panted, glaring at Yuugi as his blond bangs lifted themselves out of the way. "As you wish." He said firing another ball. Yami held his breath as the ball slammed into him again, throwing him up from the ground and against the Seal's edge again, he cried out sharply before silencing himself again, dropping to the ground harshly afterwards. "Is he through yet?" Yami pushed himself up slightly, coughing quietly, pushing his forearms against the ground to support himself, he looked up at Yuugi, his breathing deeper, his eyes darker. "N-not even". "Damn, he's stubborn." "Of course I am" Yami chuckled weakly, pushing himself up onto his knees, pressing a hand against his side. "He's nuts.." "Wh-why's that? B-because I'm tr-trying to help you?" Yami replied with a smile. "I don't need help!" "Tha-that's what you th-think". "Really?" "Y-yeah, but g-go ahead, see what m-more you can d-do". "Fine." He said firing another shadow ball. Yami cried out as he was forced from the ground again, hitting to ground at the base of the Seal's barrier, his body shaking slightly. "Why wont he quit.. anyone else would've quit hours ago?" Yami laid on the ground, he looked over his arms that laid before his head, making a circle from their connection to the rest of his body. "Just quit." Yami pushed himself inches higher from the ground, looking at Yuugi tiredly as he laid there. "N-not until m-my ai-aibou can see this". Yuugi groaned as his body seemed to split in half. In reality the 2 sides of him were separating. Yami watched as he could see something happen, what it was he wasn't sure, his eyes beginning to fail him, his vision going blurry from the times he had been knocked about. "Yami is that you?" Asked the really weak hikari half of Yuugi's soul. "Yu-Yuugi" Yami breathed. "A-are you alright?" "I think so are you ok?" "I-I'm fine". "Really?" "R-really" Yami replied with a soft smile. The evil Yuugi glared hatefully at Yami Yami smiled weakly, he could barely feel his body through the pain, his head feeling as though he had been stabbed there, his sight blurry, he didn't know how long he had left. "Yami, what’s happening?" "I-I don't know" Yami replied with a smile. "You’re pathetic.." The evil Yuugi hissed. "Oh really" Yami chuckled. "I was a-able to help the r-real Yuugi. Th-that's what I was hoping f-for". He could feel himself slipping down, his head slowly sinking towards the floor. "Wait a minute there’s two of me?" The good Yuugi asked. "Yes Yuugi, I-I was able t-to set the real you free" Yami whispered. "Then whose my twin?" "Th-that's the evil Yu-Yuugi. The one born fr-from the Oracle, the one th-that's been manipulating you, draining e-everyone down to nothing". "Has he hurt you?" "I-I brought that on m-myself. I-its the others being manipulated that w-was what pushed me on". "Oh no!" The good Yuugi cried. "Wh-what's wrong Yuugi?" Yami asked quietly, his smile holding as his head hovered just inches from the ground. The good Yuugi raced to Yami's side. "Yu-Yuugi? Wh-what is it?" "I can feel your spirit slowly being extinguished.." "D-don't worry about me, I-I'm too worn out to b-be saved anyway. Y-you have to save Anzu and J-Jonouchi". "What happened to them?" "Th-the Oracle got to them l-like it did you". "But aren’t they controlled forever because the evil side of me married Anzu-chan?" "E-exactly, b-but you got out, m-maybe there's hope for them". Yami groaned, laying his head on the ground, staring ahead dully, he felt numb, the world around getting worse from his sight, he couldn't believe it, he felt he was really dying, to leave now, he couldn't stand that, he had to fight for Yuugi. "But I’m weak too.." "Yu-Yuugi, you're the only one. I-if you can't fight back, th-then everything is lost". "What do you mean?" "I-I mean, I can no longer fight, I-I don't even know if I'm going to make. Y-you have to get through t-to the real Anzu and Jonouchi, l-like you did with Marik". "But how?" "I-its all up to you. H-however you want to try, it-its your choice, I'm too weak to be of any use". He looked at his evil twin. Yami looked up at Yuugi, breathing deeper than normal. Anzu glared at him before turning to the evil Yuugi. "What is he looking at?" The evil Yuugi wondered. "I don't know" Anzu hissed, glaring at Yuugi and Yami. "But the Pharaoh's really getting on my nerves separating you like that. Isn't there something we can do about this" "Do you really want me to re-merge with that twerp?" "I don't know, maybe we can weaken him and make it easier if you target Yami more, maybe he'll surrender like Yami did at the beginning of all this". "Yes.. what a brilliant plan." "Good then, since you're the one he's least likely to fight and you use your Shadow Magic to capture and damage him, you should do the honours" Anzu laughed. Evil Yuugi laughed pulling her into a deep kiss. Anzu smiled as she kissed back, it was the perfect way to get to Yuugi before any onslaught his evil doppelganger was about to start. Good Yuugi's eyes welled up with tears at the sight of the evil couple kissing. "Yu-Yuugi! Ignore that, th-they're doing that to get at you" Yami called having pulled himself up, resting the weight of his upper half on his forearms that laid against the ground. The good Yuugi began to cry softly. "Yuugi no" Yami called, dragging himself towards Yuugi. "Don't listen to them, it's the Oracle trying to get at you". Anzu laughed cruelly as she enjoyed her husband's hikari's crying. "Yuugi, listen to me, it's all a trap" Yami whispered softly, raising one of his hands, reaching up for Yuugi. "I-It is?" "Yes" Yami whispered. "You can't let them play with your emotions, it'll put you off". "But Yami it should be me that’s married to Anzu, not that evil monster!" "Exactly, that fury will both help you and put you off, you have to use it the best way you can" Yami replied. Anzu leaned over to the evil Yuugi, whispering in his ear. "Get him now while they're close". "How?" "Use the Shadow Power, I don't care whether you use a ball to smash them with or whether you use those types on Jonouchi to hold Yami in place, but whatever it is, make it good" Anzu whispered. "Yuugi, I know you can do it, I believe that you can do it" Yami replied. "I have an idea but I need you my love" "What's that?" "It's simple we lure him into thinking Yami's the enemy and bam he joins us." "I see, but after what we just saw, it won't be easy, we'll probably have to restrain Yami, stop him from interfering or he'll just make it worse". "He's too weak my evil girl." "Maybe, but Yuugi will listen to his words, that's what this battle's about at the moment". "Hell, no you’re the master manipulator of us two". "I see, well, I'll do whatever I can against Yami then, I'll make sure to get Yuugi back". "All right my wicked one." Anzu turned to Yuugi, giving him an innocent smile. "Yuugi, come on dear, I was just playing, you know I really love you. And to see you separated from your other side is terrible. Come back, please" she asked sweetly. Yuugi looked at her, his soft eyes seeming to plead with her. "Yuugi no, she's lying, you saw what they just did" Yami called. "Please Yuugi, Yami just wants to break us apart. Please come back. You know I love you as a whole". "You do?" "Of course we do, Yami pulled you out of me so he could turn you against us" the evil Yuugi replied. "See, he didn't like this in the beginning and he doesn't like it now" Anzu added. "Well...I..." The good Yuugi said as he hesitated. "Yuugi no, don't fall for their lies" Yami cried out, sounding desperate. "He's the one lying Yuugi, I would never hurt you. Why would I? But he sent you away once before, he could do it again". "You stripped me of my soul or did you forget how you created me?" Evil Yuugi replied. "No, I didn't mean for that to happen" Yami called. "I was just trying to protect two worlds, I didn't think he had anything like Airtos, I had him on the ropes". "Yes however you disrespected your monsters.." Came the deep gravely voice of Raphael. Yami's eyes widened as he looked over his shoulder back to the outside of the Seal where Raphael stood. "No. No I didn't know, the Oracle clouded my mind". "No you did this yourself. Your need to win consumed you." "I needed to win to protect both worlds, I couldn't risk everyone, I didn't ask Yuugi to save me, I was ready to go, I deserved it, I wanted to pay for my stupid action". "Pharaoh had if you lost normally, Dartz wouldn’t have got my soul!" Raphael hissed as his voice was darker. "But, I was going to lose, you'd have just challenged me again, you backed me into a corner, I had no choice". Raphael was about to say something when his Oracle stone glowed, causing him to cry out in pain. "Raphael, no!" Yami called. Raphael screamed in pain as the spirits of Guardian Guraru (Grarl) and Guardian Airtos appeared by his side trying to protect him. Yami stared at the Guardians as they emerged, he turned his head back to see if Yuugi was still with him. He was but wouldn’t be for much longer. Raphael gave one last desperation scream as the Oracle finally possessed him and his Guardians. Yami turned back to Raphael, watching in horror when he could do nothing to help him, he shook his head slowly in disbelief. Raphael opened his eyes as they gained the red tint of the Oracle and he grinned evilly. Yami's eyes widened in horror when he noticed the change, he couldn't let Yuugi fall into that again. The good Yuugi smiled innocently at Raphael. "Yuugi, I feel much stronger from that, I know you wanted to feel stronger, you can do that by rejoining us, don't miss out on the strength you sought after" Raphael called. Good Yuugi slowly approached the now-evil Raphael. "No Yuugi, don't listen to him" Yami called. The evil Yuugi chuckled quietly watching Yuugi leave Yami, his own calls not working any longer "Yes Yuugi all you have to do is take my hand." Raphael said offering his hand. "No Yuugi, don't do it, he's drawing you into a trap" Yami called. "Don't listen to them, they'll overpower you again". But Yuugi didn’t hear him as his and Raphael's hands touched. "No!" Yami yelled as a bright light grew. He raised on of his arms, using the shadow to protect his eyes as the green light grew larger, he cursed himself for having not been able to do more to stop Yuugi. Evil Yuugi grinned wickedly. Anzu also watched proudly, she had expected more of a fight from the lighter Yuugi, but she was pleased with the result, she giggled darkly waiting for the light to fade. The light slowly faded as Yuugi looked up at his evil twin. "Yuugi" Yami whispered to the Yuugi that had been freed from the evil, now unsure what he was like. "What?" "Are you alright? Did the Oracle get to you again? Please tell me you're still the real Yuugi". Yuugi chuckled darkly as he stood by his evil twin’s side. "No" Yami sighed, lowering his head. Anzu grinned wickedly as she kissed the 2 Yuugi twins. Yami lifted his head as he watched Anzu kiss the two, now he had even more people to deal with. The 2 twins blushed. "Anzu, what did you do to him? Couldn't you see he was meant to be saved? Meant to be free" Yami shouted. Anzu growled. "I love both of them." "How could you toy with Yuugi like that? You know he shouldn't be controlled by the Oracle, he's the best person to defeat it. Whatever you did, undo it now!" Anzu cackled seemingly only like a witch could. "Anzu, stop it, this has gotten way too out of hand" Yami called angrily. "Heh heh..." The evil Yuugi burst into insane cackling. Yami's eyes widened as she watched Yuugi cackling, to think that his aibou had lost himself so much, he grit his teeth, watching sternly, he couldn't let them see his concern so easily. "Heh so this is what the mighty Nameless Pharaoh of Egypt has been reduced to? A snivelling shell cowering at the future ruler of this planet? Heh you’re downright sickening." Yami growled, narrowing his eyes as he glared up at Yuugi hatefully. "I wouldn't have been reduced to this if you hadn't come back, you should have just left Yuugi alone" he spat. "Your feeble attempts at insulting me.. heh your pathetic servants of the past could do better!" Yuugi replied laughing coldly. "What do you plan to do then? You claim you're so powerful, yet you've done nothing to really prove that to the world". "Really now you underestimate my limitless power. Should you mock me again well lets just say I’ll turn a friend from your past against you.. but who will I use.." "What are you talking about?" Yami asked, lifting his glare in confusion. "It's simple. I can use any spirit or actual force of a person alive or not to do my bidding.. and this power applies to all those on my side as well.” Yami's eyes widened fearfully, feeling his body trembling as he stared up at Yuugi, he couldn't help but feel freaked out by it, he turned to the Yuugi twin that had emerged as the lighter, wishing he could stop his fear that had surfaced. The once lighter Yuugi gave a sadistic grin. "Yuugi" Yami called. "Don't do this, this isn't right". He sighed as he fell back slightly, leaning his back against the Seal's barrier once again. Yuugi smirked. "Your spirit's almost shattered.. it's all over.. for's all over for you" He taunted Yami. Yami shook his head slowly, fixing his eyes on Yuugi, trying move back and away from his claims, he couldn't move more than a couple of inches. He glanced back, worried about what Yuugi was planning in his worse state, he looked back again at Yuugi, the fear evident in his eyes. Yuugi giggled wickedly, loving the sense of fear, terror and hopelessness he saw in his former friend's eyes. Anzu giggled as she stepped forward, towering over Yami as she moved towards him, he struggled to move away, nothing he did worked. "Give it up Pharaoh, the Yuugi you knew no longer exists, this is the Yuugi the world has chosen, only you can't accept it, everyone else can" she chuckled. "No, that's a lie, Yuugi isn't that" Yami protested meekly. "It's all over for you.. and now you’re dead inside, when your on the edge and falling off it's all over for you.." Yuugi taunted. "No, no that's not true" Yami replied, the terror taking a hold of his voice. She chuckled more, lowering herself down on one knee, quickly reaching forward and holding his chin, he tried to pull away, she just pulled him back, forcing his head to watch his former aibou, he watched with eyes filled with sorrow and fear combined. Yuugi grinned as he watched before he started to taunt him again. "I hate everything about you.. you hate everything about me.." Yuugi taunted with an insane grin. "No, no I don't" Yami replied, shaking his head as best he could, staring up at Yuugi, his eyes widening slightly more. "Only when you start to think about me do you know.. I hate everything about you.. I could never possibly love you.." Yami shook his head more in response, he couldn't even fight with words, they would all be thrown back. He stared up at Yuugi, his eyes remaining wide as he struggle against everything that held him in place. Yuugi grinned wickedly as he held up the original Sennen Puzzle, ready to smash it if he wanted to. "No Yuugi!" Yami cried out, pushing himself forward slightly. Yuugi cackled wickedly. "All I have to do is destroy this and you'll be gone forever.." "No, don't do it" Yami called, trying harder to fight Anzu's hold to move forward. "I can and I will.." "No Yuugi" he called out. Anzu placed her other hand on his right shoulder beside her, gripping down to hold him back if he were to move forward at all, she grinned at Yuugi. "Should I?" He asked, his voice dripping with inhuman evil. "You're the one holding it, you can determine the fate" Anzu replied coolly, glancing back at Yami. Yami stared up pleadingly, tears building in his eyes as he shook his head while still struggling. Yuugi looked down at him, his eyes gleaming with wickedness. Yami held himself still for a moment, he couldn't do anything, his fate was out of his hands, even more so than normal, he mouthed a couple of words, it was all he could do given his position. 'Don't do it, if you have to kill me, then do it to me, not the Puzzle'. "But the Puzzle holds part of you." Yuugi replied, his eyes seemed to burn with pure maliciousness at how close he was at destroying his biggest threat. "If I die, it'll have nothing more to do with me" Yami replied calmly. "What?" Yuugi asked slightly confused. "If my spirit dies, the Puzzle will continue without the bond I share with it, that bond will be severed like the one between us has" Yami stated. "What's your point?" "That you shouldn't damage the Puzzle just because of me. It's a part of you too. If you really must kill me, I'm right here" Yami replied uneasily. "I don't believe in outright killing with bloodshed." "You didn't care about anything before when you were pelting me with your Shadow Magic" Yami shouted. "After all, you want to send me into the darkness forever". "True however I don’t want to turn this into a murder scene." Yuugi replied jokingly as he laughed softly. "You were about to then, I was practically dead when the real Yuugi came out" Yami hissed. "Practically yes but I would never resort to death through like knives or guns. This is a more cleaner less painful way to die. Trust me." "The Shadow Magic wasn't spilling any blood, you know full well and my body would've just vanished, I'm only a spirit after all. Quit your taunting, this isn't funny, why choose now to care about anything?" Yami spat. Yuugi chuckled softly. "I may be wicked but even I know a bloody death is wrong." He replied taking Yami's chin in his hands. Yami felt his heart skip a beat when Anzu's hand released his chin only for Yugi to take it, he glared up at Yuugi uneasily, gritting his teeth, fear grasping his very heart. "Anzu would you actually resort to killing him the way he seems to think we will?" "Using the Shadow Magic I guess, like he said, there wouldn't be any blood and you could really make him suffer longer than just smashing the Puzzle" she replied. "Really? How?" "Think about it, look at how he was suffering before when you were using your Shadow Magic to force his body into submission. That brought him to the brink of destruction, the only thing that saved him was the lighter Yuugi. Without him, Yami's got nothing to protect him". "Yes I already know this. What are you suggesting?" "I'm suggesting, he wants us to fight back, we should, tear him apart with the very Shadows that he once used". "The Oracle, right?" "That and the powers you've been using from the Shadow Realm. Together they'll tear him apart until he's finally done with. Then no-one will stand against us". Yuugi giggled evilly. "You have such a devious mind." "I know, I have to in order to help you out" Anzu chuckled. Yuugi frowned, as if to play along with Anzu's gentle teasing. "What's the matter?" Anzu asked, her smile shrinking slightly. "Nothing my love I’m just playing along with your teasing, that’s all." Anzu giggled as a reply, pulling her hands back from Yami's shoulders, he turned to Yuugi as she did. "Heh, may I have a kiss?" Yuugi asked in a sweet, innocent tone he knew she couldn't resist. "Of course you can, you don't need to ask" Anzu giggled before leaning forward, giving him a long kiss. Yuugi smirked as he happily returned the kiss, his lips seeming to melt when they met hers. Yami growled and turned his head away as the two kissed, feeling sick from their taunting for them to pull something like that. "I know I don’t need to ask, but I feel as though I should still have a shred of manners left in me." Yuugi teased. Anzu giggled at his remark, laying a hand on his shoulder and leaning forward to kiss his cheek again. "You know what I mean?" "Yes I do". "Well do I have to be polite or no?" He asked in a sort of purr. "It's up to you sweetie" Anzu replied giggling. "Well do you like me polite or no?" "I like both, maybe you could be polite, I don't mind if you are or not. But if it were to me, I guess polite". "Why? Bad boys like me aren’t polite." He whined playfully. "Go ahead then, don't be" Anzu giggled. "It'd suit you more then". Yuugi grinned a typical bad-boy grin. Yami glanced back, hearing them play about, Anzu held Yuugi tightly, smiling happily. "I could never be this happy with that dork, Rebecca." Yuugi replied with a chuckle. "I know, you proved it long ago, I'm glad you saw it". "How did I do that?" Yuugi asked, acting innocent. "When you got your own back on her, when you joined the Oracle, when you kept telling her you wanted to be with me and not her" Anzu listed. Yuugi blushed. "And I'd do it all over again my queen." "Awww, that's sweet". Yuugi blushed darker. Anzu giggled at the blush, she loved to see Yuugi wearing it, suppressing her own blush at the same time. "Hey guys, I hate to break up the little lovefest but.." Jou began. "What is it Jou?" Anzu asked turning to him. "We got company." He replied, gesturing to a just-arrived Rebecca. "Speak of the damn devil.." Yuugi muttered, his gaze shifting to Rebecca. "I thought we got rid of her" Anzu hissed. Yami turned his head to see Rebecca entering the same way they had behind him. "So did i. I'm not sure how the little dweeb came back.." Yuugi replied, but before he had time to react he was on the ground, thanks to a few swift kicks from Rebecca. "Rebecca, stop it" Yami called. "You little brat" Anzu hissed, bringing her hand around to slap Rebecca. Rebecca rubbed her cheek where she was slapped, but it didn’t seem to bother her. "Rebecca, get out of here, don't anger them" Yami shouted. "That's what you get for messing with my Yuugi" Anzu spat. Rebecca looked like she was about to scream. "Well? What do you have to say before I get rid of you once and for all?" "Your Yuugi?" She hissed. "He's not even Yuugi anymore!" "Of course he is, you're too blind to see it". "Oh yeah?" She pointed to Yuugi who was just getting back up. "I challenge you to a duel!" She declared. "No Rebecca, don't do it, stay out of this, it's much too dangerous" Yami called. "Another one" Anzu snorted, chuckling. Yuugi slowly got up. "What the hell just happened.." "Don't worry, just Rebecca making an entrance and trying to make a scene". "What does the little brat want now?" "She wants to duel you". "Heh, all right I accept." "No, don't duel, this isn't right, we just need to just stop the Oracle, duelling is just going to make things worse" Yami called. "Calm down" Anzu snapped. "She doesn't stand a chance". "She's right." Yuugi replied activating his duel disk. "Don't you remember? The Oracle will just make the darkness in Yuugi worse" Yami protested. Anzu rolled her eyes and turned away to the duel, laying a hand on Yuugi's shoulder. "Let's make this quick, his shouting's getting on my nerves almost as much as Rebecca's presence does". Yuugi chuckled. "All right." He turned to Rebecca. "Since your the victim here you go first." Anzu grinned as she watched the duel, stepping back a bit for Yuugi to duel. "I'll start with my Sapphire Dragon (Luster Dragon) in attack mode and one card face-down". "Heh 1900 right off the bat huh?" "Yeah" Rebecca growled. "Now let's see what you can come up with". "Very well fool." Yuugi replied drawing his 5 plus 1 for the turn. He grinned seeing the Oracle. "I activate the Oracle of Darkness!" Yami gasped as Yuugi held the Oracle's card high, Anzu grinned while he did, Rebecca didn't make a reaction. "Now the real fun can start." He said his eyes glowing red from the Oracle. "Really" Rebecca growled. "Yes really. I play Queen's Knight in attack mode." Yuugi called the familiar woman knight in red armour appeared bonding with the Oracle. (2000/1600) "Now for your pathetic dragon.. shred it my Knight!" "No you don't, activate Gravity Bind" Rebecca called. "Now none of you level 4 or higher monsters can attack". "Grr how dare you…I place 2 cards facedown. Turn end." Yuugi hissed. "Awww, Yuugi not happy?" Rebecca giggled. "I play Injection Fairy Lily". Yuugi's eyes widened. "Not that..." "Yeah that, now I'll give up 2000 lifepoints increase her attack by 3000. Now Lily, attack his monster". "Reveal trap. Negate Attack." "Darn, fine, I'll end my turn". "Heh you just wasted 2000 life points." "I know, so make your move so I can make you pay". "Pay for what ya brat?" "Pay for everything you've done". Yuugi laughed as he drew. "It's you who will pay. I activate my Evil Purity ritual spell." "And what does that do" Rebecca called. "Simple. I sacrifice monsters that equal level 6 and i can call forth my Knight of Impurity! So I get rid of my worthless Beast of Gilfer to call forth my Knight." Yuugi said as a man wearing a hell kaiser-esque outfit appeared swinging a black sword. (2400/1400) with Oracle: (2900/1400) "But since its at such a high level, it can't attack, you wasted it". "Wrong. You see my Knight has a special ability." "And what's that, dare I ask?" "By sending cards from either my hand or deck to the graveyard i can lower my Knight's level by 1 for every card tossed." "Oh great". "Yes so I send 2 from my deck and one from my hand to lower my Knight's level to 3. Now i summon King's Knight (2100/1400) Finally with his special effect i play Jack's Knight. (2400/1000) Yami growled as he watched the duel, wishing he could do something, Anzu grinned seeing how Yuugi was gaining an advantage. "Now although my new Knights cant attack my Knight of Impurity can. Now carve up that Fairy! Wicked Sword Slash!" "And I don't have enough lifepoints to raise Lily's attack" Rebecca sighed, watching as the creature was destroyed, her lifepoints falling to 2500. Yuugi giggled evilly as he signalled the end of his turn. Rebecca growled as she drew a new card, laying Ruby Dragon on the field in defence mode. She sighed glancing up at the field, it was all she had before laying two cards face-down. Yuugi smirked as he drew the one card he needed - Ra. "Good draw Yuugi" Anzu giggled. Yami sighed, he was powerless to know Yuugi's draws like Anzu, Rebecca too looked anxious. "Now I sacrifice all 4 of my monsters.. to play The Winged Dragon of Ra!!!" Yuugi shouted as the beautiful golden dragon appeared before him (9900/5400) "What?" Rebecca and Yami called as they stared up at the huge dragon emerging on the field, both gawping wide-eyed. "However ill be nice and spare you a turn." "Alright, I'll start things with Card Destruction" Rebecca called, throwing her hand away. As she pulled her new cards she stared at them, having just discarded the three she needed to, she had found the three she needed out in her hand now, it was perfect. Yuugi smirked discarding 2 cards he saw as utterly useless at that point as he drew 2 more. "Ready Yuugi?" Rebecca asked in a teasing voice. "Now I use Yuugou (Polymerization) to fuse Light Phoenix and Darkness Phoenix. That'll create my Ultimate Phoenix". "What in the name of Ra?" Yuugi whispered, completely surprised and caught off-guard. "Like it? This thing can only be summoned while Fire, Water and Wind Phoenix are in the graveyard and fusing Light and Darkness Phoenix. It's got 3000 attack and its special ability is the best. Wanna know it?" Yuugi nodded though deep down he dreaded whatever ability it had. "When its summoned, I get to destroy all your monsters" Rebecca giggled. "Oh no!" Yuugi shouted as Ra roared before exploding into pixels as Yuugi watched, horrified. "Awww, sorry Yuugi" Rebecca laughed. "But I guess you don't like my Ultimate Phoenix's ability Oh well, I guess with Gravity Bind with a problem. Or is it I activate my face-down card Hijyoo Shoku (Emergency Provisions) to destroy Gravity Bind and gain 1000 lifepoints*. "Oh no!" "Oh yeah, now Ultimate Phoenix, attack him now". Yuugi screamed in pain as his life points fell to 5000 even. "Awww, did Yuugi not like that?" Yuugi growled, panting softly. "I'm...still...standing." "For now". "Yuugi, are you OK" Anzu and Yami called in unison. "Yeah, I still have more points than her." "Yeah but that creature is tough" Anzu sighed. "Not to worry, I have a plan." "What's that?" Anzu asked. "Don't say if you want it to be a secret, but I hope its a good one". "Oh you'll see my queen." Anzu smiled before turning back to Yami, he seemed like he was on Yuugi's side for once, she felt both surprised and not that he had chosen Yuugi. "I end my turn" Rebecca called. "Bout time, my move." Yuugi said as he drew. "Perfect just what I needed." "What's that?" Rebecca sneered. "I activate Aku No Tessa! (Nightmare Binding)" Yuugi sneered as chains shot from the ground ensnaring her monster. "No" Rebecca called. Anzu smiled as the chains held Rebecca's monster in place, Yami's eyes dropped slightly, staring at the ground. "Heh yes now watch." Yuugi replied as her monster's attack dipped to 2200 while his life points rose to 5800. "Watch what?" "Your monster grow weak, just like you!" Yuugi said with a soft cackle. "Oh really" Rebecca sneered. "And what do you plan to do It's stronger than most things you could summon at this point. Sure it can't attack, but you'll still be in trouble when I summon another". "Oh I don’t think so. I reveal my trap card, Magician's Circle!" "Good job Yuugi" Anzu called happily. Yuugi turned to her with a wink before turning back to the duel. "Now i call forth my Black Magician Girl!" "Oh no, not her". "Oh yes her!" Yuugi said laughing evilly as the female mage appeared on the field doing her trademark pose as she bonded with the Oracle looking hatefully at Rebecca while giving a sinister smile to Yuugi. (2500/1700) "So now she'll attack my Phoenix" "Relax did I say I was done?" Yuugi sneered. "So what more is there?" Rebecca hissed. "Much more. Get ready to experience the true terror of my deck!" Rebecca growled, Anzu stared at Yuugi in surprise, both she and Yami wee surprised by what more could be lurking in Yuugi's deck ready to come out". "To start I play Sage's Stone to call out my favourite monster - Go Black Magician!" "Yeah, good start Yuugi. Show her what we're all about and the Oracle, how strong it is and how its made us" Anzu laughed. "If you liked that you'll love this. I'm taking this duel to the next level! I activate... JAWS OF KURTHIA!!!" Anzu and Yami both stared up at Kurthia in surprise when it had re-emerged from Yuugi's deck, Rebecca glared at it, there seemed to be a lot of attention focused on it, it had to be a good card. "Now I'll fuse him with my 2 Black Magicians!" Yuugi started laughing as the fusion of the 3 appeared. The 2 mages who were still bonded to the Oracle were riding on top of Kurthia. (4500/3200) "Wow, that dragon is awesome" Anzu called in awe. "I was afraid this would happen" Yami sighed. "Why?" Yuugi and Rebecca asked together at the same time. Yami lifted his head, he hadn't expected them to hear, he sighed looking away from the duel. "Playing something like that is just an example of the darkness growing inside of Yuugi and he's just getting worse" he claimed. "Shut up. I have a duel to win." Yuugi sneered. Yami sighed again, he expected Yuugi to have such an attitude, he turned back to the duel. Anzu looked back with a smile. "Now I have one more thing you may be interested to know." "What's that?" "Heh each time I draw a dark attribute monster you lose 500 points plus every turn my monster is on the field you lose 500!" "Oh great" Rebecca hissed. "That's not good, there are tons of dark monsters in your deck". "That’s right!" Yuugi cackled. "So, anything else for you turn" "One last card.." "What's that then?" Rebecca sneered. "My Magician Recovery magic card. It can only be activated when 2 or more mages of mine are sent to the cemetery in one turn. It allows me to summon them both back for the small cost of 1000 life points." "Oh great, I can't fight back against all three like that". "I know that’s the point!" Yuugi cackled as his two mages returned to the field giving his side an even 10,000 points of combined attack. "Yuugi, stop this, this isn't right" Yami shouted. "Shut up. Yuugi, you can do this. Get rid of her, we'll lose her once and for all" Anzu called. "Ignore him and do it, prove our power". Yuugi grinned wickedly and nodded. "Black Magician Girl take out her lone monster!" Rebecca groaned as her monster was destroyed, glaring ahead at Yuugi as he still held his other monsters ready. "Black Magician attack her directly!" Anzu laughed as Yuugi's Black Magician moved in for Rebecca, the younger one growling, unable to do anything. Black Magician grinned evilly as he launched his signature attack dark magic attack bringing her to 1200. Rebecca groaned when her lifepoints fell harshly, glaring back ahead at Yuugi, cursing under her breath. "Awww is little Rebecca mad at her wittle crush?" Yuugi taunted. "Maybe I am" Rebecca spat. Yuugi chuckled as he ended his turn his new monster unable to attack on the turn it was summoned. "It's a shame you couldn't destroy her this turn" Anzu sighed. "Whatever" Rebecca growled drawing a card. "I'll play Fire Princess in defence mode and lay one card face-down. That's my turn". "Devastation Dragon take out her lowly princess!" "Not so fast, I have a face-down card, remember" Rebecca called. "Go Seinaru Barrier Mirror Force". "No!!!" "Yes" Rebecca laughed. "Yuugi!" Anzu and Yami called in unison. Yuugi screamed as all 3 of his monsters were destroyed. "Yuugi no!" Yami called. "Sweetie, are you alright?" Anzu cried. "Is your turn over now?" Rebecca teased. When the smoke from the explosion cleared Yuugi's field was empty save for a facedown card he hadn't played. "Yuugi, hang in there" Anzu called. "She hasn't won, she won't, you will". "Yuugi, don't lose, we can't risk everything" Yami whispered. "I wont lose.. hear me! I'll take you down next turn!" "That's what you think. Is your turn over or are you summoning a useless monster" Rebecca laughed. "It's over." "Good" Rebecca laughed. "I draw, just what I needed. I play Shisha Sosei (Monster Reborn) to bring back my Ultimate Phoenix". "Oh no.." "Oh yes. Then I'll switch Fire Princess in attack mode" Rebecca called. "Now, Ultimate Phoenix, attack him directly". Yuugi screamed, his life points falling to 2000. "Now Fire Princess, attack him!" Yuugi screamed once more, his life points falling further to 700 "Yuugi, hang on, I know you can stop her, get her back this turn" Anzu called. "Because if he doesn't, he's finished" Yami muttered to himself. "I'm aware of that." Yuugi hissed. Yami turned back to Yuugi, maybe there was still a connection between them for him to hear his words. Anzu glared back at Yami and again at Yuugi as Rebecca signalled the end of her turn. "All right,,, my move.." Yuugi called as he slowly drew. Anzu and Yami watched Yuugi anxiously as he drew his card, Rebecca continued to grin. "I summon a monster in defence mode.. and that’s all.." "Good" Rebecca giggled. "Go Fire Princess, destroy that monster". "Nice try it's Giant Soldier of Stone. So you lose 700." "Fine" Rebecca spat. "Ultimate Phoenix, crush that pebble*. Yuugi groaned as his last defence was wiped out. "Ready Yuugi? I have one more card to play. The duel's over" Rebecca teased. "I play Ookazi!" "Yuugi!" Anzu and Yami cried out. Yuugi screamed as his life points fell to 0. "Yuugi no!" Anzu cried, trying to break into the Seal, banging her fists against it. "Yuugi!" Yami called out desperately. It was no use. Yuugi slowly fell to his knees as the Oracle stole his soul before he finally hit the ground, comatose. Anzu cried out, rushing to Yuugi's side the instant, tears pouring from her eyes, Yami stared sorrowfully, he too close to tears from losing Yuugi. Rebecca deactivated her duel disk with a sneer. Anzu lifted her head, glaring at Rebecca as if she held the anger of the planet, her eyes glowing bright red, Yami watched her worriedly, fearing she too would become even more consumed. "Do you know what you've done?" she yelled. "Yes I made Yuugi pay for what he's done." Rebecca replied with a giggle. "And what did you think would happen afterwards I'd let you off" Anzu spat. "I'll strip you of your soul faster than you can even notice the Seal". Just then Varon walked in. "Hey mates how's it-" He froze when he saw Yuugi. He rushed over to him. "Yuugi! Are you all right?! Say something mate!" Varon cried. "He can't, he's gone. We were just about to destroy Yami when Jou noticed Rebecca came in. She and Yuugi had a duel...Yuugi lost" Anzu sighed. "Oh no.." Varon whispered now on the verge of tears himself. "What's the matter, you babies? He lost, get over it" Rebecca sneered. "Now let's move on, do I duel one of you two now" Varon's usually light blue eyes burned with rage. "Varon, what'll we do? Without Yuugi, we're not as strong, Yami could break free now without Yuugi's power boosting the hold on him, the Oracle might be weaker too" Anzu whispered. "I'm not sure mate but we'll get through this I promise." "I hope so. I know it was just a fluke, she never had those Phoenix cards before. She must have gotten them since the last duel. Should we duel her now?" "No. We have to wait for a better chance." "What should we do for now then?" "I’m not sure." "Oh come on, admit you can't fight back. Without Yuugi, you can't even hold yourselves together. You're both as weak as you said everyone else is, that's why you're only holding Yami back, you can't stop him. You'll see now that Yuugi's not around to lead you" Rebecca taunted. Varon did all he could to keep from pulverizing the blood out of the little brat. "I'll kill her, this isn't right, we should take Yuugi, Jou and get out of here. I suppose drag Yami along too but we have to regroup and think of a new plan" Anzu muttered to him. "You all are just little babies without Yuugi around to order you around as his little slaves." Rebecca taunted. "You little- No, we can't get worked up like this. Grab Yuugi, I'll get Jou and Yami. We'll pulling back for now, figure out a way to destroy her and do so. Let's go back to the tower" Anzu ordered. Rebecca laughed. "My point exactly." Anzu shot up, glaring at Rebecca before bringing her hand up and slapping her across the face. She growled as she pushed Rebecca to the ground before turning away, facing the others. Rebecca got back up slowly. "Let me ask you something Anzu" She said. "What's that?" Anzu spat. "Of all the boys out there why did you pick Yuugi when you knew I liked him?" "Because I liked him way before you even met him. We've been close for years and nothing you say can deny it, I've always felt for him much more than you ever could" "That’s a lie!" She shrieked. "All right guys, what on earth did we miss this time?" Came the voices of Mokuba and Noa arms around one another. "Noa. Mokuba" Anzu called. "Hold Rebecca off while we get the others out, we'll explain when we get back to the tower". "Um...ok." The two confused boys replied. Anzu turned to Varon and signalled he should deal with Yuugi. She herself then turned to Jou before making her way over to Yami. As she reached him, he broke out of his trance of staring at Yuugi, glaring up at her. "What's going on now?" he sneered. "We're getting out of here and like it or not, you're coming with us" Anzu hissed. "Wait why do I have to?" Jou protested. "Jou, you're still on our side, just remember that" Anzu snapped, whipping her head around to him. "Come on little Pharaoh". She grabbed a fistful of his shirt, pulling him from the ground, he just glared at her before looking away, he had no way to fight, he had to submit for now. Jou muttered under his breath as she led him away as Varon gently cradled the unconscious Yuugi. Yami glanced at Jonouchi as they walked along behind Anzu towards the way out, she silent, Rebecca's ignored shouts could be heard, Yami sighed, he felt terrible for Yuugi's fate. "The little guy finally lost, huh?" Raphael asked. "Yes" Anzu muttered, moving forward. Yami looked back at Yuugi, seeing him like this tore him apart, he lowered his head and turned forward, swearing he would get revenge on Rebecca Raphael put his arm around Anzu. "It's alright," "I know, we'll find a way to get him back, we'll get back at her" Anzu sighed. "Heh I could duel her”. "Let me do it" Yami replied. Anzu turned to him, his eyes shadowed under his blonde bangs. "What?" she asked. "I'll do it, I won't let the Oracle take me, but I'll fight her with it, for Yuugi" Yami replied tonelessly. "Hey Pharaoh.." Came Kaiba’s voice. "Kaiba" Yami replied. "I saw everything." "You saw Yuugi...You did, did you?" "Yeah, kid fought with honour even with the oracle." Yami grit his teeth, clenching his fists. He lifted his head slightly, looking sternly at Anzu. "Let me fight her" he repeated. Anzu finally relented. Yami sighed with relief when his arms could finally move, he kept the look, he was ready to fight back against Rebecca, for Yuugi's soul, ready to risk his own for his aibou's. If Yuugi were conscious he'd have smiled "Anzu, give me the Oracle card. I'll hunt her down and get her myself" Yami added. "Pharaoh, wait." Kaiba said. "What is it?" "Let me help you. We can team up." "I don't want help, but I suppose you won't be satisfied until I do agree" Yami sighed. "Fine". "Thank you." "We can't waste anytime, we should go now". Kaiba nodded. Yami turned from Anzu, facing the doorway out. "Anzu, if I do lose, tell Yuugi I tried. I'm sorry I failed him before, I've got to do everything I can to set things right". Anzu nodded kissing Yami's cheek. "That’s for Yuugi when you win." Yami made no reaction to her kiss. He simply nodded before moving forward, waiting for Kaiba to follow. Kaiba followed snickering softly at the kiss. Yami glared at Kaiba under the shadow of his hair before continuing along, he couldn't get distracted, that would lead to him falling under the Oracle's spell, he refused to let that happen, he sighed as he moved out into the city, walking along the route from which they had returned. Kaiba sighed softly. "What is it?" "Nothing Pharaoh." Yami sighed, turning his head slightly further away from Kaiba, furious that Rebecca had caused this to fall upon Yuugi. 'Watch me Yuugi, I'll team up with the Oracle just to save you' he thought. "You really love the kid huh?" "What did you say?" "I said you really love Yuugi don’t you?" "Maybe I do. I don't see how everyone's reading my mind, but I wish they'd just butt out". He laughed softly. "I didn’t." "Whatever, you still have the Oracle ready for the duel" "Yep." "Question is which of us will play it?" "Good, we can't afford for her to have another advantage, she'll use Yuugi's defeat enough as it is. And I'll do it, I need to get back at her for Yuugi, I couldn't protect him before of the bindings, give me a chance to help him. "So your saying you want to use it, correct?" "Yes, I'll do everything I can to keep my mind but I have no choice, I have to do it for Yuugi". "I just want you to know that..." "I'll be fine, I won't lose myself like before". "Let me finish." "I want you to know that since we're technically cousins... well I love you like I love Mokuba - like a brother." Kaiba replied tearing up "Kaiba" Yami hissed, sharply stopping. "You don't show that care very much, I don't know what I can do to make myself believe that but focus on Mokuba and Noa. I'll be fine on my own". He continued again, refusing to turn his head towards Kaiba. "Pharaoh... I mean it.." Yami clenched his fists tighter, he didn't understand how Kaiba could be saying things when not only was he still under the Oracle's control as far as he knew, but he had never been able to say such things before "Pharaoh.." Came Raphael's voice. Yami growled as he halted again, wondering what Raphael had come along for, he didn't turn back, but instead glanced at Kaiba in the corner of his eye. "Kaiba means it. He wouldn’t say it if he didn’t mean it." "What are you even doing here? If we don't get there soon, Rebecca will be gone and we'll lose our chance for avenging Yuugi". "Well excuse me for trying to help!" Raphael barked angrily. Yami grit his teeth, clenching his fists even tighter, literally shaking with rage, ready to turn around and just give Raphael something to remember his anger. Raphael's soft blue eyes didn’t show anger, just hurt. "Raphael, I appreciate the concern, but I don’t need it. Once Yuugi's back and I can save him from the Oracle without Anzu interfering, I'll be fine". Raphael frowned. "Please Raphael, don't worry about me. Even if I do lose, I deserve it, besides, Kaiba will be there to stop her". "Fine.." Yami sighed before moving ahead, his head hanging slightly, watching the ground as he moved ahead, he felt lonely without Yuugi but couldn't feel close with the others, he was just pushing them away. Kaiba followed, looking a bit hurt. Yami made no reply, he lifted his head when the opening to the place came into view, he bore his teeth, glaring as he watched the entire ordeal in his mind again. Rebecca was still there seemingly waiting for him and Kaiba. Yami glared at Rebecca, instantly activating his Duel Disk without thinking, he turned to Kaiba. "Where's that Oracle card?" Kaiba tossed him the card looking a little resentful. "Don't worry Kaiba, I'll stop her. Then we can help Yuugi, I won't be like this forever, just until I get my revenge". He turned away, moving towards Rebecca as he shuffled the card into his deck, glaring at her, his eyes fixed just as his heart was on getting one thing done. Rebecca sneered a bit. "What's that for? You know why we're both here". "Yes because you want your little leader back so you can be his slaves again." "I was never his slave" Yami yelled, his eyes and their full fury emerging. "I was trying to save him and he wouldn't listen. If anything, he was about to kill me when you arrived. You should have let him, he might have woken you, you always ruin everything". Evil Yuugi says: "I do?" She asked sweetly. "Of course you do, don't play dumb, if you can play it" Yami shouted, feeling the urge to lunge at her grown, his shoulders shaking from the need to hole his arms back. "Pharaoh take it easy." Kaiba advised. "No Kaiba, I can't. I...I have to make her pay" Yami replied, leaving his voice at a normal level. Rebecca chuckled. "What's so damn funny?" Yami snapped. "You." "Damn you. I'll kill you" Yami yelled, pulling back a second before trying to lunge forward. Kaiba dove forward catching Yami by the ankle. Yami slammed onto the ground, cursing under his breath. He glared back seeing Kaiba's hold on his ankle. "Damn it, let go". "No." "Kaiba, don't turn on me. Let me get her for mocking us, for mocking Yuugi". "Duel her, not beat her to death." "I'd rather do the second but I don't have any choice" Yami spat. "What are you saying?" "I'd rather see her suffer the way Yuugi did all the time she was taunting him. But the only thing I can do is duel her" Yami sighed. "Then when I let go just duel." "Fine". "All right." Kaiba replied letting go. Yami pulled himself up, as much as he wanted to ignore Kaiba's demand, he remained still, drawing five cards from his deck. "Since you're the one who's going to lose, I'll let you start". Rebecca drew her 5 and one more. "I play Foolish Burial. So i pick a monster from my deck and send it to the cemetery then shuffle. "And what do you achieve from that Yami sneered. "You'll see Pharaoh." She teased. "I send Datenshi Marie (Marie The Fallen One) to my cemetery." Yami scowled at the comment, he still had little idea of what her plan could be, Datenshi Marie would only increase her lifepoints slightly each turn, there couldn't be anything massively important from that. "Now i summon Fire Princess in defence mode and place one card facedown. Turn end." "Fine" Yami replied, drawing his card. "I'll start with Shukuren no Akuma Jyuttsushi (Skilled Dark Magician) in attack mode. And I'll have it attack you useless Fire Princess". "Reveal trap. I activate Gravity Bind." "Damn, not that" Yami hissed. "Yes." Rebecca teased with a giggle. "Fine, I'll end my turn" Yami sighed in frustration. "Awww is that all?" Rebecca teased. "Just make your move" Yami growled Rebecca giggles and draws. "Since it's my turn I gain 200 but you lose 500." Yami pressed a hand against his chest as the lifepoints fell, he glared at her, wishing he could shut her up. "Pharaoh use the Oracle I gave you!" Kaiba shouted. "I haven't got it in my hand" Yami called. "Besides, I don't want it on the field for too long, it might influence me, I can't risk that". Rebecca laughed. "You’re scared." "Take that back, I am not!" Yami snapped. "I just don't want the thing driving me insane". "Then use Exchange when you draw the Oracle and I’ll gladly take the card from you." Rebecca teased hoping he actually would. Yami glared at her, letting her use the Seal was much more dangerous, he sighed, looking down at his deck. "Anyway i end my turn seeing as I haven’t drawn Lily." "Fine" Yami growled, drawing his card. "I'll play Big Shield Guardna in defence mode, then I'll lay one card face-down and that's all for me". "Hmph defence.. pathetic." Rebecca sneered. "Reminds me who has their only monster in defence mode" Yami sneered. "Unlike you I actually have a strategy and CARE about my cards!" Rebecca taunted raising her voice as she said the last part hoping to remind Yami of his first duel with Raphael. Yami's eyes narrowed, he remembered those words, she was playing head games, trying to draw him back to when Yuugi was first lost, trying to make him feel guilty, he shook his head. "Heh heh. my turn." She drew her life points going up to 8400. Yami groaned as another 500 lifepoints were taken from him, he glared at her, biting his bottom lip, he couldn't let her get too far ahead. "Now i play Shisa Sosei (Monster Reborn) to bring back Datenshi Marie. Next Change of Heart. And ill take your Skilled Dark." "No!" Yami called, his eyes widening. "Oh yes." She grinned darkly as she sent Marie to her cemetery and gave Yami back Skilled Dark and he growled, placing it in his cemetery. Yami growled, he had no idea what Rebecca was going to be summoning, but it was going to be powerful and he only had monster. He feared what the creature would be and if it would be strong enough to destroy his Big Shield Guardna. Now i play my favorite monster - Shugo Tenshi Joan (Guardian Angel Joan) in attack mode!" (2800/2000) "Oh no, that monster's much stronger than my Big Shield Guardna" Yami growled "Yes however due to Gravity Bind it cant attack for now. Turn end." Yami sighed with relief, at least the card had helped out in one turn, his monster was safe for now. "Go on. Your move." Yami growled, drawing his card, he laid it onto the field. "I play Honrou Suru Elf no Kenshi (Obnoxious Celtic Guardian) in attack mode and lay one more card face-down" he called. "Why play it in attack mode?" She questioned, obviously confused by his move. "Just because you can't get to me, I'll take advantage of the time I can play them in attack mode". "Well when i can you wont be so lucky." She taunted. "Oh really, don't tell me you've forgotten my Guardian's ability to withstand attacks from monsters with more than 1900 attack points" Yami replied cockily. Kaiba face-palmed. "Oh great, he's acting like me." "I am. I'm just trying to keep my head straight" Yami replied, giving Kaiba a stern - almost glaring - look. "I won't let her taunts get to me". "Heh Yami just relax and enjoy yourself." "Enjoy myself? Now you're sounding like Jonouchi" Yami called. "Besides, I can't until I know Yuugi's been avenged for his defeat". Kaiba looked wide-eyed. "Am I really sounding like that bonktsu?" "If you're the one talking about having fun, then I believe so" Yami chuckled before turning his head back to Rebecca. "Make your move". Kaiba looked stunned. Rebecca drew. "First I gain my 200 while you lose another 500." "Fine" Yami hissed, shrugging off the slight pain. "Just get on with it". Rebecca: 8600 Yami: 6500 "Fine I play Typhoon to destroy my Gravity Bind." "What? No" Yami gasped, his eyes widening at the opposite field. "Yes now attack his Guarda Joan!" "You're attacking my defensive monster?" Yami muttered, puzzled by the choice, wondering if it was to do with the effect of the monster. Yami waited as the attack hit, he glared at the clash, waiting for the two monsters to separate. Joan slowly floated back to her side as Rebecca rose to 8700. Yami growled, all that was left was his Guardian, his more powerful defence wiped out, he sighed, giving Rebecca a still defiant look. "And because my life points went up yours lower once again!" She giggled. Yami groaned again as the sharp pain returned, his knees bending a fraction, his hand pressed against his chest, this couldn't keep if, he rose his head again, cursing her combination, he had to get rid of that Fire Princess. "Play the god damn Oracle when you get it!" Kaiba hissed not wanting Yami to lose because deep down, under his icy facade was some compassion for Yuugi. "Shut up Kaiba, don't you think I would have in this situation if I had it" Yami snapped, the slight strain returning through his voice. "Is your turn over?" "Yup." "Good, I draw" he called. "I'll play Hayasugita Maisou (Premature Burial). I'll use it to revive my Big Shield Guardna. Then I'll sacrifice both of my monsters to summon Black Magician. But that's not all, I'll also activate Magic Formula, raising his attack higher than that of your monsters'".

  • Perfect just what I was hoping he'd do..* Rebecca thought.

"Go Black Magician, attack her Fire Princess" Yami commanded. "Reveal trap card. Magic Cylinder." "No" Yami called, feeling the worry return as his mage's attack was absorbed into the Cylinder, the other set to return it to his lifepoints directly. "Go Cylinder! Fire!" Yami stared wide-eyed as the attack shot back at him, frozen as it collided with him, throwing him back. He groaned as he hit the ground hard, groaning at the pain from the force before slowly pushing himself up. "Great he's lost half of his life points." Kaiba muttered. Yami slowly got back to his feet, stepping forward back towards the field. 'With only a few thousand lifepoints left, I'll have no choice but to play the Oracle' he thought. His eyes dropped to his hand, the Oracle itself poking out at the side. He sighed, he had to play it in his next turn or else he'd suffer the same fate as Yuugi, playing it now would make no difference, only give the darkness a head-start. He reached his original spot, glaring at Rebecca tiredly. "I end my turn". Rebecca smirked as she drew her life points raising to 8800 while knocking Yami's to 2200. Yami pressed is fist against his chest, he couldn't let his own lifepoints fall while Rebecca's would rise, there had to be a way to get to her Fire Princess and destroy it. "I end." "Yami, there has to be a reason she kept Joan in attack mode. She probably wants you to attack it so i wouldn't if i were you." Kaiba warned. "You'll see, I'll get this duel back on track" Yami replied glancing at Kaiba as he drew his new card. "Alright, I play Gouyoku Natsubo (Pot of Greed). And I'll summon the Watapon I drew, but since that's its special summon, I can now sacrifice it for Black Magician Girl in attack mode". "That was pointless. She's far too weak." Yami closed his eyes slowly, reflecting on the madness so far, there was one card he had to play, it would give his monsters a boost, the problem was he dreaded the moment. 'Forgive me Yuugi, I'll do whatever I can to remain myself' he thought. His eyes shot open again as he pulled it from his hand, holding it over the Field Magic card slot at the end of his Duel Disk. "Maybe, but this card should help her: Oracle of Darkness". Rebecca's eyes widened in terror. Yami grinned as he slotted the card in, the Seal emerging beneath him, rapidly growing in size to surround Rebecca too. The Oracle began to shine brightly on his head, glaring at Rebecca with a similar look to the one he had given Raphael following his first time playing the card. Rebecca looked afraid, because she knew Yami's personality upon using it last time whereas she was surprised Yuugi would use the vile card. "Well, scared yet? I can see the fear in your eyes" Yami taunted, the same dark tone from his previous duels returning. Kaiba walked closer, just to get a better view of the duel. "Now, time to prove just how useful my monsters can be. Black Magician Girl, attack her Fire Princess". "Pharaoh, no, its a trap! Hurry up and call off your attack!" Kaiba shouted, knowing her other facedown was Seinaru Barrier - Mirror Force. "What?" Yami turned back to him. "I have a face-down card too, just wait and we'll see if its of any use". "But her card is Mirror Force i saw her set it down!" "Kaiba, I said don't worry". "But Yami if she plays that all she has to do is attack with Joan and you'll lose. Please... trust me." "Kaiba! I know what I'm doing" Yami snapped. "For once listen to me!" Kaiba countered. "Kaiba, I can stop that damn card if you just let me do this!" "All right but you better the hell not be bluffing." "I'm not" Yami replied with a grin Kaiba's uneasy stare was replaced by his trademark smirk. With a slight nod, he walked back to where he was. Yami turned back to the duel where his Black Magician fired the attack. Just as Kaiba had said, she revealed her facedown trap which was indeed Seinaru Barrier - Mirror Force. "You think that'd work, too bad I have my own Mystical Space Typhoon" Yami laughed. Before her trap could flip up it was destroyed by the Typhoon's winds. Kaiba breathed a deep sigh of relief. "Next time warn me when you're gonna save yourself!" He teased. "I was going to, you never gave me a chance, too busy worrying" Yami replied with a smirk. "Well I care for Yuugi just as much as you do, maybe more!" Kaiba shouted then covered his mouth realizing what he said, blushing a deep shade of red. Yami stared at Kaiba as if he'd gone mad. He shook his head for a couple of seconds before turning back to the duel. Rebecca stood there in a state of shock from what she heard from the teen CEO. Yami stared at Rebecca, trying to get the words through to his own head. "Did he just say what I think he said?" Rebecca managed to squeak out. "I think so" Yami replied. "Oh my god.." She whispered. "I'm just as surprised" Yami whispered to himself. Kaiba stood where he was. still blushing. Yami smiled meekly at Kaiba, unsure how to really react before looking back at the field. "I end my turn" he called. Rebecca drew not really focused on the duel as her life points rose to 8900. Yami grinned, for once his own lifepoints hadn't fallen. "Joan attack Black Magician Girl." She said forgetting that because of Magic Formula Joan was actually weaker. Yami stared at Rebecca as she made the move, stunned by her miscalculations. "I can’t believe she just.." Kaiba began. "I know" Yami added. Joan continued her attack but to Rebecca's surprise she was destroyed. "Did you forget how more powerful my monsters are?" Yami laughed. "But Black Magician Girl... only has 2500.." She stammered. "The Oracle increased her attack and I activated my face down Spell-Transfer to move the Magic Formula from Black Magician to Black Magician Girl, making her stronger than your wimpy fairy" Yami called. "Oh no!" "Oh yes. Now both Black Magician and Black Magician Girl have 3000 attack points each" Yami called. "Get on with the end of your turn". Kaiba smirked. "Nice work Pharaoh, i knew you had it in you." He said in a voice similar to when Raphael said the same thing. "I told you I knew what I was doing" Yami replied, sounding less impressed with Kaiba's line, a flash in his mind taking him back to the moment Raphael had first said it before turning back ahead. Rebecca looked stunned as her life points fell to 8700 as she ended her turn. Yami grinned, his patience wearing thin, but still it was a good way to kill time to watch her tormented. "Y-Your turn.." "Fine" Yami called, drawing his card. "Black Magician, Black Magician Girl, attack her lifepoints directly". Rebecca screamed as her life points fell rapidly to 2700. "Like the pain? That's what I went through when your monsters were draining them from me" Yami chuckled darkly. "Now he sounds like Yami Bakura.." Kaiba mused. Yami glared darkly at Kaiba in the corner of his eye, ignoring the comment and turning back to the duel "Is your turn over?" Rebecca asked visibly shaken. "Yes" Yami chuckled. Rebecca drew, as her points rose to 2900. "200 lifepoints, nothing much, you'll lose soon enough". Rebecca sighed and nodded. Yami grinned as he watched Rebecca, if she couldn't do well this turn, she was finished. "I end my turn.. go ahead and finish me off.." She called her blonde bangs covering her eyes. "Good little brat" Yami chuckled, drawing his card and not even looking at it. "Go, Black Magician Girl attack her directly". Rebecca screamed softly as her life points fell to 0. Yami stared at her without emotion, waiting as he felt the Seal slowly shrinking around her, passing him. Rebecca looked up at him with a smirk. "I'll be back sooner than you think.." "That's what you think" Yami mumbled. As the Oracle slowly took her soul, her smirk still remained. Yami only blinked as the Seal began to glow, watching her emotionlessly, not turning back to Kaiba, not seeing if anyone else was about, the Seal still shining on his head as the real thing glowed brightly. The Oracle slowly disappeared, Rebecca's soul in it's clutches. The Seal faded from Yami's head, he slowly went down onto his knees, sighing, his eyes falling to look down at the ground before him. "Well that was amusing.." Came Kaiba's voice. Yami didn't reply, he sat there, he sighed, he could almost see Yuugi laying before him instead of Rebecca. Kaiba looked at him. "You ok?" "I'm fine" Yami replied quietly "You sure?" "Yes, I'm sure" Yami growled. "Well that’s settled, now what?" "We have to find how to get Yuugi back. Then we have to erase the Oracle from his spirit". "Now you know there’s no way Anzu will allow that." "We'll just have to try behind her back. If I have to be reduced to how I was before to do it, I will. I'll be their prisoner and torture toy just to see Yuugi released from the Oracle's hold" Kaiba shook his head. "Sorry Pharaoh, but that I cannot allow." "What?" Yami asked, looking up, turning his head to Kaiba. "You disrupting what Yuugi and Anzu have worked so hard for." "I can't let them lose themselves even more, I can't let them do this" Yami called. "And I cannot allow you to stop them. Sorry." "And what are you going to do?" Yami called "Once Yuugi is restored I’ll tell him what you plan to do. Sorry but this is what Yuugi wants so I have to tell him." "You can't" Yami protested. "In case you haven't noticed, you have nothing over me". Seto took his Oracle card from Yami's duel disk holding it in his hand. "Kaiba" Yami called, glaring at Kaiba, he had no way to get it back. Kaiba turned around and jogged off back towards the tower to tell Anzu of what Yami planned. Yami stared in surprise when Kaiba rushed away, he growled, going back to Anzu was a trap to him, but he had no choice, there had to be the chance that he could stop Kaiba, he raced after him.

  • Hang in there Yuugi you'll be all right, I'll make sure of it* Kaiba thought as he kept running.

"You do know Anzu would be more ticked if you returned without me?" Yami teased. "But I'm coming back because this is what's best for Yuugi, don't run to her like a dog running to its master. You can help me Kaiba". "Help you?! You want to stop the one I love…oh damn it not again…" "Kaiba, I know you care for Yuugi, that's why if you truly care, you'll help me set him free. Anzu will return him under the Oracle's control the instant he gets back". "Yami, you don’t understand." "I do understand, the Oracle is clouding your mind, you're the one that doesn't understand". Kaiba ignored him, as he kept running the tower nearly in his sights. "Kaiba, don't do this" Yami called, getting no closer to him. "Back off!" The Blue-Eyes duellist barked. Yami growled, he cursed under his breath, he wasn't going to stand a chance if Kaiba reached the others before he could to the tower, Kaiba would also have an idea where Anzu would be, he was losing, he wished that his promise hadn't drawn him back, he could have easily escaped, Anzu must have known this would happen, drawing him back when he was finished with Rebecca. "I'm coming Yuugi…" Kaiba whispered as he finally reached the tower's entrance before opening the door and racing inside. Yami growled as Kaiba entered the tower, a few seconds passed before he too skidded to a halt and sharply turned to the tower's entrance, growling as he looked around for the direction Kaiba had gone. "Anzu!" Kaiba called hoping that Yami hadn’t heard. "Raphael" Yami shouted, hoping he could emerge before Kaiba would get too far ahead. "What?" The Guardian duellist mumbled having been asleep for a little while. "Where did Kaiba go? You have to help me, he's going to Anzu because I want to help Yuugi" Yami replied, panting to catch up on the air his running had cost him. "I don't know I didn't see him. I was asleep." "Damn" Yami growled, turning away. "All because I was hoping to remove the Oracle from Yuugi's soul when he got back. I can't believe Kaiba's so blind". "Oh not this again." Raphael grumbled. "What?" Yami growled, turning to Raphael. "You wanting to stop Yuugi." "Not stop him, save him. And if you won't listen, I'll go find Kaiba myself" Yami growled, moving away, looking at the staircases, wondering which one Kaiba must have taken. However unfortunately for Yami Kaiba had managed to find Anzu. "Anzu!" He called urgently. Yami sighed, he had no idea which staircase Kaiba had taken, he'd have to guess, after all, there wasn't anyone that would stop him from trying. "What is it Kaiba?" Anzu asked. "Well Yami beat Rebecca but we have a slight problem.." "What's that? Where IS Yami?" Anzu asked, looking around. "Looking for you. When Yuugi gets back he wants to erase the Oracle from him." "What? I thought he was finished with that" Anzu sighed. "Where is he now? He didn't get away, did he?" "No he's-" But before Kaiba could finish Yami burst in. "Yami" Anzu gasped. "Anzu, don't listen to him, we have to save Yuugi" Yami called. "No Anzu-chan.. please don't.." Kaiba begged. "We can't leave Yuugi like this, we have to get him back, we have to save him, even if we have to get rid of the Oracle. You can't stop me, I have to do it" Yami replied. Kaiba looked at Anzu his azure eyes pleading with hers. "Kaiba" Anzu muttered. Yami turned to her, he sighed as he glared back at Kaiba. "We have to save Yuugi" Yami repeated. "Don't let him get away" Anzu hissed. Kaiba smirked as he closed the door locking it. Yami whipped around as Kaiba locked the door. A moment passed, he glared, clenching his fists. "Kaiba, Anzu, what are you doing? This is stupid, don't fight it" Yami called. "Yuugi is my friend!" Kaiba growled. "Kaiba, get him, he's just going to argue back. No matter what we say, he thinks Yuugi going back to being weaker is good" Anzu commanded. "That's not what I'm saying" Yami hissed. "The real Yuugi was the person you fell in love with, that's my true aibou, not this shadow of him you're trying to keep". "Of course my queen." Kaiba replied as he tried to cover Yami's mouth while at the same time keeping one arm wrapped around Yami's neck. Yami struggled as Kaiba came up to him, his hand trying to hold over his mouth, he grabbed the arm wrapping itself around his neck, groaning and calling out in protest as long as he could. Anzu grinned, pulling out a rope and grabbing Yami's right wrist. Kaiba watched, grinning evilly. Anzu held onto Yami's wrist tightly as she drew it around to his back, kneeling beside him, reaching out and catching his left elbow, pulling it back and twisting it as her arm ran down. Yami tried to call out again as she locked them together and began to tie the rope around. Kaiba watched in awe, wishing he himself had those abilities. Anzu pulled at the rope as she finished wrapping it around Yami's wrists, standing up and walking back a few steps, watching with a wide grin as Kaiba held tightly. "Yuugi would be proud to see this. Now's as good a time as any to get him back" she laughed. Kaiba laughed as well. "Yes let's." "Good, I'll get Varon, he put Yuugi's body somewhere, we'll need it for when we get him back" Anzu giggled. "Keep a tight hold on him". She slowly moved across, giving Yami a smug grin as she passed him before exiting the room. Kaiba chuckled softly as he kept a tight grip around Yami's neck. Yami struggled, glaring up at Kaiba, he tried pulling his wrists apart, he couldn't separate them, trying to protest Kaiba's following Anzu's rules, his words muffled from the hand, he sighed. Kaiba's smirk widened. Yami tried to shake his head, growling when every other attempt to get free had failed. Anzu reached the room where Varon had taken Yuugi following his defeat. Varon sighed as he looked at Yuugi's comatose form. "Varon" Anzu chuckled. "Come on, we're getting Yuugi back, Kaiba's holding Yami so that problem's solved, besides, we can use some of Yami's energy to boost Yuugi when he gets back". "But how, mate?" "Truth is, we needed Yami about in order to get Yuugi's soul out of the Oracle. We can use the stone to get him out like we did before when we'd get the others out". "Ah I see." "Come on, let's go get our Yuugi back" Anzu called. Varon smiled happily and gently hugged her. Anzu hugged back, looking down at Yuugi, smiling happily, soon he'd be back with them. "So we use the Oracle right here or somewhere else?" "We have to use it in the room where Kaiba's holding Yami, we've got him all bound ready for the spell, it was too risky to bring him down here". "All right come on lets go." Anzu nodded, leaving Varon to go to Yuugi, she waited by the door, grinning, she could only imagine how Yuugi was going to react to getting back. Varon walked to him, gently picking up the unconscious child in his arms. Anzu opened the door, smiling back at Varon, looking down slightly at Yuugi as she made her way out, holding the door open. Varon slowly followed her, careful to keep a secure hold on Yuugi. Anzu looked back frequently as she made her way back to the room. When she reached the door, opening it slowly, she peered in, seeing Yami still trying to fight back against Kaiba's hold, none of his words coming out clearly, she giggled before turning back to Varon and Yuugi, slowly making her way into the room. Varon grinned as he walked in. "I told you, he's powerless to fight back. Now, let's get on with this, the sooner we finish, the sooner we get Yuugi". "You’re right." "Lay Yuugi in front of Yami, leave a little distance, but he has to be laying on his back, it'll be easier to get his soul back in. Then we'll be set". Varon nodded and gently did so. Anzu grinned at Yami, laying a hand on his chest, he tried to protest, trying to wriggle out of Kaiba's grip, failing to do so. Anzu giggled before moving to the other side of Yuugi, the Oracle stone glowing. Varon watched, looking thoughtful. The Seal began to appear on the ground beneath Yuugi, Anzu grinned, watching his own Oracle stone glowing, Yami groaned, looking like he had been hit in the chest, sinking slightly, his knees bending as he felt the energy Anzu had been after being drained from him. Varon watched still, his eyes widening slightly. Yami closed his eyes as he slowly sank further, Anzu ignored him as she focused on Yuugi, watching the transparent streams of energy flow from Yami and Yuugi, grinning darkly as they did, restoring his energy as the Oracle restored his soul. Yuugi groaned softly as his amethyst eyes opened slowly. "Yuugi" Anzu called happily, lowering herself to her knees as the Oracle beneath faded. Yuugi moaned a little. " I?" "You’re back at the tower" Anzu whispered. "We brought you here after you lost to Rebecca, Yami beat her and now he's back here". She turned her head towards him, grinning darkly as the streams slowly began to fade. Yuugi looked at her a little confused by her grin as he wasn't re-bonded yet. "What's the matter Yuugi? I thought you'd enjoy seeing Yami like this" Anzu muttered, turning her head back to Yami. Yuugi didn’t have the chance to respond as the Oracle began to re-bond with him. Anzu giggled as she watched, glad that the Oracle had been able to join with Yuugi so quickly. Yami watched in horror. "Too late Pharaoh, it was your energy that gave him the chance to wake and the Oracle's chance to bring him back" Anzu laughed. Yami sighed, struggling weakly against Kaiba, pushing himself up towards his full height as he did so. Yuugi's eyes slowly returned to their now usual blood-red look as the Oracle reappeared on his forehead consuming his mind in darkness. Yami watched Yuugi sorrowfully before bringing his struggle to a finish, his head hanging limply, his legs shaking slightly from the reduced amount of energy. However what the group didn’t know the spell also restored a part of Rebecca's soul. Anzu giggled as Yami slumped against Kaiba, finally accepting his defeat, she leaned forward, kissing Yuugi on the cheek. "So, what should we do with Yami now?" she asked him meekly. "We could just have Kaiba hold onto him or lock him away somewhere. It's great to have you back, especially without that brat around to try and interfere". "You've got a point there. Want to go back to the card shop and relax for awhile?" "Sure, should we bring everyone with us? We'll need to find someway to hold the Pharaoh back, Kaiba's arms are going to get tired sooner or later" Anzu giggled, wrapping her arms around Yuugi's neck and drawing him into a hug. Yuugi hugged her back tightly. "How long was I gone?" "A couple of hours is my guess. But that was enough for Kaiba and Yami to head out, beat Rebecca, race back here and get everything done to get you back" Anzu replied with a smile. Yuugi smiled at her. "I love you Anzu." "I love you too" Anzu giggled. Yami sighed as he watched, he hated it when they went all lovey-dovey and forgot that seriousness of the world around. He glanced upwards, trying to glare back at Kaiba, getting no such luck. "Anzu may I speak to you in private about something?" Kaiba asked. "Sure, I guess now is as good a time as any for you to be able to rest, your arms are bound to get tired with all the struggling" Anzu replied. He slowly released Yami but not enough that he could escape. Yami collapsed to the ground, laying at his feet, watching Yuugi as he waited for his energy to return, breathing deeply as Anzu moved away. "Anzu.." Kaiba began "What is it?" "Don't hate me for this but I also love Yuugi, there I said it." "Wow, I didn't expect that. That's sweet Kaiba" she replied, laying a hand gently against his cheek. Kaiba blushed. He had expected her to slap him or take his soul on the spot. Anzu giggled, smiling at him, glad he had a reason to stay close to Yuugi. "But since you’re married to him I guess i cant have him.." Kaiba said forgetting about Yuugi's other half. "Don't worry Kaiba, there has to be something we can do for you. You'll see, I'll find something that I can do for you". Kaiba smiled. "You would do that for me even after all the times I belittled and made fun of you?" He asked genuinely surprised. "Of course I would, after all, you've helped out so much in this entire time, it's the least I can do". Kaiba blushed as he moved closer wanting to give her a kiss as thanks. Anzu could see his attempt, leaning forward and kissing him on the check as a thank you, smiling as she pulled away. "Yuugi, please help me" Yami groaned, trying away to pull at the ropes around his wrists as he laid on the floor close by. Yuugi smiled wickedly and turned his back on Yami. "Yuugi, please, don't let them do this" Yami pleaded, shuffling, trying to get closer. "I tried to help, I stopped Rebecca because I wanted to help you. I even used the Oracle". "Big deal you still tried to stop us. If you didn't I might be helping you right now." He said his voice vile and devoid of compassion for the spirit. "You don't understand, you can't let them win like this" Yami replied, sounding close to tears. "Please don't let them, I want to see the real Yuugi back again, this isn't right, this isn't who you are". "Spare me the begging its pitiful." "Yuugi, come on, you can't seriously want this, you know the Oracle's evil, you know I'm right in the way that I can see from the outside, its twisted your mind". "Shut up!!" Yuugi shouted the Oracle's hold on his mind growing stronger. Yami shook his head, nothing he was saying was getting through, he glanced at Varon, sighing before turning back to Yuugi, he wished there as something he could do to get through the Oracle's hold. Kaiba looked at her, silently asking if he could return her kiss. Anzu smiled and nodded, she knew Yuugi would understand, they were close, she leaned in closer to him. Kaiba's cheeks grew redder as he returned her kiss. Yami groaned as he continued to shuffle, pushing himself closer to Yuugi, even if the progress was slow. Anzu giggled as she hugged Kaiba. Kaiba hugged back. Anzu giggled again, she couldn't help but like how close the Oracle had brought not only her and Yuugi, but Kaiba too who had before barely come out of his shell. "I don't know why, but somehow I feel comfortable here." Kaiba told her. "I know" Anzu giggled. "It's strange.. I have never experienced this before." "I know, I've felt close to Yuugi, but this is something different" Anzu replied. "Yuugi, look at me" Yami pleaded. "If not because of my request, at least to see what I've been left like". "I can see that." Yuugi replied not bothering to look. Kaiba gave her a slight cynical grin which quickly turned mischievous. "What are you hinting, Mazaki?" The teen CEO asked. "I don't know, like I feel close to you like I do Yuugi. But something different. Maybe not like the love I have for Yuugi with our marriage, but maybe like a brother/sister kind of love". "Yuugi, what's the matter with you? This isn't right, I don't get what's up with you. Come on, wake up". "Brother...sister love?" Kaiba repeated as though the words were Arabic to him. "I've changed or is your feeble mind too small to notice that?" He snickered with acidic sarcasm. "You know, like Jou and Shizuka, like really close, you're like family in a way, that kind of thing" Anzu answered. "I can see that, but it's hardly a good chance" Yami growled. "What do I have to do to get through to you?" Kaiba looked deep in thought, words his brother had once told him about the very subject entered his mind. At the time he brushed them away as 'nonsense for the weak'. Now he wished he hadn't. Anzu frowned as Kaiba pulled away, she sighed, turning away, glaring ahead, slightly annoyed at Kaiba's instant change of attitude. "Anzu.. don't think I was ignoring you because I wasn't. It's just because of my past that I'm having a hard time understanding." "You can't get through to me." Yuugi scoffed. "I know" Anzu replied turning back with a gently smile. "Don't do this, don't shut me out, I can help you" Yami called. Kaiba sighed. "If only...I.." Kaiba began but couldn't finish as he was slowly overcome by tears. "How?" Yuugi sneered. Anzu moved forward, pulling Kaiba into a hug. Yami continued to try and push himself closer to Yuugi, almost able to see Yuugi's face. "I can set you free, please, you know I can" Yami replied. Yuugi, not really thinking what he was doing, delivered a sharp punch to Yami's face. "If I only had a normal childhood, maybe I would have a few good friends like you, Mazaki." Yami cried out, turning away as he coughed up a little blood, shaking his head to try and focus elsewhere than the pain. "Its alright Kaiba, you're fine now, you've got friends, I'm your friend and the others are too". "They are?" He asked. Yuugi smirked. "Of course they are". "Yu-Yuugi, what was that about?" Yami asked, guessing he knew the answer as he looked up at Yuugi, looking as hurt as he felt. Kaiba smiled. "Want to see what your husband is up to?" "I think you know." Yuugi replied. "Sure" Anzu giggled. "I-I don't understand" Yami answered. "I can't believe you, come on, you have to wake up". Kaiba smiled and led her to where he was. Anzu ginned as she entered, seeing how Yuugi had dealt Yami a blow, she giggled seeing it. "How are you doing Yuugi?" "I'm fine, He however has looked better." "I can see, has he been giving you trouble?" "Yes. He's so annoying.. Why don't we go back to the card shop and leave the pest here?" He asked feeling the Oracle's hold on him slip so he desperately wanted to get away from Yami. "Sure, maybe we should secure him a bit more in case he tried to get away again" Anzu giggled. "Hmm...wait I know." He said as he used his Shadow Magic to create a sort of cage to trap Yami inside which also prevented the use of his own magic to get out. "Good job Yuugi" Anzu giggled. "Let me add a couple of extra precautions". She giggled darkly as she walked past Yami, returning to the place she had pulled the rope from, pulling another out. "What are you doing?" Yami called. Yuugi giggled evilly as he knew exactly what she was doing. "Can I help?" He asked excitedly. "Hold his ankles together, then we can work on that big mouth of his" Anzu laughed stepping closer. "Yes my queen." He said doing as she ordered. Yami gasped, struggling as Yuugi held his ankles together just as Anzu requested, she giggled as she began to wrap the ropes around them, he was powerless to fight back. "No, don't do this, you're making a mistake" he cried out. "Awww listen the great Pharaoh is afraid." He taunted with a wicked giggle. "No I'm not, I'm just trying to stop you making this mistake. You know this isn't right, you can't do this" Yami protested. Anzu pulled at the rope, satisfied it was tight enough, she grinned at Yuugi before stepping over Yami, kneeling behind his head. "Try and 'talk some sense' into anyone when you won't be able to say a word, right Yuugi?" she laughed. Yuugi laughed with her. "Oh yes." Anzu pulled a cloth out, quickly wrapping it over Yami's mouth, despite his resistance. He tried to call out to stop them, his words failing to make it. "Kaiba, you'll have to carry him into that cage. Once he's there, keep an eye on him, he might not be able to get away right now, but he is tricky" Anzu called. "Trust me since it's of Shadow Magic it's escape-proof." Yuugi replied, grinning wickedly. "That's good to hear Yuugi" Anzu laughed, laying a hand on his shoulder. Yuugi kept smiling as he admired his and Anzu's work. Yami growled as he felt like a captured animal, wishing he could get away, just to get free, he knew it was going to come to this eventually, but to be restrained so much and about to be thrown into a cage was beyond what he had expected. Anzu turned to Kaiba, grinning darkly. Kaiba returned her grin as he took Yami by the arm, roughly, and pushed him into the cage, Yami groaned as he hit the floor of the cage, turning his head back in time to see the door closed, he struggled against the ropes, knowing full well how useless it was. Yuugi laughed evilly. Yami sighed, laying his head on the ground, it was all too hopeless, he hadn't realized how far things could go in terms of his capture and how far he could lose Yuugi. "Come on let's go. He won't be going anywhere." Yuugi said laughing once more. Yami sighed as Yuugi laughed, Anzu giggled along with him, moving towards the door, hugging him tightly. Yuugi happily returned the hug as the small group left together. Anzu smiled down at Yuugi as they closed the door. "You feel good without him calling out to you all the time" "Of course. Every two seconds its ‘Yuugi, don't do this’ or ‘Yuugi don't do that’. It's so damn annoying." "Well, you won't have to hear him keep calling you anymore, will you?" Anzu giggled. "No my love." "There's my Yuugi. So, what were you planning for are you're place?" "I just need some peace and quiet from his constant whining." "Don't worry, you won't hear his voice again. Kaiba and I will make sure of that". "I already have a plan once I’m ready." "What's that?" "I duel him." "I see, to break him down". "No. To seal him away for good." "Ah, when he loses again, his spirit will be too weak to survive. He'll fall apart knowing you were the one that did it to him". Yuugi cackled wickedly. "Exactly." "Good plan Yuugi. As much as I'd love to see him squirm in that cage, it's best he is put out of his misery sooner or later" Anzu laughed. "Who be put out of misery mates?" Varon asked his left arm had a bandage on it. "We're going to put the Pharaoh out of his misery once and for all, he's in there now. What happened to your arm?" "Cut it by accident." "I see" Anzu replied. "Nothing too bad, right?" "Nah." "That's good". "So where you 3 off to?" "Heading over to Yuugi's place. Our heads need some fresh air after we finally shut the Pharaoh up". "Mind if I come along?" Varon asked with a slight blush. "Sure". "All right good." "Let's go then" Anzu commanded, moving ahead. "Must you be so bossy?" Yuugi teased "You think I'm bossy" "Just a touch. Not that I have any complaints." Anzu hugged Yuugi loosely before continuing ahead. Yuugi frowned a little mainly because her hug was loose but he continued anyway. "Hey Yuugi, we could leave Jou to guard the place, couldn't we" Anzu suggested, laying her hand on his far shoulder. "Sure." "Okay then, I'll go tell him, you guys go ahead". Yuugi nodded as he, Varon and Kaiba continued. Anzu smiled as she watched the three continued without her, she turned to head down another corridor where Jou soon came into sight. "Hey Anzu!" He greeted. Yuugi and the group walked in, turning on the light to see Rebecca there but no longer comatose. "How can this be?" Yuugi asked, shocked. "Hey Jou, listen, I need you to take care of the place while Yuugi, Kaiba, Varon and I head out for a bit. Yami's caged up in one of the rooms back there but otherwise, there really isn't much to say". "I don't get it, how is she up I saw? Yami defeat her" Kaiba gasped. "All right." Yuugi looked just as shocked. "Thanks Jou, I'll go meet the others and head out". Kaiba turned to Yuugi, unsure what they could do, the previous duel had been for nothing, Rebecca was back again, he cursed under his breath. "A-Anzu.." Yuugi whispered softly. Anzu halted when she noticed Yuugi, she made her way to him slowly. "What is it Yuugi?" "In one word: Rebecca." He said shakily. "What?" Anzu called, hurrying to his side. "It's true." Kaiba replied, gesturing to the cyber-geek. "Oh no, she's worse than Yami. How'll we get rid of her if she keep showing up?" "I-I don't know." "I'll kill her" Anzu hissed. "No." Yuugi said firmly. "What's the matter Yuugi?" Rebecca asked sincerely. "What is she up to" Anzu spat. "I'm not sure?" Yuugi and Kaiba both said. "Awww, come on Yuugi, don't you remember everything?" Rebecca asked. "About you stealing my soul?" Yuugi hissed. "About everything before then" Rebecca replied. "Not really!" He growled. "Oh come on, we all know why you chose Anzu, you were scared she wouldn't like you when you admitted you liked me more". "I said no such thing!" Yuugi barked. "You didn't, but it was obvious" Rebecca called. "You know you love me, you said so yourself last time the Oracle was about". "What?" Anzu yelled. "Anzu I didn’t say that!" "Don't deny it now, you know its true, after all, I wouldn't make up something like this, you know your heart chose me like mine chose you" Rebecca giggled, her eyes fixed on Yuugi. "I…didn’t…did I?" Yuugi asked becoming unsure "I know you did, when we were talking the night before you were taken by the Oracle. Don't you remember? Everyone else was making dinner, you and I snuck out". Anzu stared at Rebecca with hate and disgust, wishing she could lunge forward and shut her mouth, but Yuugi had told her not to, she decided it was best to wait. "We...did?" "Yes, I know we did. We were standing out there, I was worried about my grandpa and then you hugged me and said you'd protect me because you loved me". Yuugi put his head to his forehead. Maybe what she said was the truth.. "Yuugi, she isn't serious, is she?" "I…don’t know." "You have got to be kidding me" Anzu hissed. "See, it's coming back to you, isn't it?" Rebecca giggled. "I...think.." "I knew it would, all we needed with enough time without Anzu lying to you". Yuugi's eyes dulled as he walked over to Rebecca's side. Yuugi stood by Rebecca's side and kissed her cheek without realizing it. Yuugi" Anzu called. "What in the name of Blue-Eyes is going on?" Kaiba asked. "I have no idea" Anzu sighed. Yuugi looked at Rebecca and smiled. "What has she done?" Anzu hissed. "See, I told you Yuugi would realize he was making a mistake with you". Yuugi nodded, again not realizing it because Rebecca was controlling his mind. "You little brat, what did you do to him?" Anzu yelled. "I opened his eyes. Come on Yuugi, I think its about time we got rid of these impostors" Rebecca teased. "Yes Rebecca.." He replied almost without emotion. "No, there has to be something we can do" Anzu sighed, turning to Varon and Kaiba. "I still don’t get what’s going on.." Kaiba replied. "Neither do I, I think Rebecca must have used some kind of spell, after all, he wouldn't lose his mind like this. Maybe we have to beat her in a duel to help him. But then she'll just come back". "No I think I know what to do, mate." Varon said. "What's that?" "You have to remind him of the real truth." "Right" Anzu replied, turning back to Yuugi. "Come on Yuugi, remember our wedding? Our promise? We didn't come all this way for nothing and reaching this point shows we have a real bond, stronger than the false one Rebecca is trying to lure you into. Ignore her, you know the truth, we were in this together from the start. When we were toying with Jou and Yami and recruiting everyone". Yuugi groaned trying to remember. "Fight her, come on, don't let her do what Yami's been trying to in breaking us apart. I love you, you know that, I'd do anything just to have you back here, come on, remember when Kaiba was working on this tower When we had everyone with us and then Rebecca tried to hurt you back then You had fun tormenting her, don't forget all that". "A..n...zu...." Yuugi managed. "Yes that's it, you can fight her. We still have more to do before our mission is complete, you said so yourself, come on, fight her and join us again in the winning side. You know you want to be back, break her control, shatter her tries". Yuugi screamed softly as her control was partially broken. "Fight it more, you know you're strong to break it. Think back to everything that really happened. Don't let her lies take you, you wanted revenge, she stole your soul, she couldn't possibly love you". "Mazaki has a point." "No, she's lying, you said that, we're going to be together" Rebecca protested, grabbing Yuugi's hand. "She's lying. How could she possibly love you if she locked you away, I'd sacrifice myself for you and you know it" Anzu shouted. Black Magician Girl appeared from Yuugi's deck sensing he was in trouble. "See, she wouldn't appear if you weren't needed to be rescued. Come on, fight back, you know you and I are true". Yuugi groaned as he kept fighting. "You know that he's meant for me, you're supposed to be on our side too, if you truly loved him like you claim you would". Yuugi moaned. "He belongs with me, not with you". "That's what you claim, but have you ever thought about where I can be better for him than you". "You know it couldn't last, he was never meant for you". "No, that can't be it. He and I were together for a reason". "Keep telling yourself that, keep fooling yourself". Yuugi screamed softly "Yuugi!" Anzu called. "No". "I told you, he can't stand for you to be on the other side, he likes you, but we both know he really wants to be with me, he's already chosen it". Yuugi moaned softly unsure of who to trust. "Listen to reason Anzu, you may have made a pact with him, but the truth is, you're breaking it by not being with him now" Rebecca called. Yuugi kept fighting mentally. "You can't resist the truth" Rebecca laughed. Anzu fell to her knees, clutching the sides of her head as stared blankly at Yuugi, nodding her head slowly. "What the hell?" Varon murmured. "I think Rebecca's using Yuugi got to Anzu" Kaiba replied. Varon's eyes widened as he rushed to Anzu's side. "Varon, wait, she might try to do whatever it was to you". "Sorry mate but I have to." "Be careful". "I will." Kaiba glared at Rebecca as laughed, she held Yuugi by her side. "They've been gone awhile, maybe i better check on them." Jou thought as he jogged down to the card shop. Rebecca glared at Varon as she continued to laugh. Jou walked in a little out of breath. "Hey guys what’s going on?" "It's Rebecca, she's back and she's got Yuugi and Anzu" Kaiba called. "Say what?! But how rich-boy?" "I don't know" Kaiba snapped. Jou ran over to Anzu. "Anzu you in there?" "She is, but Rebecca has done something to her". "Your losing your mind Anzu snap out of it!" "Just try and stop me, she won't listen to you, you should know that now" Rebecca laughed. "That’s not true. Anzu its me Jonouchi.." Anzu turned to Jonouchi, looking at him with a blank look, as if she didn't recognize him "Anzu?" Jou asked. "What?" she muttered. "What's going on? Why ain't ya with Yuge?" "I am with Yuugi, he's here, we're together in our unity. Rebecca reminded us". Jou looked puzzled. "Silly boy, you don't understand" Anzu replied. "It's not working" Kaiba added. "We have to try something else". "" Yuugi pleaded. "Yuugi, you're breaking through. That's right, fight it, don't let whatever lies she's told you get you". Yuugi groaned trying as hard as he could to break free. "That's right Yuugi, you can do it, prove it to her" Jou called. "Help me Jou I cant do this alone.." "You can do it, I'm here for you, we're here for you". "It's a lie, he's lying" Rebecca shouted. "No..." "Yes" Rebecca called. "They're lying". "It's true" Anzu mumbled. "No, it's the truth, we're here for you". His Oracle stone glowed and it broke the hold. "Yuugi!" Jou called happily. Yuugi groaned. "Jou...what happened?" "Rebecca used some weirdo magic on you and Anzu. And Anzu's still under it" Jou sighed. "What?! Wait I know." Yuugi said as he took out Anzu's favourite card, The Magician of Faith and summoned it. "What'll that do?" Jou asked. "Seeing it will break her free like seeing Red-Eyes broke you free in Battle City." Anzu groaned as like Yuugi predicted, the magic began to weaken. "But what'll we do about Rebecca? She'll just come back again". "I have a plan for that too." "I hope so, every time so far, she's come back". "She wont after I play a card.." "I hope so, she's way too annoying, she's worse than Yami at this". "That's exactly what Anzu said" Kaiba muttered. "Yu-Yuugi" Anzu groaned. "Anzu are you ok?" "Yu-Yuugi, there's something, telling me...saying telling me to fight it”. "What do you mean?" "It wants me to stay. But-but I have to be with you. H-help me fight that one telling me to stay". "Look at the Magician of Faith, focus on her." Anzu did so, feeling her determination to fight for Yuugi stronger. "Hang in there.." Anzu called out as the battle inside continued to draw out, feeling the need to stay and resist Yuugi's words weaken. "Remember our promise!" "I...I remember...our promise... to stop her. To take prove ourselves to the world" Anzu called, feeling stronger with each word until the Oracle stone's glow also freed her. "Anzu!" Yuugi called happily. "Yuugi" Anzu replied, just a cheerful, rushing forward and wrapping her arms around him. Yuugi hugged her tight, not letting go. "Oh Yuugi, I'm so glad we're back" she whispered. "Me too." "Well, I think its time we stopped someone from getting in the way once and for all" Anzu growled. "Yes and I have just the card." "Oh, what's that?" Anzu giggled darkly. "The magic card Exile of The Wicked. In the game it destroys all fiend-type monsters. It should erase the evil from her soul." "Oh great" Anzu laughed. Yuugi laughed as well and activated it. Anzu watched as it started its effect, Kaiba and Jou glanced at Varon before turning back at Yuugi. Yuugi chuckled as the card did just as he'd hoped as the small fairies in the card destroyed the fiend-like part of her soul Anzu grinned, watching the card's effect as it took a hold, destroying the darker part of Rebecca. Jou and Varon watched wide-eyed. "What's the matter?" Anzu chuckled. "How did he do that?" "I don't know, but I'm not complaining“. "Nor are we but still." "We'll ask him afterwards, let him have his fun". Yuugi laughed as the Oracle glowed brighter on him as his Exile of The Wicked magic card's effect ended. "Good job Yuugi, now she shouldn't be a problem". "No." "Good, good" Anzu replied darkly. Yuugi smiled at her evil tone. "Oh Yuugi, there's no-one that can stop a nuisance like you can". Yuugi blushed. Anzu giggled before pulling Yuugi into another hug, holding him tight as if not to ever let him go. Yuugi purred softly enjoying this. "So, you still think we should go elsewhere? Come to think of it, even like this its risky having her about. She might find Yami and set him free". "No she wont." "How can you be sure?" "I told you its escape-proof." "Maybe, but Kaiba could use it to shut Yami inside, there's nothing stopping Rebecca from opening it up. It's not an escape, more of a breakout". "True." "So, what'll we do? Yami's hardly a threat at the moment, especially with how he's bound so much inside that cage. But if he were to escape, things would go wrong". "Kaiba, mind rectifying that?" Kaiba turned to Yuugi. "What do you want me to do in order to complete that command, Yuugi?" "Lock his cage so he cant escape." "Right, is that all then" Kaiba replied, nodding his head and turning away. "Yes." Kaiba made his way off, returning down the corridor. As he vanished, Anzu giggled, hugging Yuugi again. "No-one is as devious as you my king" she stated with a smile. Yuugi blushed. "You are." Yami groaned as he continued to pull at the ropes that bound his wrists, he'd been trying for however it had been since Yuugi and the others had left him and all it had done was make his wrists red and sore. He turned his head to the door as he heard it click open. "Hello Yami.." Yami tried to respond, he growled when once again, his words were blocked by the gag. He glared at Kaiba, it was clear he wasn't stopping by to help him. He pulled at the ropes again, trying to move himself towards the edge of the cage, just so he could get a decent view of what was happening. Kaiba smirked as he walked over. Yami kept his eyes focused on Kaiba, glaring angrily, pushing himself close to the edge. Kaiba grinned darkly. Yami tried to talk, just wishing to know what Kaiba wanted, why he was back, but he couldn't get a single audible word out. He cursed being so bound and shoved inside the cage like he had. Kaiba chuckled and simply closed the cage door shut, locking it. Yami called out when Kaiba turned the lock, he hadn't known the door had been unlocked the entire time. He mentally cursed himself for having wished he had tried, struggling harder against the ropes as he glared up at Kaiba, trying to call at him. Kaiba simply laughed and walked out. Yami continued to try and get through to him, he knew he was only giving more to Kaiba's pleasure. He sighed, nothing had gotten through the gag, he hadn't expected it to. He lowered his head, purposely hitting it on the bottom of the cage. Kaiba looked at him momentarily. Yami stared at Kaiba pleadingly, he knew Kaiba would probably laugh again and leave, but he had never felt more helpless in his life, he cursed not being able to do anything, the skin on his wrists already worn and burning red, his ankles would surely be the same soon, he wished he could have done more for Yuugi, he hadn't even been able to help in a way he had wanted to in getting his aibou back. "Well that’s done." Kaiba replied as he rejoined them. Yami sighed, close to tears in his immobile state, he hated himself, he wanted nothing more than for them to just come and finish him off, he hit his head on the bottom of the cage again. "That was quick, I'm surprised he didn't try and escape" Anzu stated. Kaiba chuckled. "He didn’t know it was unlocked." "I'm sure he wouldn't have" Anzu chuckled. "I wonder what he was like when he found out". "None too happy." "I can't imagine he would have been. I wouldn't if it were me" Jou replied. "I suppose he’s now the puppy dog." Kaiba joked. "Funny Kaiba" Jou growled. "I have to admit it, but he is caged like a dog so he has a point". "Awww come on Jou Kaiba didn’t mean it like that." Yuugi reassured. "I bet he didn't" Jou replied, folding his arms. "Now what do we do? I'm sure Yami wasn't successful in anything in that cage, Rebecca can't do anything I doubt. So now what" Before anyone could answer a scream from outside was heard. "What was that?" Jou called in surprised. "It sounded like Mai." Varon said. "What the-? I haven't seen her about since the beginning of all this" Jou called. "Let's go". He rushed ahead of the others, Anzu quickly followed him. Varon rushed ahead, but froze in seeing what happened. "What's wrong Varon?" Anzu asked, turning back to him. "Look." He gestured to the slowly collapsing Mai. "What happened to her?" Jou called. "By my guess she lost a duel…and her soul." "But how?" Jou cried out. "She was powerful with the Seal. What's happening? Are we all falling apart or something?" Varon went closer and gasped in horror. "What is it?" Anzu asked. Varon motioned for them to come closer. Jou and Anzu moved ahead first, looking down worried, wondering what Varon was so concerned about. "That wasn't a duel mates. It was a fight." He said pointing to the splashes of blood around Mai's body. "Mai!" Jou cried out. "I don't understand, how could she-" Anzu started. "It doesn't matter, we have to get her back somewhere safe to rest. Something's not agreeing with us and its not who we though was our only threat". Yuugi nodded. "Come on, where's the nearest room we can use" Anzu asked, turning to Yuugi. "Well I suppose where Yami's trapped would work." "Ah, good choice. He can see it all happen right before him. At the same time, we can keep an eye on him" Anzu giggled, hugging Yuugi. Jou knelt beside Mai, slowly inspecting the situation before turning to Varon, wondering which would take her if not both. Varon smirked lifting her by her legs. "Mate a little help? She's a bit heavy." Varon said, glad that she was unconscious otherwise she'd have slapped him. Jou smiled quickly, thinking about what Mai's reaction would have been, nodding his head as he helped lift her upper half from the ground. Anzu giggled, picturing the reaction as well. "Anzu, you guys have to make sure everything's ready for us when we get back. Is there a bed in that room we can use?" "Yeah it's near Yamis cage." "Oh good, we can force him to watch it" Kaiba chuckled. "Does he always have a vindictive mind?" Varon joked. "I guess" Jou mumbled. Yuugi suddenly went to one knee. "Yuugi, what's wrong?" Anzu cried, lowering herself by his side. "Nothing I’m fine." "You worried me, are you sure it's nothing" "Just a side-effect." "Side-effect to what" Anzu gasped. "Using Exile of The Wicked." "You don't mean it affected you in a similar way, do you?" Anzu whispered. "Way to what?" "Way to what happened to Rebecca, you don't think it's weakening the Oracle, do you?" "No." "Thank goodness. Come on, I think you need some rest too, it's been rough for you lately, you've only just got your soul back" Anzu stated, pulling him into a hug. "You’re just like my mom sometimes." Yuugi teased. "Yuugi" Anzu moaned, frowning. "You're so silly sometimes, I'll be even more if you don't get some rest, I'm worried about you". Yuugi giggled before he gave in. Anzu shook her head before rising, holding a hand out for him to take. Yuugi shook his head, and indicated he wanted to be carried. Anzu nodded, smiling, she understood that he did look tired and a rest was what he wanted, so carrying him made sense. She bent down before pulling him up from the ground, holding him up bridal style. Yuugi smiled back. Anzu held him close as she turned in the direction they needed to walk, glancing back at Jou and Varon. "Are you guys alright? Ready to take her?" she asked. "Yeah." "Alright then" she replied, nodding before moving ahead, holding Yuugi tightly as she walked ahead of them, Kaiba close by. "You alright?" she asked quietly to Yuugi. "Yes I'm fine my angel." "That's good" Anzu replied cheerfully, smiling. She glanced back at Varon and Jou again a couple of times before she turned into the corridor, turning to Kaiba as they approached the room. Yuugi smiled back at Anzu. Anzu turned to Kaiba as she approached the door to the room, halting before glancing back at Jou and Varon, hoping they were doing fine with Mai while she waited for him to open the door. Kaiba muttered something as he flung the door open. Yami lifted his head when the door opened again, still laying on his stomach as he had since being left inside his prison. Anzu entered first, glancing at Kaiba, trying to show that he was the only one that had a free hand to open it. "What am I, a freaking servant?" Kaiba muttered a sense of bitterness in his voice as he walked inside, beckoning the others. "Kaiba, the rest of us are kind of busy holding onto someone" Anzu growled, glaring at him before focusing on where she could lay Yuugi. Yuugi kissed Anzu's cheek in an effort to calm her down. Anzu turned to Yuugi as she felt him kiss her cheek, she smiled meekly. "You sure you're alright?" she asked. "Yes my love." "Alright then" Anzu replied. "Let's get you laid down, I'm sure you need a rest". Yami watched the pair of them, concerned at that Anzu was talking about Yuugi needing a rest. Yuugi eyed Yami and stuck his tongue out spitefully at him. Yami glared at Yuugi, he didn't know what else he could do, he could hardly make the same gesture back and words were hardly of any use to him anymore. Yuugi chuckled softly. Anzu giggled as she noticed Yuugi's enjoyment in taunting Yami. She moved across the room, looking about for where Yuugi had mentioned they could lay him and Mai. Yuugi weakly gestured to the 2 beds in the room. Anzu glanced at him, noting how he looked slightly weaker, Yami also watched worriedly. She laid him down on one of the beds, laying her hand on his forehead. "You alright here" she whispered. "Yes my love... please... give me my deck..." Anzu reached into her pocket, pulling out the deck that she had held onto mostly since Yuugi's defeat, slipping it into his hand. Yuugi smiled, a cruel vindictive one as he summoned Black Magician to keep watch on Yami as the small duellist rested. Yami looked up at the Black Magician as it emerged. He groaned as he wondered why Yuugi had summoned it, he pulled against the ropes around his wrists, growling when they just made his wrists worse. Black Magician chuckled. "And to think I served you in the ancient past.." He said his voice as wicked as his master's. Yami groaned as he struggled more, glaring up at Black Magician with his wicked voice, wishing he could break free just to try and talk some sense into them both.

Black Magician looked over at Yuugi. "Master.." He murmured a little anguished.

Anzu turned from Black Magician from Yuugi, wondering what it was that Black Magician was addressing Yuugi for, Yami too watched the exchange. Yuugi looked over at his favourite monster and smiled softly. "It is all right my mage." He replied. "What's the matter? What's troubling him?" Anzu asked Yuugi. "He's worried for me. You and the others with the Oracle can communicate with our monsters outside of duels." "I see, I'm worried too, the way you seemed a bit weaker after you used Exile of the Wicked" Anzu added, laying a hand on his shoulder. She turned to Black Magician, Yami still struggling as much as he could after hearing Yuugi had really been feeling weaker. "Anzu-san?" Black Magician asked. "What is it, Black Magician?" "Do you need anything from me?" "I'm fine for now, I think its best you follow Yuugi's command, Yami's been a real pain lately, that's where you're needed now for the time". Black Magician nodded. He obeyed her because she and his master were bonded together. Yami glared up at Black Magician as the mage turned to him, still twisting his wrists, only making them worse, burning as they cut into his skin, wearing it down. Anzu smirked as she turned to Jou and Varon, signalling them to move Mai to the other bed The two boys nodded, slowly laying Mai down safely. "She'll be fine you two, there's surely someone that can help her" Anzu insisted. "It would be wise if you not fight." Black Magician told Yami. Yami sighed, ending his struggle for the time, wincing when his wrists rested against his back, burning from the ropes' tight grip, he continued to glare up at Black Magician. He smirked. Yami groaned, turning to Kaiba, there had seemed to be some tension that had built in the return to the room. "What is he gawking at?" Kaiba muttered. "I don't know" Anzu replied, turning to Black Magician. "I doubt you'll have an idea either, but we're hardly going to endure his whining just to find out what he won't tell us". Mai groaned as she slowly awoke. "Mai" Anzu gasped, turning to her. Mai smiled a little. "Hi Anzu." "Are you feeling alright" Anzu asked. "Yeah.. though my arms and left leg are sore." "That's just because of how we found you. I'm sure you'll be fine". "Yeah if only I could've reached my deck I'd have won that." "So you're alright now?" Jou asked. "Getting... wait a second.. Jonouchi is that you?" "Yeah, Varon and I are here. We're here for you Mai" Jou replied. "W...Where am I?" "You're back with us in one of the bigger rooms in the tower. We found you not too far, you scared us". Mai chuckled weakly. "Sorry." "Don't be, I'm just glad you're safe now. Varon is too I'm sure". Varon blushed. Jou chuckled at him before turning back to Mai. Varon glared. "What's wrong" Jou chuckled. "Nothing wrong with it". "Have you forgotten how I feel about her?" "No, I know, that's why I thought it was nice to show you care and how you feel". "All right then." Jou smiled, shaking his head and turning back to Mai. Anzu took still seemed concerned about Yuugi. Yuugi smiled at her. "Yuugi what’s wrong?" Mai asked. Anzu glanced at Mai and back to Yuugi, Jou also turned towards Anzu and Yuugi. Mai looked puzzled as to why Yuugi was in bed. "He's fine Mai, I'm sure he is, he keeps saying it, so I guess he means it". "Ok Anzu-chan." Anzu turned to Yuugi, keeping her hand rested on his shoulder, smiling gently. "I love you so much Anzu.." Yuugi whispered. "And I love you so much too my little king". Yuugi giggled and kissed her lips deeply. Anzu kissed back, smiling as she did, Yami rolled his eyes and looked away, still thinking how he could use Kaiba's tension against them. Anzu hugged Yuugi as they kissed. Yuugi hugged her tighter, just wanting to antagonize Yami while giving his girl as much love as she wanted. Anzu smiled more as she held Yuugi close, Yami turned back to them, sighing before his eyes fell to look at the bottom of the cage beneath him. "Anzu did I miss something?" Mai asked, gesturing to the caged Yami and the couple's wedding rings. "Oh yeah. Well where should we start?" Anzu asked, gesturing to Mai to make the suggestion. "The rings." She giggled softly. "Well, Yuugi and I decided to move our relationship up a level and wed not too long ago" Anzu giggled, hugging Yuugi tightly. Yuugi giggled back as he hugged her as tight as he could. Mai giggled as well. "Congrats you two." "Thanks for that Mai". "No problem." Anzu giggled as she turned to Yuugi, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before turning back to Mai. "Would you two please quit kissing?!" Yami barked. Anzu scowled as she turned away, glaring at Yami having seen he had gotten past the gag which had slipped down to his neck. He glared at him from the anger rising from their constant kissing, his hands still tied tightly, she was glad it had only been his gag he had gotten past. She stood up, turning back to Yuugi. "This'll only take a second". "Of course my wicked queen." Anzu made her way towards the cage, Yami growled at her as she knelt down before him, reaching out for the fallen cloth. As she grabbed it, he turned to it, biting her hand. She withdrew her hand, screeching as she pulled back, glaring at him. "Black Magician if you may." Yuugi said smiling wickedly. Yami growled, glaring up at Black Magician. "If he may what Yuugi? Don't fight it, you know this isn't right" he called. "Dark Magic Attack.." "What? No!" Yami cried out. Yuugi laughed wickedly and gestured to Yami indicating that he was the target of the blast. Yami gasped, staring at Yuugi in horror, his eyes wide, his bottom jaw hanging, he turned to Black Magician, seeing the attack ready to fire. "Fire." Yami watched helplessly as the orb of dark energy flew towards him. He cried out as it hit him, screaming even from the shock he felt from it, feeling it burning away his energy as all he could do was lay there and endure it. Yuugi cackled loving every ounce of pain he created. Yami continued screaming until the attack eventually subsided, he panted as he tried to get some air inside of him once again. He watched Yuugi weakly, his eyes only half-open before he allowed his head to fall and hit the floor of the cage. Yuugi continued laughing, his once gentle amethyst eyes were a dark sinister red-purple combination. Yami felt his chest heaving with every breath he took in, hearing Yuugi's laughing continuing, he felt more tortured by the fact Yuugi was enjoying his pain so much more than the attack itself. "Haven't you figured it out Pharaoh?! I love and crave your pain!" Yuugi said with an insane smile. Yami lifted his head, resting his chin on the floor of the cage, looking up at Yuugi tired, his once proud crimson eyes now dulled from the experiences, the dark circles clear to the others, his eyelids themselves seeming much darker as they covered half of his eyes. "Isn't that right my friends?" Yuugi asked the others. "Of course it is Yuuge" Jou laughed. "Yes, watching him suffer gives you pleasure after everything that happened before when he locked you away" Anzu added. "Yes you wanted power and didn't care what happened to me and now it's my turn for the power and yours to feel the pain I felt." Yuugi said giving a Kaiba-like laugh. "No Yuugi" Yami rasped, shaking his head weakly. "I was ready to accept my fate there, I was ready to pay the price for messing up. I didn't mean for you to come and save me. Please forgive me, I didn't mean for it to happen to you". Yuugi groaned his hand shooting to his head, trying to fight off his former Yami's lies. "Yuugi, did you see me trying to run away when it happened? Didn't you see me smiling when I knew I was going to pay for my mistake Yuugi? I was ready to go, I never wanted you to suffer, I never expected you to appear" Yami added, tears building in his eyes as he watched Yuugi. "I specifically told you not to play it!!" Yuugi screamed. "I was worried, we were going to lose, you know the Oracle clouded my mind, you said so there and then, you know it messes with peoples' minds. It messed with my mind and its messing with you now" Yami called. "No...that’s a lie.." Yuugi protested before finally collapsing due to the pain Yami caused him. "Yuugi no" Yami cried. He tried to move forward, pulling at the ropes even more, he didn't care the damage they were doing, he had to do whatever he could to see if Yuugi was alright. "Yuugi" Anzu gasped, rushing by his side. He was partially out cold. "Yuugi no" Anzu sighed. She carefully pulled him from the ground, lifting him up and back into the bed, pulling the sheets up to his neck and resting a hand on his forehead. A few seconds later Yuugi awoke as if nothing happened. "Yuugi, are you alright?" Anzu cried in a panicky manner. "Yes I'm fine. Now if you'll excuse me there's work I must do on my own." "What do you mean 'on your own'? We've done everything together so far. At least tell me what you're planning to do". "I'm planning to challenge an 'old friend' to a rematch." "Alright then, but be careful, I don't want anything to happen to you again" Anzu replied. "Relax." "Okay then" Yuugi walked out, an extremely vile grin on his face as he departed. Anzu watched as Yuugi left the room, she turned to Yami with a dark look before returning before the cage, pulling the cloth roughly from his neck, she turned to Jou, signalling him to join her. He knelt down beside her, grabbing a fist full of Yami's hair. Yami winced as Anzu wrapped the cloth over his mouth again, without any way for him to protest. When she finished pulling at the tight knot at the back of his head, she turned to the door in which Yuugi had left. "Good luck my little Yuugi" she whispered.

  • This shouldn’t take long..* Yuugi thought as he calmly walked through the city searching for his opponent.

Jou turned to Anzu as he continued to pull at Yami's hair, he could see Anzu's obvious concern following Yuugi's collapse. "Don't worry Anzu, he'll be fine" he insisted. "I'm sure he will be" Anzu replied, nodding. Yuugi noticed the all-too familiar DOOM building. "Heh, excellent. My target resides here.." Inside the building, Dartz turned as he felt the presence from the outside, he had no idea what was happening, he felt as though the Oracle had returned but not to him had surprised him. He began to wonder who the Oracle had chosen this time. "Hello Dartz.. you snake.." Yuugi hissed. "Yuugi" Dartz replied, sounding surprised. "So, it came to you" "Yes.. and I thank you.. for had you not sent Raphael to duel the Pharaoh i never would have gained my limitless power.." "I see, so, you're using my choice in using Raphael to target the Pharaoh as a way to explain how it came to you. So, how many others do you have then" Yuugi cackled. "Many.. including Varon and Raphael.." "So, some of my former helpers. So, these 'many', I assume they include the Pharaoh himself, after all, having seen how you two worked together before, I can only assume he's by your side in this entire thing". "Actually he isn't." "He what? That surprises me, I expected him to be on your side, supporting you. Although it does make sense as you came without him". "Heh he has attempted to thwart my many plans." "And has clearly failed I see". "Correct…however I came to duel not chat." "I understand, I'm not surprised. Fine then, we'll duel". "Heh very well.. your soul will soon belong to me.." "We'll see which soul is taken". "Since I'm the challenger I shall start." "Fine with me". "Your foolish calm attitude amuses me." He said as he drew his first 5 cards. "Well, let's just say I have more experience with the Oracle, or have you forgotten how I defeated Kaiba without a problem and brought the Pharaoh to the brink of surrender. That was until you stepped in and saved him". "Shut up. I'm not the same weak child you knew." "We'll see, the Oracle has changed you I can see, but it certainty made chances in the wrong places". "What?" "Your attitude for a start. At least you're a lot more confident and successful than before". "Your mind games won't work. Your demise begins now! I activate The Oracle of Darkness!" Dartz growled as he watched Yuugi holding the card high, it was clear it would be played, but to have been able to use the copy he still held from the first time would have tipped things in his favour. Yuugi grinned wickedly as the Oracle shined on his forehead. "Well, let's see how well you do this time around with it on your side". "Fine. Now I play Yuugou (Polymerization)." Dartz glared, with the Oracle and a fusion monster, Yuugi would be off to a much better start than he would be. Yuugi sent Gazelle and Bafformet from his hand to the cementary. "Come forth Yuukoku Kenjyuu Chimera! (Chimera The Flying Mythical Beast)" "I thought as much" Dartz sighed. Yuugi chuckled as the 2-headed fusion appeared with a mighty roar. (2600/1800) "Is that the end of your turn" Dartz called. "One set card. Turn end." "I summon Oracle Diablos in attack mode and lay two cards face-down". "How foolish. I play Giant Trunade," Dartz growled as his two cards were removed, the Oracle remaining because of its ancient magic, now his creature was vulnerable. "Now I play Magical Summoning to play a Spellcaster from my hand. So i play Black Magician then a new card you've never seen." "And what might that be" "It's known as Jaws of Kurthia!" Yuugi called as the evil twin of Timaeus appeared, "It looks just like Timaeus. I never encountered that dragon before". "Yes you see its the evil twin of Timaeus." "So that'll make sense why I never saw it before. It would have been fighting against Timaeus, not with him". "Naturally, now I fuse it with Black Magician to form Black Doom Dragon!" (atk 3400/def 3600) Dartz glared up at the creature, atop the dragon's head stood the Black Magician, white symbols across the dragon's body giving it the appearance similar to that of Amulet Dragon, only with the darker skin tone and gleaming red eyes. The dragon roared as it rose to 3900. Dartz turned his attention from the dragon to Yuugi, without the back-up his face-down cards would have supplied and Yuugi's powerful monsters on the field already, things could only get better he hoped, although he was sure it wasn't to be. "Now Chimera annihilate his lowly Diablos!" Dartz groaned as she shielded his eyes from the blast, feeling as his monsters was shattered before him, his lifepoints dropping by 1100. "Now Doom Dragon blast him directly!" Dartz's eyes widened as the blast left the dragon, smashing into him, reducing his lifepoints by more than half of what he had left. "Now to end this. I play Yuugou Kaijyo! (De-Fusion) It's all over for you.." Dartz growled, closing his eyes, he understood that it was over, he sighed, smiling. "Well done, the Oracle chose well" he spoke as he waited for the command. "I separate Doom Dragon so I re-summon Black Magician, now end this! Dark Magic Attack!!" Dartz opened his eyes as the attack came, with the Black Magician's boost from the Oracle, his lifepoints hit their limit, he had lost so easily, but proud that the Oracle had seen the power it had brought out in Yuugi. Yuugi smiled evilly as he watched. Dartz made no resistance to the attack nor showed any sign of pain as the attack engulfed him, the Seal shrinking around him. Yuugi looked a little surprised but made no movement to stop it. Dartz felt the Seal as it surrounded just him, robbing him of his soul Yuugi chuckled softly. "Farewell.." Dartz dropped to his knees, his body falling as he no longer possessed the ability to stop it. Yuugi smirked as he walked over to him and knelt down, taking the few things Dartz had left that channelled the Oracle then left holding them and Dartz's soul card in his hands. Anzu turned to Jonouchi, she felt different than when Yuugi had left, she felt stronger, something was different and that could have been it, but she couldn't be quite sure About 10 minutes later, Yuugi returned to the group still with a slight smirk. "Yuugi" Anzu called happily, making her way over to him and pulling him into a tight hug. Yuugi hugged her back with a grin. "What’s with that look?" Anzu asked with a smile "I won that's what." He replied showing the sort of pendant he had taken from Dartz upon his victory. "You beat Dartz" Anzu giggled. Yami glared at them both, Jou having released his hair shortly following Yuugi's leaving. To beat Dartz meant Yuugi was on an entirely different level of darkness than Yami had thought he was. "Yes. He was far easier to beat than when Yami over there duelled." Yuugi said with a laugh. Yami sighed turning away, Yuugi continued to mock him, he hadn't used the Oracle nor held an edge of Dartz in his duel. He couldn't even attack when he was scared of losing Yuugi's soul through an attack. "All he could play was Orichalcos Diablos and a facedown card both of which were useless thanks to Chimera and Black Doom Dragon." Anzu giggled proudly as she hugged Yuugi tightly, Yami glanced back, trying not to look as surprised and concerned as he felt. Yuugi grinned, enjoying every bit of attention and affection he got. "That's great Yuuge, you've proved you can stand up and easily defeat the former leader of the Oracle to prove your dominance, you truly are the leader and now everyone knows that" Jou called proudly. Yuugi blushed as his grin widened. "Thank you Jou." "No problem, after all, it is the truth" Jou chuckled, giving Yuugi a thumbs up. Yuugi giggled and returned the gesture. "I wonder where Honda got off to.." "Yeah, me too, I haven't seen him since he led you to where I was with Yami when I agreed with him" Jou replied, feeling hateful of himself in the final part as he spat it out. "Don't worry it's ok now Jou-kun." Yuugi told him. "No its not, I worked with him against you" Jou sighed, looking at the floor. "I should have known better, but I couldn't help myself and went against you". "Jou.." Mai said gently. "What is it, Mai?" "You weren't yourself when this happened." "But I should have been, I should have seen what was happening, but he blind me" Jou growled. "Speaking of him, he's probably blinded your sister.. not that we need her." Yuugi replied. "I haven't seen Shizuka for a while now, it would be nice for her to be around, but I'm not risking her, she's not really much of a duellist, so its best to leave her out of this" Jou agreed. "Hmm.. perhaps that kid with the Fairy-tale deck.." Kaiba suggested forgetting his name for the time being. "You mean Leon? What about him? I think we're fine as we are" Anzu replied. "But it is a good idea if we want to recruit him". "Yes...good idea Kaiba." Yuugi replied, looking thoughtful. Anzu turned to Yuugi as he answered. "The problem is we have no idea where Leon is or how long it'll take to get him onside. He's probably back home, that's a long way from here and it'll mean a lot of trouble, especially if Siegfried gets involved". "Are you suggesting I cannot defeat them?" "I never said that, I'm just saying its a long way to go, we're strong now, but Siegfried getting involved will just make things last longer. I know you can beat them, you've been able to beat everyone so far". "All except one.." "That doesn't matter, you beat her before, she just got lucky". "Still the defeat is real." "Don't worry about that, she's gone now, she won't be a problem, no-one's a problem anymore" Anzu replied, shooting a glare at Yami as she finished for him to return the look. Yami returned the look but it was more of a pained look rather one of anger. "Looks like its finally taking it effect" Anzu replied with a grin. Yami groaned, looking like he was trying to curl himself up from the pain. Opening his eyes again with a much weaker glare, the dark circles under his eyes even clearer than before. "What's up with his eyes anyway?" Yuugi asked a little confused. "Its because he's been left so weak. As the darkness in you grows, it takes him apart bit by bit, he's on the verge of falling apart, he has been for a while now. Ever since you locked him away the last time in fact he's been close to falling apart“. "Eventually he'll be gone for good, right?" "Right, it won't be long now, the way he's squirming is evident to that" Anzu replied. Yami groaned more, twisting his wrists more as he grew more desperate to free them from the tight ropes, wincing as they cut deeper into his skin. Yuugi chuckled. Yami stared up at Yuugi as he chuckled, groaning more, pulling tighter at the ropes, droplets of blood falling from where his wrists had been brought to their limits. Yuugi grinned wickedly. Yami sighed, trying to talk back, knowing full well that they wouldn't get through the gag, but at least to show he was still fighting back. 'If only I could get through to him. It's him I scared of losing, I've lost him so much already, there has to be a way to pull him back' he thought. Jou watched with a smirk. Yami tried more to drag himself to the edge, just wishing Yuugi would hear him out. Feeling the blood sliding down his wrists, wondering if Yuugi or Jou had seen from their smirks, Anzu turned to Kaiba also smiling as Yami continued his attempts of getting words out beyond muffled pleas. "He's so pathetic.." Yuugi taunted. "I know, its fun, I'm almost going to miss taunting him when he's gone" Anzu added, turning back to Yuugi. "Don't worry I'm sure we can find a new target." "Yeah, but they won't be as fun" Anzu sighed. "I guess no plan is perfect". "I'm sure over time they will be." "I suppose, so, what should our next move be I assume you still want to duel him, or are we leaving him like this until his time runs out" "Hmm.. tough decision." Anzu chuckled at Yuugi's reply, Yami sighed, lowering his head. "It is really." "I'm sure it is". Yuugi looked deep in thought. Leon arrived outside the tower, having decided to visit Yuugi following the KC Grand Championship, he decided he wanted to make sure everyone was well since. "I guess I should see what this is all about" he muttered Yuugi's eyes lit up as he sensed a new presence. Yami kept his eyes focused on Yuugi as he struggled, groaning and wincing with each movement, most causing the pain in his wrists to flare, wondering what was up with Yuugi's sudden change in attitude. Leon made his way inside, looking around in awe at the area, he felt like he would have loved to have lived in a place like it. "Heh I believe our target has arrived." Yuugi said with a grin. "Target?" Anzu repeated. Yami also repeated the word, only for two groans to come as the result. "Yes. Leon." "I see, so you already have plans for him" Anzu chuckled. "Correct my evil queen." "Good, always one step ahead my evil king" Anzu giggled, hugging him, "Well I don't know about that." He said acting modest. "Of course you are, go, I'll keep an eye on Yami, surely it's you he's here to see. You, Jou and Kaiba. Go and see him". "All right." Yuugi replied, as he Jou and Kaiba the Oracle disappearing from them for now. Anzu kissed Yuugi on the cheek as the Oracle disappeared from his forehead, Jou moving beside Yuugi. "This won't take long at all" he claimed with a smile. "You’re right." Anzu nodded, smiling proudly as Jou made his way to the door, laying his hand on the handle. Yuugi smiled back at Anzu before Jou opened the door and they left. Anzu waved as the three left, turning to Varon and Mai with a smirk before turning to Yami with a darker smirk, Yami glared back weakly. Jou laid a hand on Yuugi's shoulder, smiling confidently Varon smirked back. "You two ready?" Yuugi asked. Yami looked from Anzu to Varon, wondering what they were up to, the worry rising inside of him. "Yeah" Jou answered, Kaiba simply nodding as a reply. Yuugi smiled as Leon approached them. "Hi Yuugi, Jonouchi, Kaiba" Leon greeted cheerfully. "How have you guys been?" "Fine and you?" Yuugi asked. "I've been good too". "Good to hear." "I came by to see how you were all doing, glad to see you're well. So, you know who owns this tower I see". "Yes." "Oh really, are they nice I'd like to meet them sometime, but I'm sure they're busy". "Heh if only you knew." Yuugi replied surprised Leon hadn't actually figured out the tower belonged to him and Anzu. "Well, what are you guys doing around here then?" "Oh you know this and that. Follow us we'd like to show you something." "Oh, OK" Leon replied cheerfully before making his way towards Yuugi. Yuugi hid a smirk as he and the others led Leon into the room they came from. "What's this thing you want to show me?" Leon asked as they halted outside of the room, Jonouchi grinning widely. "Just follow us inside." Leon nodded as Jonouchi pushed open the door, he glanced inside, noticing Anzu, Mai and Varon before spotting Yami in the cage. He gasped, Yami turned to him, trying to warn him, nothing clear reaching him as Yami struggled more. Yuugi grinned. "Wh-what's going on?" Leon asked, turning to Yuugi. "Anzu-chan, mind telling him?" "This tower belongs to us, we're taking over and little Yami here didn't like the ride, so we're keeping him here until his time runs out" Anzu laughed. "What? I don't understand. That Yami guy looks exactly like Yuugi. More like the guy I was duelling in the Grand Championship. I don't get it, there's two of you? And you've locked him away because of what?" Yuugi chuckled at his naivety and signalled for Anzu to continue. The Oracle began to shine on her forehead. "The Oracle is what we trust in, Yami didn't like the idea so when we recruited the others, he was reduced to this" Anzu continued, pointing down at Yami. "Now we've chosen for you to come with us, join us or lose your soul in a duel". Leon's eyes widened as he grew afraid. "What do you say?" Anzu continued Leon looked too nervous to speak. "I think we scared him with the choice Yuugi" Anzu chuckled. "Maybe that or seeing Yami and you together, especially with Yami locked up like this". "Yes I agree my evil angel." Anzu chuckled as she watched Leon, Yami also noting how terrified Leon looked, trying his best to call out to Leon to run and get away. "So do you wish to duel me?" Yuugi asked grinning. Yami shook his head at Leon, trying to persuade him to run, his calls all muffled and left as nothing but inaudible cries. Anzu grinned as she watched Yami before turning to Yuugi. "W-Well I guess I’ll duel." Leon replied. Jou turned to Yuugi. "Don't use the Oracle. We're just testing him." Yami continued to struggle, Leon had no idea what he was leading himself into. Anzu nodded in agreement is Jou. Yuugi sighed but nodded. "Don't worry, we can still get him onside when he loses" Jou added. "You think?" "Yeah, once he sees the power, he'll want to join". "All right." Jou smiled before moving away, standing close to Anzu, between her and the cage as he grinned, watching Yuugi and Leon. "So who goes first?" Leon asked. "It doesn't matter" Yuugi replied. "You choose". "I suppose you can start then, Yuugi." Leon replied smiling innocently. "I'll start with Green Gadget (atk 1400/def 600) in attack mode, move Red Gadget to my hand and one card-face down". Leon drew, and smiled. "I play Kaichoo Glife (Glife The Phantom Bird) in attack mode." He called as a large red bird that bore a strong resemblance to Crimson Sunbird appeared. (1500/1200) Yuugi stared up at the monster on Leon's field, it was just stronger than his own monster and Leon had the chance of attack. "And now Glife's special ability activates. When he's played he can destroy one magic or trap card on your side." Leon chuckled good-naturally. "Sorry Yuugi but there goes your facedown card." "Damn, now there's nothing to help my Green Gadget". "Now Glife attack his Gadget monster now!" Yuugi did nothing as his Green Gadget was destroyed, his lifepoints falling by 100. Leon: 8000 Yuugi: 7900 "That ends my turn." Leon said. "Fine. I'll summon Beta the Magnet Warrior in attack mode" Yuugi called. "Beta, attack his Glife now". Leon shielded himself as his life points fell by 200, to 7800. "I'll end my turn there". "My turn then. I play Gouyoku Natsubo (Pot Of Greed) to draw 2 more cards." "Anything you can use against my monster?" "Actually yes." Leon smiled. "I play Cinderella in attack mode and she lets me play my Kabacha No Bajyoo (Pumpkin Carriage) in defense mode. Cin. :300/600 Kabacha: 0/800 "Oh great, these fairytale monsters again". Leon giggled. "Yes their great aren't they?" "Oh sure, for a three year old". Leon frowned a little. "What's that mean?" "You heard, I can't believe Pegasus even made such cards. Come on, grow up Leon, I know you have a bond with them but you've got to get serious in this game". Leon looked puzzled. "Anyway since Cinderella is summoned i play Glass No Kutsu (Glass Slippers). This magic card gives Cinderella 1000 more points." "Oh joy" Yuugi hissed, glaring at the princess monster. Cinderella's attack rose to 1300. "And now thanks to her slippers she can attack directly!" Yuugi growled, he knew full well from his and Yami's duel against Leon how tricky his deck could be. He glanced at Anzu and Jou before turning back to Leon again. "Now attack directly!" Leon called even though he was still confused by Yuugi's crack about his Fairytale monsters being for 3-year-olds. Yuugi groaned as the slipper raced towards him, shattering against him, he glared back. "See, only a kid would enjoy stories with a glass slipper being a major part and in this case a weapon”. He looked puzzled once again. "Anyway since I struck you directly," He giggled softly. "Your monster gets it's own pair of slippers however it loses 1000 points." "Beta in slippers?" Jou moaned. "That's odd". "Great, now Beta's much more vulnerable" Yuugi growled. Leon looked at the now Magnet warrior which had its own slippers and smiled. "He looks much cuter like that wouldn't you say Yuugi?" "Like Jou said, bizarre is more like it" Yuugi snapped. "Finish your move". "Very well. I place one set card and end my turn." "Good, my turn" he called drawing. "Gouyoku Natsubo (Pot of Greed). I'll draw two cards. Great, one is Watapon. And I'll sacrifice it for a combo you'll remember. Black Magician Girl. And even then, I'll activate Sage's Stone to summon Black Magician". Leon smiled. "They can't attack anyway." "I know, but they'll come in handy the instant they can". "Ah well. Is that all?" "One card face-down and then it is". "My draw. I activate my Typhoon magic card to destroy your facedown." "No, not again" Yuugi hissed. Leon giggled softly and nodded. Yuugi watched as his card was taken from the field, discarded into the graveyard, glaring at Leon. "Come on Yuugi, don't let him get the better of you" Jou called. "We know you can beat him easily" Anzu added. "My fairies are tougher than they look Yuugi." "I noticed". "Although I still don't get what you said before." "Just that you rely on cards that younger kids would associate with, grow up Leon, this words isn't like fairytales". "Anything can be a fairytale if you use your imagination, Yuugi." "Imaginations like that are better off not surviving. Just look at what Yami's imagination of stopping us left him like. You can't fight fate with thoughts, you'll just lose like he did". Leon just smiled. "I summon Mori No Okami (Forest Wolf) in attack mode." (1800/300) "Oh no" Yuugi growled. "Yep. Now Okami destroy Beta!" Yugi groaned as Beta was eaten by the wolf, reducing his lifepoints by 1100. Leon: 8000 Yuugi: 6800 "And now with Beta destroyed, Cinderella gets a new pair of slippers raising her attack by 1000 and at the end of my turn I get Beta on my side." "Damn, this isn't going well". "Now Cinderella attack him directly!" Yuugi groaned again when the slipper smashed against his lifepoints again, knocking him down another 1000 lifepoints. Leon smiled ending his turn as Beta appeared on his side. Yuugi growled as he watched Beta appear on Leon's side of the field. "Fine, I'll summon Gamma the Magnet Warrior in defence mode. And I'll activate my Heavy Storm magic card". "Oh no!" "Oh yes, now all your magic and trap cards are destroyed so much monsters aren't so useless". Cinderella's attack fell back to 300. "Good now, Black Magician, attack his carriage, Black Magician Girl, attack Cinderella". Leon groaned as his monsters were wiped out. Leon: 6300 Yuugi: 4500 "And since Gamma's in defence mode, I'll have to end my turn". Leon smiled and drew. "I activate Inochi No Misu (Water Of Life) to bring back Cinderella in defence mode which in turn brings back my Carriage in defence mode." Yuugi watched Leon draw his card, Yami also watched silently, pulling at the ropes further. Jou glanced at him, quickly finding the drops of blood, nudging Anzu. "Hey Anzu, look". "Heh, we tried to warn him not to fight back. Yugi'll pleased to learn that something like that happened". "Great" Yuugi growled, staring at the field. "And are you planning to do anything with them?" "Yes I'll sacrifice them." "What?" Yuugi called. "Fine, let's see what else your pathetic deck can create". Leon continued to smile. "Now i summon Hekisatoru-di (Hex Trude) in attack mode. (2600/?) "Oh no, that thing" Yuugi hissed. "Now Hex take out his Black Magician!" "Too bad Leon, I activate Magic Cylinder" Yuugi called. (couldn't see a sub name) Leon screamed as his life points dropped to 3700. "Are you done playing around?" Yuugi growled. "I have a duel to finish winning". "I set one card and end." "Good" Yuugi answered. "I draw, lay one card face-down and activate Magic Formula, adding it to my Black Magician, making him stronger than your creature. Now, Black Magician, attack!" "Bad decision Yuugi reveal facedown. Holy Barrier Mirror Force!" "No, my monsters!" Leon giggled. "Fine, I end my turn". "Very well. I draw. Hex Trude direct attack!" "Yuugi, do something" Anzu called. "Go, Zero Gravity!" Yuugi shouted. "What's that do?" "It'll swap your monsters into their other mode, for your monster, it'll go into defence mode". Leon groaned. "Ah well that ends my turn." "Good. I'll play Shisha Tensei (Monster Reincarnation) to move Black Magician back to my hand. With Gamma still on the field, I'll summon Alpha in defence mode alongside it and that'll be my turn done". "All right. I switch Trude back to attack mode and have her attack Gamma!" Yuugi shielded his eyes as Gamma was eliminated, Anzu gasped as she watched, Jou and Yami also watching with wider eyes than normal. "Damn, I take it that's your turn over" "Yes." He said Trude's attack going to 3000. "Fine, I'll lay one card face-down and play Card Destruction" Yuugi called. "Meaning we throw away all of our cards and draw the same number. And then I'll summon Kanseki no Kyohei (Giant Soldier of Stone) in defence mode. That'll end my turn". Leon discarded the 2 he was holding and drew 2 more along with his new card which he grinned softly at. "What's so good? You drew a good monster or something" "No but a powerful magic card. I activate Raigeki!" "No!" Yuugi called out. Leon smiled. 'Great, that's my face-down card useless for now and even now, he's got a huge lead, with that creature of his, I've only got a couple of turns to save myself' Yuugi thought. "Trude attack him directly!" "Yuugi!" Jou and Anzu called out in unison. Yuugi growled, glaring at the creature as it slashed at him, groaning as his lifepoints were knocked down severely, leaving him with 1500. "That’s all." Yuugi growled as he pulled another card, laying a monster face-down in defence mode and a card face-down. 'Come on Leon, summon a monster already' he thought, glaring at the field. "That ends my turn". "I summon Tetsu No Kishi (Iron Knight) in attack mode. (700/700 normally with Tetsu No Hans (Iron Hans) in cemetery 1700/700) "Thanks for that. I activate my trap: Black Magic of the Revivial Coffin (Dark Renewal). Now I sacrifice both your monster and my monster in order to summon Black Magician". "What are you sacrificing?" I have to sacrifice your new monster and one of my own: Alpha". "Very well." "As much as I'd like to sacrifice your Hex, I can't. But I have to sacrifice the monster for Black Magician. Now finish your move". "I set a card." Yuugi smirked as Leon laid the card. "Turn end." "Its a good thing you didn't attack. And now you've sealed the outcome of the duel. I play Ten Yori no Housatsu (Card of Sanctity). Then I'll lay one card face-down and play Hijyoo Shoku (Emergency Provisions) to gain 1000 lifepoints" Yuugi called. "And it doesn't end there". Leon smiled, enjoying the combo. "Now I'll play Jiware (Fissure), you won't be smiling now". "So that’s why you played Dark Renewal!" "Exactly, that and to get Black Magician back. Now, Black Magician, attack him directly. Leon screamed his life points falling fast. Leon: 1200 Yuugi: 1900 "I'll lay one card face-down and end my turn". Leon drew but had nothing left to beat Black Magician. " win." Leon replied, smiling. Yuugi smirked as Leon did nothing. "I assume your turn ends now" "Correct my friend." "Go Black Magician, finish him off" Leon groaned softly his life points hitting 0. "Game over" Yuugi stated. "Yeah, I knew you could do it Yuugi" Jou called happily. "Same, I told you that you could beat anyone" Anzu added, just as cheerful. Leon smiled. "Excellent duelling." "Thanks, now I have one question for you. Are you ready to join us?" Yuugi asked. Yami turned to Leon, trying to call out to him, he knew instantly that if Leon would remain and refuse, Anzu or Yuugi would try to hypnotize him, he shook his head, trying to signal to Leon to get out before they could, Anzu glared at him. "Why do that?" Leon asked innocently. "You can become more powerful, come on Leon, you know you want to show your brother you can do it" Yuugi replied. Yami continued to try to stop Leon, mentally cursing when it seemed it wasn't working, Anzu turned back to Yuugi and Leon, watching them both as Yuugi stepped towards Leon. "Siegfried? What about him?" "Don't you want to prove how strong you can be?" "I can with the deck I have." "Sure, with a deck of puffy fairies and princesses, he can't take you seriously with that, no-one can" Yuugi snorted. Leon frowned slightly. "But my deck is special to me.." "Maybe, but you won't be respected the way you want, you'll be ridiculed. No-one will see that its special, they'll be focusing on how weak it looks" Yuugi hissed. Yami shook his head, Leon seemed too wrapped up in listening to Yuugi's words, trying to fight against them, Anzu giggled as he could hear Yami's muffled pleas between Yuugi's claims. "That's not true!" "Yes it is, admit it" Yuugi protested. "Hey Leon, why not just see how it feels If you don't like it, we'll just take it back?" Anzu suggested. "Of course, because of how the Oracle works" Jou whispered to himself. Yami turned to him, staring wide-eyed before turning back to Leon, trying again to signal it was a trap. "Fine then." "Good, then we can sort out that baby deck of yours, someone like Rebecca would fit it, but you have power that you need to unlock elsewhere" Yuugi grinned. "Those cards are much to weak for you, you need to prove yourself". Yami shook his head more, practically trying to scream at Leon that it wasn't going to work for him, that it was a trap, pulling at his ropes, only making his wrists worse. Leon looked at Yami and walked over. "Leon, what are you doing?" Yuugi called. Leon looks at the cage, Yami wore a somewhat pained expression. "Leon, come back from him" Yuugi commanded. Yami looked up at Leon, finally his calling had caught his attention, he sighed as he looked up pleadingly, someone had to know that he was trying for the best. He winced again at the pain in his wrists before he gave up there, laying them on his back. "But Yuugi-kun he's in pain.." Leon replied, still not understanding Yuugi was evil. "He's just upset because he's in there" Yuugi scowled. "Actually, Anzu and I noticed something during your duel" Jou called. "He's been struggling with those ropes on his wrists to the point where they've dug into his skin and made them bleed. That's why he looks in pain". Yami nodded as he looked up at Leon, wincing again and glancing back to see the droplets of blood sliding down. Leon's eyes widened in horror. Yami turned back to him, Yuugi growled as he stepped towards them. "Come on, you going to sit around crying all day or are you going to try the Oracle?" he growled. "Come on, we're not waiting around for someone to tell us what to do. Leon, let's just get this done now, the sooner you bond with the Oracle, the sooner you'll see how you feel". "But Yuugi.. this doesn't feel right.." Yami nodded his head in agreement to Leon's statement, Yuugi rolled his eyes. "Listen, either you do this or you can see what its like to up against the Oracle instead. Make up your mind, we're not playing baby games and fighting against the power of the Oracle. Unless you're willing to admit that you're weak if you refuse it and wish to end up like Yami there". "At least those dorks are leaving me alone." Alcina murmured. "Hey, did you hear that?" Anzu hissed. "Something tells me another baby just arrived". "Yes I agree." Jou replied. "Great, she's back again" Yuugi sighed. Yami lowered his head, pressing his forehead against the base of the cage, he couldn't believe she was going to see him like this, he wouldn't even be able to fight back like before. Anzu walked past Jou, standing close to Yuugi. "Come on out, diaper-queen" she snapped. "Diaper-queen?" Leon asked, confused. "Long story" Yuugi replied. "Tell me. I'm not going anywhere." "Fine, this bratty kid who likes to wear diapers keeps following us around. Normally Yami gets a good kick in teasing her as well, its an easy way to get him onside for a bit, but it looks like this time, you can help us out. We like to tease her because she dislikes embarrassment. Despite the fact she wears a diaper". "How old is she?" "4 years I think" Yuugi sighed. Leon restrained a snigger. Yuugi smiled and turned to the door where he knew she had to be hiding. Alcina walked in slowly. "Well, well, look who it is" Anzu spat. "The diaper-queen returns". "Don't you think your being a bit mean?" "No way, she fights back, she's a little brat" Yuugi stated. "I am not you small-fry!" Alcina growled. "You know you are, admit it, like you did last time" Yuugi laughed. Leon somehow felt sympathetic for the 4-year-old child. "What's the matter Leon? Come on, it's fun" Yuugi asked, turning to him. "I.. I'm not sure." "Aw, come on, you'll like it once you're tried it". "Well what should I say?" "Anything you think she won't like, anything you think will embarrass her" "Well you and Anzu go first. I need an idea." "Alright. Hey, baby, wanna play a game of grow up?" Yuugi called. "Yeah, come on, you can't wear diapers forever, unless you're a real diaper-queen" Anzu added. "I agree I may use a fairy-tale deck but even I don't wear diapers anymore!" Leon taunted. "Hah, that's the spirit Leon. Even fairytales are too adult for her". "That did feel decent." Leon replied. "Aw, come on" Yuugi sighed. Yami lifted his head, looking up at Leon, feeling hopeful that he could help the others with his resistance towards both the Oracle and taunting. "What?" "You've got to want to feel more powerful and just wait til she turns on you, even the others saw it and turned on her". "Then keep insulting her." "Well, come on diaper-queen, too embarrassed to fight back because of last time?" "Shut up!" She barked. "Come and make me if you can" Yuugi dared. "Ok you asked for it!" She said and tackled him. Yuugi fell back, slamming against the bars of the cage, still her tackles were tough. Yami cried to Yuugi as slid down, clutching his stomach, glaring at her. "That's it, let's just get rid of her once and for all" "Yuugi-san are you all right?" Leon asked his voice full of concern. "I'm fine" Yuugi growled as he slowly picked himself up. Without thinking, Leon tackled Alcina. "Leon" Anzu gasped. Yuugi and Yami also watched in surprise as Leon rushed away from them to tackle her, their eyes wide as they watched it. "No one harms my friend, got that diaper dweeb?!" Leon barked, his anger finally tapped into. "Diaper dweeb" Yuugi laughed. "That's a good one. I knew you had it in you Leon". Yami sighed, his hope gone with the tackle he had watched. Leon smiled. "Yeah I guess I did." Yami groaned, smacking his head on the base of the cage, Yuugi laughed as he watched Leon, impressed that he had done it. "Good work, maybe you'll understand how you'll like the Oracle". "Yes maybe..” Mokuba looked at Noa with adoring eyes. "What's up Mokie" Noa asked, noticing the look. "Nothing nii-sama." "Mo-Mokuba" Noa gasped, surprised that Mokuba had referred to him with the name he had only beforehand referred to Kaiba with. "What is it Noa-kun?" "Nothing, you just surprised me is all". "How?" Mokuba giggled. "By calling me, nii-sama like that, I thought you only used it to refer to Seto". Mokuba frowned, scowling hatefully in his blood brother's direction. "Not any longer." "What's the matter? Are you still upset about before when his loyalty was split?" Mokuba nodded. "Plus about the past.. Noa-kun.." He dropped his voice to a whisper. "I wish you were my blood brother." "I see" Noa replied, wrapping his arms around Mokuba and pulling him into a hug. "What do you think about that? Think about it.. you could take KaibaCorp over and we could run it together like real brothers would." "I guess we could" Noa answered with a smile. Anzu glanced at the pair, rolling her eyes as she turned away, they were even plotting against someone on their side, she could see that maybe something not so helpful could wind up coming from it. Mokuba smiled back, kissing his step-brother's cheek affectionately. Yuugi looked at his wife. "Anzu what’s wrong?" "Nothing Yuugi, lets do this before anything else happens". "You’re lying. Something's on your mind." "Really Yuugi, nothing we have to worry about for the time being. I wouldn't want to make you worry about something that won't happen". Mokuba continued to smile at Noa. Yuugi nodded. Anzu smiled as Yuugi gave up continuing, wrapping her arms around his neck gently for a moment. "You ready to recruit our newest partner?" "Yes." Kaiba glanced at Mokuba and Noa, they had been whispering to each other following the moments in which Anzu and Yuugi had been sure they had gotten Leon onside, he wondered what they had to say that required whispering. "Noa-kun?" Mokuba asked. Alcina gets back up after Leon got off her. "What is it?" Yuugi glared at Alcina as he noticed her rising. "I love you...maybe even more than a brother." "Awww, that's sweet Mokuba" Noa replied, smiling. "Maybe I feel the same". Mokuba blushed darkly. Noa chuckled, stroking the top of Mokuba's head, ignoring the fact that there were others about. Mokuba giggled softly, his amythest eyes shining. Noa smiled as he watched Mokuba giggle, bringing Mokuba closer. Mokuba smiled back, never wanting to leave Noa's loving embrace. Anzu glanced back at Yuugi having watched the pair, noticing Kaiba's change in attitude, he didn't seem so confident and arrogant like before, but more like he was feel less than happy about Noa and his brother growing close like they were. Kaiba walked over to Yuugi and Anzu. "Have you noticed those two?" He asked referring to Noa and his baby brother. "Yeah, we have" Anzu replied, watching the two younger boys. "What do you suppose is going on with them?" "I have no idea, but I think they're growing closer, much closer". "Like how?" "Like closer than brothers. Think of it as a place between brotherly love and the type of love Yuugi and I share" Anzu answered turning back to Kaiba. "You mean.." "Yes". "I think I'm gonna puke.." "Calm down Kaiba, its not like its the end of the world. Besides, we have bigger things to work on. You could leave the room if you wanted or focus your attention elsewhere" Anzu replied, glancing over her shoulder at Yami who kept his head down. "You think I’m happy my little brother could be gay?!" "I can hardly see you jumping for joy, but at least he's not with someone worse". "Like who?" "Like maybe the other dark spirits from the Items, he could be with anyone but he chose someone close, that has to mean something". "That’s true." Anzu nodded and turned to Yuugi as it seemed Kaiba was calming down. Yuugi smiled at Anzu. Anzu returned to smile and turned her attention to Leon. Leon smiled. "Are you two ready?" Anzu asked, looking between Yuugi and Leon. "Yes." "Good" Anzu replied, stepping back from Yuugi as Yami lifted his head, hearing the words. Yuugi stared at Yami, briefly. Yami watched Yuugi, trying to give him a look of begging him to stop, but with how weak he felt, he couldn't manage it as much as the one of exhaustion he gave Yuugi. Yuugi giggled evilly softly. Anzu turned to Yuugi having not seen the exchange between the two. "What's funny Yuugi?" she asked. "Is it that we've got Leon to see the truth?" "No, Yami." "Oh" Anzu answered, turning back to look at Yami. The Pharaoh himself struggled weakly against the ropes around his wrists, watching Yuugi, the dark circles holding strong, trying to call through the gag, sounding just as weak. "He's pathetic, huh Leon?" Anzu giggled as she turned back to Yuugi and Leon, grinning as she awaited Leon's reply, Yami also turned his head towards Leon. Leon nodded, with an evil grin. Yami groaned as he watched, closing his eyes as he did. He turned back to Yuugi, there wasn't any hope in the tower anymore. "Anzu, now I'm ready to duel Yami." Yuugi said. "Good, Yuugi" Anzu giggled. "Let's get Leon onside and then we can drag him out of there. It'll be a shame when he's gone and we won't be able to torment him further". "Ah well I bet diaper-queen over there will be more fun". Anzu grinned at her, Yami tried to shuffle backwards, worrying about the duel ahead Yuugi had just mentioned. Alcina only glared as Noa undid the lock on Yami's cage with a spiteful grin. Yami felt his heart quicken again, pounding against his chest, trying to move backwards, getting nowhere fast, staring with wide eyes at the now unlocked door, Anzu smirked at him, seeing the evident fear in his eyes. Yuugi grabbed him by the ankle and pulled him out with Jou's assistance. Yami cried out, trying to resist as he was dragged out, wincing as his wrists began to burn from the cuts the ropes had made, trying to kick back at Yuugi and Jou, failing to win in the struggle, finding himself dominated easily. Yuugi giggled wickedly. Yami started up at Yuugi fearfully, wishing he could see his real aibou, he could barely recognize him through the dark looks Yuugi had given him. "Get up you worthless shell." Yuugi hissed. Yami didn't move, he felt frozen as he stared up at Yuugi with wide eyes, Anzu continued to grin darkly watching it all. "Get up!" Yuugi snarled. Yami winced, turning away as Yuugi shouted, trying to concentrate on getting free, nothing working, Anzu made her way towards Yuugi slowly. "I said get up now!" Yuugi shouted. Yami turned onto his side, keeping his eyes tightly shut, refusing to conform as the others had, Anzu stopping by Yuugi side, towering over him. "You must enjoy pain, don't you? Well how bout this?!" Yuugi shouted, grabbing Yami's hand in a death-grip determined to break his fingers. Yami cried out, screaming through the gag as Yuugi gripped tightly, shaking his head, feeling tears of pain instantly build, his heart thumping against his chest hard. "If you don't want your fingers broken I suggest you do as I say." Yuugi said, with a malicious smile, one that Anzu always loved to see. Yami continued to scream, even if he could fall under their command, the ropes around his ankles would trip him instantly, he felt the tears slide down to the left side of his head as he twisted, trying to escape Yuugi's grip. Yuugi gripped tighter, his smile growing more vile. Yami screamed again, he only struggled more, feeling the pain reaching breaking point, he felt like his fingers were going to break any second, Jou stared down at him without emotion as he stood close to his head. "Jou stay back he's mine." Yuugi replied. "Will do Yuuge, just getting a good view". "Take the gag out. I want to hear his screams." Jonouchi nodded before lowering himself onto one knee, reaching over Yami's head, slowly untying the gag from the back of Yami's head, Yami biting his bottom lip, trying just to suppress his pain to groans as Jou brought the cloth away. Yuugi briefly let go, before he grabbed again in another bone-crushing grip. Yami let go of his lip, screaming as loud as he could in pain, his eyes snapping open as he heard a crack, feeling as at least one or two of his fingers' bones brake, screaming more, closing his eyes again as he began shaking his head wildly, sending tears both into the air and throwing them against the ground. Yuugi laughed wickedly as he gripped even tighter. "Yuugi. Yuugi, I'm begging you. Please don't do this" he cried out, panting for breath between the cries. Before he could continue, he instantly carried onto into a fit of screaming and cries. "But I love your pain." "No Yuugi, I'm begging you" Yami cried out before shaking his head again, feeling the tears stream across his face quickly. "Please. Aibou! No!" Yuugi froze as he heard him speak the Japanese word for ‘partner‘. Yami sobbed as he felt Yuugi's increasing grip freeze, panting as he cried, refusing to look back, certain that Yuugi was giving him a dirty look or curse him, he couldn't bear to see Yuugi like it any longer. "After all I've done to you, you still call me partner?" "Th-that's because y-you're still Yu-Yuugi. M-my ai-aibou, I-I can't see you as t-the same one, b-but you're still him" Yami sobbed. Yuugi gasped softly as he let go, dropping to his knees. Yami began to breath deeply as his hands fell limply following the release, his chest heaving as he took in the breaths, wondering how the word could have affected Yuugi, he had begged using the term before, maybe because of how much pain and torment he had endured at the height of the moment, using it then had been what had gotten through to Yuugi and saved the rest of his hand. "Who am I...what is my purpose for being?" Yuugi asked softly. "Yuugi, are you alright?" Anzu asked, moving closer to him. "What's wrong ? You had him where you had wanted him all along. What trick has he used?" Yuugi remained silent for a moment before speaking. "What am I doing?" Yami didn't look back, but the quiet did make him wonder what was happening, Anzu glared at him. "Yuugi, you want I should carry on?" she asked, lightly placing her foot above Yami's wrists. Yuugi slowly nodded. Anzu grinned before stomping down, pressing hard against Yami's wrists, sending the Pharaoh screaming again. While she was doing this, Yuugi slipped out of the room taking off his Oracle stone and tossing it on the ground, and walked away. Yami kept his eyes shut, screaming, crying, even kicking at the air, having no idea that Yuugi left, Jou glanced at Yuugi as he did. "Anzu.. in case you didn't notice Yuugi just took off." Mai said. "Took what off?" Anzu called, pressing down harder on Yami's wrists. "I mean he left." "What?" Anzu gasped, turning behind her, glaring, she knew this was because of Yami, she pressed down more, leaving Yami to cry out more. "You did this". "Hai Anzu-sama." Mokuba replied. "Aibou" Yami cried out, shaking his head as he heard Mokuba agreeing, hearing of Yuugi's leaving. "Aibou! Aibou!!" Kaiba glared hatefully at Yami. Yami paid no attention to the glares of Anzu and Kaiba, he just focused on the searing pain, feeling his wrists as the bones were pushed like his fingers had, feeling them coming close to the same fate, crying, screaming, just wanting Yuugi back to save him.

  • Did I really do all this?* Yuugi thought as he kept walking.

Yami felt his heart breaking inside his chest, he couldn't believe that not only had he been reduced to nothing more than a useless 'shell' as Yuugi put it, but now his closest friends were putting him through torture and Yuugi even gone.

  • Anzu.. if you can hear me.. tell me..* Yuugi said mentally hoping those with the Oracle had a link.
  • Yuugi?* Anzu replied, sounding surprised, glad she could hear him over Yami's screaming.
  • Yeah it's me.*
  • What's the matter Why did you leave This is great, you'd love to see this, I think his wrists are about to break*
  • Something he said.. its eating away at me..*
  • What is it? I'll make him pay for it, I'll break his legs afterwards*
  • Well its just.. after all I’ve done he still calls me partner*
  • It's a mind game, he's trying to get to you, he couldn't possibly mean it after everything, he's in denial, I mean, he preferred you breaking two of his fingers over just standing up*

Yuugi chuckled. *Your probably right I’ll be right back with you in a moment.*

  • Good, if his wrists break before then, you can have his legs or something else, maybe finish off his hand and then work on the other on. I'll be waiting sweetie*
  • I'm only outside not like 2 days away.* He teased.
  • Good, then come quick, I think they're going to go any minute* Anzu giggled.
  • Coming my evil girl.* He replied, gleefully as he put his stone back on and re-entered.

Yami felt his throat tighten, his stomach turning, his chest burning, he felt like he was running out of tears and yet they wouldn't stop coming, taking in deep breaths between each scream or cry, his chest heaving with each, he wished the real Yuugi would break free and return to save him. "Anzu?" Yuugi asked. "Yuugi, you're back" Anzu called happily. "Yu-Yuugi, ai-aibou" Yami cried out as he heard Anzu address him. Yuugi groaned softly as he heard the cursed word. Yami sobbed as he felt Yuugi's presence, Anzu turned to him smiling, silently reminding him that she believed it to be a head game. Yuugi nodded. "You want to carry on where you left off?" Anzu asked with a dark grin. "Let's do it together." "Oh I like it, together we can break what's left of his wrists quickly, then I'll leave you the pleasure of finishing off his hands after he pulled that 'aibou' stunt" Anzu chuckled. "All right." Anzu grinned as he removed her foot from Yami's wrists, hearing him breath deeply and quickly, kneeling close to his wrists, grinning up at Yuugi as she laid her hands down on Yami's wrists gently, before they would deliver the fatal blow. Yuugi came within inches of Yami's wrist, and lifted his boot which had a spike at the very end for where his foot would meet the ground when he walked. Yami panted as he felt Anzu's hands touch his, she looked up at Yuugi, hoping she could avoid being caught when Yuugi would ram the spike at Yami. "Don't worry it doesn't cause pain unless I drive it into someone's skin." Anzu stared at Yuugi, surprised still that he had chosen it as the weapon, she turned to Yami before tightening her grip slightly. Yuugi grinned sinisterly as he drove the spike down into Yami's wrist. Yami screamed out louder than he had before, a blood-curdling scream as he felt the blood pour from his wrists faster, trying to pull away, feeling drops of blood slipping from his mouth in addition to his wrists. Yuugi repeated the movement only driving further in. Yami cried out, screaming at the top of his lungs, he had never been in so much pain, he kicked away at the nothing at the end of him, he couldn't do anything else other than what he was already doing. Yuugi slowly yanked his boot from Yami's wrist, but in the process drove the spike further. Yami coughed as he felt his heart shatter, pulling forward as best he could, throwing up from all the crying, only to be pulled back afterwards when Jou grabbed his shoulders, he looked up at Yuugi and Anzu as he pulled Yami back. Yuugi finally managed to pull his boot free, which was now caked with Yami's blood. Yami panted, shaking from the shock and pain, he felt like he couldn't be more alone, the physical and emotional pain, the hurt from the betrayal, it made the sorrow after losing Yuugi the first time seem like nothing. Yuugi looked down at Yami's blood with a savage grin. "I bet your blood tastes delicious.." "Ai-aibou" Yami whispered as his chest heaved, getting in the lost air. "A-aibou, wh-where's my aibou?" "That naive child no longer exists!" Yami didn't reply, he just laid still, his body twitching, from the pain, from the agony, from the sneer force that Yuugi had overwhelmed him with. "Yu-Yuugi" he breathed. "What?" "Yu-Yuugi, I-I'm sorry, I should h-have protected you, f-forgive me aibou". "Too late!" Yami groaned, bringing his knees closer up, trying to curl himself up, feeling the blood drip from his wrecked wrists, feeling the cold tears slide down his face, his entire body hurt. "Enjoying the pain?" Yami sobbed quietly, turning his face to the floor before shaking it slowly, he only wished to see the real Yuugi, even the stabbings at his wrists had left the ropes in tact so escape was still far from reality. Yuugi laughed wickedly. Yami bit his bottom lip as he faced away from Yuugi, hiding his face, drawing his knees up higher towards his chest, wincing as his wrists throbbed from the overwhelming pain. "Anzu if you like you can finish off his wrists." "Go ahead, after all, he won't do anything to stop you, then you can finish breaking the rest of his fingers if you want, he's not duelling any time soon anyway". Yami suppressed a sob, shaking his head slowly, pleading silently for Yuugi not to do it. Yuugi lifted his boot one last time, ready to deliver the final blow. Yami drew his knees up close to his chest, shivering in pure fear as he sensed Yuugi's preparation for the final blow to his wrists, feeling the tears slide past his left eyelid, biting the skin below his bottom lip, just to try and stop himself releasing it so easily. "Farewell.." Yuugi taunted as the spike drove into Yami's wrist. Yami screamed long and hard as he felt it stick in even further, turning his face to the floor as he screamed out, crying hard, Jou watched him, stepping back, with a look suggesting he wasn't enjoying it as much as he had expected to. Yuugi grinned wickedly as he pressed harder hoping he could pop a vessel or something. Yami screamed against the floor, trying to get away, finding it useless to move without damaging his wrists further. "Ai-aibou. Please, no!" he screamed. "He doesn't exist you fool!" Yuugi cackled, as he could feel Yami's wrists about to fall under the immense pressure, "Yuugi" Jou called. Yami shook his head, his arms shaking roughly. "Yes Jou?" Yuugi asked, keeping the pressure. "Calm down, you'll snap his hands right off his arms" Jou replied. "That’s the idea.." "Yuugi, I'm begging you, don't do it, I'll do anything" Yami cried out. "Too late…" Jonouchi turned to Yami, seeing him struggle, he bit his bottom lip as he glanced at Yuugi. Yami shook his head again, wishing there was something he could do to escape his fate. "Please Yuugi, I mean it, I'm sorry for everything. Don't do it, I'm begging, what do you want me to do to convince you?" Yuugi turned to Anzu, wanting her say first. "Hm....what could we use him for? He is good to toy with, besides, if we snap off those scrawny hands, they'll be of no use anymore" Anzu mumbled in thought to Yuugi. "But Anzu, a few more moments and our biggest enemy will be gone for good." "Wouldn't it be fine to cause him as much pain as possible? That death-grip worked well and it wasn't threatening him in the same way this is, his soul must be on the verge of collapse anyway". "I thought the plan was to out-right destroy him.." Yuugi said sounding disappointed. "We will, this just means he'll suffer for longer, more slowly until his soul is nothing". "What good will that do?" "It'll be more fun I thought, his wrists are bleeding as much as they're going to, they're useless now, there's only so much pain he'll get from those and it'll be reaching its peak". "True.." Anzu grinned, nodding as he reply. Yuugi nodded back as she exerted a little control over him. Jou sighed as he looked down at the growing puddle of blood beneath Yami's limp wrists, hearing the Pharaoh's breathing come close to normal once again, the occasional sob making its way out. Yuugi stared at Jou. Jou looked back at Yuugi as he felt the other's eyes on him. "You ok Jou?" Varon asked. "Y-yeah" Jou lied, not taking his eyes away from Yuugi. "Your lying." Yuugi replied. Jou sighed, he knew he couldn't get away with it, but it has only been recently that he had been grabbing Yami's hair and pulling just to add to the torment that he had been suffering. Yuugi smirked. Yami laid motionless, staring dully ahead as he felt his heart pounding against his chest, his breathing close to normal again, his heart damaged beyond repair. Yuugi stared at him, pondering what to do next. "Yuugi" Yami whispered. "Hm?" "What ever happened to what you said before? About not wanting my death to be a murder? A bloody murder" "What are you talking about?" "Before your duel with Rebecca, you said to Anzu you didn't want to use weapons or make that place a murder scene, you didn't want a bloody murder". "Yeah I said that. So?" "Isn't this what you said you didn't want? This is what do tried to stop happening. A weapon. A murder. My blood. My death the way you didn't expect it". "What are you trying to say?" Yuugi asked, though in reality he knew what Yami meant he was just teasing him. "You're going against yourself, I told you the Oracle would control you. You're taking me out the way you said you wouldn't. Deny it all you like, shut me up if you want, but its the truth and you can't hide from it, you can't fight it. Someone will fight back". "The Oracle isn't controlling me!" Yuugi insisted. "That's what you say, but you know its true" Yami replied weakly, staring blankly ahead still, refusing to look back. "No!" Yuugi growled. "No what? You can't accept the truth. If you were facing the Oracle from the other side, you'd see. You never wanted to kill me before, you've wanted to ever since the Oracle took you and left me". Yuugi gritted his teeth, refusing to give in to Yami's little head games. "I can see that, you know its the truth, the Oracle will protest for you, but you know its right. You won't show me mercy, you won't let me survive, you'll continue until I'm dead and continue from there thinking I was a pest, not trying to save you". "But you are a pest standing in my way of ruling this world with Anzu." "You know I'd never stand in your way, I just want my Yuugi back, my aibou, the one that was really in love with Anzu. Just to see him once more, can't I even have that for a few moments if I'm to die here like this? Like a helpless animal instead of a Pharaoh" "Fine if you'll shut up afterwards." "I will, I just want to see my Yuugi before I lose him forever". "Heh how poetic." Yuugi replied before he willingly stopped the Oracle's control allowing as Yami said for the 'true Yuugi' to surface. Yami turned back to Yuugi, smiling weakly at him. "Hey a-aibou" he whispered. "Yami? Is that you?" Yuugi asked, for the first time in what was now days in his old innocent, sweet voice. "Yu-Yuugi, I'm glad to see you in time". "In time? What do you mean, mou hitori no boku?" "Yu-Yuugi, I'm going to die" Yami replied, keeping his smile up, his eyes half-open, half closed above the dark circles, he had to keep strong for this real Yuugi. Yuugi's eyes widened in horror. "But why Yami?" "Because the Oracle's held onto you for so long, a darker side of you born because of it has been tormenting me for the past couple of days. And here I am, recently caged and gagged, left tied and bleeding. Listen to me, prove to me that you do care about me and Anzu and the real world, you have to fight the Oracle, fight it with your very spirit and heart". Yuugi looked at Anzu, almost afraid she would either force the Oracle on him again or turn on him. "D-don't worry Yuugi, I know you can do it, you're the only hope this world has, I'm no use anymore, I've been left as nothing, my time is up. At least no-one will come after you anymore, my memories will stay lost and you will stay safe". "No...Yami...please..." Yuugi begged, tears coming to his eyes. "I'm sorry Yuugi, I tried everything. Aibou, go on in the world strongly, fight back against the Oracle, live happily, I'll miss you when it takes over again" Yami whispered. "There has to be a way I can save you.." "I wish there was, but the Oracle will take you again, your body will deliver the blow, Anzu will help it come back. I wish you could stay out forever, that'd save me maybe, but to think that you'll be prisoner to the Oracle after I'm gone, it just hurts”. "Aibou I'm so sorry.." "Don't be, I love you aibou and you're the most important thing to me, if you're safe, even if its because I'm dead and the Oracle shields you from trouble, I'll be alright. If there was anyone I would want to send me from this world, it would be you. You'll always be my true aibou". Perhaps it was because Yuugi said he was sorry but at that moment, his Oracle stone began to crack. Yami tilted his head slightly, smiling weakly at the fact he could see Yuugi's Oracle stone cracking, he was proud that Yuugi was beginning to fight back. It continued to crack for a few seconds until it was at the point where it would soon shatter. Anzu leaned forward, laying her hand on Yuugi's shoulder, glaring at Yami before turning to Yuugi, feeling worried about the Oracle's control over Yuugi and how it was falling apart. "Yuugi, we should hurry" she whispered. Jou watched with equally shocked eyes as the stone finally gave way, with one last crack it shattered. Yami stared at the stone, smiling as he watched the shards fall, he looked up again, proud of Yuugi for finally breaking through, he hadn't expected seeing Yuugi to make any difference. "Yami what happened?" Yuugi asked. "You broke the Oracle's hold, you finally broke free. To be honest, I didn't think it would let you, I thought it would fight back and try to take over you again" Yami continued weakly. Yuugi wrapped his arms around Yami. "I'm sorry...for everything I did to you.." Yami winced as he felt his wrists pressed as Yuugi wrapped his arms around him, he felt faint, but that didn't matter, he closed his eyes as he laid his head against Yuugi. "No worries aibou, I'm just glad I could help you be free". "What just happened?" Anzu asked herself. "How could this happen to me?" "What's up?" Yami asked Yuugi. "I nearly killed you…and I was enjoying it.." "Don't worry, that was the Oracle that was doing it. Besides, the only damage is two broken fingers and both wrists broken and stabbed. Otherwise I'll be fine again soon". "Yuugi…" Jou whispered stunned that their plans had come so close only to fail at this point.. Yami turned his head to Jou, that was when he remembered. The others were all still under the Oracle's control, Anzu his biggest concern, she'd try to hypnotize Yuugi and kill him the instant she could. "Aibou...if I’m controlled again...and I kill you...promise me that you'll never forget me.." "I won't, I'll never give up on you, even if you're about to kill me, I'll still think of this you, the true you, you'll be my dying thought, my dying wish, your freedom is more important to me. I'll never hate you, it wouldn't be the true you leading me to it" Yami replied with a smile. "I wish I could take it all back.." "Don't worry, we can't worry about the past now, what matters is you're safe and free from the Oracle". "I wont be forever I'm afraid." "Even if you fall again, I'll still love you". Yuugi sobbed softly. "I'll always love you, Yami.." Yami smiled, trying to roll himself over, falling from his side to his back, wincing as he landed on his hands. He quickly suppressed the look of pain as he tried to shuffle closer to Yuugi. "I know, I forgive you for everything the Oracle made you do. I knew you were strong enough to fight". "Yami?" "What is it?" Yami groaned. "Why didn't you remind me of our good times instead of just giving speeches?" Yuugi asked, curiously. "I tried, nothing I said would get through. I thought maybe if I used those speeches, it would make you think more about the past through it". "How do you figure?" "Because it would make you think from your point instead of me feeding the memories to you from my point. It was about saving you, not make you see things from my side". "Oh…I still remember the day I solved the Puzzle." "That's my Yuugi". "Shh you don’t want to get Anzu any madder do you?" "I know, she'll probably turn anyway. What are you going to do now then?" "I'm not sure." "Maybe we should get out of here. Those ropes cut into my skin before you attacked them anyway so you don't need to feel so guilty about them" Yami replied, glancing at the floor as if he could still them. "We could try." "Okay then" "No Yuugi, don't do it, it's a trap. You know it is" Anzu called, throwing her arm forward and grabbing a fistful of Yami's shirt. "Yami!" Yuugi cried. Yami stared up at Anzu, she was glaring at him as if she was ready to tear his heart out. "Anzu" he called. "Leave Yuugi alone" she snapped, grabbing Yuugi's shoulder with her other hand. Yuugi looked up at Anzu, his eyes wide and fearful. "Come on Yuugi, look at me, you know you want to go back to stopping him from lying. We can always gag him again to shut him up" Anzu growled, ignoring Yuugi's teary look. "No...I...I can't...he's my Yami and I don't want to hurt him." Yuugi whimpered. "Jou, where's that damn cloth?" Anzu hissed. "Come on Yuugi, you said you loved me, we made a pact, don't go and break it now because of him". "But that wasn’t me.." "But I loved you, the real you. I thought the real you loved me. Don't you remember when the Oracle threatened Yami to keep you onside? The darkness was going to swallow him, don't make me threaten you with his life on the line too". Yuugi gasped. "You wouldn't.." "I would. I love you too much to let you slip away because of him. Jou, help me out, I can't do this with just one hand". Yuugi looked at Yami, then at Anzu then back at Yami. He was frozen in in-decision. "Yuugi, don't risk your heart, I don't want you to be hurt because of me. Go with them, remember, I'll still love you aibou". "But Yami..." "I can't let you be hurt because they would hurt me, either way they'll eventually draw you back. Don't let them hurt you like this. "..All…All right…I'll go with them…but promise me…you won't give up on me…" "I'll see you there inside your heart until the end". Yuugi wiped a tear away and hugged Yami one last time before turning back to Anzu. Yami rested his head against Yuugi's head, his chin laying on Yuugi's shoulder as he felt a tear slide down his face. He looked up again at Yuugi then Anzu as he laid helplessly before them, sighing. Yuugi looked up at Anzu, not saying anything but his look said he was hers again, hers and the Oracle's. Yami turned his head away, closing his eyes as he waited for Anzu to do it. She pressed a hand against Yuugi's forehead. "I knew you'd choose wisely" she chuckled darkly. 'I'm sorry aibou. Goodbye' Yami thought, feeling the tears build in his eyes.. 'I'm only doing this so you don't get hurt protecting me.. Goodbye Yami...I'll always love you..' He sent back to Yami before he felt his link with Yami go dead. Yami nodded his head as the light between Anzu and Yuugi began to glow, he felt a tear fall down from his left eye, waiting a moment until the darker Yuugi would return as the light faded. Yuugi screamed in pain before his screams slowly faded away as his horrible transformation was complete again, probably for good this time. Yami bit his bottom lip as he listened to Yuugi's screaming, holding back a sob of despair The Oracle slowly returned to Yuugi's forehead but he still lacked an Oracle Stone to channel it's power. Anzu smiled as she noticed the Oracle returning to Yuugi's head, proud that he was back with them. Yuugi opened his eyes, the red glow returning. Anzu smiled, bringing Yuugi close, holding him in a hug before pulling back with a smile. "How do you feel? Better?" "A little…" "Alright, you ready?" "For?" "For the final blow" Anzu replied, glancing to Yami. "If you need an Oracle stone, we could go look for one first or you could borrow mine". "Yeah lets look for one." "Should we dump him back in the cage then?" "No." Anzu turned to Yuugi, nodding before she stood once again. Yuugi smiled, but it was a hollow one. "Come on then" Anzu spoke, holding out her hand, missing the hollow feature of Yuugi's smile. He took her hand, his smile still hollow. Yami glanced at them as Anzu turned away and left the room, his eyes filled with tears ready to fall loose. As they walked away, Yuugi dropped a card. Yami looked at the card, wondering what it was and whether Yuugi had realized he had dropped it. He tried to shuffle across, wincing the instant he moved, sighing, he wished he had at least tried to have Yuugi untie him before going back to Anzu. Yuugi looked at Anzu slightly. "What's the matter Yuugi? You didn't seem so happy to be back". "Because I feel I betrayed Yami." "Betrayed Yami?" Anzu laughed. "That sounds like the old Yuugi. Come on, you're the one in charge now, Yami meant nothing to you before you let the old Yuugi surface". "Them why do I feel this way?" "I have no idea, maybe its because you don't have the Oracle stone back. I mean, you didn't feel an ounce of remorse when you were breaking his fingers and stabbing his wrists. When he was screaming and crying for you to let him live under your command, you told him it was 'too late'. I'm surprised you didn't kill him on the spot because of how he tried to get rid of you". "Help me, Anzu.. I want the real me back.." "What do you mean the 'real' you? You mean the Oracle help you Or are you trying to fight it" "I want it's help". "Good Yuugi. Well when we find a stone laying around, it'll help you fight back what Yami tried to do". "Ok.." "Good, then you'll feel like yourself again". "Yep." Anzu smiled as she reached the door of another room, she pushed down on the handle before turning back to Yuugi. "There should be one in here". "Ok." She pushed open the door, leading Yuugi into a similar looking room, switching the light on, she moved over towards the corner where a small end-table awaited, like she predicted, an Oracle stone on it. "Where did…? How did…?" "What?" Anzu asked. "I was worried that Yami might break through to someone, so I stored this away". "Oh. Why didn’t you say something?" "Because getting Yami's hopes up would have been better. Besides, you might have told him it was useless. When the old Yuugi really broke through, I didn't expect Yami to let him go so easily". "Oh." "Come here, I want to see how it looks on you. I know the first looked cute, but I want a close look at this" Anzu requested with a gently smile. "Why?" "This really doesn't seem like you" Anzu sighed before making her way to him. "I know but I’ll be back soon." "Yeah and I can't wait for that" Anzu replied with a smile as she held the stone up, slowly lowering it over Yuugi's head. Yuugi smiled. Anzu watched as the thin rope of the stone slowly slipped around Yuugi's neck, leaving the stone itself to fall against his chest. "Activate it.." Yuugi whispered. Anzu smiled, the Seal shining on her head, her own stone glowing before Yuugi's followed. Yuugi's glowed, the combined evil of both flowing into him. Anzu smiled as she looked up at Yuugi, waiting a moment before she expected the Oracle to appear on his head and restore his darker side to return for real. The Oracle did return glowing brighter than ever as Yuugi laughed evilly, the evil in him that had been briefly locked away was free again. Anzu smiled as she pulled back, waiting a moment before coming forward again and kissing his cheek. "Feeling better now?" "Yes better than ever." "That's great. I'm so glad you're back. Now nothing should go wrong again. I didn't know Yami had it in him, I don't think he expected Yuugi to get through like that, we'll have to make sure it doesn't happen again". "But how my love?" "You wanted to kill Yami? Now's your chance to get to do it" Anzu chuckled darkly. "Oh your so evil.." "Well I have to be. Someone hates to hate him that much, after all, he almost got rid of you". "True.. but you did scare me back there, no joke." "I'm sorry, I was just so mad at him. After everything we've done, he plays mind games to make it sound like he and you are still like before. I just wanted to get at him so much. Make him pay for it". "Go for it." "Good, come on, he wants you to finish him off, its only fair on both of you that you do it. "But what about you?" "I don't mind watching, if anything, that'll be more fun for me". "Why?" "Because I like to see him suffer, both he and you want you to be the one to send him off, I think it'd be better for you to get your revenge that way". "All right then." Anzu smiled before tightly hugging Yuugi. Waiting a moment before she released him and moved towards the door, pulling it open Yuugi noticed the card he had dropped and picked it up. Anzu turned to Yuugi as she moved to the door of the room with the others inside, she turned back to Yuugi. "What's wrong? What's that card Yuugi?" Yuugi handed it to her with a smirk. "Unity?" she chuckled. "What was that doing there? Stupid useless card". Yuugi looked stunned to hear her say that. "What's the matter Yuugi?" Anzu asked, picking up on the look "You called it useless. Didn’t you even look at the picture?" "I know what the picture looks like but the card's meaning was what Yami was whining about before". "What is that?" "The way we all used to be, I'm tired to preaching things when no-one listens. We don't need everyone else. We just need you and me. Yami was going on about how you and he were so close and should have been together like the way you two were before through the Puzzle". "Oh...but still I do occasionally miss your friendship speeches." He chided. "Really?" Anzu asked, sounding surprised. "Yeah. they inspired me." "Oh" Anzu replied. "I didn't know, maybe I could use some sometime". Yuugi kissed her on the lips softly. "Thanks my baby." "No problem, I'm here for you and if you want me to be like that, I will be" "Well not all the time. I still love it when your bratty also." "Alright then" Anzu giggled. "However you want me to be, I don't mind being either or both combined into one". "You can be combined.." He gave a evil but playful smirk. "Unless you’re scared.." He teased. "I'm not scared, I'll be both" Anzu laughed, kissing Yuugi again. "Oh yeah? Prove it." He challenged. "On who?" Anzu laughed. "Me. After all you are my wife after all." "Alright then, you should really follow my suggestions seeing as I follow yours" she laughed, playfully slapping his shoulder with the back of her hand. "Come on, we have a job to finish". "Can't we have a little fun alone first?" "Oh alright. What do you plan as this 'little fun'?" Yuugi grinned devilishly and playfully tackled her to the ground. Anzu grunted as she hit the ground, laughing as she looked down at Yuugi before rolling herself over, pinning him to the ground. "Awww no fair!" Yuugi whined. "What's so fair about a surprised attack?" Anzu laughed. "Well you got me there, but Anzu we're only 17 lets just enjoy ourselves like this for awhile." "Of course". Yuugi looked at her seeing a devilish gleam in her eyes, one that meant he was in for a tickling fest. Anzu grinned before bringing her hands down to his waist, just as he expected she began to tickle him. Yuugi began giggling. "A-A-Anzu s-s-s-stop! You know how t-t-t-ticklish i am!" He protested through his fits of giggling. "I can't do that, we're supposed to enjoy our time" Anzu laughed, grinning ni a dark playful manner "You are so going down!" He said, grinning back. "Oh I am, am I?" "Oh yes you are." Yuugi said. Mokuba and Noa heard something coming from another room and walked over to check it out. Yami sighed as he heard the laughs from outside of the room, hearing as Noa and Mokuba made their way to the door, he stared at the cage to his left, he wished he hadn't felt so helpless, even untied his broken hands made him useless. "Mokuba, Noa, help me out here" Anzu laughed as she glanced at them while tickling Yuugi. They grinned evilly. "We thought you'd never ask!" They said getting on their knees and they joined in on the little tickle-fest. Anzu laughed as she watched Yuugi, she had only wished there had been more times like it before, at least more could follow. "Oh come on guys, three against one?" He whined playfully. "What's the matter? Don't like it?" Anzu chuckled. "Of course I do!" "Good" Anzu replied, moving her hands faster to tickle him more. "I haven't had this much fun in years!" Noa replied, gleefully. "I'm sure you haven't" Anzu laughed as she glanced at Noa before back to Yuugi. "Well don't forget I technically haven’t aged in 6 years." "Yeah". "I still despise Gozaburo for doing that. Thank god he’s dead." Noa replied as he began to tickle his stepbrother with his left hand since Mokuba was on his left side. Anzu laughed as Noa turned his hand to Mokuba and began to tickle him, she turned back to Yuugi, smiling in a dark and playful way. Mokuba fell back, laughing trying to wiggle free. Yuugi looked up at her in mock terror though he was still being playful. Anzu giggled at Yuugi as he did so, just tickling him more Noa tickled him faster smiling playfully. Anzu grinned as she continued tickling Yuugi, she just loved his laugh and loved to see him so happy. Jou appeared at the doorway, peering out of the room to see the playful warring. Noa giggled softly as he kept tickling his step-brother, faster with every moment it seemed. Yuugi smiled up at Anzu as she continued tickling him. "How does it feel?" Anzu laughed.. "It feels good, though it will feel even better when its me tickling you." Yuugi teased. "Well maybe we'll test that another time, but not right now" Anzu chuckled teasingly. "Awww why you scared?" Yuugi teased. Mokuba tried to wriggle free of his nii-sama's hold but to no avail. "No way, I'm just not letting you get the upper hand". "Looks like that holds true for those two”. "Yeah" Anzu giggled, turning to Mokuba and Noa. Her hands slowed when she noticed a small darker patch on Mokuba's trousers, he glanced at her before looking down, squeaking at the sight of it. "Mokuba, did you just do what I think you did?" Anzu gasped. "What do you mean?" The younger Kaiba asked, unaware of the situation. "Look down at your trousers". Mokuba looked down and right away, his cheeks lit up bright red. "Sorry Mokuba, I thought you should know" Anzu replied. Mokuba playfully glared at Noa before he pinned the unsuspecting Kaiba down and started to tickle him as a means of playful revenge, Anzu giggled at the sight of them, turning back to Yuugi and movng her hands to tickle him once again. "Looks like Mokie doesn't care and he really loves his step-brother huh, Anzu?" Yuugi asked. "My thoughts about us too" Anzu replied with a smile. "Now, how about we get back to business". She began to tickle him harder, giving him the same look. Yuugi laughed harder, trying to wiggle free. "Like it ?Huh? It's my special game for you" Anzu giggled. "Heh you realize when its my turn to get you, I'm showing no mercy!" He teased. "Oh I understand. And I'm ready for it". "Really now?" Noa glanced at the others through his laughter before back at Mokuba. "Mokie wait" he chuckled. Mokuba giggled as he stopped. "What is it Noa-kun?" "It's just I've been thinking more about what I said earlier. I do love you, more than a brother" Noa replied quietly. Mokuba's eyes widened. "You mean like I love you?" "Yeah". A slight tear came to Mokuba’s eye. "Awww, nii-sama you've made me so happy.." Yami Rena says: "And you've made me so happy". Evil Yuugi says: "So..does that make us each other's boyfriends?" Yami Rena says: "I guess it does" Noa replied happily. Evil Yuugi says: Mokuba squealed happily, hugging Noa tightly. Yami Rena says: Noa hugged back, smiling happily as he held Mokuba close Evil Yuugi says: Unbeknowest to the 2 siblings, Kaiba was watching from a distance, his azure eyes blazing. Yami Rena says: Jou watched beside Kaiba, he felt the urge to snigger at Kaiba's fury, but decided not to, he retreated into the room, turning to Mai and Varon with a grin, Yami also watched him. Evil Yuugi says: "What's going on, mate?" Varon asked. Yami Rena says: "Its Kaiba. Mokuba and Noa have just admitted they both love each other in a different way to brotherly love and he's going to freak out" Jou chuckled, trying to keep his pleasure hidden from Kaiba. Evil Yuugi says: Mai giggled. "Aww thats sweet for those 2. Kaiba though, i dont know what to say." She said. Yami Rena says: "Yeah, I don't think he agrees with it because it's Mokuba and he's been so defensive over him". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah, i hope he doesnt do something that will have him feeling their wrath later." Varon added. Yami Rena says: "Yeah, same. I don't like Kaiba, but I hardly want anything bad to happen, we're on the same side". Evil Yuugi says: "As crazy as that is to believe Jou-kun." Mai teased. Yami Rena says: "Yeah, I know" Jou chuckled nervously. Evil Yuugi says: " could Mokie do this to me.. god i feel sick.." Kaiba bickered. Yami Rena says: Yami sighed, he felt the same about Yuugi and Anzu, he hadn't wanted them to be together in the way they were, but he knew Yuugi would be happy. Jou turned to Kaiba as he heard the complaining. Evil Yuugi says: "I mean i'd be fine with him and Leon but him and his own step-brother?!" Kaiba continued. Yami Rena says: Jou watched Kaiba, he was sure he too would be upset if Shizuka had been with someone he wouldn't have liked, he sighed, almost understanding where Kaiba was coming from. Evil Yuugi says: "So Mokie do you want to kiss or,," Noa suggested. Yami Rena says: "Sure, let's give it a shot". Evil Yuugi says: Noa giggled softly as his lips met the other boy's in a deep passionate kiss. "For the love of Blue-Eyes.." Kaiba groaned. Yami Rena says: Yami rolled his eyes, wincing at the pain in his wrists, he quickly pushing himself over onto his side, not bothering to watch Kaiba complaining as well as listen to it, groaning in pain. Jou turned back to Kaiba, wondering what had left Kaiba to utter the words. "What is it" he asked. Evil Yuugi says: "Their KISSING!" Yami Rena says: "What" Jou gasped, rushing to Kaiba's side to watch, grinning out of Kaiba's sight as he saw the pair. Evil Yuugi says: "Now i know i'm gonna be sick.." Yami Rena says: "Calm down Kaiba" Jou replied. "Let them have their feelings". Evil Yuugi says: "But their related, damn it!" Yami Rena says: "And Yami told me that he's read in Egypt, they used to marry their brothers or sisters to keep the bloondline pure, just think of this like that". Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba laughed. "You expect me to believe that junk, Katsuya?" Yami Rena says: "It's true, Yuugi even told me he's read it too". Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba's eyes widened. "Yuugi is that true?" Yami Rena says: Anzu glanced back seeing Kaiba and Jou watching, she turned back to Yuugi as he had been the one addressed. Evil Yuugi says: "Actually, yes Kaiba it is." " god..." Yami Rena says: "I told you" Jou replied cheekily with a grin. Evil Yuugi says: "Shut it, mutt." Kaiba growled, still being vastly against his baby brother loving another guy, much less his own step-brother! Yami Rena says: "Kaiba, calm down" Anzu added, getting to her feet. Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba slowly walked away taking a few deep breaths as he did so. Yami Rena says: "Kaiba" Jou called. "Where are you going Don't be like this". Evil Yuugi says: "I just need some time alone, Jou." The teen CEO replied. Yami Rena says: Jou sighed, dropping his hands by his sides, glancing back at the others. "Now what" Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi snuck up behind Anzu, hugging her. Yami Rena says: Anzu squeaked in surprised as she glanced back to Yuugi, giggling quietly and hugging back. Evil Yuugi says: "Did i scare my Anzu?" Yuugi teased, Mokuba looked at Noa adoringly after they had broken their kiss moments ago. (And no it wasnt like a 10-minute kiss XD) Yami Rena says: (lolz) "You surprised me" Anzu replied, holding him tightly. "Wow" Noa replied, almost at a loss for words. Evil Yuugi says: Mokuba blushed, too overjoyed to say anything. Yuugi smiled at the 2 boys, happy for them even if their relationship was a bit strange to the normal mind.

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Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled at the pair, she understood Kaiba's reluctance to accept, but at the same time was happy for the both of them. Evil Yuugi says: "I love you nii-sama.." Mokuba said, kissing Noa's cheek. Yami Rena says: "I love you too Mokie" Noa replied, kissing back. Evil Yuugi says: "Hold up, I thought you only called Seto that." Yuugi said, both surprised and confused. Yami Rena says: "Yeah, that's what I thought" Jou added. "Did we miss something" Evil Yuugi says: Mokuba giggled softly. "Want me to explain?" Yami Rena says: "Sure". Evil Yuugi says: "Well back when i was with the Oracle and Seto wasn't it angered me to a point where i didn't feel he was worthy of being called that anymore." Yami Rena says: "I see" Anzu replied. "And Noa became like a big brother replacement to you". Evil Yuugi says: "Correct. Now he's my nii-sama." Mokuba replied, cuddling close to Noa. Yami Rena says: Jou sighed, turning back to where Kaiba had left, he couldn't help but feel back for his rival. Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba had just walked back in, after standing outside feeling the gentle wind caress his face when he heard Mokuba say nii-sama. Not knowing of his brother's feelings he figured Mokuba wanted him. "What is it Mokie?" He asked. Yami Rena says: Jou and Anzu turned to Kaiba, worried about how he was going to react to Mokuba's choice, wondering if they would have to sneak into the room just to avoid an explosion. Evil Yuugi says: "I didn't call you, Seto." Mokuba replied. Yami Rena says: Anzu turned to Yuugi, she looked as worried as she felt. Evil Yuugi says: "But you said nii-sama the honorific you always use for me." The puzzled CEO replied. Yami Rena says: Jou turned away from the scene, glancing up at the ceiling, trying to think of an excuse to get out of the way. "I'm gonna see what Mai, Varon and Yami are up to" he lied, stepping through the doorway. Evil Yuugi says: Anzu winked, meaning she understood why he said that. "Your not my nii-sama anymore." Mokuba replied calmly. "Say what?!" Kaiba asked, stunned.

Yami Rena says: Anzu stood before Yuugi, almost like to protect him from whatever was going to happen, what that was she still didn't know. Jou sighed with relief as he safely made it into the shadows of the room Evil Yuugi says: "You heard me." Mokuba replied, evenly. "But why? You've called me nii-sama since we were little." Kaiba protested. Mokuba looked at his older brother straight in the eyes as he steadied himself. Yami Rena says: "Maybe Yuugi and I should help Jou out" Anzu mumbled, grabbing Yuugi's wrist. Evil Yuugi says: "Er, yes good idea," Yuugi replied "When I was with the Oracle and you weren't it angered me to the point where i no longer thought of you as nii-sama." Kaiba made no movement yet as if it hadn't sunk in.

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Yami Rena says: Anzu moved towards the door, dragging Yuugi with her, looking about at the three before moving inside. Evil Yuugi says: "If i'm not your nii-sama who is?" Kaiba asked. Mokuba smirked evilly. "Noa is." "Is this a joke? Tell me your joking." Kaiba said. The boys giggled evilly and shook their heads. Yami Rena says: Anzu grit her teeth as she heard the words. Jou stood close to the door, looking nervously when he too heard the words. Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba just turned around and walked back outside and screamed in rage not wanting to give Noa or Mokuba the satisfaction. Yami Rena says: Anzu held Yuugi close as she watched Kaiba turn and leave, she felt bad for him, it hadn't been long before that they had been talking about Kaiba's feelings towards Yuugi. "Why... WHY ME?!?!" Kaiba screamed at the top of his lungs. Yami Rena says: Anzu glanced Jou as she heard the yelling, she felt terrible for him, she accepted Mokuba and Noa together as they were, but to see it tear Kaiba apart, she wasn't so willing to do. Evil Yuugi says: "Anzu you said you'd help Kaiba get set up with the other half of me, well i suggest you do so now." Yuugi said. Yami Rena says: "You mean Yami" Anzu asked, sounding as if Yuugi was mad. She turned to see Yami laying with his back to them, a large patch of blood clinging to his shirt from the collapsed wrists he had been laying on. Evil Yuugi says: "No the side of me that used to be light but we turned evil together." Yami Rena says: "Oh, you scared me for a moment, you used to refer to Yami as your Other Self, I thought you meant him then" Anzu sighed with relief. "I guess that would work yeah, let's do it. But we'll have to keep them out of here for a while, just incase that once-lighter half breaks through again". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes wise plan." Noa smiled at Mokuba. "I think Seto's jealous." Yami Rena says: Anzu turned from Yuugi to Noa as she realized their presence in the room, Jou also looked at them as Noa spoke. "Yeah, having either around at this time would be risky" Anzu replied. "What with Kaiba not liking you two the way you are and how the lighter Yuugi could interrupt things again, its best that neither is around when the time comes". Evil Yuugi says: "What are you saying?" Noa asked. Yami Rena says: "What do you mean Kaiba doesn't like you two together and Yuugi has some unfinished business he'll have to do while his lighter half and Kaiba are gone. Any other time and it'll be difficult if not impossible" Anzu replied. Evil Yuugi says: "All right." Yami Rena says: Anzu nodded as she turned back to Yuugi. "Should we go release him for Kaiba then Give him the other side to you" Evil Yuugi says: "Yes and quick before Kaiba goes completely insane." Yami Rena says: "Right, let's take you out of here before someone realizes what we're up to" Anzu added, grabbing Yuugi's wrist. Evil Yuugi says: "Easier grip ok?" Yami Rena says: "Sorry" Anzu replied meekly. "Just nervous about how everything's going in so many directions. Come on". Yami opened his eyes as he heard Anzu move towards the door, he'd heard everything, at least a part of Yuugi would be safe, that was enough for him. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi smiled at her. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled back as she moved into the corridor, looking back at him, ready to use her Oracle stone to help in dividing his two halves. Evil Yuugi says: "I love you Anzu." Yami Rena says: "I love you too. Are you ready We need to useour Oracle Stones and your Puzzle. That should divide the halves and mean they can be with each of Kaiba and I". Evil Yuugi says: "Which Puzzle? The dark or original?" Yami Rena says: "You hold the dark one right Yami has the original I think the dark would work well, although the original might get pulled into things, it won't make any difference, just helps out if the darker one needs more of a boost". Evil Yuugi says: "As you wish my queen." He said handing over the dark Puzzle. Yami Rena says: Anzu closed her eyes, the Oracle stone shining brightly before the Seal appeared on her head, focusing on seperating the darker side of Yuugi that she was with and the lighter darkness that Kaiba preferred. The dark Puzzle glowing after a moment, she smiled. Yami turned his head downwards as he noticed the light of his own Puzzle shining, the Symbol appearing on his forehead, feeling as the magic Yami Rena says: began to take its effect on Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: Mokuba watched in awe. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled as she opened her eyes, watching Yuugi's own Oracle stone glowing, both stones, both Puzzles, she focused again, closing her eyes again to keep it strong, waiting for the spell to work. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi moaned softly as he felt his other half separate. Yami Rena says: Anzu smile when she heard Yuugi's moaning. Yami too closed his eyes as the magic began to pull the two Yuugis apart, Jou knelt close to him, tired of standing with no reason as he watched out the door at the brighter lighted corridor. Evil Yuugi says: A short distance away, Raphael's stone glowed as though it were reacting to something. "Yuugi.." He whispered to himself. Yami Rena says: Yami groaned as he felt the two Yuugi pulled further apart, Jou glanced at him briefly before focusing on the corridor again. Anzu's smile held up as the two items in her possession shone brighter. Evil Yuugi says: "An...zu its working.." Yami Rena says: "Good, just hand on for a couple more seconds and it'll be complete". Evil Yuugi says: "Ok I will.." Yami Rena says: Anzu nodded, her smile holding up, Jou watching in awe at the different lights shining in the corridor, seeing them stretch along the light that the partially open door let in. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi closed his eyes as it slowly completed. Yami Rena says: Anzu felt the Seal glowing on her head fading, the dark Puzzle and Oracle stone she also held turned to normal. She opened her eyes with a smile. "How do you feel" Evil Yuugi says: He grinned wickedly. "Now i'm truly all yours." Yami Rena says: "That's good, how about your lighter dark half" Anzu asked, turning to the other Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: He grinned darkly. Yami Rena says: "That's our Yuugi" Anzu chuckled. Yami glanced over his shoulder at the door, his own Symbol and Puzzle's glow gone, he felt terrible, he hadn't intervened quick enough for Yuugi's light to overpower the darkness. Evil Yuugi says: Both Yuugis chuckled softly. Yami Rena says: Anzu held the pair close, smiling as they did so. "Yuugi" Yami called. "Are you alright" Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah i'm fine." Yami Rena says: "Where's the lighter half I have to talk to him" Evil Yuugi says: "Why?" Yami Rena says: "It's about something he said" Yami called, twisting his torso just to try and struggle to get up, wincing as the pain in his wrists flared up again. Evil Yuugi says: "Then tell me." Yami Rena says: "Don't fight me Yuugi, let me talk to him". Evil Yuugi says: "Just tell me!" Yami Rena says: "Its not for you to hear, you impostor" Yami snapped. Evil Yuugi says: That was the wrong thing to say as in a matter of seconds, Mokuba and Noa hovered over him. Yami Rena says: Yami growled at the pair of them, glaring with whatever he had, Jou turned to them as he remained close by. Evil Yuugi says: "Don't ever insult Yuugi-sama!!" The 2 hissed. Yami Rena says: "That's not Yuugi, that's just the Oracle in a shell of Yuugi. Yuugi's the other one, the one I care about". Evil Yuugi says: That just angered them further. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, tell your guard dogs to back off, its you I need to talk to, not them" he called before turning back to them. "And don't you dare tell me how to talk to my aibou". Evil Yuugi says: Mokuba's eyes blazed and he delivered a fierce uppercut to him. Yami Rena says: Yami groaned as he turned away from them slightly more, growling as he felt a srop of blood run down from his mouth, running along his cheek to the ground. Evil Yuugi says: "If you don't want another i suggest you shut up." Mokuba hissed. Yami Rena says: "When did you become my master" Yami hissed, looking back at him with a glare. Evil Yuugi says: "All of us are your master." Noa said. Yami Rena says: "That's what you say, you can't prove that over anyone. You think I'm some sort of punching bag servant I have news for you, neither of you two nor Anzu nor Yuugi nor anyone controls me". Evil Yuugi says: "Oh yeah?" Yami Rena says: "Yeah" Yami challenged, the strain suppressed as much as he could hold it down. Evil Yuugi says: "How foolish.." Yami Rena says: "How so Yuugi hasn't given you orders, he leads you, not the other way around". Evil Yuugi says: "Because they're loyal to me!" Yami Rena says: "I can see that, you tell them to do something, they do it without hesistation. Just like a couple of bratty kids" Yami snarled. Evil Yuugi says: "SILENCE!!!" Yuugi screamed in a demonic voice. Yami Rena says: Yami groaned as he struggled more, wriggling as it trying to escape without being able to you his hands to escape. Evil Yuugi says: "That shut him up.." Yami Rena says: "You think so" Yami laughed cockily. "I hate to remind you Yuugi, but I don't take orders". Evil Yuugi says: "Black Magician.. come forth,," Yami Rena says: Yami growled for a second, struggling more as he heard the mage called again. Evil Yuugi says: Black Magician came forth. "You called, master Yuugi?" Yami Rena says: Yami grit his teeth, feeling his heartbeat quicken as he glared up at the two. Evil Yuugi says: "Heh..i'm about to introduce you to some new cards.." Yami Rena says: Yami watched Yuugi, hiding his worry mostly as he pushed himself slightly, facing Yuugi easier, less on his side but not on his wrists. Evil Yuugi says: "Tell me something. Do you know of a set of fiends from a realm known as Dark World?" Yami Rena says: "I may have heard of them one time, but I can't remember that much, don't tell me you have them. I may not remember much but I can at least remember they're dangerous". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi cackled. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, don't do it, don't use them" Yami called, struggling harder, wincing each time his wrists would burn. Evil Yuugi says: "Too late fool.. I play a spell known as Wicked Canon." Yami Rena says: "Yuugi no, what're you doing" Yami called, his eyes widening. Evil Yuugi says: "Watch.. with this spell i can use 5 deadly magic cards that act with your very emotions!" Yami Rena says: "Don't do it, you know its too dangerous, even on the player's front". Evil Yuugi says: (In case your wondering this is from gx Yami Rena says: (kay =o) Evil Yuugi says: "Guys, would you like to witness this?" (brb Yami Rena says: (kay) "This should be interesting Yuuge, I've never heard of such cards" Jou answered. Anzu smiled from behind Yuugi, Yami twisted his torso, moving it alongside his arms as they tried to move without causing pain, wishing he could move like it without the pain, just to be free. Evil Yuugi says: "Heh the 5 cards are Anger, Hatred, Sadness, Anguish and Doubt.." Yami Rena says: "Well then I guess you have me sorted then. I'm feeling pretty much the first four at this time" Yami growled. Evil Yuugi says: "Excellent...all you have to do is show those emotions.." Yami Rena says: "I'm showing you nothing. You can't control me". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes i can.. for now i play.. Wicked Doctrine of Anger!" Yami Rena says: Yami turned his head away, trying to think of anything else, anything that would stop his anger, his fury, closing his eyes and searching his mind. "Don't do it" he called. Evil Yuugi says: "Too late!!" Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, no!" Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi cackled, as the japanese kanji for Rage appeared on Yami's cheek. Yami Rena says: Yami groaned as he tried to fight it off, the overwhelming feeling that was taking over, wriggling against his binds, shaking his head as he felt it on his cheek. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi continued laughing. "Yes Yami keep expressing your rage.." Yami Rena says: (what ep(s) is that used I gotta see this in action >3) "Yuugi" Yami groaned. "I won't do it, I won't let you take me over". Evil Yuugi says: (135 i believe) Yuugi smirked as his Oracle Stone tapped into the heinous' spells power forcing it to be expressed on Yami. Yami Rena says: Yami groaned as he felt himself failing to stop it, feeling it clouding his mind, his heart, slowly, losing himself to it. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi laughed more, as Mokuba watched in awe wishing he himself could use such evil magic. Yami Rena says: Yami cried out, shaking his head, trying to fight with whatever was left with him as he felt the strengthening. (please tell me its after Judai's gone in that building looking for Johan, before isn't loading >.<) Evil Yuugi says: (its actually during it but he gets stopped by Brron Yami Rena says: (kay, Judais' just about to duel, I think that's the same guy I missed what it said in the subtitle) Evil Yuugi says: "You have no power left.." Yami Rena says: "Yuugi" Yami called. "Stop it now. Don't do it you idiot!" Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi's eyes blazed. Yami Rena says: "Stop ignoring truth and shutting yourself away. Don't be selfish and think of just yourself. You blind idiot, covering your ears from the truth, you're burying yourself in a dream". Evil Yuugi says: "Anzu...get him..." Yuugi seethed. Yami Rena says: Anzu moved forward, glaring at Yami, reaching down and grabbing his right arm. "What should we do then" she asked. Evil Yuugi says: "Doesn't matter as long as he suffers." Yami Rena says: Anzu grinned, tightening her grip on his arm, her nails pressing against his skin. Yami groaned, gritting his teeth. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi smirked. Meanwhile the other lighter dark Yuugi went outside to where Kaiba was. "Kaiba?" He asked. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi" Kaiba gasped, turning to him. Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah it's me." Yami Rena says: "What are you doing here" Evil Yuugi says: "I separated from my twin for you." Yami Rena says: "Twin What I see, so you do like me then" Evil Yuugi says: He nodded, smiling. Yami Rena says: Kaiba returned the smile. "Thanks, I was worried that I was meant to be alone like before. I thought you'd never like me like that". Evil Yuugi says: "I always have.. i was just afraid." Yami Rena says: Kaiba smiled, moving closer to Yuugi before pulling him into a hug. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi blushed a little. Yami Rena says: Kaiba noticed Yuugi's blush, smiling as he felt closer to Yuugi than he had to anyone. Evil Yuugi says: "You know i thought you would go ballistic on Mokie." Yami Rena says: "I felt like it" Kaiba sighed. "I was going to, I didn't know what to do, I felt so angry, so frustrated". Evil Yuugi says: "About what Kaiba-sama?" (He's saying sama because he feels kaiba ranks higher than him) Yami Rena says: "That Mokuba would turn like that, that he would go with someone like Noa, after everything he did, after everything I did, he didn't care about me like I thought". Evil Yuugi says: "Of course he cares about ya." Yami Rena says: "Not like before, not like back then". Evil Yuugi says: "What do you mean?" Yami Rena says: "When I would do anything for him and he would do anything for me. Noa's his nii-sama now, that's what he says, I don't know what to do anymore". Evil Yuugi says: "He still loves you." Yami Rena says: "I can't see his love anymore, maybe he does, but he's not showing it". Evil Yuugi says: "Trust me my love." Yami Rena says: Kaiba widened his eyes slightly, he hadn't ever expected anyone to call him that, especially Yuugi. He smiled and held Yuugi closer, glad that he could finally feel close to someone. Evil Yuugi says: "He still loves you.. but i love you the most.." Yami Rena says: "I know and I love you more too". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi giggled softly as he wrapped his arms around his former rival. Yami Rena says: Kaiba's smile grew as he felt Yuugi return the hug, smiling as he tightened his arms around Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: "I love you Seto.." Yami Rena says: "Thank you Yuugi, that means so much, I love you too". "Have you ever loved anyone this way?" Yami Rena says: "Not like this". Evil Yuugi says: "But why?" Yami Rena says: "Because I was never able to feel so close, I mean with Mokuba it was a different love and even now, he doesn't care about me so much anymore. Its you I care for". Evil Yuugi says: "He still loves you as a brother." Yami Rena says: "Maybe, not so much, I still love him like that. But is kind of like you and Yami, you liked him like a brother from what I could see, now you couldn't give him a second thought". Evil Yuugi says: "Thats different." Yami Rena says: "I suppose, although I do feel like Mokuba betrayed me like Yami betrayed you". Evil Yuugi says: "He didnt betray you. Your like a second nii-sama to him." Yami Rena says: "A second, I thought I was the first. But I understand" Kaiba replied, hugging Yuugi tighter. Evil Yuugi says: "Do you feel better?" Yami Rena says: "Yeah, much". Evil Yuugi says: "Good, im glad." Yami Rena says: "I'm glad too. You're alright, right" Evil Yuugi says: "Yes i'm fine." Yami Rena says: "Good, I don't want you to be hurt by anyone"> Evil Yuugi says: "Don't be too overprotective." He teased. Yami Rena says: "I'll do my best, I just don't want those who I feel close to get hurt". Evil Yuugi says: "I won't don't worry." Yami Rena says: Kaiba smiled as an answer. Evil Yuugi says: "Want to go back to the others?" Yami Rena says: "Sure". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi smiled as he took Kaiba's hand. Yami Rena says: Kaiba smiled as he felt Yuugi take his hand, he gripped back. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi slowly led him back to the others. Yami Rena says: Kaiba peered inside the room where the others remained, seeing Anzu and Yuugi still close to Yami who continued to fight the power Yuugi was forcing on him, his groans growing ever weaker. Evil Yuugi says: "I wonder whats happening." The other Yuugi asked. Yami Rena says: "I don't know, but it sounds like whatever it is is working in your twin and Anzu's favour". Evil Yuugi says: "Oh, how interesting." Yami Rena says: "Yeah, sounds it". Evil Yuugi says: "Do you want to help or no?" Yami Rena says: "I guess we should, it'll make you happy I'm sure, both you and your twin". Evil Yuugi says: "Come on lets go." Yami Rena says: Kaiba remained still as he allowed Yuugi to go first, following him inside. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi walked in with a smile. Yami Rena says: Anzu turned to Yuugi and Kaiba as they entered. "Hey you two, back so soon. How're you doing" Evil Yuugi says: "Great." Yami Rena says: "Yeah, we're doing good". "Great, want to us us Yami's putting up quite a fight" Anzu chuckled darkly. Evil Yuugi says: "Sure we'd be glad to help." Yami Rena says: "Good, what do you think we should have them do to help, sweetie" Evil Yuugi says: "I'm not sure." Yami Rena says: "Hm, he's pretty much immobile already, he's not really fighting back physically. But there has to be something that they can do". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes but what?" Evil Yuugi says: brb Yami Rena says: "That's the question, hm..." Yami turned back to them, glaring with eyes filled with hate, he couldn't stand being used like he was, just as entertainment, he struggled harder, wincing at the pain but fighting back more than he had previously done. "Damn it, what's up with you and being determined to do this stuff" he growled. "Yuugi, this isn't you. Think of what you said just before you went Yami Rena says: back to them, don't fall for their games. You're still my aibou, remember Even if you do kill me, I'll still see you as my aibou, but how can you still see me as your Other Half if you really do kill me" Evil Yuugi says: (bk Yami Rena says: (wb ^_^) Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi growled doing his best to ignore him. Yami Rena says: Yami growled, still struggling to try and get his arms loose, glaring at Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled softly. Yami Rena says: Yami bit his bottom lip as he glared at Yuugi, wondering what it had been that Yuugi had found amusing. "I mean it, remember what you said, you'd always be close to me. Why do you hate me so much like this" Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi remained silent. Yami Rena says: "What is it" he growled. "Why do you want to kill me like this I don't hate you, but you've turned on me, is it really all the Oracle Evil Yuugi says: "Perhaps." Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, answer me" Yami growled. Evil Yuugi says: "Be quiet,," Yami Rena says: "Make me" Yami dared, narrowing his eyes angrily. Evil Yuugi says: "I dont have to." Yami Rena says: "So you don't want me to then" Yami replied, grinning cockily. "That or you can't. Either way, I won't be quiet". Evil Yuugi says: "Don't test me.." Yami Rena says: "Or what" Evil Yuugi says: "I'll wipe you out." Yami Rena says: "Wipe me out how I don't care what you say, my real aibou is in one of you somewhere, he'll fight back. Your threats mean nothing". Evil Yuugi says: "I wouldn't say that again if i were you.." Came the voice of Black Magician Girl. Yami Rena says: Yami's eyes widened, staring in horror as he noticed Black Magician Girl appeared. "No. No, not you too" he gasped. Evil Yuugi says: She giggled evilly and stood by Yuugi's side. Yami Rena says: "No, what did he do" Evil Yuugi says: "He opened my eyes and brought me to the winning side." Yami Rena says: "No, he's blinded you. You've all been blinded!" Yami yelled, struggling even more than before. Evil Yuugi says: "Believe what you want but we aren't leaving." Yami Rena says: "What do you mean 'not leaving' Where were you going" Yami asked, pausing his struggle. Evil Yuugi says: "I mean not leaving Yuugi." Yami Rena says: "No, you will, leave him alone. If you have to target anyone, choose me, just leave aibou alone" Yami called, lifting his shoulder from the ground. "I told you he's gone!!" Yuugi screamed. Yami Rena says: "No, he's still here, in there somewhere. How else would he have broken free if he didn't exist" Yami screamed back. "I know he exists, you're nothing, you're just an empty threat until you take someone like him". Evil Yuugi says: "I disagree, Pharaoh.." Came the sneering tone of Yami Bakura. Yami Rena says: "Bakura" Yami snapped, turning his head to Bakura, glaring at him with pure hatred. Evil Yuugi says: He chuckled softly. Yami Rena says: Yami narrowed his eyes at Bakura, wishing he would just vanish as quickly as he came before turning his attention back to Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura folded his arms, the millennium ring hanging around his neck loosely. Yami Rena says: "What are you doing back here" Yami growled without looking back at him. Evil Yuugi says: "Although my Ring is powerless to the Oracle i can still obverse if i wish." Evil Yuugi says:

  • Observe

Yami Rena says: "I knew that. I suppose you're here becaue you've always wanted to see me like this. You make me sick Bakura". Evil Yuugi says: "It's your father's fault.." Yami Rena says: "It is not, I don't even know anything about my father and I know you're lying!" Yami screamed at him. "Don't bring him into any of this. Don't you dare use my lack of memories against me. If you must tease me about it, safe it for the battle ahead" Evil Yuugi says: "I'm not lying...Atem." Bakura said, speaking Yami's true name with utter spite. Yami Rena says: Yami's eyes widened in surprise, he stared at Bakura, motionless as he laid there, focusing on nothing other than the name he thought had been erased from existence. "Wh-what did you just call me" Evil Yuugi says: "Atem." Bakura repeated with more malice than before. Yami Rena says: "I-is that my name How did you find that out Even if you had your memories, it was wiped from everywhere except the one place I'd have to find it in the Memory World we'd travel to". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes it's your name fool." Bakura said, obviously growing more angry with him. Yami Rena says: "How did you find it" Yami asked, his eyes widened further. Evil Yuugi says: "Remember a part of me still exsists in the Sennen Puzzle." Yami Rena says: "I don't understand. The Puzzle doesn't contain my name". Evil Yuugi says: "True however it contains the entrance to your Memory World." Yami Rena says: "You've been there Why didn't you try to win That's what I thought you'd do. This world wouldn't exist if you had". Evil Yuugi says: "Because then my vessel wouldn't exsist." Yami Rena says: "You don't care about that, you wanted to destroy the world". Evil Yuugi says: "I know that!" Bakura snapped. Yami Rena says: "So why spare the world So you could see all this through" Evil Yuugi says: "Partially." Yami Rena says: "Damn you. You sick twisted moron. I'll kill you!" Yami shouted, reviving his struggle, twisted his torso, wishing that the ropes around his wrists would just vanish. Evil Yuugi says: "I'm not done yet!" Bakura barked. Yami Rena says: "What more coud there possibly be" Yami snapped. Evil Yuugi says: "If you would let me get a word in edgewise you'd realize i'm no longer interested in destroying the world!" Yami Rena says: "And why's that You'd have the ultimate power. You're hardly the type to follow orders from anyone, especially Yuugi". Evil Yuugi says: "Because when Zorc was destroyed, the part of me that wanted to rule the world was also! Now im just a casual tombrobber, only here to keep my vessel, Ryou safe." Yami Rena says: "I'll still kill you" Yami shouted, locking his elbow on the ground to prop himself up somewhat. "You've caused enough trouble and I won't let you get away with it. The best way to protect Ryou is to get rid of you". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi stood in front of Bakura, protecting him. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, what are you doing This is the guy that tried to kill you so many times" Yami yelled. Evil Yuugi says: "I know but he means no harm to me or you anymore." Yami Rena says: "No harm Are you insane Maybe not to you, but I highly doubt that there's a single soul in this tower that wants me alive much longer" Yami spat. Evil Yuugi says: "I said he means no harm i didnt say i didn't." Yuugi snickered. Yami Rena says: "I can see that, experience has told me that enough" Yami hissed, referring to his wrists more than anything. Evil Yuugi says: "Will you please drop the act already?" Yami Rena says: "What act I've always been a fighter, I'm hardly going to stop it just because you have the upper hand. Maybe I'm nervous, maybe I'm worried, but I'm not backing down. I'll breath my last breath before that". Evil Yuugi says: "Pharaoh there comes a time when you must admit when you've been defeated. Even MYSELF knows that." Bakura said. Yami Rena says: "Maybe I have lost, but I can't give up, Yuugi broke through once, maybe there's a chance he can again, that's why I'm fighting, for the hope that maybe he can fight back. What kind of Other Half would I be if I went against everything I had taught him and gave up" Evil Yuugi says: "Techinally your not because you separated." Bakura joked. Yami Rena says: "And I shouldn't have let it happen. This is the least I can do, trying to help Yuugi because I let him down there". Evil Yuugi says: "We willingly agreed." Yuugi countered. Yami Rena says: Yami growled, he felt that guilty that he knew it was true, even Yuugi knew it was like that, he had tried and failed. For him, it wasn't a question of how hard he did or close he came, he had ultimately failed, now was no different. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura watched, looking deep in thought. Yami Rena says: Yami glared at the both of them, he sighed, each second that passes, he was losing Yuugi more. Evil Yuugi says: Ryou appeared beside Bakura in spirit form but Bakura didnt seem to notice. Yami Rena says: Yami pulled more at the ropes, wincing more as the pain kicked back, he wished he could at least do something about his bound ankles, but fighting back against the topes there was pointless, he couldn't even twist his ankles just to fight back. Evil Yuugi says: Noa looked at Bakura curiously. Yami Rena says: "What is it" Anzu whispered to Noa. Noa looked at Bakura curiously.

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Yami Rena says: =o Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: you didnt respond lol Yami Rena says: (i guess it didn't go through) Yami Rena says: Yami Rena says: "What is it " Anzu whispered to Noa.

Yami Rena says: (you got it now ) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (yep) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Who is he?" Noa asked. Yami Rena says: "That's Bakura. Normally Ryou is a sweet guy, but that Ring around his neck is similar to the Puzzle and holds a spirit inside who takes over a lot, that's him in control now". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Is he bad usually?" Yami Rena says: "Yeah, normally Yuugi's fighting against him with Yami, he and Yami had been at each other's throats for a long tim enow, but this time Bakura's with us because of back when Yuugi bonded him with the Oracle". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I see." Yami Rena says: "What happened You lose your voices " Yami sneered at Bakura and Yuugi, focusing mainly on the tomb robber. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Bakura glared while Yuugi shared a kiss with Anzu. Yami Rena says: Yami narrowed his glare back to Bakura, Anzu smiled as she kissed back. Yami growled, glancing over his shoulder at the pair. "Damn it, I thought I told you two to cut that out" he snapped. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Your just jealous that Anzu's all mine." Yuugi sneered. Yami Rena says: "How am I jealous I don't care, I don't mind who you're with, in case you didn't notice, I was fine with it all in the beginning before she twisted you into this" Yami shouted. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi bit his lip as a tear ran down his cheek. (Have Anzu get angry cuz of that Yami Rena says: "You little-" Anzu hissed, rushing forward and slapping Yami across the face. Yami groaned for a second as she did, glaring back, his cheek glowing slightly from the hit. "And you go on about how you want to be a good Other Half " she spat. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Noa looked sympathetic for Yuugi as well. (She can call Yami a bitch as cursing is ok) Yami Rena says: (kay, I'll add that in when I get to this part) "You're the bitch, you've hardly done much to help him i the right way. You've only hurt him and made him this". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi turned away, the tears still coming. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, don't listen to her, the Oracle has taken the both of you. Don't cry at what I've said, it's what the Oracle's done that you should be upset about. Please Yuugi, don't fall for it". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Noa shot him a venomous look as he waited for Anzu to continue. Yami Rena says: "I swear, I should've just killed you after Yuugi left. I'll kill you now if I must. Just shut up, I hate you, Yuugi hates you and you know it" Anzu yelled, grabbing Yami's shirt, dragging him and twisting him back face-up as she held him close to her, glaring with her deepest hatred. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Jou and Kaiba watched with wide eyes. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, let's just finish him now" Anzu hissed, glaring still at Yami. "He's not worth the effort to keep alive any longer. He's useless, no-one wants nor needs him. Let's just put him out of his misery". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi nodded as Kaiba wiped away his tears. Yami Rena says: Yami turned to Yuugi, swallowing the lump in his throat that had quickly grown, looking at him with sorrow and regret in his eyes, he cursed himself for having pushed Yuugi so far. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "You start him off and ill finish him." Yuugi replied. Yami Rena says: "Gladly" Anzu chuckled. She turned back to Yami, looking at him with a demonic grin before forcing him back to the ground, pressing him against the floor. Yami cried out as he felt his wrists crunching as they hit the ground, more so when Anzu was pushing him down against them. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi watched with a truly malvolent grin. Yami Rena says: Yami groaned as he closed his eyes, Anzu moved her right hand from his torso, wrapping her fingers around his neck and pressing hard. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Nice.." Kaiba commented. Yami Rena says: Yami groaned as he felt her crushing his neck, he opened his eyes slightly, looking down at Yuugi, silently apologizing for his words, saying would have made no use, he knew that neither was going to go easy on him, he'd brought this on himself. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I wouldn't have thought of that move." Yuugi said. Yami Rena says: "Don't worry Yuugi, you'll have your chance to pull it, he won't last much longer if we keep pushing him" Anzu replied with a grin, tightening her fingers around Yami's neck, a weak groan was the result. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Then again i guess those dance lessons of yours were part of this somehow." He teased. Yami Rena says: "You could say that" Anzu giggled. Yami grit his teeth, feeling as her fingers grew ever tighter, feeling as the air began to reduce its flow into his body, he looked down at Yuugi, the dark circles under his eyes clearer than ever, straining just to do anything. "Yu-Yuugi" he whispered. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I wish i knew how though my little azure diablo." (diablo = devil in spanish ^^) Yami Rena says: "Oh Yuugi" Anzu giggled. "Yu-Yuug-gi" Yami choked. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes my queen?" He asked ignoring Yami. Yami Rena says: "You make me laugh, that's why you're my sweetie. My king of darkness, the true king" she replied. Yami groaned, noticing Yuugi was ignoring him, feeling his throat being crushed, the world outside his eyes growing dark slowly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Well your the one who brought us together my little queen of darkness." Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled again, looking back at Yuugi happily, almost forgetting what she was doing as she smiled at him. Yami felt his eyelids growing in weight, his eyes slowly closing, staring up at the ceiling above tiredly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "And once he's gone we can stay with the darkness forever and not have to worry." Yuugi said, his voice sickeningly sweet but malicious to those not twisted by the Oracle. Yami Rena says: Yami shivered as he heard the words, groaning weakly, without even moving his lips as the remained open slightly, his jaws apart again, his visionm darkening, going out of focus. "I think he's ready for you" Anzu replied with a smile. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Fine just tell me what to do and i'll do it." Yami Rena says: "Anything you want, it doesn't matter, cause him pain or finish him off instantly, its up to you darling". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Wait i know how to wipe him out instantly.." He said with a truly naughty grin as he held up the card he had used to defeat Kaiba the first time - Exodia The Forbidden One Yami Rena says: "What are you going to so " Yami Rena says:

  • do

Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Use Exodia. He has infinite strength remember?" Yami Rena says: "Hardly worth wasting that power on someone so weak now. Where's that spike you used before Maybe that'll be useful, but if you think Exodia's better, we could go with that". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Trust me the spike's pain is limited, Exodia's is LIMITLESS.." (capitalized for emphasis) Yami Rena says: "Alright then, go with something that'll just destroy him with an overload of power as well". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi nodded. " the instrument of your final annihilation...EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE!!!" Yuugi cackled as the familiar 10-pointed circle appeared that Exodia came from when summoned. Yami Rena says: Yami watched the light where Yuugi prepared for Exodia, his eyes only slightly open, his chest heaving for air, he didn't say anything. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (Describe Exodia as he appears,try to be dramatic if ya can Yami Rena says: (Kay, I'll try my best) He watched as Exodia began to emerge from the ground, the room shaking as the once-chained god-like creature rose, rising up as the dominant being it was, looking almost demonic like Anzu too had as it remained still, its face darker than usual, his beadt eyes turning to Yuugi as the shaking subsided. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi grinned. "Exodia...OBELITERATE!!" (Describe the attack also if you can but it doesn't hafta be perfect Yami Rena says: Exodia brought its large hands close to each other, building up it ultimate attack, the large orb of energy glowing brightly. A moment passed where the room's air became thick from the waiting, Exodia brought back one arm before throwing it ahead, launching the attack at Yami who remained still, looking calm. The attack slammed into him, engulfing him, the force throwing him against the wall Yami Rena says: behind, he groaned, almost crying out if his throat had had it in it as he felt his spirit burn out, waiting for the attack to finish, just so the pain would leave, even if it meant he'd leave with it. It took a couple of moment for the attack to end. "Ai-aibou" he whispered once more, falling. The fall seemed to last forever, feeling like he was falling a great height when hie limp body hit the Yami Rena says: floor haevily. Yami Rena says:

  • heavily

Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Damn i thought for sure he'd fade into particles of light or something after that." (lol the first is what happens if you lose a duel in the second alternate dimension in GX) Yami Rena says: Yami heard the distorted words from the outside, guessing it to be Yuugi's voice. "For-give me ai-bou" he whispered, letting the last word slip out with his dying breath. His body began to glow a golden colour faintly, dissolving from his legs upwards slowly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Noa's eyes widened as did everyone's but Yuugi's and Anzu's. Yami Rena says: Jou felt his heart soften as he watched the process of Yami's spirit leaving the world slowly happen, he could feel it was wrong, the real Jonouchi inside fighting it as it reached Yami's torso, taking over half of him already. "Any second now Yuugi" Anzu whispered. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi cackled softly as he nodded. Yami Rena says: Jou wiped the tears from his eyes that they hadn't noticed, the process slowly slipping up Yami's torso, up his neck, slowly riding up his head. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi watched, smiling wickedly as he felt the Oracle corrupt what ever ounce of humanity the evil boy had left. Yami Rena says: Jou grit his teeth, watching the final glimmers of Yami's hair before they floated in the air for a few seconds and following those that had come before them, vanished, dying out in the dark air. "And thus, Yami no Yuugi no longer exists" Anzu whispered. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi cackled evilly, his fingers slowly clenching into a victorious pose with his fist, his most heinous mission finally complete. Yami Rena says: Jou turned back to Yuugi, not a look of sadness nor enjoyment, more one of surprise. "See, I knew you could do it" Anzu giggled, hugging him tightly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi giggled back just as evilly as he smiled. "Yes, now we're truly unstoppable. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says:

  • "

Yami Rena says: "So, without him in the way, what do we have to do now Our mission's completion must be just there, just before us". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Basically gather the world's people and just announce to them that we rule over them." (I think thats how dictator-like moves work) Yami Rena says: "Sounds good to me". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Then lets do this, and i have the quickest way..." Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Then lets do this, and i have the quickest way..." (repost if ya need it Yami Rena says: (Did I die ) "What's that then " Anzu asked curiously. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (for a few seconds Yami Rena says: (Oh, nah,I don't need it, still got it all) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (kk) "Well with Yami gone i absorb all his own magical abilities." Yami Rena says: "Good idea, they can't stand up to you and the magic he had combined". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yep all we have to do is channel the magic to transport everyone in the world here, then the world will be one step away from being all ours forever.." Yami Rena says: "Good plan". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes, quite ingenious isn't it?" Yami Rena says: "Yes it is, you're a mastermind at plans" Anzu giggled. "You never run out". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi blushed. "Thats why soon ill be king of this world.. think about it..everyone would have to do our bidding.." Yami Rena says: "Exactly, just like we planned from the beginning, it'll be a reality instead of a dream". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yes.." Yami Rena says: "It's perfect". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Oh yes. I can just picture you in royal queen attire.." Yami Rena says: "And I can just picture you in your king attire. Wow, I'm going to have a picture taken" Anzu teased, giggling. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi blushed deeply. "Seriously?" Yami Rena says: "Seriously" Anzu teased, before kissing him on the cheek. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi kissed her back. He had never felt happier.. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled, pulling him close, hugging him tightly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Hey what about us?" Mokuba and Noa teased her. Yami Rena says: "Don't worry, you'll still be with us, you did a great job earlier". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "We know what we're asking is where would we be on the whole royal order thing once you 2 officially declare world domination?" Yami Rena says: "Of course you will". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Where though? As princes, what Anzu-chan?" The boys asked excitedly. Yami Rena says: "I guess that could work, what do you say Yuugi " Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: He nodded with a grin. Yami Rena says: "There you two go". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: They cheered happily as they hugged Yuugi tightly. Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled as she watched the pair hugging Yuugi, turning back to the others. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Varon smiled giving Yuugi a wink. "Nice work, mate." Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled back at Yuugi. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Jou you've been quiet is there something wrong best friend?" Yuugi asked. Yami Rena says: "Nothing's wrong" Jou replied hollowly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yeah there is mate." (Have Jous anger at Anzu and Yuugi just boil over right about now) Yami Rena says: (kay) "Shut up Varon" Jou hissed before turning back to Yuugi. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What did i say, mate?" Yami Rena says: "Just shut up. I'm sick and tired of you" Jou snapped, still staring at Yuugi as he spoke. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Me or him?" Yuugi asked. Yami Rena says: "Both, can't you see what you've done " Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yeah im one step away from world domination." Yuugi replied, grinning evilly. Yami Rena says: "You just killed Yami. When you wake up from this dream and you realized what you've done, he won't come back when you cry, he won't be able to"> Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Frankly i dont really care." Yami Rena says: "You don't care now, but let's see what you think when the Oracle is gone". "Calm down Jou, you were tormenting him too, you're just as guilty" Anzu called. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I thought you didnt feel remorse, Anzu." Yuugi said. Yami Rena says: "I don't feel it, we're all responsible for Yami's death, I'm just pointing out that Jou is just as guilty for playing a part". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Bakura looked confused. "But I didn't do a thing." Yami Rena says: "You didn't help him. You saw how he was bleeding, even without the push, he was slowly dying and all you did was torment him with his own damn name". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I didnt torment him." Yami Rena says: "You were teasing him, going on about how you knew about the past and blamed his father and used his name like it was filth, that's just as bad. I can't believe I could only see it as he fell". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "See what?" Yami Rena says: "See what we were doing, what we've done" Jou sighed. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "But you joined us.." Yuugi protested, a little hurt. Yami Rena says: "I know, I was blinded by anger when we lost you. Now I see how stupid we were, look at us, we've just gone and killed someone that had been our partner, even on this side". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What are you saying?" Yami Rena says: "I'm saying we're murderers, just like you didn't want to be. But Yami was on our side once and look what we did to him. Are we going to kill each other now " Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No because we're allies. Yami wasn't. Right Noa, Mokie, Anzu?" Yami Rena says: "He's right" Anzu replied. "Yami was an ally!" Jou called. "He was with us once, he was with us before this. He kept saying he was trying to help us, he might have really been trying to help us". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No way." The Kaiba trio replied. Yami Rena says: "What do you mean 'no way' We could have given him a chance". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "We did." Yami Rena says: "No we didn't. The instant he beat Rebecca, we tied him up, gagged him, threw him in a cage, ignored him, overpowered him and even killed him. I can't see the chance we gave him in that". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Well he turned me against Anzu remember?" Yami Rena says: "He set you free" Jou yelled at Yuugi. "That was the real Yuugi, the one before all this happened. Look deep in your heart, I'm sure that real Yuugi is crying hard". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi threw his head back and laughed. The idea of that was absurd to the once sweet boy from Domino High. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, wake up" Jou called moving forward and laying his hands on Yuugi's shoulders. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi stared at him. Yami Rena says: Jou began to shake Yuugi, staring at him determinedly. "Come on, you dont' want to take over the world, that's the Oracle speaking. You didn't want to kill Yami, that was the Oracle. Come on Yuuge, wake up, the real Yuuge". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says:

  • I'm gonna hate myself for this* Yuugi thought as he slapped Jou on the cheek.

Yami Rena says: "Yuugi!" Jou shouted, slapping back. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Ouch! You little.." Yami Rena says: "Jou" Anzu yelled, rushing forward. Jou swung his arm back, grabbing Anzu's wrist, she growled as she tried to pull it back to no avail. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (hold on im confused Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (what exactly just happened Yami Rena says: (o.o He's holding Yuugi's shoulder with one hand and Anzu's wrist with the other) Yami Rena says: She tried attacking him cause he hit Yuugi Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi delivered a sharp uppercut to Jou's left cheek. (Ah thanks) Yami Rena says: Jou growled, pushing Anuz back and punching Yuugi across the face. "Damn it, wake up Yuuge". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi groaned falling backwards into Kaiba's arms, blood streaming from where he'd been struck. Yami Rena says: Jou growled, he hated doing it, he just wanted to see Yuugi back to his real self. He lunged forward, trying again for another blow. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Before he could Anzu grabbed the back of his shirt and flung him backwards, before rushing to Yuugi's side. Yami Rena says: Jou groaned as he crashed into the ground, growling as he looked up at Anzu tending to Yuugi. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yuugi-kun are you ok?" She asked in a sweet, motherly tone. Yami Rena says: "I'm fine Anzu. Really I'll be alright" Yuugi replied. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Well ok.." Yami Rena says: "So what're you two going to do now Have Kaiba attack me and lock me up too " Jou growled. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Be reasonable, mutt." Kaiba replied. Yami Rena says: "Shut it bitch, just go crawl back to Mokuba and Yuugi"> Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What did you call me Katsuya Jonouchi?!" Kaiba roared. Yami Rena says: "I called you a bitch, get over yourself". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Kaiba growled softly. Yami Rena says: "What's the matter Going to grab me like you did Yami Just heel Kaiba". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Anzu...use your power on him.." Yuugi dropped his voice to a whisper.. "Re-bond him..and hurry.." Yami Rena says: "I'll do what I can, right now he's unpredictable, he's more alive than Yami was so it'll be harder while he's like this" Anzu whispered, the Oracle glowing on her head. "Oh no you don't" Jou yelled. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Anzu..I love you.." Yuugi whispered before he lost consciousness. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi!" Anzu gasped, turning to Yuugi before finishing with Jou, catching him as he fell. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (when u said finished you meant knocked out right Yami Rena says: (I meant the spell =o Why, is Jou supposed to get knocked out Kaiba could do it =o) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (no your wording just confused me Yami Rena says: (Oops, sorry, I'm a little off tonight =x) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (its ok.) Jou groaned softly. Yami Rena says: "Kaiba, take care of Yuugi for a minute" Anzu instructed, Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Of course." Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled, handing Yuugi to Kaiba before turning back to Jou, the Oracle shining brightly on her head, Jou groaned more as the magic began to control him once again, slowly dominating his fight. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Jou moaned. "N-No...." Yami Rena says: "You can't fight me Katsuya". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "A...Anzu...Whats.....happened to you....wheres the old sweet Anzu?" Yami Rena says: "She's where the old Yuugi is. And as far as you're concerned they might as well be with that pathetic Pharaoh". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "You mean...destroyed forever?" Yami Rena says: "What do you think " Anzu laughed coldly. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No...An...Anzu...please...dont..." Jou begged. Yami Rena says: "What are you going to do to stop me The Pharaoh couldn't stop Yuugi, what makes you think you can stop me " Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I k...know...the screaming deep...down to get out." Yami Rena says: "Sure she is" Anzu laughed. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Anzu...fight....the....evil...within....please here....don't do this...." Yami Rena says: "I'm your last chance " Anzu cackled. "A minute ago you wanted to knock me out. Give me a reason that I'll care about to stop". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What your doing...will...destroy...the world." Yami Rena says: "Sure it will, Yami tried the same thing. Try again Katsuya" Anzu teased. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Stop calling me that, Mazaki!" Yami Rena says: "Awwwww, what's the matter Don't like it " Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "You sick twisted little bitch.." Yami Rena says: "Awwww, and you wanted me to stop Fat chance now Jououchi" Anzu called, the Seal glowing brighter. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Your just a little brat Mazaki or should i say Motou?" He said mocking her married name. (Angry Anzu please ^-^) Yami Rena says: "Oh really I'm not the one who's lost their mind you pathetic excuse for a human. Now shut your mouth while I finish the Oracle's takeover again you little sod. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Anzu..if you have an ounce of good left in you please STOP!!!!" Jou screamed at the top of his lungs. Yami Rena says: "Just try is Jonouchi. You haven't got any power to stop me, you can't even find something that would make me stop. You're powerless you idiot". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Remember when we kissed in that dare when we were little?" He teased. (my own idea) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Remember when we kissed in that dare when we were little?" He teased. (my own idea) (repost cuz u died for like 2 seconds Anzu's head lifted slightly, her glare softening into one of rememberance. " turned on Yuugi not long after that and no matter what I said, you didn't listen until after he solved the Puzzle and helped you and Honda out". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah...I know.." Yami Rena says: "Exactly, so if I spare you now, you'll just turn in a while". Evil Yuugi says: "Your probably right.." Jou gave a resigned sigh. She had him right in her hands. Yami Rena says: "At least you can admit it" Anzu sighed. "But it just shows I can't trust you without the Oracle's hold over you". Evil Yuugi says: "Your letting him get to you!" The most evil part of her hissed to her in telepathy. Yami Rena says: 'I know that, I'm fighting him back, just watch' she replied, lifting her eyes to him again. Evil Yuugi says: "But Anzu.." Then out of nowhere It's All Over by Three Days Grace began to play from Jou's iPod. (I wanted to toss that in again ^^ Yami Rena says: (sure) "But what" Anzu snapped. Evil Yuugi says: "It's not right." He said accidentally turning the volume up on his iPod with his elbow by accident so now she could hear the song. Yami Rena says: "What are you suggesting Of course it's right, it's what we have to do". Evil Yuugi says: "Oh for the love of Ra how the hell did It's All Over start playing?!" Jou grumbled. Yami Rena says: "What are you on about" Anzu growled. (Wanna see funny Jou video >3) Evil Yuugi says: (sure) "My damn iPod. Damn thing plays on its own!" Yami Rena says: ( "And what do I care" Anzu sighed. Evil Yuugi says: "Oh right you...ahh don't.." Yami Rena says: "Calm down Jonouchi, it won't hurt if you don't resist". Evil Yuugi says: "Don't resist.." Jou repeated, mesmerized. Yami Rena says: "Good boy" Anzu giggled. Evil Yuugi says: 'Sorry Yami…I tried…' Jou thought as he was taken over. Anzu laughed as Jonouchi's resistance ended, cackling in amusement that she had gained back their close friend. Yuugi opened his eyes, hearing Anzu cackle. He wondered what happened. "Yuugi, what a perfect time for you to come back. Jou just came back to us, he put up quite a fight". "He...did..?" Yuugi groaned. His head was throbbing. "Yeah, he was resisting a lot, then a moment ago, he seemed to weaken in the fight so I gained dominance and he's back". "Good...ah...damn it.." Yuugi muttered. "Are you alright?" Anzu gasped, moving to his side. "Yeah...just...ah...a headache." "Okay, if you're sure". "Yeah.." He said as blood trickled down his face. "Yuugi!" Anzu gasped, leaning closer to inspect the blood's source. "I'm fine” "Not according to that" Anzu replied, pointing to the blood. "To what?" He stood up and stumbled over to Mai's bed, walking like a drunk person who had one too many bottles of vodka. "Yuugi!" Anzu called, rushing to him, holding him up from falling, wiping a drop away to show him. "Where did that come from.." Yuugi asked spinning around before colliding with Mai. "Yuugi, calm down" Anzu called, bringing him back. "You're all over the place, are you sure you're alright?" "Maybe Jou...gave me vodka or something.." He replied, dazed. "Jou didn't go near you" Anzu replied, concerned. "He might've…the last thing I remember was seeing a strange duel monster.. then i lost consciousness.." "I don't understand, that doesn't sound normal. Are you sure you're alright, I'm worried about you?” "Probably just a....dream..." "Don't worry about it, maybe you should have a rest" Anzu whispered, stroking his hair. "Yes.." Anzu pulled Yuugi to her as she helped him onto the bed, looking over him worriedly, something had gone wrong following Jou's breaking free of the Oracle and however it was, it was affecting Yuugi badly. Soon Yuugi drifted off to sleep and Jou walked over. "Anzu?" He asked. "What is it Jou?" Anzu sighed, turning to him. "Is Yuuge ok?" "I don't know, something happened shortly following Yami dying, I'm worried it might be having some kind of effect on him too. I didn't think it would, but I'm worried". "Don't be.." A childish voice said. "What was that?" Anzu gasped. "It sounded like a.." Then Jou screamed. "Jou!" Anzu called, surprised by his sudden screaming. "Look b-b-behind you.." Anzu turned, gasping herself when she noticed a purple-ish being behind her, wild grey hair that reminded her of Marik's darker side, "Hello Anzu.." The creature said. "Wh-who are you?" The creature giggled softly. "I am Yubel." "And who is that?" Anzu asked, the fear evident in her face. "What do you mean?" "I can see you're Yubel, but I have no idea who are you beyond that". "That is all I am." She said before noticing the sleeping Yuugi. "You leave Yuugi alone" Anzu snapped. "Oh but he has so much evil…and besides I’m here to help." "And how would you help what's almost complete?" Anzu hissed. "By making sure it stays that way.." Yubel's eyes glowed, to put Anzu under a sleep sort of hypnosis. Anzu groaned as she quickly fell under the magic, Jou gasped as he watched. Yubel giggled as her spirit entered the sleeping boy's body and her new hosts body. "What, no, what're you doing?" Jou called as he watched the creature fade into Yuugi's body. Yubel laughed as her spirit fully merged. "Yuugi!" Jou called, hating himself for being able to only watch helplessly. Yubel snapped her fingers, thus breaking the control she no longer needed. Anzu groaned as she felt herself released, the creature gone, she turned to Jou. "You don't wanna know" Jou sighed. Mai yawned and stretched, feeling refreshed. Anzu turned to Mai, confused about where the creature had gone and what it must have done in her time out. About 20 minutes later, Yuugi awoke. "Yuugi, are you alright " Anzu called, hugging him close, Jou watching nervously. "Yes I'm fine.." He said his voice a split between his and Yubel's. "Yu-Yuugi" Anzu gasped. "Tell me that thing didn't go inside you". "What are you talking about?" "That Yubel thing, I can hear its voice in yours" Anzu replied. "Who are you talking about?" "You weren't awake at the time. But there was this...thing. It came out of nowhere and I think...went inside of you". "No way, what did it look like?" "Like a purple-ish, pink-ish creature, a human shape. It had these yellow eyes and like red pupils. Its hair was like Yami Marik's or something". "Odd…this is gonna sound weird but remember that creature I mentioned before I went out cold?" "Don't tell me. They're the same" "Just about." "Oh no, Yuugi, I'm sorry, I should have helped you". "I'm fine…I can feel the creature enhancing my darkness.." "Wait, so you want it with you? It's helping?" "Yes.." Yuugi replied his tone growing more wicked. Anzu turned back to Jou, both uneasy about the situation with what they had seen. "But, why didn't it come when Yami set you free?" "Because it needed Yami destroyed.." "What?" Jou called. "You mean that it made you destroy Yami?" "No, I did that myself." "So, you destroyed Yami because it needed you to so it could be released?" "No. It needed Yami destroyed so it could inhabit me. You see a body can only hold one Yami at a time if you know what i mean." "So, it needed you to destroy Yami so it could replace him?" Jou asked, his face showing the horror he felt inside. "Yes because unlike Yami…" His voice changed to match Yubel's. "It wants to help rule." "But it sounds like its taking over you, your voice is changing, Yami didn't do that. It just feels weird" Jou sighed. "Relax will ya?" "Fine, but I'm not happy about it". "You sure you're alright? Its not affecting you in anyway? Like with the voice?" "I'm positive now chill" "Alright then" Anzu answered, lightly hugging him, not ready to hug tighter in case he was still tired. Yuugi hugged back tightly loving the attention.

Anzu smiled as she felt Yuugi hug back. She felt slightly easier about how Yuugi was behaving normally. Jou turned away, looking around at the others, still thinking about how much Yubel could have influenced the events before its arrival.

"I love you Anzu.." "I love you too Yuugi". Bakura looked at the small duellist perplexed wondering who this Yubel really was. Jou glanced at Bakura, he felt so confused, unsure about what was really going on and Yubel's intentions. "Promise me something Anzu." "What's that?" "That you'll always protect me and help me rule.." "Right, I promise, I'll help you and protect you". Yuugi smiled happily. "Good." "It's the least I can do". "You ok Jou?" Yuugi asked. "I'm fine" Jou replied, turning back to Yuugi. "You sure?" "Yeah, I'm sure. Nothing's wrong". "Ok good." "Yeah, so I guess we should start working on getting people about" Jou sighed, looking towards the doorway, his thoughts on Yuugi's shadow magic. "Yep." "Alright then. Should we head outside then?" "Yes." Jou nodded, Anzu moved out of Yuugi's way, holding her hand out for him. Jou made his way to the door, looking back as he watched Anzu. Anzu followed, holding Yuugi's hand. Anzu smiled as they passed the Kaiba brothers and Bakura, holding Yuugi's hand tightly. Noa smiled softly at Mokuba. Mokuba smiled back at Noa, standing close to him, Kaiba turned away. "I love you Mokuba.." "I love you too Noa* Kaiba looked at them before the less dark Yuugi hugged him. Kaiba turned to Yuugi, hugging him back. "I love you Seto.." The other Yuugi whispered. "I love you too Yuugi. Come, let's follow them" Kaiba replied with a smile. He nodded, Kaiba's hand wrapping over his smaller one. Kaiba smiled as he made his way towards the door, following where the darker Yuugi, Anzu and Jou had all left. Yuugi smiled back. Jou glanced back at the others; Mai, Valon, Bakura and the other Kaiba brother still had to leave the room, he watched them exit as Anzu and Yuugi caught up with him. They soon followed but Bakura stood in the doorway just to watch. Jou narrowed his eyes uneasily at Bakura before turning away, he didn't like the way Bakura had stayed in the doorway, but exposing his doubts would just lead to Yuugi or Anzu suspecting his turning again, he had no way to fight back the Oracle, he was their follower, whether he liked it or not. "Ready?" The darker Yuugi asked Anzu. "Yeah, let's complete our mission". Yuugi grinned as the Oracle Stone glowed along with the evil Puzzle. Anzu smiled before activating her own Oracle Stone Yuugi's body glowed as Yubel enhanced Yuugi's magic as the dark cloud began to grow in size. Jou watched Yuugi as the two concentrated, focusing more on the smaller due to the creature inside. "It's working.." "Good, keep it up Yuugi" Anzu replied, smiling. He nodded as it grew larger and began to spread further. Jou stepped back as he watched the dark aura grow larger. Bakura watched, visibly impressed. Kaiba glared at Bakura as he noticed the tomb robber watching with a grin. Soon it seemed the entire city of Domino was engulfed in the dark magic. Jou looked around as the area darkened, he glared at it around. He turned back to Yuugi and Anzu, sighing. Yuugi grinned wickedly as he could sense the areas around getting darker. In towns and cities alike around the planet, the sky began to darken, the shadows taking over the area, the unsuspecting humans puzzled just seconds before the darkness infected their own hearts and bringing them to the Oracle's side, engulfing old and young, males and females, all falling into the Oracle's influence and becoming pawns in Yuugi and Anzu's plans. Yuugi cackled wickedly, feeling the Oracle's power grow to seemingly limitless strength. Anzu smiled as she glanced at Anzu as he cackled, Jou clenched his fists as he watched nervously. Yuugi's eyes seemed to change to that of Yubel's as he used her power to transfer those nearby and on the far corners of the planet to the now invincible empire's location. Jou's eyes widened at the sight of Yuugi's change, groaning as he was overcome by the power. Across the world, it was the same, many influenced by the darkness felt their own unlocked and consume them. "Just think Anzu, in a matter of seconds, our greatest dream will be a perfect reality.." Yuugi said the twisted joy evident in his voice. "Yes, and it'll be all thanks to you leading us". The magic grew to it's peak as the darkness around the world excluding the rest of Domino seemed to become a portal of transport which would transport the millions of people under their control now to them. The ground below the people around the world became soft, some panicked, some remained calm, some tried fighting to stay up as they were sucked beneath the ground. The darkness clouding their view for moments, drowning in the shadows that had dragged them to the portals leading to Domino. Emerging again shortly afterwards, seeing the city around them, a foreign city and many would had never heard of, the shadows holding the city even more than their original homes and origins. They looked about the buildings, many catching the view of the tower that dominated the other braking buildings. Jou looked out of the window closest to him to see the legions of people that had emerged outside in the city. "Excellent…only one step left.." Jou turned back to Yuugi as he heard the words He turned to Anzu. "Get ready, Anzu for soon you'll be queen of the entire world.." He whispered with a soft wicked laugh as he kissed her deeply on the lips. "And you'll be the king and lead us all into a new age" Anzu replied happily before kissing back. "That's right so i see no need to drag the suspense out any longer. Let's go to that mass group and begin our reign over the world." "Right and together, you and I shall surpass any other being in this world. Past, present or future, you and I will make it happen, our dream of reality, of ruling this lost world. Finally, the dream comes real". "Yes." His magic activated creating a sort of podium in front of the large group. The people turned to the platform as it rose, seeing as Yuugi and Anzu stepped upon it. "People of the world, the darkness has been unlocked, the battle between light and dark is over. We have won and nothing can change that. The Oracle has led you all here, the darkness unlocked, the war over, the side won. For us this is a new start and the one who unlocked the true power of the Oracle was none other than the guy you see beside me, he will lead us into a new age, one in which the world will be together in harmony, no more battles, no more wars. The container of light is dead, we are free, its time that Mutou Yuugi led us into our new time of the world. He is our king, he is our leader, the one that banished the last glimmers of light from this world and held the darkness together, bringing it and us to this point. The world is free and Mutou Yuugi has not only led us to be that, but will continue to guide us" Anzu announced. Anzu turned to Yuugi with a smile, indicating to the masses before them that he had been the one she had spoken of, he was her husband and their leader, holding her hand out to his for him to take". Yuugi smiled taking her hand in his. "Now, this new world's king has accepted the choice of destiny" Anzu announced, looking back at the mass. "He has taken the throne of darkness, eliminating the previous King of Darkness, taken the Shadow Games and the Oracle to new heights to become more powerful than any other being in existence. Over the life of the previous, I welcome the new leader of this world's shadow, our leader, our king, our saviour even, Mutou Yuugi has presented himself to us as our leader and now will show you our new existence". "Yes, for now the balance of light and darkness is no more. Only darkness remains!" Yuugi announced as the brainwashed masses applauded him and Anzu further. "Well put my hero" Anzu replied, kissing him on the cheek. "The struggle is over, our mission is at completion, our destiny before us". "Yes. Now begin our conquest by announcing ourselves as their ruler." Yuugi told her softly. "See here, your king Mutou Yuugi and I, Mutou Anzu, stand before you your queen after Yuugi and I recently joined in the darkness, the marriage to bind us together forever" she called to the crowd. "Yes for with our destiny complete we shall rule over you for all eternity!" Yuugi said laughing. "You understand Yuugi and I shall lead you all, you're all our followers, to serve us and listen to what we say this world needs to survive. The darkness has led us to salvation". "Yes from this point on you no longer have a choice in your pathetic lives isn't that right my queen?" "Yes it is". "Though the light no longer exists and the world is perfect you are still eternal servants to us.." "I don't understand" a man in his early twenties called. "You're a kid and we follow you And what about the light, its supposed to represent goodness". "He's right, I'm afraid I don't follow too. This container of light you mentioned is dead to let the darkness overpower everything, but there needs to be a balance between light and darkness. Isn't that right anymore?" another called. "I'd advise you to not oppose me.." Yuugi warned. "But we don't get it" a woman of the same age close by added. "You have to tell us what makes the darkness so special, after all, the light needs to exist too, or else we're lost and wondering in a bleak land". "I warned you once but you ignored me. Now prepare to feel the eternal torment of the Yami No Darkness!" Yuugi cackled activating the dark rod to send the 3 who opposed him to the aforementioned dark realm. The others around gasped as they watched the three banished to the dark realm that Yuugi had called to them, many in fear that already weren't, turning back to Yuugi, staring in fear at him, his dark Puzzle or his dark Rod. Yuugi smiled wickedly. "Care to oppose me again?" He asked the group. Many shook their heads, their mouth hanging open, Anzu grinned darkly as she watched amused and proud. Yuugi laughed evilly. "I thought you'd see things my way." "Yes, very obedient lot now, aren't they?" "Yes they are Anzu. But I have an idea to further enhance our headquarters. Since your now the queen of the entire world, you should have a castle that matches your amount of power wouldn't you say?" "Sure, great idea* "Then demand that of our servants. Noa-kun, Mokie-kun you two are extremely quiet. Why?" He inquired. Anzu nodded as she heard Yuugi's command. "Alright, this tower behind us needs a partner. We need a group of you, a big part to help in the construction of a castle". The group nodded, not that they had a choice less they be banished to the Yami No Darkness by Yuugi. Anzu laughed as she watch the crowd disperse before turning to Yuugi, hugging him close and kissing him deeply on his lips Yuugi giggled returning the hug and kiss. "The world is finally ours.." "Yes it is. Our mission is done and now nothing can stop us". "Correct." He looked at Noa and Mokuba who were still deathly quiet. "What's with them and the others?" "I'm not sure. Do you think their afraid?" "Perhaps, I don't know". "Maybe you should talk to them." Anzu nodded before turning to the pair and moving towards them. "What's up with you two I thought you'd be happier". "We are, its just we're a little nervous with the responsibility of the whole world on all our shoulders ya know?" Mokie asked. "Don't worry you two, everything will be much easier with them all living in fear". "Yeah, I guess your right." "See" Anzu replied, nodding and smiling. Mokuba kissed her cheek, knowing Yuugi or Noa wouldn't mind. Anzu giggled as Mokuba did, she turned back to Yuugi, smiling, she knew no-one would have minded. Noa giggled and ruffled his lover's hair. "How cute, Mokie." "He is, isn't he?" Anzu giggled. Mokuba blushed. "Awww thanks.." He replied shyly. Anzu giggled as a reply to Mokuba's blush. "Your bad Anzu-chan." Mokuba teased the azure-eyed brunette. "Oh I am" Anzu chuckled, glancing back at Yuugi. "Something tells me I'm not the only one". "Really?" He asked, acting innocent. "Really" Anzu laughed. Mokuba looked up at her with an almost angelic stare. Anzu laughed as a response, she looked at Noa. "What did you laugh for?" Mokuba asked. "Your look, it just amused me". "How?" "Just the way you looked after what we were talking about. Come on, let's go see what Yuugi has planned for us to do". "How do you know he has anything planned?" Leon joked. "He usually does, after all, you were too concerned about Yami to actually have us bond you to the Oracle". "Don't remind me.." Leon moaned bitterly. "What's the matter? Feeling guilty about not joining? Or is this to do with Yami because you weren't properly bonded?" Anzu teased darkly. "Both." Leon groaned. "Awwww, little Leon wants to join and at the same time feels guilty about not helping his wittle Pharaoh friend, you didn't help him when he was in that cage, you didn't help him when he was lying immobile. You couldn't even be a voice for him and just watched as he was blasted out of this world" Anzu cackled. Mokuba laughed softly as well. "See, they know it, Yuugi knows it, even Yami knew it, that's why he turned to Yuugi and tried to break him loose" Anzu laughed. "Quit laughing at me!" "We can only stop if you admit the truth and join". "What truth?" "That you couldn't save Yami and you know the Oracle is where you belong, because of your close range, Yuugi's spell hasn't bonded you yet. We just have to get you to join and you can join us in the new world". "New world??" He asked as the area looked the same to him. "Can't you see it? The darkness that clouds the city, that rules this world as Yuugi desires". "Ok, you've officially gone insane." "I'VE gone insane? You're the one that was worried about Yami, you're the one that's not joining the Oracle yet. You're the one who's insane, no-one else". "You've turned the world into a freaking wasteland of shadows!!" "And what's the matter with that? That's what both Yuugi and the Oracle desire, that's what we've been led to create. Don't go all Yami on us and make us use force against you too". "What can you do?" "Didn't you see what we did to Yami? There was a lot more happen to him before the way you found him like that, we'll use it all against you. You want to share his fate We can make that happen". Leon's eyes widened in terror. Deep down he wished Siegfried was there to protect him. "Oh come on Leon. You have a choice, be our ally or fall like Yami. Either way, we win, do you want to win too? Or do you want to perish with him Siegfried's on our side, why can't you see things like him?" "No!! Big bro would never do that!" "When we say everyone, we mean everyone" Anzu chuckled before turning back to Yuugi. "Yuugi!" "Yes Anzu-chan?" Yuugi asked in sing-song. "Do you know where Siegfried is? Leon's not believing in our goal, he doesn't believe Siegfried's with us. If anything, like Yubel replaced Yami inside you, he's taking Yami's fight further". "Yeah he's fixing KaibaCorp's security so the tower can't be snuck up on. "See, he's helping us" Anzu chuckled, turning back to Leon. Leon's eyes filled with tears. "Can't you accept it now?" Anzu asked. "Don't go and get yourself destroyed like Yami did, open your eyes, see the world before you and help us". "Maybe she's right.." "See, it's not that hard". "I have an idea." Mokuba said. "What's that Mokuba?" "Perhaps you can hypnotize him." "Good idea, it'll help him more" Mokuba grinned in a naughty manner. "Nice job Mokuba" Anzu giggled, ruffling his hair. She turned to Leon grinning. Mokuba blushed. "I do what I can my queen." "Come on Leon, are you going to listen?" Anzu asked in her hypnotic voice. "Don't fall with Yami, don't let him drag you down, you belong with us. Listen to reason, join us, rise with the rest of us, you know you can do it, we know you can do it, don't listen to him, listen to the Oracle". "If I join I can help you rule.." "Yes, good boy". "I shall join you.." "Good" Anzu giggled as she moved her fingers up to Leon's forehead, pressing them against it. Leon moaned softly. Anzu watched as the Oracle stone began to glow, allowing the power to rush into Leon. Leon moaned again as the Oracle appeared on his forehead. Anzu grinned as the Oracle appeared, glancing back at Yuugi as she took her hand away. "It worked!" "Yes, now everyone in the world is under the Oracle's control, everyone is following us. The world is ours and our destiny is complete. Now we just need to lead it on". "Yes." "Yes, it's all good now, no-one can stop us". "Yes no one!" Yuugi cackled. Anzu smiled as she held Yuugi tightly to her, squeezing him in the embrace, feeling the happiest she had been in so long. Yuugi giggled softly loving the embrace. Anzu giggled as she heard Yuugi's own little giggle, it only made her hug tighter. "You’re so beautiful.."

  • And you're so perfect. You're the best husband a girl could want".

"Awww no one's perfect. Not even me.." "Stop being modest" Anzu giggled before kissing him on the cheek. "It's true." "No its not, look at all you've done" Anzu replied, signalling the stretch of Domino before them. "Yeah so?" "No-one else could have done it" "True." "So you really are better than anyone else. You're my perfect king of darkness, sweetie". Yuugi grinned. "Oh yes." "So you admit it. Good Yuugi, that's why I like you so much. You don't resist the truth like the others". "It's love in my case." He said arrogantly. "Yes, I love you too, love you more than anything in this entire world. Nothing could mean more to me than you, my love". "Yes I know my sweet." "Yes, nothing" Anzu repeated, squeezing Yuugi tighter in her arms. "Ah.. loosen up a little Anzu-chan." "Oh" Anzu answered, loosening her arms around Yuugi. "Thanks." He said with a smirk. "I'm sorry" Anzu sighed, releasing him altogether. "Anzu what’s wrong?" "Nothing, I just didn't want to hurt you, that's all". Yuugi smiled, kissing her forehead. Anzu blushed as Yuugi did so, smiling back. "We'll be together for eternity.." "Yeah. Nothing will separate us". "Yes and because of the Oracle, we're granted immortality." Yami Rena says: "Yes and that's wonderful. Together forever, nothing to ever stop us, nothing to end us". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes I know." Yami Rena says: "The best thing ever. My Yuugi, my ruler of the world, my sweetie leading the new world without anyone to stop him, to stop us, to be able to get rid of us". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi grinned wickedly, loving all the attention. Yami Rena says: "So, what do we do while they build that castle? What do we do next that the mission is complete?" Evil Yuugi says: "I guess we can finally relax." Yami Rena says: "That's good, after all, we can't have you wear yourself out" Anzu replied with a smile. "No-one can, if they saw you tired, they could try and resist like those three did". Evil Yuugi says: "Heh insolent fools." Yami Rena says: "Yeah" Anzu chuckled. "They won't fight back with your power". Evil Yuugi says: "I know thats what makes this so satisfying." Yami Rena says: "Exactly, without a way to fight back, you and I can never lose control. Its the perfect plan and one I expected from you Yuugi". Evil Yuugi says: "Heh and why is that?" Yami Rena says: "You've had control of the situation the entire time, except for a few unexpected moments and even then all but a couple you've gotten control again. No-one can stand up to our power and that way, no-one can stop us or even dream of it. Anyone that could have challenged us are incapable of standing against us, most haven't had a chance since bonding with the Oracle". Evil Yuugi says: "True but there are those that will be born in the future.." Yami Rena says: "They won't possess any power to stop us, they'll just be weaklings that will follow everyone else". Evil Yuugi says: "How do you know?" Yami Rena says: "Come on, if everyone's following the Oracle, then their offspring will also follow it, you'll see. This is a new world, no-one out there is a free soul anymore". Evil Yuugi says: "I guess you got a point." Yami Rena says: "See, there's nothing to worry about, so stop worrying". Evil Yuugi says: "I'm not worried." Yami Rena says: "Good, I'm going to get a good view from inside, you coming?" Evil Yuugi says: "Of course." Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled and took Yuugi's hand before turning back to the tower and making her way towards it. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi smiled back. Yami Rena says: "I bet you're loving seeing this all happen like we planned, right? It's all fun to see them squirm" Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah it's so perfect." Yami Rena says: "Yes and nothing can spoil it, it'll always be perfect, nothing can ruin it. This world is ours, now let's go see it begin". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes.." He replied with a wicked laugh. Yami Rena says: Anzu laughed with him, taking him through the doors of the tower and looking around at which staircase to take. Evil Yuugi says: "It doesn't matter which one." Yami Rena says: Anzu led him up the staircase she was familiar with, the one they had used following his loss to Rebecca, smiling as she was glad that this time, he wasn't being carried. Evil Yuugi says: He quickly kissed her cheek. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled before kissing him back, finally they could be alone without a threat of something going wrong or an interruption, they could finally watch over their new world. Evil Yuugi says: "The fight Yami fought is no more, as is any kind of purity." Yami Rena says: "Yes, nothing he did could work, everything he did failed, he never stood a chance, I felt sorry for the poor fool, if only he had known, we wouldn't have had to push him so far, but he remained blind to the truth". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes. Oh well it's his own fault." Yuugi cackled. Yami Rena says: "Yeah he shouldn't hav resisted" Anzu laughed. Evil Yuugi says: "Your so devious.." Yami Rena says: "Hardly devious, after all, it was his choice, nothing to do with me". Evil Yuugi says: "Not about that." Yami Rena says: "About what then?" Evil Yuugi says: "Everything since the Oracle's return." Yami Rena says: Anzu chuckled, nodding her head, she couldn't have done it without him, they had helped each other so much. Evil Yuugi says: The roar of a motorcycle engine seemed to interrupt them. Yami Rena says: Anzu turned back, looking back down the staircase as she heard the engines from the outside. "What could that be now?" she asked. Evil Yuugi says: "Most likely Raphael." Yami Rena says: "I suppose, when did he leave?" Evil Yuugi says: "To be honest i lost track." Yami Rena says: "I'm not surprised, trust him to head off without telling anyone". Evil Yuugi says: "Hey Yuugi what in the world is going on out there?" Came Raphael's voice. Yami Rena says: "It is him" Anzu mumbled, turning back to Raphael. Evil Yuugi says: "Hey Anzu, good to see you again!" He called with a smile. Yami Rena says: "Hey Raphael, where did you head off to?" Evil Yuugi says: "Converted our enemy's strongholds into other bases for us." Yami Rena says: "Great idea" Anzu replied proudly. Evil Yuugi says: Raphael blushed slightly. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled as she noticed Raphael's blush, he had done well to sneak off for such a helpful reason, she appreciated it. Yuugi smiled. Yami Rena says: "Raphael, thanks, it means a lot that you did that, after all, it's going to save us a lot of time". Evil Yuugi says: "No problem." Yami Rena says: "Well, what do you plan to do? Your family are on our side now". Evil Yuugi says: "I know." Yami Rena says: "Are you going to visit them then? You're welcome to head off whenever you want to, especially after all you've done" Evil Yuugi says: "No, seriously i'm fine." Yami Rena says: "Alright then. Yuugi and I are heading upstairs to have a look at the city, what about you?" Evil Yuugi says: "Sure i'll come along." Yami Rena says: "Alright, come on then" Anzu replied with a smile. Evil Yuugi says: "Want to use our flying monsters rather than walking?" Yami Rena says: "We could always do that, after all, Yuugi's been able to summon his monsters outside of duels. I forgot about that when you summoned your Black Magician". Evil Yuugi says: "All right," He said summoning Guardian Airtos. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled as she pulled a card from her own deck, playing Seiyaryu. Evil Yuugi says: "Seiyaryu? I didn't know you had that card." Yuugi said. Yami Rena says: "I got it lately. Want to ride with me?" Evil Yuugi says: "Sure..its so pretty." Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled before turning and climbing onto the back of her dragon. Shuffling herself into a comfortable position, she held her hand out for Yuugi to take. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi happily took it as Raphael calmly climbed on to Airtos. Yami Rena says: Anzu pulled Yuugi onto the dragon's back, hoisting him up to sit behind her, smiling happily as she turned to the dragon, commanding it to take them to one of the room along the corridor ahead. Evil Yuugi says: The dragon growled softly as it did so. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled as she felt the breeze from the dragon's movements, she glanced at Yuugi. "Which room should we look out from? we'll need one with a good view" Evil Yuugi says: "Doesn't matter to me." Yami Rena says: "Well, I don't know if certain places would agree with you, after all, we can't risk anything going wrong now". Evil Yuugi says: "Nothing can." Yami Rena says: "That's good, after all, I think Yami's blood is still in that room, I didn't want to push things too far so soon". Evil Yuugi says: "Don't worry." Yami Rena says: "Alright then. That has a decent view, do you want to try there or somewher else? I'd be more comfortable with somewhere else but if you're ready to face it, you know". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah i'm ready." Yami Rena says: "Okay then. Seiyaryu, stop outside the room where Black Magician was summoned, we'll head in there". Evil Yuugi says: He nodded with a smile as he did so. Yami Rena says: Anzu glanced at the door as the dragon came to a slow stop. She leapt down from it, turning back to Yuugi, knowing when to call back her Seiyaryu. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi slowly climbed off the dragon giving him a friendly smile. Yami Rena says: Anzu held the card up, recalling the dragon, she looked back as she waited for Raphael. Evil Yuugi says: Raphael slowly came in gently gripping Airtos' wing. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled before nodding and moving ahead, pushing the door slowly open. Evil Yuugi says: The 2 followed, with dark smirks. Yami Rena says: Anzu glanced at the patch of redness that had remained, finding it slightly eerie before shaking it off and concentrating on what they had come for, flicking the light switch for the lights to turn on. Evil Yuugi says: "What happened over here?" Raphael asked. Yami Rena says: "Just finishing off the Pharaoh, don't worry, he's not going to bother us anymore, isn't that right Yuugi". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes my queen." Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled before continuing into the toom. Yami Rena says:

  • room

Evil Yuugi says: "I see now.." Yami Rena says: "Yes" Anzu replied quietly. "Now we'll just use this room for watching out over the city, there's no body to throw back into that cage". Evil Yuugi says: "True,true." Yami Rena says: "Come on, let's see how those outside are doing" Anzu called, walking towards the windows at the other end of the room. "Yeah, though i wouldnt mind banishing a few more.." Yami Rena says: "You'll get your chance" Anzu chuckled, peering out of the window. Evil Yuugi says: "What can you see the future now?" Yuugi teased. Yami Rena says: "No, but I'll let you have your chance to have some fun, after all, what's world domination without reminders?" Evil Yuugi says: "True" Yami Rena says: "See, you'll have your fun".

"I get this feeling there's a few we can't affect."

Yami Rena says: "What do you mean? The power of the Oracle engulfed the entire world, everyone on the planet should be affected. There's something going on, you've been doubting whether it really worked ever since we did it". Evil Yuugi says: "Calm yourself." (you do shadi Yami Rena says: "The boy is right, there are a few existing souls that have been left unaffected by the power in which you whield" a familiar voice admitted. "Who's there?" Anzu called. Shadi - guardian of the Items - emerged close to Yuugi, Anzu glared at him, she cursed for not remembering spirits like him. Evil Yuugi says: "Damn it.. i knew that infernal spirit was still around." Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, you are the holder of the Puzzle, you of all people should know what dangerous powers threaten life on the planet with forces such as the Oracle" Shadi spoke tonelessly. Yuugi started laughing. "I fail to see the humour, allowing it to control you is bad enough, killing the Pharaoh was pushing it, the only thing you can do from now is kill yourself, by allowing the Oracle to control you, it will begin to consume your very core, much like it did the Pharaoh in how you killed him". "Don't you think i'm aware of that?" Yami Rena says: "Obviously not or else you'd understand you have to go back". Evil Yuugi says: "Your insane.." Yami Rena says: "Hardly, you're the one that's destroyed the world that this planet once was and surrounded it in darkness. Listening to reason isn't insanity". Evil Yuugi says: "What you consider reason I consider insanity." Yuugi countered with a soft chuckle. Yami Rena says: "That's what the Oracle considers insanity, not Mutou Yuugi. If you don't wake up, I'll be forced to enter your mind and help you from inside". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi laughed wickedly. "Fool your pathetic Sennen Items are powerless to the relics i wield. Isn't that right, Anzu-chan?" Yami Rena says: "It's true, the Oracle may not be able to get past the Items when activated, but the Items cannot fight back against the Oracle itself". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi snickered softly. Yami Rena says: Shadi's glare hardened, faililng to see the humour once again. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi smirked, pulling out the Dark Scale and Key the Sennen items' evil twins. Yami Rena says: "I see, a combination of true darkness and the Sennen Items". Evil Yuugi says: "Correct. They are far more powerful than the originals." Yuugi replied, showing the Dark Puzzle. Yami Rena says: "I sensed the power compared to the Sennen Puzzle, I just belived that was down to the Pharaoh' Yami Rena says:

  • Pharaoh's condition, I guess I've been proved wrong".

Evil Yuugi says: "Your correct. Yami No Yuugi no longer exsists!" Yami Rena says: "I felt it, that propted my arrival. It wasn't long ago that the last essence of his spirit passed through, I hope you understand that its too late to get him back, even when you're released from the Oracle, and you'll want to see him to apologize like you did once before, it will be too late". Evil Yuugi says: "Don't bore me with your guilt speeches." Yuugi sneered. Yami Rena says: "It's more the truth than a tactic to open your eyes, if there was anything I could do, you know I would help you get him back, even if you claim you don't care. He protected you from the Oracle before, open your eyes, you will see that things have spiralled out of control". Evil Yuugi says: "Be thankful i haven't figured out how to destroy you yet." Yuugi hissed. Yami Rena says: "You can't destroy me, I'm the guardian of the Sennen Items, there's a reason I've existed for 3000 years". Evil Yuugi says: "What's that?" Yami Rena says: "I'm a spirit, I can't be destroyed, I'm not the same as the Pharaoh was so you can't physically attack me like you did him". Evil Yuugi says: "Heh true.. however i could forcibly give you human form." Yami Rena says: "It's not the same, you can't while I hold the role of the guardian of the Items, especially as I hold two to protect me from your power". Evil Yuugi says: "I told you the Oracle exsisted long before the Items, therefore their useless to you against me." Yami Rena says: "However, the Items themselves can be used as protection, remember that you were the one that activated the Puzzle when the Pharaoh's soul was at risk while the Oracle was closing on him in his duel with Dartz, you saved him with it". Evil Yuugi says: "True however it was thanks to him i now rule this pathetic realm. Had he never played the Oracle against Raphael my darkness would still be locked away." Yami Rena says: "Didn't you listen to a word he said before, he was worried about losing and what the fate of boths worlds would have been. When the duel ended, he was glad he was going to pay the price, he didn't expect nor want you to interfere, you did that yourself, he tried to stop you, you can't blame him for something he wanted to end without you at risk". Evil Yuugi says: "If he had lost normally there would have been no need for him to actually challenge Dartz or face Raphael again." Yuugi countered. Yami Rena says: "Something would have occured, he was drained during the battle, Raphael knew his desperation would mean he'd plau it to survive the duel, he would have been weakened and challenged again. You have no idea what could have happened, had the others not been about, he could have been taken straight to Dartz from there". Evil Yuugi says: "How do you figure? Yami wasn't THAT reckless." Yami Rena says: "The Oracle stone that was around his neck at the time was beginning to cloud his mind, you said it yourself, he was being affected from the darkness within the Oracle bringing him to play it". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah i know what i said." Yami Rena says: "Exactly, he wasnt' solely responsible, he was influenced, just like you were". Evil Yuugi says: "What's your point?" Yami Rena says: "You blame him for everything that's led to this, even when he was trying to save you, you were denying his words. Open your eyes to the real Yuugi that is buried deep inside, he exists inside you, you're just afraid to admit it". Evil Yuugi says: "Silence.." Yami Rena says: "You cannot silence the truth" Shadi called. Evil Yuugi says: "It isn't!" Yami Rena says: "To the Oracle it isn't. To Yuugi it is". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi put his hand to his forehead. "Stop it..your messing with my head!" Yami Rena says: "That's just the Yuugi that understood the Pharaoh breaking loose. The real Mutou Yuugi". Evil Yuugi says: "No..." Yami Rena says: "No what? You can't right it if he knows its the truth. What was the reason he first let you take over him, think back if you haven't destroyed his memories". Evil Yuugi says: "Anzu..get him away from me.." Yami Rena says: Anzu growled, moving forward, ready to hit Shadi back, when all she did was pass through him, she glared back at him. Evil Yuugi says: "!" Yuugi hissed at the spirit. Yami Rena says: "Not until Yuugi has been released and you gone". Evil Yuugi says: "I told you.. the Yuugi you knew is long gone.." Yami Rena says: "I don't think so. He's in there, all that time you said he didn't exist and he still surfaced for the Pharaoh. He's still in there". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi glared at him before he suddenly lost consciousness. (Its so Shadi will leave) Yami Rena says: Shadi sighed before turning to Anzu. "He's fighting back for now, if he loses, I may have to return, maybe I can get the real Yuugi out long enough to go in and save him, I have something that will help that become a reality" he spoke before fading. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi opened his eyes. "Is he gone?" Yami Rena says: "Yeah, he's gone, but I doubt he will be forever". Evil Yuugi says: "He cant destroy everything we've worked for.." Yami Rena says: "We won't let him, we'll fight". Evil Yuugi says: "How can we?" Yami Rena says: "We will, as long as you hold back the old Yuugi, he can't get into your mind. You just have to fight back the words that he and Yami said. If you let them get to you, the old Yuugi will break free like before". Evil Yuugi says: "The old Yuugi is dark now." Yami Rena says: "Even so, there's light inside him that both Yami and Shadi just now played off. If you can't fight back, that light will grow, grow until the real Yuugi realizes how much damage has been done and breaks free". Evil Yuugi says: "Don't worry." Yami Rena says: "Good, I don't want to but I was worried before when he seemed tobe winning the fight of words". Evil Yuugi says: "Oh." Yami Rena says: "What's the matter? I do believe in you and that you can fight it, I was just conserned. Evil Yuugi says: "Nothings wrong I promise." Yami Rena says: "Alright then". Evil Yuugi says: Yubel appeared in spirit form and smiled at Anzu. Yami Rena says: "What does that want?" Anzu asked, pointing at Yubel. Evil Yuugi says: "Anzu be nice she has feelings you know.." Yuugi replied. Yami Rena says: "I know, I just don't like it when it appears like that out of nowhere and I wasn't entirely sure it was a she". Evil Yuugi says: "How?" Yami Rena says: "How what?" Evil Yuugi says: "How were you not sure?" Yami Rena says: "It never said, nothing to confirm anything about it". Evil Yuugi says: Yubel shot her a dirty look. Yami Rena says: Anzu returned the look. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi giggled, enjoying the 2 girls fight. Yami Rena says: Anzu glanced at Yuugi as she heard him giggling before shooting another dark look at Yubel. Evil Yuugi says: Yubel stuck her tongue out teasingly. Yami Rena says: Anzu grit her teeth, balling her fists, turning to Yuugi. "Control you little friend over there" she hissed. Evil Yuugi says: "Aww Anzu she just wants to play thats all." Yami Rena says: "It'd hardly be playing if I could get my hands on her". Evil Yuugi says: "Anzu.." He said sternly. Yami Rena says: "What?" Evil Yuugi says: "Don't even think about harming Yubel." Yami Rena says: "But you'd let her hurt me? Is that what you're saying?" Evil Yuugi says: "She can't hurt you." Yami Rena says: "But if she had the chance, if she could, would you stop her like you just talked to me?" Evil Yuugi says: "Of course but just for future reference what would happen if i didn't?" Yami Rena says: "How could you ask that?" Anzu asked, feeling hurt. "I thought you cared about me enough to stop anything happening to me, I've helpe dyou so much". Evil Yuugi says: "I'm just asking in case the situation ever arises.." Yami Rena says: "Well then I'll have to fight by myself" Anzu growled. Evil Yuugi says:

  • Nice going, Yuugi now you screwed up.* He mentally berated himself.

Yami Rena says: Anzu turned away, glaring down at the people below, clenching her balled fist tighter, narrowing her eyes to intensify her glare. Evil Yuugi says: (Shes angry at him aint she ^^; Yami Rena says: (yepyep >3) Evil Yuugi says: (oh lord..) "Oh now come on Anzu it was only a hypothetical question." Yami Rena says: "You shouldn't have asked it, I've helped you so much and then you asked something in a situation when you weren't helping me? It just didn't feel right". Evil Yuugi says: "Your mad at me aren't you?" Yami Rena says: "Maybe, maybe not. It's that whatever you called it I'm mad at most". Evil Yuugi says: "Yubel-chan?" Yami Rena says: "Fine then, your little Yubel". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled, pinching her cheek playfully. "I think your jealous." Yami Rena says: Anzu lightly slapped his hand away with the back of her hand. "I'm not jealous" she answered sternly. "How could I be jealous of it. It's just taking Yami's place for crying out loud, I'm your wife, a much better position than a yami". Evil Yuugi says: "Then why the attitude?" Yuugi teased. Yami Rena says: "Because you treat it like its the closer one to you, just because it lives inside of you" Anzu sighed. Evil Yuugi says: "I always use chan after a girls name!" Evil Yuugi says: (He may be evil but hes polite lol Yami Rena says: "I meant the other things" Anzu replied, stopping and shaking her head. "It doesn't matter". Evil Yuugi says: "Does it bother you that bad?" Yami Rena says: "I said it doesn't matter. Let's just go have some fun with those humans like you wanted". Evil Yuugi says: "Your not still mad are you?" Yami Rena says: "No, just forget all of that". Evil Yuugi says: "You sure?" Yami Rena says: "Yes I'm sure". Evil Yuugi says: "Ok let's go. Do you want me to carry you or something?" Yami Rena says: "I'm fine, I can go myself, we could always take my dragon". Evil Yuugi says: "Your really fond of him huh?" Yami Rena says: "Its a useful creature and yes I do". Evil Yuugi says: "He's even stronger than Black Magician." Yami Rena says: Anzu pulled the card from her deck, looking down at its stats. "Its attack is the same, its defense is stronger".

Evil Yuugi says: "That's what i meant." Yami Rena says: "I see, then yes". Evil Yuugi says: "How did you get such a powerful dragon?" Yami Rena says: "I got some cards a little while ago, shortly before this time this all started". Evil Yuugi says: "Is he your favorite?" Yami Rena says: "I guess so, he or Black Magician Girl". Evil Yuugi says: The female mage appeared, smiling at her. Yami Rena says: "Black Magician Girl" Anzu replied with a smile. Evil Yuugi says: She giggled softly and smiled. Yami Rena says: "How are you after showing up the last time?" Evil Yuugi says: "I'm good how bout you?" She asked sweetly, her outfit was now black and red rather than her old blue one.

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Yami Rena says: "I'm fine too". Evil Yuugi says: She giggled. "Do you like my new look?" Yami Rena says: "Yes, it's very fitting". Evil Yuugi says: She blushed. "Really?" Yami Rena says: "Yes, its a good look". Evil Yuugi says: She smiled, kissing her cheek. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled as Black Magician Girl kissed her cheek, glancing at Yuugi, wondering if he had summoned her. Yuugi nodded, silently his mind deep in thought. Yami Rena says: "What's the matter?" Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi didn't hear her. Yami Rena says: Anzu sighed, folding her arms, wondering what it could have been that had kept Yuugi from responding. Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi-kun?" Black Magician Girl asked softly. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, is something the matter? Why aren't you answering?" Anzu asked. "I bet he's talking to Yubel like he used to Yami". Evil Yuugi says: "Who's Yubel?" Black Magician Girl asked. Yami Rena says: "This creature that emerged not too long after Yami died. It's basically replaced him inside of Yuugi, claiming it wants to help, but he's been so different since it arrived". Evil Yuugi says: "She." Yuugi insisted.

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Yami Rena says: "Fine then, she" Anzu sighed, rolling her eyes. Evil Yuugi says: BMG looked a little puzzled. Yami Rena says: "Funny how he answered when I mentioned Yubel. Anyway, she emerged and entered his body, sort of like a replacement for Yami. But since then, he seems to have changed, like he's been more doubtful and stuff". Evil Yuugi says: "He's probably just getting using to her my evil queen." BMG replied. Yami Rena says: "I suppose. It just felt so strange". Evil Yuugi says: "Don't worry." Yami Rena says: "I'll try not to, it's just going to take some getting used to from this side too". Evil Yuugi says: "I'll be here." Yami Rena says: "Alright then, I'll count on you and Seiyaryu. Seiyaryu more for transport and you can stick around more like Black Magician did". Evil Yuugi says: BMG looked concerned at the mention of her master. Yami Rena says: "What's the matter? You didn't seem upset when you and he were out together before". Evil Yuugi says: "It's just master Mahad has been very busy lately.." Yami Rena says: "He has? I didn't know a spirit had so much to do". Evil Yuugi says: "He's just honing his magical abilities." Yami Rena says: "I see". Evil Yuugi says: "Yep." She giggled. "Even us monsters have to train." Yami Rena says: "Yeah, staying in another world can't be easy either. So we should just summon as few as possible". Evil Yuugi says: "Why?" Yami Rena says: "We don't want to put too much pressure on them, it might even start affecting us if we do it too much". Evil Yuugi says: BMG chuckled. "No we're all used to this realm." Yami Rena says: "Alright then, so we won't risk anyone. That's good to know". Evil Yuugi says: Another mage that looked similar to BMG appeared. Yami Rena says: "Who's that?" Anzu asked as she waited for the mage to appear enough for her to determine its identity. Evil Yuugi says: BMG smiled. "That's Magician's Valkyria." Yami Rena says: "Magician's Valkyria, it's been a while" Anzu replied with a smile. Evil Yuugi says: Valkyria smiled back at her. "Yes I agree." Yami Rena says: "So I see you came to help us then like Black Magician Girl. Did Yuugi summon you too? He seemed awfully quiet and I can't seem to make him answer". Evil Yuugi says: "Actually i did." BMG replied, pointing to the duel disk on her left arm. Yami Rena says: "Black Magician Girl, you have a Duel Disk?" Anzu gasped. "So, how did you get here, by yourself?" Evil Yuugi says: "When Yuugi summoned me i can use my magic to summon monsters with a duel disk as well." Yami Rena says: "I see, so now you can help us like any duelists that would summon a monster and use your magic like a monster too. Hey Yuugi, did you hear that? Did you know that?" Evil Yuugi says: "Yes and Yes." Yuugi replied. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, so you're talking again. Are you alright? Why didn't you talk before?" Evil Yuugi says: "I was reflecting on the past while i talked to Yubel-chan." Yami Rena says: "What did you talk about? Or is this one of those mind-link things you don't share? I don't mind either way". Evil Yuugi says: "Just the past." Yami Rena says: "Alright then. So, do we go and see the progress that those down outside are up to? That place you told them to create shouldn't be done for a while, but Jou and the others should keep them in line". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes let's." Yami Rena says: Anzu nodded before glancing out ofthe window once more and then walking past Yuugi, to the door slowly. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi instead summoned Curse of Dragon. Yami Rena says: Anzu turned back when she noticed the dragon, looking down at her own card, opening the door and summoning Seiyaryu in the corridor and jumping onto its back Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi instead, flew out through the open window. (Hes being a show-off ^^) Yami Rena says: "Yuugi" Anzu called. She rolled her eyes, what a show off, that normally impressed her, but that was probably down to Yubel. She sighed, sending her dragon down the corridor. Evil Yuugi says:

  • It wasn’t for Yubel* He sent.

Yami Rena says: 'Then what was it? You don't normally do that, not even like this' Anzu returned. Evil Yuugi says:

  • Maybe i wanted to show off*

Yami Rena says: 'You and your ways' Evil Yuugi says:

  • Whats wrong with that*

Yami Rena says: 'Nothing, I didn't say anything was wrong with that' Evil Yuugi says:

  • Want to have a little race with our dragons once you get outside?*

Yami Rena says: 'Sure, why not' Evil Yuugi says:

  • All right but don't cry when you lose* He teased.

Yami Rena says: 'I won't lose. And I certainly won't cry. That's those babies' jobs' Evil Yuugi says:

  • Who Alcina?*

Yami Rena says: 'I guess. Her and Rebecca' Evil Yuugi says:

  • Come on, Curse of Dragon has left a flame trail for the track so to speak*

'I won't lose easily, I'll put up a fight' He smiled inwardly and led her to the track. Anzu led her dragon out of the building, following Yuugi, holding tightly onto the back of her dragon. "So here's the rules you can bump each other but you can't use immense attacks like my Curse of Dragon's flame attacks for example. First one around the track 3 times wins." Yami Rena says: "Right". Evil Yuugi says: "Ready....set.....Go!" Yuugi called and took off. Yami Rena says: Anzu turned ahead, shooting ahead alongside Yugi, Seiyaryu sticking close to Curse of Dragon. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi looked at her and gave a wink before Curse of Dragon got a few hundred feet ahead. Yami Rena says: Anzu grinned before lowering herself, laying close to the dragon's back, leaving it to speed up, slowly catching up to Curse of Dragon. Evil Yuugi says: "What the.." Yuugi said puzzled. Yami Rena says: "Get ready Yuugi, here I come" Anzu laughed. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi looked around for her slowly, but couldnt see her. Yami Rena says: Anzu looked over the dragon's head, grinning when she noticed Yuugi looked puzzled. Evil Yuugi says: "Where did she..." Yuugi muttered. Yami Rena says: Anzu rose up again, seeing her dragon much closer to Curse of Dragon, her grin remained strong. "Hey sweetie, what's the matter? You looked confused". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi jumped, nearly falling off his Dragon. "Don't scare me like that!" He scolded her playfully. Yami Rena says: "Aw, I'm sorry. But don't complain if it happens again, don't forget we're still playing. I'll do what I can to win, I won't lose to you" Anzu teased. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi grinned. "Nor will i to you my cutie." Yami Rena says: "Good to here, keep up then" Anzu called, pulling ahead slightly. Evil Yuugi says: "I will don't worry." (Just to add a bit of danger have a rogue dragon accidently attack them) Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled as she looked back at him, turning ahead in time to see a rogue Blackland Fire Dragon unleashing its attack, heading towards them. She commanded her dragon to evade, it succeeded. "Yuugi, watch out" she called. Evil Yuugi says: "What the- aah!" Yuugi cried as he felt his arm get singed by the attack as he evaded. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, no!" Anzu called, slowing her dragon. "Are you alright?" Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah i'm fine it stings a little though." Yami Rena says: "Maybe we should go back and get it sorted". Evil Yuugi says: "I'm fine." He said, his stubbornness showing. Yami Rena says: "I don't know, you're tough, but I want to make sure you're alright" Anzu replied. Evil Yuugi says: "I said i'm fine." He said and took off again. Yami Rena says: Anzu watched as Yuugi moved ahead, lowering herself slightly to gain more speed. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi looked back at her, and with a sort of childish grin surged far ahead of her. Yami Rena says: "Good try Yuugi, but I'll catch up" she laughed, gripping tighter as her dragon began to speed up. Evil Yuugi says: He turned sharply around the last corner and crossed the start/finish line seconds before she caught up. Yami Rena says: Anzu smirked as she passed the line, she was close to him now, real close. Evil Yuugi says: "This is the last time around Anzu-chan.." Yuugi taunted sweetly. Yami Rena says: "Good, then I'll get you before crossing this time". Evil Yuugi says: "I don't think so." Yami Rena says: "We'll see about that then, won't we?" Anzu called, her dragon slowly gaining. Evil Yuugi says: Stealthily, Yuugi had managed to use his Hinotama card without her seeing just to make things tough for her. Yami Rena says: Anzu looked up as meteors began to reign down from the sky, her dragon pulled to each side to evade them, she sighed as she watched Yuugi getting further ahead. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi managed to easily coast to the end thanks to aid from Hinotama. "I win!" He called gleefully. Yami Rena says: Anzu followed shortly, her dragon much slower than when she had been racing. "Congratulations Yuugi" she sighed. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi turned around, expecting to see her smiling, but she wasn't. Yami Rena says: "So, what do we do? Do I have to pay something for losing?" Anzu asked. Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah, just a few kisses." Yuugi chirped. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled, walking forward, laying her hands on Yuugi's shoudlers and leaning down, kissing him deeply on the lips. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi giggled softly, enjoying the kiss. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled as she heard Yuugi giggle, pushing harder against his lips. Evil Yuugi says: "Mmm Anzu your kisses..their like sweet but icy blossoms." Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled as she looked him having pulled away, stroking his blonde bangs. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled and played with Anzu's brown hair. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled as she watched Yuugi reach up for her hair, looking back at his eyes. "I love you" she whispered. Evil Yuugi says: "I love you too." Yami Rena says: "Good" Anzu whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Cause I never want to lose you". Evil Yuugi says: "You never will." Yami Rena says: "That's good, I'll always be right with you". Evil Yuugi says: (idea ^^ Yami Rena says: (what? =3) Evil Yuugi says: (Well ive always thought of Alexis/Asuka being a decent love rival for Anzu maybe have her come in ^^) Yami Rena says: ( sure) Yami Rena says: (wait, how old would she be in DM? =o) Evil Yuugi says: (She'd actually be 7 but ignore the time gap and say it was er... time-travel ^^) Yami Rena says: ( kay) Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi nodded, smiling. Yami Rena says: Anzu pulled herself up, smiling as she looked about at the people working around. Evil Yuugi says: "Heh this is enjoyable.." Yuugi said with a sadistic smile. Yami Rena says: "Yes, it's the best, I never want it to end". Evil Yuugi says: "Your as malicious as me." Yami Rena says: Anzu giggled, smiling as she stood upright again, looking back at the tower with pride. Evil Yuugi says: (Can you do Asuka coming in via time-travel?) Yami Rena says: (sure) Evil Yuugi says: "You like that huh?" Yami Rena says: A misty looking vortex appeared close by, a girl looking around the age of Yuugi and Anzu slipped out, long blonde hair, hazel eyes. Her attire being a white shirt and skirt. Yuugi whistled softly. "Damn she looks good." He commented to himself. (Shes White Asuka but have her fall for Yuugi rite away) Yami Rena says: Anzu glanced at Yuugi as she heard him whisper something. The girl turned to him, blushing as she heard his whistle. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi gave her an innocent but bad-boy wink. Yami Rena says: The girl pressed a hand against her cheek, blushing more. Anzu turned to her with narrow eyes. "Who are you?" she asked sharply. "My name's Asuka" the other girl replied. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled softly. "That's a cute name." Yami Rena says: "Yuugi" Anzu mumbled, glaring at him. Asuka blushed as she looked at Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi didn't hear Anzu as he gave Asuka an icy grin. (He's just teasing Asuka) Yami Rena says: Asuka smiled, moving forward towards the pair. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi made no movement as he silently scanned her outfit. His eyes fell on her white high-heeled boots. He wondered if Anzu would want a pair. Yami Rena says: "Hi there. I never got your names" Asuka spoke. Evil Yuugi says: "I'm Yuugi and this is Anzu." Yuugi said cheerfully not wanting to let Asuka know he and Anzu were married as he figured he could use the feelings he sensed against her. Yami Rena says: Asuka smiled in response to hearing the names of the two, glancing at Anzu who seems less than comfortable with the moment. Evil Yuugi says: (Since shes from the future she should be more excited as in her time Yuugi is like everyones idol at Duel Academia) Yami Rena says: (she will be >3) Evil Yuugi says: (how? Yami Rena says: (she's only just travelled back through time, she'll notice its him in the next post >3) Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi just smiled back, unsure of how else to react. Yami Rena says: "Wait a minute" Asuka gasped, narrowing her eyes then widening them again. "Aren't you Mutou Yuugi? You are". Evil Yuugi says: (msn screwed so ill repost meh last Yami Rena says: (sure) Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi blushed a bit. "How'd you know my last name was Mutou?" He asked out of pure curiousity.

Yami Rena says: "Because everyone at Duel Academia knows who you are, you're an idol to us all" Asuka answered proudly. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi looked puzzled as did Anzu as Duel Academia's project had only just started in their time. Yami Rena says: "I don't understand, how could that Duel Academia have been created already? The project has only recently begun" Anzu asked Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: "She must be from the future." Yuugi whispered. Yami Rena says: "The future? That must be it, after all, that thing that opened up looked pretty strange". Evil Yuugi says: "Asuka?" Yuugi asked calmly. Yami Rena says: "Yes Yuugi-san?" Yami Rena says: (is that right? =x) Evil Yuugi says: (san is formal but id use sama since they idolize him so much Yami Rena says: (right) Yami Rena says: Yami Rena says: "Yes Yuugi-sama?" Evil Yuugi says: "This may come as a shock to you, but Duel Academia doesn't exsist in this time. Are you by chance from the future?" Yami Rena says: "Doesn't exist? Well, I guess I could be, I remember all the pictures of you, a lot taken from the look you have now, but you do seem a lot younger than some of the other photos that had been taken since this look. I guess I must be". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled softly. "I thought so. Seto-kun has only just begun the Academia." Yami Rena says: "I see. This is strange, I didn't expect to fall through time, especially to find you, Yuugi-sama". Evil Yuugi says: "Heh nor did i Asuka-san." Yami Rena says: Asuka smiled, here she was, before a younger version of her idol, the inspiration of the students in Duel Academia, she felt like the luckiest person in the world, she blushed slightly more. Evil Yuugi says: "Another question if i may Asuka?" Yami Rena says: "Of course Yuugi-sama". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi blushed. Hardly anyone he knew used the sama honorific for him. Yami Rena says: Anzu looked away from the pair, trying not to get annoyed at the blushes. Evil Yuugi says: "Well when Seto planned the Academia his dorms were Blue, Yellow and Red for the 3 Gods so why are you wearing White?" (Here's where the coldness comes in when she explains the white dorm or the association of light Yami Rena says: "That's what you think happens. The Obelisk Blue dorm doesn't exist. When the Light arrived, we got rid of the blue and allowed the white to purify our dorm as it did us" Asuka answered sternly. Evil Yuugi says: "Light?" He asked. Since his takeover, light was non-exsistant to him. Yami Rena says: "Yes, they call it the Light of Ruin, but we find that insulting, we just refer to it as the Light and we are its society". Evil Yuugi says: "Strange.. i thought i destroyed all light..." Yami Rena says: "I guess not, something must be trying to fight back" Anzu sighed. Evil Yuugi says: "Not so loud, she might hear you!" Yuugi warned. Yami Rena says: "I won't" Anzu whispered, turning to Yuugi. "We won't let her find out, not yet, not unless you need her as part of your plan whenever". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi nodded. "So Asuka.. what is this light of yours?" (Ooh brillant idea struck ^^ Yami Rena says: (what? =o) "This light came to Duel Academia from somewhere far, I don't know what it is, only that its what's best for the place". Evil Yuugi says: (Well what if when he trys to make the future match his time he gets infected by the Light of Ruin like Saiou was ^^ Yami Rena says: (=o oh yeah) Evil Yuugi says: (Wanna try?) Yami Rena says: (sure ^_^) Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi shivered. The very thought of light invading his world of beautiful darkness scared him to his core. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi-sama?" Evil Yuugi says: "Yes?" (Maybe she gets curious about the Oracle and orchestrates a plan to infect him with the Light of Ruin.) Yami Rena says: "Are you alright? You look pale. And what is that around your neck?" Asuka asked, narrowing her eyes, beginning to sense a feeling from the stone. Evil Yuugi says: "I'm fine and this is the Oracle Stone. It helps me purge the planet of light." Yami Rena says: "Purge the light" Asuka muttered under her breath. "If I could make him see the light, I could protect it". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi smirked wickedly and gestured to the vast area of shadows surrounding them. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi-sama, there's something I have to ask you". (how would she try to infect him with the light again?) Evil Yuugi says: (Take him and Anzu to her time where her own magic which has the l.o.r. in it works and infect the Oracle Stone with it.) "What is it?" Yami Rena says: (ah) "I'd like to show you something. I want to show you Duel Academia and how everyone idolizes you". Evil Yuugi says: "How can you do that?" Yami Rena says: "That" Asuka answered, pointing to the misty vortex still floating from which she had emerged. Evil Yuugi says: "All right. I suppose one look wouldnt hurt." Yami Rena says: "Good" Asuka answered, smiling. Evil Yuugi says: Little did Yuugi know that by accepting her offer the world he created may be tainted by light. Yami Rena says: Asuka made her way to the portal, Anzu following close behind so there would at least be something between her and Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi followed, figuring it was just a childish game. Yami Rena says: Asuka emerged on the other side, seeing herself outside the Obelisk White dorm, she smiled. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi shielded his eyes. The first thing he would do was turn it black. He hated white. White represented light. Yami Rena says: Asuka turned back to Yuugi with an innocent smile. "What do you think, pretty impressive, right? This is Duel Academia". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes very.." (now comes the part i mentioned bout the Oracle Stone) Yami Rena says: "Yuugi-sama, could I see that stone?" Asuka asked, moving closer. Evil Yuugi says: "Sure." He replied and held it out. Yami Rena says: Asuka held it tightly, looking at it glimmer betwee her finger and thumb, smiling as she began to feel the light power slipping through them and into the stone. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi watched, not realizing his most powerful weapon was being tainted. Yami Rena says: Asuka watched down at it, looking in awe, a mask hiding her true power, the one she was sure would make Yuugi see things from the Society's view Evil Yuugi says: (Sooner or later she'll be evil and tell what she did.) Yuugi looked around at the Academia, admiring Seto's work. Yami Rena says: (yep) Asuka smiled when she noticed the stone glimmer with a white glow for a second. She smiled up at Yuugi, releasing it. "So, what more would you like to see?" Evil Yuugi says: "I'm not sure." He replied. Deep in Yuugi's mind a new being was slowly being released. (I'll do the Light of Ruin in the mental struggle.) Yami Rena says: (kay) "What's the matter Yuugi? Is something wrong?" Anzu asked, turning back. Evil Yuugi says: "No nothing's wrong." (You can start the mental fight.) Yami Rena says: Inside his mind, Yuugi could feel a different presnce, somethng that hadn't been there before, another type having been gone for a long time. Evil Yuugi says: The spirit chuckled malvolently. "Finally a vessel that can blanket the entire world in light.." Yami Rena says: "What? No, the Oracle needs darkness, the light is our enemy" Yuugi protested. Evil Yuugi says: The spirit laughed. "Motou Yuugi..." He said. Yami Rena says: "Yes, I'm Mutou Yuugi, bearer of the Oracle, not your light". Evil Yuugi says: "I am the Light of Ruin." Yami Rena says: "And the light is the enemy of the darkness. And that's what the Oracle is. I already got rid of all the light from my world, too bad, you probably could have teamed up with a certain someone from my world if you were quick enough" Yuugi laughed. Evil Yuugi says: "I do not desire Atem." (The LOR will probably dominate him for awhile but not long enough to make changes.) Yami Rena says: "Ah, so you do know about him. It's a good thing for you that you don't, you would have missed your chance", Evil Yuugi says: "I desire you.." Yami Rena says: "Oh really, well you're not getting me without a fight". Evil Yuugi says: The spirit laughed as light engulfed his mind. Evil Yuugi says: (As the saying goes Light beats Dark ^^ Yami Rena says: Yuugi groaned as he tried to shield himself from the light, it was no use, it was too strong, the Oracle already hit and weakened by the Light that Asuka had injected it with. Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi-sama?" Asuka asked innocently. (Now he changes) Yami Rena says: Yuugi looked at her with a grin, not the same dark one that had been present in the darkness. "Yes Asuka?" Evil Yuugi says: "Are you ok?" Yami Rena says: "I'm fine. After all, I know what I must do". Evil Yuugi says: "And what's that?" Yami Rena says: "We must let loose the light and eradicate all darkness". "Yuugi" Anzu called. "What the-? Have you lost your mind?" Evil Yuugi says: Asuka giggled softly. "Thats what i was hoping to hear." Yami Rena says: "And why was that? What did you do to him?" Evil Yuugi says: "I've made him see the Light!" She laughed evilly. (But by doing so has freed her own darkness. its an endless circle) Yami Rena says: (Ah >]) "That's stupid, Yuugi wants to be with the Oracle and that wants the darkness to rule". Evil Yuugi says: "Not anymore. I released the Light of Ruin into his Stone." Yami Rena says: "No. Great, now he won't even remember our world and how t was supposed to be" Anzu growled. Evil Yuugi says: "Relax it's still half-dark." Yami Rena says: Anzu sighed, glaring at Asuka without any idea how to stop the Light inside of Yuugi from taking control. Evil Yuugi says: (have her call Asuka a bitch instead, sounds crazy but it may help the dark half fight Yami Rena says: "Why you stupid bitch, how dare you interfere with our plans, damn it" Anzu hissed. Evil Yuugi says: "What plan?" Yami Rena says: "Didn't you see our world? That was our plan, we just needed to hold control over it". Evil Yuugi says: "Your world is unchanged so quit whining brat." Yami Rena says: "I'm the brat? You might want to think about it, if Yuugi's missing from our world or under the control of the Light, this world will be altered. You stupid bitch, you're risking this world by keeping Yuugi out of our world". Evil Yuugi says: (It will? i never thought about that *sweatdrop*) Yami Rena says: () Evil Yuugi says: (How so bro Yami Rena says: (well, without Yuugi, there won't be anything following whatever they had done, with Kaiba on their side, Duel Academia might not be completed and Yuugi's legacy would be altered) Evil Yuugi says: (Ah) "No..your right.." Yami Rena says: "So, you'll let him return with me? Without the light?" Evil Yuugi says: "On one condition." Yami Rena says: "What's that?" Evil Yuugi says: "Give me the Yuugi created by the Light." (eventually Asuka and co's darkness will be piqued so much, the focus of her will turn to darkness stead of light hehe ^^ Yami Rena says: "Fine". Evil Yuugi says: Asuka giggled gleefully as she pulled the light Yuugi from Yuugi's soul. Yami Rena says: Anzu watched sternly as the lighter part of Yuugi was pulled from his soul, watching the Yuugi that stayed close by. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi groaned as the Oracle regained full control. Yami Rena says: "Yuugi, are you feeling better?" Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah just a huge headache.." Yami Rena says: "That's good. Little miss Yuugi fan here decided to infect you with her little Light thing". Evil Yuugi says: "She may be a little witch but she is cute heh." Yami Rena says: "Yuugi" Anzu growled. "In case you've forgotten". Evil Yuugi says: "Forgotten what?" Yami Rena says: "That you can hardly run around with every cute girl you meet". Evil Yuugi says: "I know i'm just commenting, damn." Yami Rena says: "Well keep the comments to yourself". Evil Yuugi says: "Will you relax?" Yami Rena says: "Fine, let's just go before something happens". Evil Yuugi says: (The portal will remain open for when their consumed by darkness.) Yami Rena says: (yepyep) Evil Yuugi says: "Heh and i thought that Vivian girl was trouble.." Yami Rena says: Anzu growled, looking away before turning from the dorm before them and slowly walking towards the portal behind Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi stopped and stared like Kaiba had during his 2nd duel with Yami at Duelist Kingdom. (after the bit with the rotting blue-eyes ultimate) Yami Rena says: Anzu turned her head back, her eyes softening noticing his look. "Yuugi?" Evil Yuugi says: "Your gonna love this vision.." He muttered. Yami Rena says: "What vision?" Evil Yuugi says: His Dark Necklace activated and showed her the vision of Asuka and the others eventually worshipping the Oracle. Yami Rena says: "Ah" Anzu nodded, smiling darkly, glad to hear that Asuka and the others would be on their side. Evil Yuugi says: "Nuts is it not?" Yami Rena says: "I know" she replied nodding "They seem to be powerful allies according to my vision." Yami Rena says: "Indeed, I wonder what lies for them here, clearly they'll face troubles with that Light of Ruin Asuka's mentioned". Evil Yuugi says: "Hmm should we stay and help?" Yami Rena says: "We could, but what about our own world? Who knows how much could happen while we're gone. After all, Shadi could try and stop them without us now". Evil Yuugi says: "Please he can't stop the entire world. Besides the Oracle created clones of us upon our leaving." Yami Rena says: "I suppose so then". Evil Yuugi says: "That's my Anzu." Yuugi giggled. Yami Rena says: Anzu smiled before turning back towards the dorm, laying a hand on Yuugi's shoulder. Evil Yuugi says: "Try forcing the Oracle on her my sweet." Yami Rena says: "Alright then" Anzu answered. "Asuka, I have something to share with you". Evil Yuugi says: Asuka turned to her, smiling. "What?" Yami Rena says: Anzu walked towards her, the Oracle stone shining, she pressed two fingers against Asuka's forehead. "A present from Yuugi" she answered before the glow grew brighter. Evil Yuugi says: Asuka screamed. Yami Rena says: Anzu grinned as she watched the light growing brighter, the light would give way to the darkness. Evil Yuugi says: "Ju....dai..." She whispered before she was swallowed by the darkness, her outfit now turning pure black. Yami Rena says: Anzu smirked, stepping back towards Yuugi as Asuka was taken by the Oracle, her outfit also affected. Evil Yuugi says: "Whoa, that was unexpected. Yami Rena says: "What do you think Yuugi?" Evil Yuugi says: "Looks cool but that never happened to us." Yami Rena says: "Maybe it was because she had been consumed by light, there wouldn't have been any darkness left in her". Evil Yuugi says: "Hm could be.." Yami Rena says: "Now she's on side, I want to see this Judai kid she mentioned". Evil Yuugi says: "Heh he's probably her crush." Yami Rena says: "Probably, he could also have a link to everything she mentioned. If she's close to him and she's involved, then we could be too. We could find some more of their friends, you saw a few inthe vision, right? They'll be them". Evil Yuugi says: "You have all this planned huh?" Yuugi teased. Yami Rena says: "Yep". Evil Yuugi says: "Really?" Yami Rena says: "If we can turn her against her friends and enlist them, we can fulfill that vision of yours. We could use them in our time until a time in which their presence in the past could be risky. Then they secure this world". "Why would their presence back home be risky?" "Because if they stay too long, this world could be affected, events in our world could occur that could alter afterwards". "You have a point there, but we should stay for abit." Yami Yugi says: "Alright then, I'm sure your other half, Kaiba and Jou can handle everything between themselves for a while". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah good point." (Now it switches to Seto and Yuugi ill be Seto but u start) Yami Yugi says: "Kaiba" Yuugi whispered, turning to Kaiba sitting close to him. "You alright? You seem awfully quiet". Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba smiled softly at him. "Yuugi.. do you remember the day we met?" (That would be the Exodia ep in case you forget) Yami Yugi says: (yeah, in the dub, beforehand it'd have been in the Shadow Games, like before Death-T >3) "Yeah, I thought you wanted to be close when we were all talking about Duel Monsters in class, next thing I know, you arrived at the shop". Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba looked down. "Yeah...I know." Yami Yugi says: "It's alright, I know you damaged my Grandpa's card, but he taped it together, he and Rebecca's Grandpa were fine with it, Yami and I never held a grudge against you for it, we saw you as a friend. And now I get to see you as closer". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah...when you beat me with Exodia I swear i lost a piece of myself that day.." Yami Yugi says: "Well, the mind crush used was so you could piece your heart together again, so you could find your real self, thats what we intended it to be, from what I saw afterwards, it worked". Evil Yuugi says: "Mind crush?" He asked. Although he was changed by the Oracle he still had a stubborness for not believeing in magic on some occasions. Yami Yugi says: "Oh come on Kaiba, don't tell me you don't remember, you were lost and confused and eventually it pieced itself together before you headed out to Duellist Kingdom. You have to believe in magic now, look at what the Oracle did last time, look at this time". Evil Yuugi says: " believe in it... it's just i still don't understand something.." Yami Yugi says: "What's that?" Evil Yuugi says: "Just when i was about to win, you drew the one card that assured you victory...Exodia....but how?" Yami Yugi says: "Because I trusted that the cards would come through for me, that is what the Heart of the Cards in. I put my faith in my cards, I trusted that they would come through for me". Evil Yuugi says: "Heart of the cards.." Kaiba repeated. Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, my deck listened to my heart, it heard my voice and responded, I wanted to win to show you that I had something to fight for and that vengence wasn't it, I couldn't win with that". Evil Yuugi says: "Hey Yuugi.." Yami Yugi says: "What?" Evil Yuugi says: "Do you remember that duel? The one you had with that....thing that pretended to be me?" Yami Yugi says: "They said it was the darkness that was the darkness that was left out and sent to the Shadow Realm when you were completing your heart. It was horrible, I couldn't imagine something like that having ever been a part of you". (And it's return is even worse o.o) Evil Yuugi says: (I know i get shivers whenever i see the real thing) "It you know why?" Yami Yugi says: (Yeah and in Reshef of Destruction, it pretended to be Yami cause he and the Puzzle had disappeared with the other Items and tried to steal the Scales, that'd leave only the Puzzle left out there) "Why? Because of your past? The way you didn't trust the world like most people did?" Evil Yuugi says: "Yes Yuugi.. when i became World Champion my mind became corrupted.." Evil Yuugi says: "Shall i go on.." He asked in that longing almost guilty voice. Yami Yugi says: "No, I understand, it's all right, you don't have to go on if it hurts you". Evil Yuugi says: "Let me finish.." He quietly insisted. Yami Yugi says: "Alright then" Evil Yuugi says: "When i heard that your grandfather had the 4th blue-eyes well i was swallowed by the darkness. But somehow when you used that crush i felt lost and confused...and scared." He said the tears coming to his eyes. Yuugi moved closer to Kaiba, wrapping his arms around him. "It's alright Kaiba" he whispered comfortingly. "Yuugi...i.....i love you..." "I love you too" Kaiba smiled a little. Yuugi smiled back, glad that Kaiba had smiled back "Yuugi... there's one more thing on my mind.." Yami Yugi says: "What's that?" Evil Yuugi says: "Do you remember when i used Crush Card on you?" Yami Yugi says: "Yes, I remember that well"> Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba rubbed the back of his head, smiling gently. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi watched silently, unsure what it was that was making Kaiba smile at the memory. Evil Yuugi says: "Sorry. It's just do you recall at the end of the match when you somehow played that wall of furballs er Kuribohs?" He asked, you could tell he was uncomfortable without insulting the small Fiend monster. Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, they were my only defence until I pulled my Celtic Guardian from my deck". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes..then i backed away to the edge." Yami Yugi says: "Yes, you wanted to save Mokuba at all costs, you were testing me to see if I would still attack". Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba froze giving the stare he had following his vision. Yami Yugi says: "What is it?" Yuugi asked, lifting his head. Evil Yuugi says: "I nearly made you kill me.. i was so disgraceful.." Yami Yugi says: "I was desperate too, I couldn't look at the deck afterwards, I was scared to duel, I was scared of Yami, I thought I was becoming like him. I was scared I'd hurt someone". Evil Yuugi says: "You wanted to save the old man - i mean your grandfather. But why didn't you deliver the final strike." (He's trying to be nice but hes still a bit uncomfortable doing so) Yami Yugi says: "Because I wasn't going to be a murderer. Duelling is about playing, it's about honour. Killing you would have done nothing, I couldn't throw your life away like that, I had no right. We were both in the situation". Evil Yuugi says: "But Yuugi.." Yami Yugi says: "But nothing, how could I kill you like that?" Yugi growled. "I couldn't do it. I wouldn't harm you like that, Mokuba would have never forgiven me". Evil Yuugi says: "You have a point.." Kaiba replied but he held his head in sudden pain. Yami Yugi says: "Kaiba, what's wrong?" Yuugi gasped, turning back to Kaiba. Evil Yuugi says: "It's those visions of the past. They keep haunting me.." Yami Yugi says: "Don't worry about them, they're over, there's nothing we can do about them. You should ignore them, we have to focus on now". Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi..why are they haunting me?" Yami Yugi says: "I don't know, maybe because of how different you are and how you feel about things now". Evil Yuugi says: " me.." Yami Yugi says: "I will, whatever I have to do, I'll help you. I'll protect you". Evil Yuugi says: He smiled weakly. "If something happens to me..take care of Mokie.."

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Yami Yugi says: "I will, I'll do whatever I can". Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba hugged the small boy tightly around his waist. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi hugged back tightly, smiling as he rested his head against Kaiba's chest. Evil Yuugi says: "I love you Yuugi.." Yami Yugi says: "I love you too Kaiba. You feeling any better?" Evil Yuugi says: " me Seto." Yami Yugi says: "Alright then. Seto". Evil Yuugi says: He chuckled softly. "It gets tiring hearing Kaiba all the time ya know?" Yami Yugi says: "I know, I'm sorry. I wont' call you Kaiba anymore, I'll call you Seto from now". Evil Yuugi says: He smiled. "You can call me Kaiba every now and then i know everyone else is used to calling me that." Yami Yugi says: "Alright then. You feeling any better Seto?" Evil Yuugi says: He kissed the other boy's cheek. "Getting there." Yami Yugi says: "That's good, let me help" Yuugi replied, kissing Kaiba's cheek. Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba blushed a little. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi smiled as he pulled back, seeing Kaiba's blush, it made him smile more. Evil Yuugi says: He ruffled the smaller boy's hair with a playful grin. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi chuckled as Kaiba ruffled his hair, closing his eyes happily as he hugged back. Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi i'm sorry for all the pain i've caused you in the past my prince." Yami Yugi says: "It's alright, you don't have to apologize, the past is in the past, let's focus on now". Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba chuckled softly. "For someone whose so evil you have a lot of kindness." He teased. Yami Yugi says: "I trust those I can, I care for those I want. Darkness has nothing to do with it". Evil Yuugi says: "I'm gurssing the Darkness doesn't affect those you love." Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, if Yami had listened to us, I'd still care about him. But you listened to reason, it makes you better, you're the one I want to care for, to be with". Evil Yuugi says: "But for how long Yuugi?" He teased lovingly. Yami Yugi says: "You think I'd change, I want you to be here with me. I won't look at people like I do you". Evil Yuugi says: "Really?" Yami Yugi says: "Really, did you think I was going to use you like that?" Evil Yuugi says: "To be honest.. yes." Yami Yugi says: "Seto, don't think like that, I'm here for you". Evil Yuugi says: "Thanks Yuugi." Yami Yugi says: "I hope you'll believe in me Seto, I want to be close to you, I want to trust you, but you have to trust me too" Yuugi whispered, laying his head against Kaiba's chest. Evil Yuugi says: "I do Yuugi i would put my life on the line to save you from danger." Yami Yugi says: "And I'd do anything I could to save you too. I'd put my life on the line, I'd put anything on the line to save you". Evil Yuugi says: "Really now? Even that of your favorite monster, Black Magician?" Yami Yugi says: "If you trusted me that much, I'd trust you that much. And I'd do it". Evil Yuugi says: "I'm glad. And i'd place my Blue-eyes on the line to help you." Yami Yugi says: "See, I can trust you like that. I would and I won't have to hopefully, I won't let someone bring things that far, I'll protect you a lot sooner than that". Evil Yuugi says: Noa soon walked over to them, curiously. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi turned his head to Noa, moving it away from Kaiba's chest slightly. "Noa, what is it?" Evil Yuugi says: "I'm just curious that's all." Yami Yugi says: "Curious about what?" Evil Yuugi says: "You 2." Yami Yugi says: "What about us? We're close like you and Mokuba if that's what you're referring to". Evil Yuugi says: Noa giggled softly. "Not to be rude but you hate one another." Yami Yugi says: "We were rivals, but no-one said we hated each other" Yuugi growled. "We were standing on opposite sides of the field". Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi relax." Kaiba said softly but firmly. Yami Yugi says: "I am relaxed, I'm just tired of people thinking we hated each other just because we were rivals". Evil Yuugi says: "Well it is a common assumption to make considering how ruthlessly we duel one another." Yami Yugi says: "That's duelling though, it's different". Evil Yuugi says: Blue-Eyes appeared in spirit form by Kaiba's side. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi looked up at Blue-Eyes, surprised it had emerged as a spirit rather than a monster. "Kaiba, what's your dragon doing?" Evil Yuugi says: "It just wants to become an ally to you." Yami Yugi says: "That's sweet, I know Black Magician and Black Magician Girl feel the same way about helping you". Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba smiled. "Why are those 2 always together, anyhow?" He asked not knowing about their past. Yami Yugi says: "I guess they have some kind of special link. After all, they do say the Black Magician Girl is the Black Magician's apprentice". Evil Yuugi says: "Really now.. hmm could what Ishizu have told me before Battle City be true.." Yami Yugi says: "What's wrong? What was that?" Evil Yuugi says: "That you were a pharaoh in the past." Yami Yugi says: Yuugi lifted his head, waiting a moment before turning away. "I was no Pharaoh. That isn't me on the tablet". Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba's eyes widened. "It isn't?" Yami Yugi says: Yuugi held his head away, hiding his eyes beneath the shadow of his hair. "No, I have nothing to do with that tablet. That Pharaoh on that, it's really Yami. I thought that with everyone calling him Pharaoh, it would have made things clear". Evil Yuugi says: "Just like that baka to steal glory that is rightfully yours."

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Yami Yugi says: "I guess so, although it is him on that tablet and not me". Evil Yuugi says: "Heh i bet that through Shadow Magic i can change that." Yami Yugi says: "No, leave it, there's not point. He is the ancient version of me like that man he was fighting is the ancient version of you. There's no point in messing with something like that". Evil Yuugi says: "Why?" Yami Yugi says: "It just doesn't feel like we should tamper with the past, we should focus on now and ahead, we should do as my twin and Anzu desire, secure the city, the world. After all, that's what we were brought to the Oracle to do". Evil Yuugi says: "Well I..AAHH!!" And then he lost consciousness. (He fell victim to an unknown magic.) Yami Yugi says: "Kaiba" Yuugi called out, turning back worriedly. "What was that? Damn, I hope he's alright". Evil Yuugi says: "Seto-kun!!" Noa screamed. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi turned to Noa, holding Kaiba up close to him. "Go get the others, we have to find out what happened to him" he called. Evil Yuugi says: "Yes Yuugi-kun." Yami Yugi says: "Hang in there Seto" he whispered to Kaiba. "Whatever happened, I'll stop it, I'll protect you, I said I would, no matter what it was". Evil Yuugi says: Blue-Eyes roared in anger. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi looked up at the dragon, his concern growing as it roared. Evil Yuugi says: "Who harmed Seto-kun?!" Blue-Eyes roared angrily. Yami Yugi says: "You can talk" Yuugi gasped. "I don't know, I didn't see anything around here, I guess it was something else". Evil Yuugi says: "All Duel Monsters can speak with humans." Yami Yugi says: "I see. Well, we should get Seto inside" Yuugi replied reaching for his deck. "I'll summon Curse of Dragon and take him inside". Evil Yuugi says: "No i am his master so i shall tend to his safety." Yami Yugi says: "But you're just a spirit. You mean I should summon you on my Duel Disk?" Evil Yuugi says: (sorry i meant that the other way i rushed it Yami Yugi says: (=o lol, I didn't notice, I'll edit it later ^_^) Evil Yuugi says: (aight) "No just watch." He said and gently picked him up with his claw. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi gasped when he could feel Kaiba leaving his grip as the claw held him up. Evil Yuugi says: "See?" Yami Yugi says: "Alright, I believe you. Come on, we don't have much time, we don't know what happened to him". Evil Yuugi says: (its your turn Yami Yugi says: (it is? I guess my damn MSN dying means I missed the last post =/) Evil Yuugi says: Blue-Eyes nodded.

Yami Yugi says: "Do you want me to ride? Or should I go ahead and find somewhere?" Evil Yuugi says: "Whichever you believe is best." Yami Yugi says: "I'll go ahead, I should find somewhere for him" Yuugi replied, turning his head to the tower before rushing inside. Evil Yuugi says: Back in the future the darker Yuugi groaned softly, sensing Kaiba's pain. Yami Yugi says: "Yuugi? What's the matter?" Anzu asked, turning to him. Evil Yuugi says: "It's Seto. He's hurt." Yami Yugi says: "Should we go back then? I mean, your twin will care for him, but that moves both he and Kaiba from the scene, Jou will have to rely on Noa and Mokuba to lead the others. None of them have any magical ability to persuade them". Evil Yuugi says: "Damn it...right when my strongest plan was beginning." Yami Yugi says: "What should we do then? We can stay if you want, I'm sure Jou could use his fists like he normally does". Evil Yuugi says: "True." Yami Yugi says: "I don't mind either way, I'm prepared for both". Evil Yuugi says: "Yep." Yami Yugi says: "So we should head back then? I'm sure Asuka can continue here, Jou can handle things if we stay, either way, we have both places under control Evil Yuugi says: "Yes..." Yuugi cackled. Absolute victory was his. Any resistance would soon be no more. Yami Yugi says: Anzu smiled at him as he laughed. Evil Yuugi says: (T-That vision. The one i told you about. Evil Yuugi says: (Remember when little Mokie was in the decaying Blue-Eyes Ultimate?) Yami Yugi says: (yeah) Evil Yuugi says: (i quote: Yami: "Kaiba i've never backed away and i'm not starting now! Celtic Guardian attack!" Yami Yugi says: (Oh, yeah, when he was ready to attack without concern outside of the immediate attack) Evil Yuugi says: (Yeah.. i wonder if had Yami attacked would it have killed Kaiba? Yami Yugi says: (He would have, he and Kaiba were really at each other's throats and he didn't want to lose to duel, he was ready to stop Kaiba because he wanted to help get Yuugi's Grandpa back, and Kaiba had said the result 'may' have caused him to fall) Evil Yuugi says: (may? you think it was more than that Yami Yugi says: (well that's what he said, I think he was likely to fall, although in the manga, he would have stepped off himself, Yami wouldn't have stopped and it was only because Yuugi stepped in that he was able to get control of himself again. He was still much darker than later on, like in the Shadow Games, he still didn't believe in mercy and stuff) Evil Yuugi says: (Really?) Yami Yugi says: (Yeah, he said something along those lines that he concentrated more on winning while he was looking back from the Ceremonial Duel) Evil Yuugi says: (ah shall we move on?) Yami Yugi says: (sure) Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi smiled, looking at her fondly. Yami Yugi says: "Have you made your choice? I'm sure we don't have long to choose it" Anzu replied, smiling at Yuugi's own. Evil Yuugi says: "Hang on a second." Yami Yugi says: "What's the matter?" Evil Yuugi says: (I just watched the ep where Tea duels Mai so thats where this comes from Yami Yugi says: (Oh, I see) Evil Yuugi says: "Anzu do you recall when you dueled Mai?" Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, what about it?" Evil Yuugi says: "Well your courage touched me.." Yami Yugi says: "I know, you said so not long afterwards. Although seeing you face down opponents like you had inspired me to fight back for you"> Evil Yuugi says: "Really?" Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, I knew how much you wanted to save your Grandpa, letting it fall apart wasn't something I was going to let happen". Evil Yuugi says: "But i nearly killed Seto." Yami Yugi says: "I understand. Yami was the one that risked him, you saved Kaiba. And doing that, I knew that you had to get into the castle, you risked your chance at the finals to save him, I was proud that you had stopped and it had been me that had run to you to stop the attack. I felt like it was my fault, I had a chance to make it up and I took it". Evil Yuugi says: "But how did you do that?" Yami Yugi says: "When I saw you didn't want to duel, I decided I had to do it for you, before the chance passed, I knew Mai would give them to you eventually, but I wasn't sure what else to do, we had little time, we had to get in soon so I thought it was a chance to help you". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes i know." Yami Yugi says: "I wanted to help, not feel guilty. I did want I had to to make it up to you". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes but Seto got beat by Pegasus." Yami Yugi says: "But you won in the end, you faced your fears and overcame him". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah.. i despise that creep." Yami Yugi says: "Don't worry, he won't bother anyone, he won't come near you" Anzu replied, wrapping her arms around him. Evil Yuugi says: "You know I have a hunch he hurt Seto." Yami Yugi says: "I think so, maybe he was worried that no-one really did ever care about him. He was only in for it for Mokuba, maybe he was hoping for support or something. But when he saw Yami trying to kill him, he decided he really was better off alone". "Really?" Yami Yugi says: "I guess so". Evil Yuugi says: "Shall we go to aid Seto?" Yami Yugi says: "I think we should, we can prove to him then". Evil Yuugi says: "Come on let's go. All this white is scarring me." Yami Yugi says: Anzu nodded, holding back an urge to laugh before walking towards the portal. Evil Yuugi says: "Go on and laugh babe." Yami Yugi says: Anzu sighed, Yuugi knew her well enough to see she was holding it back. She giggled for a moment before laying her hand on Yuugi's shoulder. "You should fear nothing, nothing can stop us". Evil Yuugi says: "I don't fear." Yami Yugi says: "That's good, fear will expose weakness and we can't risk that". Evil Yuugi says: "Correct." Yami Yugi says: "It helps when there's nothing to stand against us". Evil Yuugi says: "Correct. Realm of shadows in this twilight hour accept these souls and grant us power. Realm of shadows in this twilight hour accept these souls and grant us power." He chanted as a few soul cards were absorbed strengthing their evil magic. Yami Yugi says: Anzu smiled as she watched Yuugi chanting, glad he absorbed the strength of the magic he held. Evil Yuugi says: "Like that?" Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, looks like it's working". Evil Yuugi says: "Yep." Yami Yugi says: Anzu smiled as she watched, looking back at the area around once again. Evil Yuugi says: Anzu grinned, proud of the power that Yuugi had previously held and even now was furthering their strength. 3/25/2008 5:25:35 PM Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro Yami Yugi Yuugi chuckled softly.

Yami Yugi says: That was what we did the day when I was on my brother's phone, right? Evil Yuugi says: hai Yami Yugi says: Kaykay ^_^ Evil Yuugi says: its ur turn

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Yami Yugi says: Sorry, forgot to get up the word docu, so much to catch up with Yami Yugi says: "How do you feel now?" Anzu asked him, grinning. "Is that working alright?" Evil Yuugi says: "Yes it is big time." Yami Yugi says: "Good, we can't let you get worn down". Evil Yuugi says: "But Seto he's still hurt." Yami Yugi says: "We should help him then, your twin can handle him for a bit, but he might need help. If he hasn't helped Kaiba recover by now, then its doubtful he can at all alone". Evil Yuugi says: "Should we go back?" Yami Yugi says: "Yes, its best we do". Evil Yuugi says: "What about the little white twerp?" Yami Yugi says: "Leave her, unless you want to taker her back, after all, I can't see a use for her. Maybe she could make herself useful with the Oracle here, otherwise, there's nothing". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled slightly at her tone. Yami Yugi says: "What?" Evil Yuugi says: "You seem pretty rude to others or about them." He teased. Yami Yugi says: "Thanks" Anzu sighed, rolling her eyes. "Look, make up your mind, we don't have much time if you want to help your twin and Kaiba". Evil Yuugi says: "Whats got you so...uptight?" Yami Yugi says: "Nothing, we just have to hurry, if this place is under the control of a differen power, no sign of the Oracle, then maybe we're not successsful in our bid to take over the world. We have to do everything right or we'll fail". Evil Yuugi says: "Relax.." Yami Yugi says: "Maybe, but its worrying that we've done all this and could still fail, even with everyone else of a threat out of the picture and that we can still fall after winning over the world". Evil Yuugi says: "I'm not worried." Yami Yugi says: "You have so much confidence, good to see you so prepared to fight even what seems like fate still against us". Evil Yuugi says: "Why are you so worried?" Yami Yugi says: "Just that this future is so different from what we've been aiming for. And with other forces threatening them, maybe our world still has still have threats lurking in it". Evil Yuugi says: "We dont't." Yami Yugi says: "Well we should make sure, just to stop this from being a reality". Evil Yuugi says: "Then lets go." (maybe play asuka and the others changing once yuugi and anzu leave Yami Yugi says: (sure) "So, what's your decision? Leave her here? She could help if anything goes wrong in this time". Evil Yuugi says: "For now." Yami Yugi says: "Right" Anzu replied, nodding her head. Asuka turned to Yuugi, staring blankly as the Oracle shone brightly Evil Yuugi says: (it doesnt happen till after they leave if that was for asuka Yami Yugi says: (Yeah) Evil Yuugi says: The two slowly walked through the portal until it closed. Yami Yugi says: Asuka turned from where the portal had been, her eyes focusing on the brightness of the Obelisk dorm, like Yuugi, she now despised the white building, the brightness, it had to go Evil Yuugi says: Manjoume White Thunder walked over. "Asuka-chan whats wrong?" (manjoume = jap chazz) Yami Yugi says: (yepyep, I know X]) "Manjoume, aren't you tired of the light? The time of the light is over, you should see the darkness that has been brought to me" Asuka replied, ending with a grin. "We should duel and see which is strong, light or darkness". Evil Yuugi says: "Asuka whats happened to you.." Yami Yugi says: "The best thing that could have, the darkness rescued me from the lies of the light". Evil Yuugi says: Manjoume backed away in fear. This wasnt the Asuka he knew following their last duel. Yami Yugi says: "What's the matter?" Asuka chuckled. "You look scared, like you know the darkness is stronger, what's wrong? Scared of the truth?" Evil Yuugi says: "It's not the truth.. Saiou-sama taught us that light is what the world should be enveloped in." Yami Yugi says: "And Yuugi-sama showed me that the darkness is much more powerful than your light, he knows and he's shown me the real truth". Evil Yuugi says: Jun continued backing away. "Saiou-sama..." He whimpered, anguished. Yami Yugi says: "Come on, you know that once you show fear, you've lost. The darkness that Yuugi-sama showed me overpowers your pitiful light, there's nothing you can do quivering in fear". Evil Yuugi says: " me..." Jun whispered. Yami Yugi says: "Quit fighting, you know its useless. Stop running to the others, fight like a man". Evil Yuugi says: (maybe have saiou show up in a few Yami Yugi says: (sure) Evil Yuugi says: Jun didnt move, his loyalty to Saiou far too strong. Yami Yugi says: "Manjoume-kun" Asuka turned her head to see Saiou, the very man that had led to the brightness of the Obelisk dorm, she scowled as he walked towards them calmly. Evil Yuugi says: Manjoume sighed in relief as he saw Saiou approach them. Yami Yugi says: "What's going on?" Saiou asked Manjoume, having picked up instantly on Asuka's altered attire. Evil Yuugi says: "She's lost it, Saiou-sama." Yami Yugi says: "What do you mean? She seems different, but how has she 'lost it'?" Evil Yuugi says: "It's too frightening to describe.." Yami Yugi says: "He's just afraid of the darkness that I've been shown, the darkness that should envelop the world, not the false light". Evil Yuugi says: "See what i mean?" Jun panicked. Yami Yugi says: "What happened to her? What could have caused her to turn to the darkness, that's what must be eliminated in order to purify the world". Evil Yuugi says: "I don't know i got here too late." Yami Yugi says: "Manjoume, I told you. It was the true ruler of the darkness, our idol right from the beginning of being here, even before, the one we all aspired to be like". Evil Yuugi says: "Motou Yuugi?" Saiou asked, curious. Yami Yugi says: "Exactly, Yuugi-sama was the one that showed me the truth". Evil Yuugi says: "What truth?" Yami Yugi says: "That the light is false, the darkness holds the true power". Evil Yuugi says: "But how? What power is this?" Yami Yugi says: "The darkness, it's called the Oracle and its so much more powerful than your light, your lies". Evil Yuugi says: Saiou looked perplexed. Yami Yugi says: "What's the matter? Can't understand that there's another power, one greater than yours? Or is it just you can't accept that? I can show you". Evil Yuugi says: "I dont wish to be tainted by shadows." Yami Yugi says: "Is that what you believe? Obviously you've been blinded by the light, the darkness, this Oracle, it releases the real person inside, the potential one holds, the light is only holding you back". Evil Yuugi says: "Oh really?" Yami Yugi says: "Yes really, that's what Yuugi-sama showed me, he told me, I could see it. He was so powerful, even moreso than people said he was at times, the Oracle unlocked the true Yuugi in him and its done the same for me". "Asuka...if saving you means i must duel you then so be it." Jun said, his confidence coming back.

Yami Yugi says: "Fine, but you'll be the one saved when I defeat you with the Oracle that Yuugi-sama gave me". Evil Yuugi says: (if she does he'll lose his soul remember Yami Yugi says: (yeah, but she could have inherited the power to bring him back like Yuugi and Anzu did. Or they could release him if they needed to meet up again later) Evil Yuugi says:

  • Dont strip him of his soul.* Yuugi whispered mentally.

Yami Yugi says:

  • Yuugi-sama. Right, I got it, how do I defeat him without doing that then? Leave the Oracle out of it for now?*

Evil Yuugi says: Yes defeat him normally and his eyes shall open* Yami Yugi says:

  • Right, I'll do that. I'll make you proud, I'll do whatever I must for you*.

Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled through the link. *Such an obediant servant.* Yami Yugi says:

  • I must follow what you wish, you've been my idol for a long time now, I won't turn my back on you*.

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Excellent. Defeat him and you'll be handsomely rewarded.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Thank you Yuugi-sama, I'm glad I could not only meet you, but be a duellist on your side, I'll show you what I have been able to achieve in my time here, no-one will try and ruin your image, I'll stop them before they can*.

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Just out of curiousity why the honorifics?*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Because we all look up to you so much, when your deck arrived, everyone was going mad wanting to be the first to see it in the place they kept it. You're like a god in the duelling world, the way you were able to overcome such obstacles, the way you held such power, like those three Egyptian God cards. We all respect you in a way that only Seto Kaiba is equalled, most other duellists are

Yami Yugi says: automatically seen as less than you two. Hardly anyone could be considered in your league*. Evil Yuugi says:

  • Not even yourself or Kaiser?* He chided.

Yami Yugi says:

  • Kaiser is the top student that left here last year, but none of us see ourselves at your level. We all aspire to reach it one day, Yuki Judai more than anyone, he acts like he's the next legendary duellist or something. I can take care of him if you want me to*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Who is he?*

Yami Yugi says:

  • He's a really good duellist, although the teacher he defeated disliked him so much that he placed him in the bottom dorm. Judai's defeated a lot of great duellists and even faced off against the cards considered to be the next generation of the God cards: the Sacred Beasts*.

Evil Yuugi says:

  • They are far too weak*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Perhaps, atleast in comparison to the God cards, but Judai is an impressive duellist, I've seen his skills and faced them first-hand, he is a good duellist, I feel like there is more for him like there was before, almost like he's following in your path*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Trust me i think your 10 times better than he could ever be.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Thanks, but he is a possible threat, he could be able to use those cards of his, like his Skyscraper magic card, it's a field spell and he could get ahead with it*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • What is that card?*

Yami Yugi says:

  • It means if he uses his Elemental Heroes and have one of them attack a stronger monster, their attack will rise by 1000, its a tricky deck*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Hmph...pathetic.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Pathetic you can believe, but seeing it in action, it may rely heavily on the Elemental Heroes, but its effective in that way*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • If you need my help just contact me through our link. Understood?*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Right, I won't fail you*

Evil Yuugi says: "Let's duel." Jun said. Yami Yugi says: "Fine then" Asuka called, turning to him. Evil Yuugi says: (She can use a combo of yugis doma deck and her white night one) Yami Yugi says: (kay) Evil Yuugi says: "You draw the first card." Jun said. Yami Yugi says: "Fine" Asuka replied, drawing her card. "I'll play Yuki no Yousei [Snow Sprite] in attack mode and lay one card face-down". Evil Yuugi says: "No.. with that my magic cards are useless.." Yami Yugi says: "Exactly, now hurry up and make your move". Evil Yuugi says: "I summon X-Head Cannon!" Yami Yugi says: "I should have expected that to appear". Evil Yuugi says: "Attack now!" Yami Yugi says: "Activate Double Passe. With this, your monster's attack hits my lifepoints directly, then my monster attacks you directly so it stays on the field". Evil Yuugi says:

  • Why play that?* Yuugi asked, puzzled by her tactic.

Yami Yugi says:

  • Because I need the monster for a sacrifice, besides, it'll stop him from using any magic cards until I use it".

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Ah. Wise play.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Thanks*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Of course.* Jun screamed as his life points dropped by 1100 to 6900.

Yami Yugi says: Asuka grinned, watching him scream as his lifepoints fell, she groaned, biting her bottom lip as her own fell lower, hitting 6200. Evil Yuugi says: "I...end my turn." Jun called. Yami Yugi says: "Good, I sacrifice my monster in order to summon Cyber Blader. And with only one monster on your field, she can't be destroyed in battle". Evil Yuugi says: (thats a fusion. Try Cyber Prima Yami Yugi says: (oshi, it is, kay) "Good, I sacrifice my monster in order to summon Cyber Prima. And she'll attack your X-Head Cannon". Evil Yuugi says: "Oh no!" Jun groaned his life points falling by 500. Yami Yugi says: "How do you like it? I'll lay another card face-down and end my turn". Evil Yuugi says: Jun drew. "At least now i can use my magic cards.." Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, those pathetic cards, they won't do you much use, you don't stand a chance". Evil Yuugi says: "What do you mean?" Yami Yugi says: "I mean that your deck is nothing compared to my power that Yuugi-sama gave me, you'll see when your eyes are opened". Evil Yuugi says: Jun growled. "I play Brain Control! So i give up 800 points and your Prima is mine for a turn!" Yami Yugi says: "Damn, now I have no monsters as a barrier". "Now i sacrifice him for Armed Dragon LV 5!" "No, my only monster gone as a sacrifice. Damn it". "Attack!" "Activate Holy Life Barrier. I discard one card and take no damage". "Lucky move!" Jun growled. Yami Yugi says: "Not so much luck as it is skill*. Evil Yuugi says: "What?" Yami Yugi says: "You know what I mean, we were both Obelisk Blue students when we arrived here, there's a reason I remain in that dorm. Hurry up and finish your move". Evil Yuugi says: "I place one card facedown. Go." Yami Yugi says: "Good. I draw. I summon Cyber Tu Tu in attack mode. And because of her ability, I can attack you directly". Evil Yuugi says: Jun grunted, his life points falling by 1000. Yami Yugi says: "I'll lay a card face-down and leave it at that". Evil Yuugi says: "Asuka..please your not yourself.." Yami Yugi says: "Keep quiet, you have no right to say what I'm like. This is what they wished for me to be, this is what I choose, I follow them, not you". Evil Yuugi says: "Sukie.." (just a pet name Yami Yugi says: "What?" Asuka hissed, narrowing her eyes into a cold glare. Evil Yuugi says: "Ju..dai.." Jun whispered, feeling himself get dizzy. Yami Yugi says: "What's the matter? Come on, it's your turn" Asuka growled. Evil Yuugi says: Jun tried to draw, but couldn't and slowly fell to the ground, passed out from something it seemed. Yami Yugi says: Asuka sighed, rolling her eyes, folding her arms as she glared at them. "Now what? Saiou, I told you your light had made him weak". Evil Yuugi says: As Jun laid there, his outfit started to turn black. Yami Yugi says: Asuka grinned, it had happened earlier than she had expected, she glanced at Saiou before her eyes returned to Manjoume. "I told you, the Oracle is so much more powerful than your light". Jun staggered to his feet as he stood back up. "So, how do you feel towards the light now?" "It must be destroyed..." Asuka grinned, it had happened earlier than she had expected, she glanced at Saiou before her eyes returned to Manjoume. "I told you, the Oracle is so much more powerful than your light". Jun staggered to his feet as he stood back up. "So, how do you feel towards the light now?" "It must be destroyed..." <<< I think after that, it's a good time to go back to Anzu and Yuugi Yami Yugi says: Like leaving the GX world in a cliffhanger Evil Yuugi says: nah reply as Asuka first. Yami Yugi says: "Good, looks like it's all working now, I told you this was the right side". Evil Yuugi says:

  • So tell me what was the result?* Yuugi asked.

Yami Yugi says:

  • I did it, he's with us now*

Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled. *Excellent.* Yami Yugi says:

  • Now we should split up and go after the others, right?*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Correct.. i wish there was a way i could help you while im back here..*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Don't worry, we'll do everything we can, you have a reason for going back, you should concentrate on that*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • I have an idea. A way i can help you.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • What's that?*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Remember how i have 2 souls that are both dark?*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Yeah, but they're both in your world*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Let me talk to Anzu-chan and i'll see if i can set that up to help you.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • okay then, we'll stand by and wait for the decision*

Evil Yuugi says: "Anzu-chan?" Yuugi asked gently. Yami Yugi says: "What is it?" Anzu replied. Evil Yuugi says: "I have a way we can help Asuka-chan without having to go back to her time." Yami Yugi says: "What's that then?" Evil Yuugi says: "It involves my twin. I was thinking we allow him to go to Asuka's time and work over there while we assist Seto." Yami Yugi says: "Right, that would work. Let's do that then". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled. "Good." *Asuka?* Yami Yugi says:

  • Yeah, what is it?*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • It will work as i have planned. Heh together we can conqur the future world as well!* Yuugi told her, laughing evilly through their link.

Yami Yugi says:

  • That's good, what's the plan then? Is anyone coming here?*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Yes. My other soul is coming to assist you but you'll have to introduce yourself to him as he doesnt know you.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • I'll do that then, can't wait to meet him. Good luck on your side, I know you don't need it*

Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled. *So tell me something Asuka..* Yami Yugi says:

  • What is it?*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Do you feel more powerful following Saiou and his light or me, anzu and the Oracle's darkness?*

Yami Yugi says:

  • I feel much more powerful following your side, the Oracle makes me feel stronger than the light*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Really? But isn't it commonplace that Light be stronger than Dark?*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Normally, but the Oracle makes me feel different, like I can be stronger like this, not just a puppet like the light made me*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Puppet? How intriguing.. Please explain more if you can, dear Asuka*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Well, I felt like I was following the light because I lost a duel against it, I wouldn't normally do a lot of what I felt under the light's control if I was my normal self, I don't feel like that now*.

Evil Yuugi says:

  • What do you feel? Besides overwhelming evil that is.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • I feel more like who I would want to be, stronger, less dependant. This is what I wanted to be when I arrived here and this is what the Oracle has granted me. Thank you*.

Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled. *No need to thank me. Thank the Oracle for freeing the evil within* Yami Yugi says:

  • I will and I'll make you both proud*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Yes i know.. the very thought of you in white...* Yuugi mentally shuddered.

Yami Yugi says:

  • Don't worry, I can't fall back there, not after what you've shown me*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • It scared me to death..*

Yami Yugi says:

  • What did? Are you alright?*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • You in that horrid white. And yes i'm fine now.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • That's good and don't worry about it, I'll erase every trace of the light I can find*

Evil Yuugi says: Saiou cringed, somehow being able to hear their link. Yami Yugi says:

  • I will, I'll stop Saiou's plan, I'll stop the light, I'll stay loyal to you*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Please i beg of you. Tread cautiously. Deeply ponder your moves before you make them. Think as though every move could be your last.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Alright, wise advice I'll always use, I can't avoid to let you down, I'll tell Manjoume that too*

Evil Yuugi says: (who should come in next from the gx world? Judai? Sho?) Yami Yugi says: (I don't mind, either woudl do well to arrive) Evil Yuugi says: (aight) "Asuka thank goodness your free from the Association!" A brown-haired boy with chocolate-brown eyes in a Osiris Red blazer said, as he walked closer. Yami Yugi says: "Judai" Asuka gasped, both surprised and pleased that he had arrived, the very duellist she had told Yuugi of. Evil Yuugi says: Judai smiled, wrapping his arms around the now dark duelist. Yami Yugi says: "Judai, what are you doing?" Evil Yuugi says: Judai pulled away, blushing like mad. Yami Yugi says: "Judai, what's that for?" Asuka asked, her eyes wide, the surprise in the tone of her voice. Evil Yuugi says: "Well i...its too hard for me to actually say..." (Hes trying to tell her he loves her) Yami Yugi says: (yeah, I guessed from the blush X]) "Whats Yami Yugi says: "What's so hard to say?" Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi chuckled through their link. *That he loves you* He answered for the brunette. Yami Yugi says: Asuka widened her eyes, staring at Judai as she listened to Yuugi.

  • H-how can you tell? You haven't even seen him before*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • The blushing. I was the same way with my Anzu*

Yami Yugi says:

  • You can see through my eyes too?*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Mm-hmm.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • What should I do then? If anyone can stop the Oracle here, it would be him, do I duel him or something? I mean, with him doing this, it might not feel right, but what do I do?*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Tell him you know that he loves you.*

Yami Yugi says: "Judai, I-I know, I can see that you love me" Evil Yuugi says: Judai gasped as did Jun. Yami Yugi says:

  • Now what? I've never seen Judai like this before, I don't know how to approach him*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Just trust your instincts.*

Yami Yugi says: "Judai, I understand, the blush kind of gave it away and I'm flattered" Asuka added. Evil Yuugi says: "But do you love me?" Yami Yugi says: Asuka waited a moment, unsure what she really did feel, ever since seeing his skills, she had been impressed, she had felt astrong bond with him, but to bring it down as love was something she hadn't considered. She glanced at Manjoume before turning back to Judai, smiling and nodding once. Evil Yuugi says: Manjoume gasped in horror. Yami Yugi says: Asuka glared at Manjoume briefly, waiting for Judai's response, wondering what was going through Yuugi's mind as well. Evil Yuugi says: "I knew you loved me...i have since i first saw you." Judai replied as Manjoume looked on in shock. Yami Yugi says: Asuka smiled meekly, maybe this was a good thing, maybe this could help, she tried to avoid looking at Manjoume further. Evil Yuugi says:

  • Whats with him?* Yuugi asked.

Yami Yugi says:

  • I don't know, I think he loved me too, I thought it was just a phase, I guess not*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Mm this could present a problem..*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Yeah, we could keep Judai loyal, but it could cause a rift with Manjoume, there's all sorts of problems, Manjoume's rivalry with Judai could get in the way with things*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Rivalry?*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Yeah, Judai's a Orisis Red, but he has the skill of an Obelisk Blue. He's beaten Manjoume before and he always seeks revenge for their matches*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Typical...*

Evil Yuugi says: (go on Yami Yugi says: (Sorry, was gone for a bit)

  • Don't worry, I'll prevent any feud betweent them getting in the way*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Those two are like what me and Seto used to be..*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Really? I'm not suprised after all I've heard of him*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Yeah my other soul and him are...lovers now if you will.*

Yami Yugi says:

  • Ah I see, well, I'm glad if they're happy*.

Evil Yuugi says: "They are but i thought you'd be disturbed.* Yami Yugi says:

  • I can't judge someone's feelings based on what their status is, if those two want to be together, who am I to question their choice?*

Evil Yuugi says:

  • But their both boys.."

Yami Yugi says:

  • Their choice, I have no right to decide their choice*.

Evil Yuugi says:

  • Very what..* He asked as back in his world, he started to attempt to tend to the unconscious Kaiba while his twin entered into the portal they had left.

Yami Yugi says:

  • I don't know, maybe try and get Judai onside, if not, we could use him on the outside of the Oracle so he could convince others away from Saiou*.

"Yuugi, do you know what's wrong with Seto? It seems so strange" Anzu asked. Evil Yuugi says:

  • Wise idea..* "It must be Shadow Magic..and i think i know who... if its not pegasus its another 'old friend'."

Yami Yugi says: "Another 'old friend'? I have a feeling I know who you're talking about, but he's been gone for so long, there's no way he could get back" Anzu replied. Evil Yuugi says: (Who do you think i was mentionin? Yami Yugi says: (Yami Marik) Yami Yugi says: (Bakura is on their side after all) Evil Yuugi says: (how did you know that?! ^^) Yami Yugi says: (lucky guess, out of the three yamis (which was what I was going by), Yami Marik's the only one that can fight them, Bakura's on their side, Yami's dead and he's in the Shadow Realm, so there could be a way for him to get back because of the use of the Items/dark Items, etc) Evil Yuugi says: (True but Yami is well was their biggest adversary) Yami Yugi says: (yeah, he was the one that was stopping them before, but iono what he can do while being dead) Evil Yuugi says: (want me to play YM? Yami Yugi says: (Sure) Evil Yuugi says: A voice chuckled maliciously. "Greetings little Yuugi.." Yami Yugi says: "I know that voice, I was right, but it can't be" Anzu gasped before turning her head to the source of the voice Evil Yuugi says: The voice chuckled once more, stepping out of the eternal shadows to reveal wild spikey hair, veins pulsing from his arms and the Sennen Eye on his forehead. (dramatic enough? ^^) Yami Yugi says: "No, Yuugi, is this possible? Can he really be back?" Anzu gasped. Evil Yuugi says: "I'm afraid so little girl." Yami Marik replied with a soft snicker. Yami Yugi says: "Damn, no" Anzu called. Evil Yuugi says: Yami Marik looked at Yuugi as if seemingly searching for Yami. Yami Yugi says: (oh lawl, he'll have a field day when he hears what happened X]) "What's he doing? I don't like that look he's giving you". Evil Yuugi says: (Why?) "It seems he's searching for something." Yami Yugi says: (He so wanted to kill Yami himself in BC and now that its happened anyway, he's gonna be happy, especially seeing as it was Yuugi that did it, although he will wish he had the power himself) "Like what? We're both right here" Anzu laughed. Evil Yuugi says: (Do you think he will seek vengeance?) "Where is he? I..I can't sense him." Yami Marik said, puzzled. Yami Yugi says: (Perhaps, although, he'll probably be onside with the whole Yami gone element before moving on to wanting the Puzzle and God cards) "What is he talking about? I think I know, but that's only to be expected of him". Evil Yuugi says: Yami Marik looked at Yuugi once more, still seeming to search for the soul of Yami. Yami Yugi says: (am I doing Yuugi now? X]) Evil Yuugi says: (hai for now Yami Yugi says: "You're a little late for him" Yuugi chuckled coldly, folding his arms across his chest. Evil Yuugi says: "Where is he?!" Yami Marik barked. Yami Yugi says: "He's dead" Yuugi shouted with a grin. Evil Yuugi says: Yami Marik's eyes widened. On one hand he was happy to hear that but on the other he was angry it wasn't he who did the deed. Yami Yugi says: "What's the matter?" Evil Yuugi says: "How did you kill the Pharaoh? Tell me little Yuugi!" Yami Yugi says: "So you know it was me. Fine, I used the Oracle to break his spirit down to his very core. I used his heart against him in being the one that tortured him before giving him the fatal blow that sent him into the next world". Evil Yuugi says: Yami Marik looked extremely puzzled now. He had no clue what the small boy was talking about. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi laughed, seeing Yami Marik with a puzzled look was a very rare sight and one he enjoyed. "What? Is it that hard to work out? I killed Yami, it's simple". Evil Yuugi says: "I understand that, worm! But i do not know what this Oracle is." Yami Yugi says: "The Oracle is the dark force that set us free, it weakened Yami and strengthened us" Yuugi called as the Oracle shone on his forehead to show Yami Marik. Evil Yuugi says: Yami Marik stared, not frightened but rather enthralled by the magic. Yami Yugi says: "Like it? This is what not only Yami's downfall, but the entire world's, look around". Evil Yuugi says: "I can see that little runt.." Yami Yugi says: "What's the matter? Upset this isn't your world? That you didn't kill Yami like you wanted? Face it, we won here, not you" Evil Yuugi says: "Yes but i respect that." Yami Yugi says: "So what's with the 'runt' comment?" Evil Yuugi says: "I have to keep up my personality don't I?" He joked. Yami Yugi says: "I suppose" Yuugi chuckled. "So, what are you doing here? I suppose you were hoping to try to take down Yami again by yourself? Now that you know you're too late, what do you plan to do?" Evil Yuugi says: "I.." Then he noticed that the Puzzle was black instead of the gold he recognized. Yami Yugi says: "You...? You what?" Evil Yuugi says: "The Sennen Puzzle.. it's black but how?" Yami Yugi says: "Oh this?" Yuugi answered, slipping a hand under the black Puzzle. "Well, to be honest, this isn't the original Puzzle, Yami held onto that, this is the darker replica, much more powerful than the original, a bit like how the two of us were in the end. This is what the Oracle created". Evil Yuugi says: "Why did you destroy him?" Yami Yugi says: "Because he was getting in our way, constantly trying to stop the Oracle, always whinning that we were only hurting everyone, we had to stop him and tormenting him to his limit was what we had to do to save us from his lies". Evil Yuugi says: Yami Marik chuckled smiling slightly at him. Yami Yugi says: "Something funny, eh? Looks like we finally made him see sense". Evil Yuugi says: "I never thought you had it in you little man." He teased. Yami Yugi says: "Well the Oracle made it possible, after getting rid of Yami in my mind and leaving his spirit trapped in the Oracle, the rest was simple, it wasn't that hard, I bet you wish you had the chance to see him laying there now". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes actually but the fact that hes gone makes that irrevelant." Yami Yugi says: "Obviously. So, what are your plans now?" "I'm not sure.." (Maybe have Yuugi shock him by handing over the original Puzzle but he has copies that are exact duplicates.) Yami Yugi says: (Oshi X] Major plot twistorz) "In fact, I have something for you, follow me". Evil Yuugi says: Yami Marik arched an eyebrow as did Anzu but followed regardless. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi smiled darkly as he moved along the corridors, leading them back the all too familiar route, halting outside of the room. "There's something in here I think you might want" he chuckled before entering, turning his head to the spot where Yami had vanished from the world of the living, the original Puzzle laying on the ground. Evil Yuugi says: "The Sennen Puzzle.." Evil Yuugi says: (still your move Yami Yugi says: "Exactly" Yuugi replied. He moved towards it slowly, grinning as he lowered himself down onto one knee, sliding his hand under the chain of the Item, pulling it from the ground, smiling at the Puzzle as it dangled. Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi what are you.." Anzu started. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi turned to the pair, holding the chain tightly, bringing his hand level with his shoulder. "Don't you see, without Yami, this Puzzle is useless and it has no owner. He's after it so badly, he might as well have it". Evil Yuugi says: "I dont know.." Yami Yugi says: "What's the matter? It's not like Yami's going to need it and we have our own Puzzle now". Evil Yuugi says: "He could strengthen it.." Yami Yugi says: "I guess, but he's still no threat. What else would we do with this?" Evil Yuugi says: "True." Yami Yugi says: "So, we don't know what to do with the Puzzle and we're not sure what his next step is" Yuugi sighed, turning to Yami Marik. Evil Yuugi says: Yami Marik held out his hand. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi stared at Yami Marik's hand for a momnet before slowly bringing his own forward, bringing the Puzzle closer. Evil Yuugi says: He didnt give an insane grin as you'd expect he just calmly waited. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi halted as the Puzzle hung above Yami Marik's hand, the Item he had held for so long, it felt almost wrong to give it away. He sighed, releasing his grip on the chain and letting it fall. Evil Yuugi says: (What the.. Yami Yugi says: (fall onto Yami Marik's hand o.o) Evil Yuugi says: (i mean the reaction bro Yami Yugi says: (Oh, well, its only natural, it was his Item for however long and he was close to it, mostly before all of what happened, but he was close to it either way and Yami Marik had almost killed him to get it in Battle City) Evil Yuugi says: Y.M. took it and placed it around his neck. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi turned to Anzu, wondering what was going through her mind, she had been doubting the choice, he wondered if she'd agreed. Evil Yuugi says: Anzu nodded. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi smiled as a reply, glad she had accepted the exchange. "We should go back to Seto, see how he's doing". Evil Yuugi says: "Ah yes, Kaiba.." Yami Marik muttered. Yami Yugi says: "What?" Yuugi growled, turning to Yami Marik. Evil Yuugi says: "I made him unconscious so you would acknowledge my presence," Yami Yugi says: "You what?" Yuugi called. "You mean you manipulated his condition? I bet this was all a scheme, you knew Yami was dead, you knew I'd give you the Puzzle. Am I right?" Evil Yuugi says: "No." Yami Yugi says: "Why use Kaiba like that anyway?" Evil Yuugi says: "Because i needed someone to draw attention to which would eventually reveal myself." Yami Yugi says: "You can never make a normal entrance, can you?" Evil Yuugi says: Yami Marik chuckled. "No, after all i am the evil side of your friend, Marik." Yami Yugi says: Yuugi sighed, rolling his eyes. "I know, but at least Bakura can have a normal entrance, he doesn't focus everything on him beforehand". Evil Yuugi says: "Bakura? Your with that nut?" Yami Yugi says: "More he's with us". Evil Yuugi says: "But why?" Yami Yugi says: "Because he understood the power of the Oracle, even if he hadn't seen it before". Evil Yuugi says: "I see.." Yami Yugi says: "And I doubt you'll join us, especially with the Puzzle and your little stunt you pulled". Evil Yuugi says: Yami Marik muttered about something and removed the spell. Yami Yugi says: "What was that?" Evil Yuugi says: "What?" Yami Yugi says: "What you just said or rather mumbled. I don't know what it was but you better speak up quickly". Evil Yuugi says: "I removed the spell runt." Yami Yugi says: "The spell on Kaiba I assume, fine" Yuugi growled, turning to the doorway. Evil Yuugi says: "Wait...where is Marik?" Yami Yugi says: "I haven't seen him for ages, I don't care". Evil Yuugi says: Seto stirred as he slowly awoke. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi made his way along the corridor briskly, he had to ignore Yami Marik, not matter what game he was playing, he had to check on Kaiba first. Evil Yuugi says: "Mm...uhh...Yu....Yuugi..." Seto moaned. Yami Yugi says: "Kaiba, are you alright?" Yuugi asked as Kaiba came into view. Evil Yuugi says: "Where am i..." Yami Yugi says: "At the tower, turns out what was wrong was Yami Marik cast a spell, just so we'd focus on the fact he's back". Evil Yuugi says: "How the hell did he come back?" Yami Yugi says: "I don't know, I didn't ask him yet, I guess with everything that's happened, a way out must have been opened". "Motou Yuugi.." A voice called. Yami Yugi says: "Who's there?" Yuugi called, whipping around. Evil Yuugi says: The voice chuckled and revealed himself as a man with slivery almost grey and very neat hair with a thick mustache in a business suit. (Best i can remember as i havent played in months) Yami Yugi says: (lol, sounds like Roland a bit X] I wonder what happens to him in the end, curse failing so badly at the game) "What? Kaiba, you see him, right? What's going on?" Evil Yuugi says: "I...recognize that man.." Yami Yugi says: "I think I've seen him before too, but I can't remember where". Evil Yuugi says: The man chuckled. "I am Scott Irvine.." "Scott Irvine" Yuugi repeated. "Where have I heard that name? Come on Yuugi, think". "He runs the SIC company..their making Duel Disks that mimic my design.." Kaiba said. "Wait a minute. SIC. Duel Disks? You mean Kingdom" Yuugi gasped. "He's the guy from that game world, when the Kingdom prototypes backfired just after Battle City". "Your correct.." Yami Yugi says: "Damn, I can't believe he's here". Evil Yuugi says: He chuckled softly. "I wonder what he wants.." Kaiba wondered. Yami Yugi says: "What is it?" Evil Yuugi says: (Should he take over just Anzu's mind? Yami Yugi says: (Yeah, Jou's been resisting a lot in the earlier story, so taking Anzu would be more effective) Evil Yuugi says: (ah) Scott's eyes seemed to turn to a hypnotic gaze as he stared at Anzu. (I'm not sure how he did it in the game) Yami Yugi says: "What are you doing? Anzu, what's he looking at you like that for?" Evil Yuugi says: "" She managed before her eyes turned to a dull lifeless color the oracle leaving her forehead as a result. Yami Yugi says: "Anzu! What's going on?" Yuugi gasped. "Scott, you ahve something to do with this. What did you do to her?" Evil Yuugi says: Scott laughed softly. "Your little friend belongs to me.." Yami Yugi says: "What? No! Release her" Yuugi barked. Evil Yuugi says: Anzu chuckled in a emotionless but dark tone as she walked over to Scott's side. "What in the name of Blue-Eyes.." Kaiba wondered. Yami Yugi says: "Anzu, what's wrong? Fight it, come on, think of everything you said to me when I turned against the Oracle" Yuugi pleaded. Evil Yuugi says: "I won't let you interfere with Master Scott's plans.." Yami Yugi says: "Anzu, don't listen to him". Evil Yuugi says: Noa and Mokuba walked over after having dueled each other in a friendly match. "Hey Yuugi-sama whats going on?" They asked cheerfully. Yami Yugi says: "This creep's taken control of Anzu" Evil Yuugi says: Mokuba's eyes widened. "It can't be.." Yami Yugi says: "I find it hard to believe too, this creep somehow got here too, just like Marik's dark side, maybe they got here together"> Evil Yuugi says: Noa however looked puzzled. Yami Yugi says: "Noa, you don't know about him do you? Mokuba, you best explain, its a long story, I have to talk to Anzu, to get through to her". Evil Yuugi says: Mokuba nodded. "You see Nii-sama he created this virtual reality game called Kingdom and trapped us inside. We thought he'd been killed but apparently not." Yami Yugi says: "Anzu, listen to me, you ahve to break free, fight him, think of what we've gone through, think of everything we've achieved, don't lethim take it all away". Evil Yuugi says: "What are you talking about..." Evil Yuugi says: "Come forth...mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon!!" Seto shouted. Yami Yugi says: "Kaiba no, what are you doing? Summoning Blue-Eyes, you might hurt Anzu if you attack them". Evil Yuugi says: "Relax Yuugi its not her im striking.." Yami Yugi says: "But Kaiba" Yuugi sighed, waiting before he said anything. Evil Yuugi says: "Let me do this. Blue-Eyes attack Scott with all your might! White Lightning!!!" Yami Yugi says: "Kaiba, wait, Anzu's still close to him. Be careful". Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba winked at him. "Don't worry. This is my fight too. This is for harming my little brother!" Kaiba shouted as Blue-Eyes unleashed the strongest White Lightning he could make. (describe it Yami Yugi says: Yuugi stared up at the dragon, seeing its mouth fill with the bright light of the attack, the lightning streaming around it. As Kaiba gave the world, it lowered its head towards Scott's direction, instantly releasing its blast, shooting across the air between them like the lightning of its name, racing with incredible speed, burning brightly in the darkness. Evil Yuugi says: Scott attempted to summon Cosmo Queen to protect him but before he could, the blast hit him in full force much like Exodia had done to Yami. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi watched with wide eyes, waiting to see where Anzu stood following the attack, he could see the resemblance to the previous use of a monster attack on someone, glancing down at his dark Puzzle. Evil Yuugi says: Scott seemed to fade out the same way Yami did, thus shattering his mind control. Yami Yugi says: "It did the same thing, it killed him. He was relatively easy to get rid off. You knew that would happen?" Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba grinned. "Yeah, hes lucky i didnt use Ultimate Dragon." Yami Yugi says: Yuugi nodded, turning his head back to where Scott had been. "Anzu, are you alright?" Evil Yuugi says: Anzu moaned softly, the Oracle re-bonding with her. "What just happened..All i remember is getting hypnotized then seeing Blue-Eyes.." Yami Yugi says: "Anzu, you're alright" Yuugi sighed with relief. "It was Scott, remember, from Kingdom? He came and took over your mind". "What?" Jou called, having just arrived. "Aww man, I wanted to get back at him". Evil Yuugi says: "Jon...Jonouchi is that you?" Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, damn, I wanted to get back at him, I wanted revenge after last time, but I guess it can't be helped. You all alright?" Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah..i'm fine. Thanks Seto you saved me." Anzu whispered, kissing his cheek. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi turned to Anzu, smiling as she kissed Kaiba, it was fine by him, Kaiba had just saved her after all, Jou moved closer, smiling, glad that everyone was alright. Evil Yuugi says: Blue-Eyes growled in a friendly tone at Anzu. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi smiled as Blue-Eyes' friendly tone was noted, Jou turned to Kaiba. "What happened, are you guys alright? I thought Yuugi said something about you passing out" he asked. Evil Yuugi says: "It was me, Katsuya." Yami Marik sneered having watched the whole thing with Scott. Yami Yugi says: Jou's eyes widened at he turned, seeing Yami Marik, his bottom jaw falling slightly, moreso when he noticed the original Puzzle. "What are you doing here freak? Time I got my revenge, what are you doing with that Puzzle?" Evil Yuugi says: Yami Marik gestured to Yuugi. Yami Yugi says: "Yuugi, what's that supposed to mean?" "I gave him the Puzzle". "What? Are you insane?" "We don't need it and no-one else was holding onto it, I thought it would just keep him out of our way". Jou growled, turning back to Yami Marik, glaring at him hatefully, still the fury from Battle City was burning brightly inside of him. Evil Yuugi says: "What?" YM sneered at him. "Jonouchi-kun whats the-" Then Mai froze in fear, seeing Yami Marik. Yami Yugi says: "Mai, don't worry, I'll protect you from him". Evil Yuugi says: "In case you haven't noticed, Kujaku i don't have the Sennen Rod in my hand." Yami Yugi says: "But you have the Puzzle" Jou shouted. Evil Yuugi says: "Relax." Kaiba told him. Yami Yugi says: "I can't relax, you must have lost your mind giving him that". Evil Yuugi says: Anzu shot him a venomous look. Yami Yugi says: "Am I the only one that's uneasy with that arangement?" Jou sighed. Evil Yuugi says: "Yes." Yami Yugi says: Jou sighed again, turning to Mai, he couldnt' see why the others were fine with it, maybe something had gotten to them, trusting Yami Marik could lead to nothing but trouble. Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi.." Came Yami Bakura's voice. Yami Yugi says: "Bakura" Yuugi called. "What?" Evil Yuugi says: He stepped out of the shadows, eyes narrowing upon seeing the other Yami. "Whats he doing here?" Bakura snarled remembering the duel where he had come so close to claiming the Sennen Rod only to lose to Ra's One-Turn Kill. Yami Yugi says: "He came back a while ago, don't tell me you're with Jou in thinking he's trouble. Get over your paranoia". "No i'm not with him." Bakura replied, a vindictive look in his eyes as the Sennen Ring hung loosely around the tombrobber's neck. "Hey" Jou growled, glaring at Bakura briefly. "Then will you calm down? Either you don't mind him being here, or you're just whining like Jou" Yuugi sighed, folding his arms angrily. Evil Yuugi: "I'm not like that mortal.." Bakura chuckled softly, remembering when he had locked Jou's soul inside his Flame Swordsman card. Yami Yugi says: "What's so funny?" Jou growled. Evil Yuugi says: He smirked almost smugly. "Do you remember the Yami No Game i had with your former Pharaoh friend in Duelist Kingdom?" Yami Yugi says: "Yeah?" Jou moaned. "Heh heh you know you were mere seconds from being claimed forever by the Reaper of Cards.." Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, but Yami pulled me back with Anzu's effect just in time" Jou growled, narrowing his eyes furiously. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura smirked, his eyes glinting with malice. Yami Yugi says: "What's that look for?" Jou asked, his glare softening through his confusion, wondering what Bakura was up to. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura's smirked remained, as Ryou looked at the evil Yami in spirit form. Evil Yuugi says:

  • smirk

Yami Yugi says: "What is it? Come on, spill" Jou growled, his glare returning to the hardened look as he turned to Bakura. Evil Yuugi says: "You are weak, Katsuya Jonouchi.." Bakura sneered with a soft laugh. Yami Yugi says: "You're weak too, in case you haven't noticed, I overcame the dark Rod's power, you haven't even experienced it yet". Evil Yuugi says: Bakura growled softly. Yami Yugi says: "What's the matter? Upset that I have you there?" Evil Yuugi says: Bakura just stared calmly at him. Yami Yugi says: "I knew it" Jou laughed. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura's calm stare remained. If he could he'd banish Jou to the Yami No Darkness but he knew he couldnt because he'd anger Yuugi and Anzu. Yami Yugi says: Jou grinned, nothing had been returned in the form of an argument, he guessed he had won. Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi tell me something." The 3 millenia year old spirit asked, masking his anger with his calm tone. Yami Yugi says: "What's that?" Yuugi asked, turning to him. Evil Yuugi says: "Why do you allow Jonouchi to hang around with you?" Bakura gave an innocent smile which he rarely if ever did as he put his arm around the now twisted boy. "Trust me he's nothing but dead weight like that baka of a Pharaoh.." Yami Yugi says: "Hey, stop that. Don't compare me to him. And don't lean on Yuugi like he's your best pal" Jou growled. "He's loyal, he's stuck with us this entire time following his control under the dark Rod, he's seen what would happen if he turned on us like Yami did, at least he doesn't keep going on like Yami did" Yuugi answered. Evil Yuugi says: "Trust me..." Bakura grinned evilly. "Mou hitori no boku.." He said, calling Yuugi 'Other Me' because Yuugi was getting as sadistic as he was. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi's eyes slightly widened as he heard Bakura call him what he and Yami had once referred to each other at one time. "Why call me that?" Evil Yuugi says: "Because you've become just like me. Believe it or not I wasnt always this twisted spirit.." Yami Yugi says: "I see" Yuugi replied. "Hey, don't talk to him like you know everything about him. And don't call him that, it's not right, you have your own other half" Jou growled. "Quiet" Yuugi snapped, turning his head to Jou as he shouted. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura's eyes widened at Yuugi defending him. Yami Yugi says: "Jou, I didn't give you the choice to argue with me. I am well aware my former Other Half is dead and Bakura's is very much alive. We might not be real partners, but he is right in a sense that I'm like him now". Evil Yuugi says: "Perhaps if you hear my story you'll come to accept me as your new Other Half." Bakura spoke calmly. Yami Yugi says: "Er...I suppose that might be alright. But what about Ryou?" Evil Yuugi says: Bakura looked to the smaller boy for a moment as if deep in thought. Yami Yugi says: "Yuugi, come on, we should help Kaiba, I thought you said he wasn't feeling well because of someone..." Jou started, glaring at Yami Marik. "He might still be feeling a bit under the weather". Evil Yuugi says: "As for Ryou..hmm what do you suggest Yuugi?" Bakura asked. Yami Yugi says: "Well, I don't know, it's his body you're in, I mean, what'll happen to him? There's no point in killing him or making him some kind of sacrifice, he's with us after all". Evil Yuugi says: Bakura grimaced. He didnt want to hurt Ryou but he wanted to become Yuugi's new other half the more darker Yami to compliment the lighter dark of Yubel. Yami Yugi says: "What should we do with him? I don't want to give him a reason to turn, there has to be something we can do". "We could always throw the Ring over a bridge" Jou mumbled. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura shot him a murderous look. Yami Yugi says: Jou grinned at Bakura, making his way close to Kaiba's side. Evil Yuugi says: Kaiba would have nothing of that as he moved to the lighter darker Yuugi. Yami Yugi says: "Damn it" Jou hissed. "Guys, come on, seriously, we have more important things to do". Evil Yuugi says: Ryou suddenly spoke up. "Kura-san if it makes you feel better we can seperate." (He calls him Kura as a sort of innocent pet name) Yami Yugi says: Yuugi turned to Bakura, wondering what to do, he couldn't make any risky moves, he sighed, there wasn't a way for him and Bakura to become like he and Yami had been. He looked back to Kaiba. Evil Yuugi says: "What have you got to lose, Yuugi-kun?" Seto asked gently. Yami Yugi says: "I suppose, it's going to be weird having another person calling me their 'aibou' again". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes but unlike Yami, Bakura is loyal to you and me and our interests." Anzu giggled. Yami Yugi says: "I see, I know he won't turn like Yami did. I guess we should do it then". Evil Yuugi says: (im so happy ^^) Bakura smiled at Yuugi, glad that he was so willing. Yami Yugi says: (why's that? X]) Yuugi smiled back, ready to take out any existing proof of Yami's existence, Bakura would be his replacement, there was nothing anyone could do. Evil Yuugi says: (Well my states team the Orioles were down 2-0 in the 9th and came back to win 3-2. wanna hear how?) Bakura's smile remained as his ring activated, seperating his and Ryou's souls. Yami Yugi says: (X] sure) "What's going on? Is this what you were planning?" Yuugi asked, watching the Ring curiously. Evil Yuugi says: (1. Nick Markakis doubles. 2. Kevin Millar grounds out, Markakis moves to third. 3. Aubrey Huff grounds out scoring Markakis making it 2-1. 4. Luke Scott singles. 5. Jay Payton singles, moving Scott to third (not done) Evil Yuugi says: 6. Ramon Hernandez walks but on the 4th ball a wild pitch scores Adam Jones who pinch-ran for Payton to tie 2-2 7. Luis Hernandez singles, scoring Payton. Game over automatically O's win 3-2 Yami Yugi says: =o Cool X] Evil Yuugi says: (yeah when that wild pitch occured i was screaming for joy like i was on a sugar rush but the game-winner made me even happier. Yami Yugi says: XD Evil Yuugi says: what? ^^ Yami Yugi says: lol, sugar rush, tis funny, acting like one without actually having one is funny Evil Yuugi says: yeah heh ive been drinking diet ginger ale and yet bam im screaming like a sugar rush's effects Yami Yugi says: lol X] Evil Yuugi says: "Pretty much why?" Yami Yugi says: "Just wondering, he'll be fine when that's done, I remember when...that happened in Duellist Kingdom". Evil Yuugi says: Bakura nods. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi glanced at Anzu and back to Bakura, returning the smile. Evil Yuugi says: Ryou smiles, as their two souls are now seperate. Yami Yugi says: "It's done, right?" Evil Yuugi says: "His part of it, yes." Yami Yugi says: "Right" Yuugi answered, nodding, knowing what was coming next. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura grinned, knowing Yuugi was accepting. Yami Yugi says: "Alright, what do I have to do?" Evil Yuugi says: "Just relax." Yami Yugi says: "Okay". Evil Yuugi says: The ring activated once more and their souls became connected to one another though Bakura's body remained standing in front of him but they had indeed merged as he could travel in and out of the evil Puzzle as he wished. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi felt the new bond between himself and Bakura formed, he glanced down at the dark Puzzle, knowing that was their key before back up at Bakura. "We did it" he stated with a smile. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura smiled, actually happy in a benevolent way for the first time in 3 millenia. Yami Yugi says: "You look happy" Evil Yuugi says: "What gave that away the huge insane grin?" Jou muttered sarcastically. Yami Yugi says: "Shut it Jou, I still didn't say you could speak" Yuugi hissed. "You know looks can be deceiving, I was mearly stating a fact". Evil Yuugi says: Bakura arched his eyebrow curiously about how Yuugi had spoke to Jou like he was a servant. Yami Yugi says: "Bakura, you don't know this, but the Oracle's control over Jonouchi has never been stable. He's often broken it to protect Yami, like when we used the dark Rod on them, you saw him protesting that we should have left Yami alone. Even just after Yami died, he broke it again, thinking what we were doing was wrong". Evil Yuugi says: "Ah how interesting.." Yami Yugi says: "Yeah" Yuugi sighed. "I wish we could help him, he gets fighting it so easily. Ah well, I guess there's got to be someone trying to play the rebel". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes but that pathetic runt?" Yami Yugi says: "Would you rather someone else?" Evil Yuugi says: "If we could." Yami Yugi says: "Like who? You want someone like Kaiba or Mokuba to fit the part?" Evil Yuugi says: Bakura shook his head. "Perhaps Honda..or..." Anzu grinned wickedly. "Shizuka." Yami Yugi says: "But neither of them are with us. Honda disappeared shortly after we found Yami, we haven't seen Shizuka at all. Besides, I told Jou I wouldn't involve her, it wouldn't be right". Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi-kun dont listen to him.." Anzu said, her controlling tone returning. Yami Yugi says: "But, I can't break my promise, don't make me do it" Yuugi sighed, reconigzing the tone. Evil Yuugi says: "But he's trying to stop us.." Yami Yugi says: "No, Jonouchi and Shizuka will not do anything. Even if he tried, he's too weak, we have the entire world on our side, but I want to involve Shizuka as little as possible. Jou can try to resist, but he'd be fighting everyone". Evil Yuugi says: (At some point Anzu's hypnotizing power will win him over to the point where Jou's promise wont matter.) Yami Yugi says: (right =], btw, this does have a happy ending right? X] Not that I'm trying to hint I want it to end quickly, just wondering, I've noticed something) Evil Yuugi says: (what? Yami Yugi says: (Well, Yami might be dead, but there is an inactive small portion of his soul left in Yuugi's mind that they never got out, technically it could be like he's alive, but it was so weak when they left him there) Evil Yuugi says: (ah Yami Yugi says: (X]) Evil Yuugi says: (I have an idea Yami Yugi says: (what's that? =3) Evil Yuugi says: (Well once they bond Shizuka, Jou mellows out because he can finally spend time with his little sister.) Yami Yugi says: (kay ^_^) Evil Yuugi says: Anzu's eyes glowed hypnotically as she tried to influence him to do her bidding for long enough till Shizuka was with them. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi felt himself losing his control, feeling Anzu's hypnotic spell working, his face became dull, void of any resistance, wondering what Bakura thought of it, Jou growled. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura looked at Anzu impressed by her power. Yami Yugi says: "Don't look impressed, that's wrong, she's just taken over his mind, how is that a good thing?" Jou shouted. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura ignored him. Yami Yugi says: "Bakura, listen to me, I'm being serious, it could affect you too!" Jou snapped. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura just turned his cheek, slapping him with his hand closest to his face. Yami Yugi says: Jou gasped in pain, pressing a hand against his hit cheek, glaring at Bakura, knowing full well when it had previously happened, he glanced at Yuugi, sighing. Evil Yuugi says: Anzu giggled, caressing Yuugi's cheek lovingly. Yami Yugi says: "Damn it, this can't go down like this" Jou hissed. "What is it you wanted me to do, Anzu?" Yuugi asked dully. Evil Yuugi says: "Bring Shizuka to the Oracle my king.." Yami Yugi says: "Alright, I'll beckon her here". "Yuugi no, remember your promise? You just said yourself you didn't want to involve Shizuka" Jou yelled. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi ignored him as he left. Yami Yugi says: "Yuugi no, come back" Jou called. He growled, rushing ahead after Yuugi, certain he knew what was coming. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi just delivered a sharp uppercut to Jou's forehead not needing to even turn around. Yami Yugi says: Jou gasped again, falling backwards, landing on the ground, he glared as he rose, pressing a hand against his forehead. "Yuugi, don't do it, leave her out of this. You're just as bad as that ass Yami Marik is" he yelled. Evil Yuugi says: Again, Yuugi just kept walking. (you do shizuka k Yami Yugi says: (sure) "You bastard!" Jou screamed. Shizuka continued along the sideway with a group of people she had met up with during their visit in Domino following Yuugi's power to bring them all to the city, she smiled, glancing back as she noticed Yuugi. "Hey Shizuka-chan." Yuugi called cheerfully, sounding normal. Yami Yugi says: "Yuugi-sama" Shizuka replied just as cheerful. "We were just checking out this are for rogues. We heard there were a couple after that group questioned you". Evil Yuugi says: "You have no idea.." Yami Yugi says: "No idea about what?" "Who the rogues are." Yami Yugi says: "Who? Let us help you stop them" Shizuka called, determination filling her eyes. Evil Yuugi says: "Would you help me regardless of who it was?" Yami Yugi says: "Of course I would, you led us to this world, we have to fight to protect it".

"Who the rogue is may shock you."

Yami Yugi says: (btw, that vampire one, its just Yami and Yugi going to find Tea right, or are Joey and the others going to tag along?) "Why? Should I just wait until you show me?" Shizuka asked, sounding concerned. Evil Yuugi says: (havent thought of that) "It's...your brother." Yami Yugi says: "Katsuya? No, it can't be" Shizuka gasped. "But...but why?" Evil Yuugi says: "I have no idea.." Yami Yugi says: "Poor Katsuya, let me help you save him". Evil Yuugi says: "Gladly." He responded, tapping his Oracle Stone and pressing his finger against her forehead. Yami Yugi says: Shizuka stared at Yuugi, puzzled by his movements, but waiting patiently, she wanted to see what he had in store for her. Evil Yuugi says: The dark energy from his stone poured into her body. Yami Yugi says: Shizuka gasped, closing her eyes as she felt the force enter her body, changing her from the usually sweet innocent younger sister that she had always been. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi grinned as he watched. Yami Yugi says: Shizuka groaned, waiting a moment when the force settled inside of her, opening her eyes, looking up at Yuugi with a darker than usual look, the Oracle shining on her forehead, she had been fully recruited. Evil Yuugi says: "So how do you feel now, Shizuka? Have your eyes opened to the darkness?" Yami Yugi says: "Yes, thank you Yuugi-sama. I'm ready to see Katusya. See him and set him free of the lies". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi laughed evilly softly. Yami Yugi says: Shizuka watched Yuugi as he laughed, there was no time to waste wondering whether it was the fact that she had been recruited that he was laughing or what Jou's reaction would be, she looked ahead to the path they would have to take. "I'm ready, ready to help you, ready to stop anyone that tries to threaten your plan". Evil Yuugi says: "Excellent.." (She can laugh evil-like also ^^ Yami Yugi says: Shizuka nodded, laughing softly herself, not the usual laugh one would have expected, the darker tone of the evil she was under, it came through just as clearly as it had with the others. Evil Yuugi says: (need a repost? Yami Yugi says: (did I die? =O And no, I got it still here, as long as its just the two of us, the window survives without a problem if I die) Evil Yuugi says: (kk Evil Yuugi says: Jou gasped, almost sensing his little sister's soft but evil laugh.

Yami Yugi says: Anzu smirked as she glanced at Jou. Shizuka smiled down at Yuugi again, nodding to signal her readiness to move on. Evil Yuugi says: The two returned back to the tower. Yami Yugi says: "Katsuya" Shizuka muttered as Jonouchi came into sight. "I have to help him, I have to save him, I won't let whatever force controlling him have him any longer". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah we'll do it together." Yami Yugi says: "Right, we can't lose Katsuya". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi opened the main door and returned to the group, the oracle shining brightly on his and Shizuka's foreheads. Yami Yugi says: "Shizuka no. Damn it Yuugi, I told you to leave her alone" Jou growled. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi glared at him. Yami Yugi says: "Don't give me that look, you heard me damn well just before you hit me" Jou hissed. "Shizuka, whatever he's done, you have to ignore it". "But Katsuya, Yuugi's right, we need to listen to what the Oracle is trying to tell us". Evil Yuugi says: "Shes right right Anzu, Bakura-kun?" Yami Yugi says: "Yeah" Anzu replied, nodding her head. "No! You're all wrong, you can't see what the Oracle has done, it's blinded you all" Jou yelled. "You should have listened to Yami, we could have prevented you resorting to killing him just to get your own way". Evil Yuugi says: "Silence. Threaten Yuugi again and ill banish you to the Yami No Darkness." Bakura replied. Yami Yugi says: "I never threatened him, I'm just stating the truth. This isn't what Yami would have wanted, against you or on your side, you have to listen to me" Jou argued. "Listen to me Yuugi, you have to do things right, the Oracle is blinding you, taking you over, you think this is right, its wrong". Evil Yuugi says: "Quiet!" Shizuka barked. Yami Yugi says: "Shizuka, how could you?" Jou asked, a softer tone, sounding hurt, he was. Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi-sama opened me up to the truth.." Yami Yugi says: "No, he lied to you. Go on Yuugi, tell her all that you did to get to this point". Evil Yuugi says: "Anzu shut him up if you will." Yuugi requested. Yami Yugi says: "How shoudl I do that? What would you prefer?" Anzu giggled, looking at Yuugi with a dark grin. Evil Yuugi says: "Whatever makes him suffer the most." Yami Yugi says: "Oh I have some ideas" Anzu chuckled. She quietly walked behind Jou, his eyes never leaving her. She stood right behind him, grinning, grabbing his right wrist, snapping his arm back and pulling it up behind his back. Jou gasped in pain, struggling for a moment before he went down to his knees. "Ah, damn it no" he groaned. "No, I won't give in, we can't do this". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes we can.." Shizuka said, giggling evilly. Yami Yugi says: "Shizuka no, don't listen to him" Jou sighed. "Yuugi, I swear, if I could, I'd force you to look back, even if I had to attack you for it. You can't hide it, you know it was true, look at how you were when Yami was laying before you and saved you from the Oracle, you didn't want him to die, you didn't want this". Evil Yuugi says: "Oh yes i did. Its my destiny.." Yami Yugi says: "Yuugi, how could you? I bet without the Oracle controlling you, you'd be regretting everything right now, you know its the truth, the Oracle is lying to you, its blinding you to the truth damn it" Jou shouted, crying in pain as Anzu tightened her hold on his arm. Evil Yuugi says: He just laughed, ignoring every word he said. Yami Yugi says: "Yuugi, don't do this. Damn it, this isn't right. You bastard, listen to me instead of laughing". Evil Yuugi says: "No you little brat." Yami Yugi says: "Little brat? That's how you'd refer to Rebecca or something. I'm your best friend here, Yuuge. Don't do this, you can't stop me". Evil Yuugi says: "Watch me." Yami Yugi says: "What are you going to do?" Evil Yuugi says: "Oh why spoil the fun?" Yami Yugi says: "Damn it Yuugi, you're not leaving me hanging in suspence like you did Yami. You realize if you hadn't have killed him, I'd be resisting less, right?" Evil Yuugi says: "Wrong." Yami Yugi says: "You son of a..." Evil Yuugi says: "Bitch?" Yuugi asked with venomous innocence. Yami Yugi says: "So what? You are, sometimes I really hate you. This is clearly one of them, nothing you do can make up for this. Nothing, you'll never make up for what you did to Yami and Shizuka. And to the entire world". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi cackled his most insane laugh. "You are so pathetic.." Yami Yugi says: "I AM? Look at yourself, I'm not relying on some crazy power to help me take over the world". Evil Yuugi says: (Make that push Anzu over the edge) Yami Yugi says: "You moron" Anzu yelled, pulling Jou's arm higher. Jou cried out in pain again, sucking in his breath, trying to reach her with his other arm, cursing her under his breath, just needing to grab her arm or something. Evil Yuugi says: "Need some backup?" Shizuka asked. Yami Yugi says: "No Shizuka, no don't do it" Jou called, struggling harder against Anzu's grip. Evil Yuugi says: Shizuka just laughed a cold sinister laugh and pinned him. Yami Yugi says: "Shizuka, no" Jou cried out. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi cackled in vindictive amusement. Yami Yugi says: "Yuugi, damn it. You can't let this happen, call them off. This is between you and I, not them". Evil Yuugi says: "No." Yami Yugi says: "Yuugi!" Evil Yuugi says: "Shut the hell up.." Yami Yugi says: "Make me you little bastard". Evil Yuugi says: "Anzu!" He called sweetly. Yami Yugi says: "Yes sweetie? How do you want me to?" Anzu asked sweetly, grabbing a fistful of Jou's hair, resulting in another cry of pain, as she did. Evil Yuugi says: "The worst way you can." Yami Yugi says: "Hm...the worse way, what could that be?" Anzu sighed to herself, wondering deeply. Evil Yuugi says: "Mental torture?" Yami Yugi says: "Good idea, maybe we could use what he did to Yami against him, after all, he sure likes to mention that idiot". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes i know just the mention of him nauseates me.." Yami Yugi says: "Really?" "Good" Jou hissed, grinning. "Maybe its the guilt, you saw the way he pleaded for you to stop, maybe you finally see that killing him wasn't the way, he was loyal to you to the very end". Evil Yuugi says: "Shut up you twit!" Yuugi hissed, nailing him with the sharp side of his boot on his face. Yami Yugi says: Jou cried it, growling as he glared up at Yuugi, remembering how he had last used it, seeing Yami's blood still clinging to the spike that had driven itself into his wrists those times. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi gave a sadistic smile. Yami Yugi says: "You idiot. I'll kill you, how can you enjoy this? You're sick". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi giggled. "Why thank you." Yami Yugi says: "That was hardly a compliment. Although knowing you, you probably saw it that way. You idiot, you know this isn't right, you'll realize that when this is over, I wonder how many resistors turn out to be close to you. And how many you kill". Evil Yuugi says: "If you dont shut up you'll be one." Shizuka hissed. Yami Yugi says: "I can see that. Shizuka, I hardly think its your call. Yuugi, I swear, if I'm not killed here and now, I'll kill you. Just so you can face Yami". Evil Yuugi says: "Insolent worm your powerless to me." Yami Yugi says: "That's what you say, you can't prove it. I could easily beat you in a fair fist-fight, you know that damn well". Evil Yuugi says: "Anzu-chan if you may take him over with the Oracle." Yuugi said sweetly. Yami Yugi says: "Right". "No! You won't win, even if I can't fight back, I'll never fully join, you can't force my soul onto your side" Jou shouted. Anzu released the handful of hair she held, bringing her hand around to the front of his head, layign two fingers on his forehead. 'I can't believe it, I can't fail. What more is there I can do? Damn, if only I could have done more'. Evil Yuugi says: "Say bye-bye to the old Jonouchi." Yuugi taunted gleefully. Yami Yugi says: "Yuugi, I know you're in there, forgive me, I didn't want to let you down. You nor the real Anzu nor Yami. No-one, I wanted to help you all. I guess its too late for that now, I tried" Jou sighed, looking down at the ground in defeat. Anzu's Oracle Stone began to glow, forcing the power into Jonouchi, he groaned, trying to resist all he could, understanding how things had gotten so out of hand Yami Yugi says: before. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi watched with a sinister smile. Evil Yuugi says: (like i said if i get cut my folks did it. Yami Yugi says: (kay) Jou struggled, finding himself easily overpowered, his fighting spirit reduced to nothing, the Seal shining brightly on his head. As Anzu took her hand away, looking down wiht a grin as the light faded, Jou's head fell forward, hanging as his body was forced to endure the Oracle's control again.

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Evil Yuugi says: (sorry! Yami Yugi says: =O No problem Evil Yuugi says: "Heh one resists the ultimate darkness.." (tomorrow can we focus on asuka and Yuugis twin over in the future Yami Yugi says: (sure) Jou made no response to Yuugi's claim, although his true self now buried beneath the darkness hated to admit it, so far, Yuugi was proven to be right. Evil Yuugi says: "Jou resisting again?" Noa called from another room as he and Mokuba were playing video games. Yami Yugi says: "He was, he's been taken care of now" Anzu answered. Evil Yuugi says: "Good. You guys wanna join us?" Yami Yugi says: "Join you doing what?" Evil Yuugi says: "Playing video games. It'll take your mind off the stress he gives." Yami Yugi says: "Sure. And don't worry, he shouldn't be a problem". Evil Yuugi says: "Then come on!" Noa called cheerfully. Yami Yugi says: Anzu glanced down at Jou, releasing his arms that fell back to his side, walking past him, laying a hand on Yuugi's shoulder as she passed him. "Shizuka and I will go ahead. What about you and Kaiba?" Evil Yuugi says: "I'll stay back." Kaiba replied calmly. Yami Yugi says: "Yuugi?" Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi smiled and took her hand. Yami Yugi says: "Kaiba, could you keep an eye on Jou if you're staying, I understand that you're probably still feeling off because of Yami Marik, but Jou isn't looking too good himself because of that damn resistance. Evil Yuugi says: "Sure my queen." He replied, smiling a kind smile at her. Anzu smiled, nodding, silently thanking him as she turned away with Yuugi, holding his hand tightly. "Anzu?" He asked sweetly. "What is it?" "I love you." Asuka turned to Yuugi, her thoughts of what Manjoume was feeling, especially after her response of Judai's question before Yuugi's arrival. Evil Yuugi says: "Hi i take it your Asuka my twin told me about?* The lighter dark Yuugi asked. Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, he said just before he left that you were going to arrive here and take over leading us for a while". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah hope you dont mind." Yami Yugi says: "Of course not" Asuka replied happily, surpressing most of a giggle. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi blushed. She was even more pretty than her twin said. Yami Yugi says: Asuka smiled, giggling as he blushed. He looked so sweet, although she knew there was surely someone he was with, that and she had claimed to feel for Judai how he had for her. Evil Yuugi says: (Idea ^^ Yami Yugi says: (What's that? =D) Evil Yuugi says: (you know the infamous gossip twins momoe and junko right Yami Yugi says: (=o Not that I can remember) Evil Yuugi says: (Momoe has dark hair while Junko has reddish) Yami Yugi says: (Okay) Evil Yuugi says: (aight so heres the thing they both are in the association get the idea? Yami Yugi says: (Yeah) Evil Yuugi says: "Hey Asuka you dorky little traitor.." Came the sneering voice of Junko Makita. "Yes hello twerp.." Momoe Hamaguchi replied, coldly. Yami Yugi says: "Shut up you twerps" Asuka snapped, turning her back to Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: "Who are they Asuka-sama?" (Have her be surprised by such a respectful honorific) Yami Yugi says: "What? Sama?" Asuka asked, turning back to Yugi. "But we call you Yuugi-sama, what brought on the choice to use that honorific for me?" Yami Yugi says:

  • Yuugi

Evil Yuugi says: "Because i'm not as dark as my twin." Yami Yugi says: "But still, your twin was fine, I still don't see what led to that choice". Evil Yuugi says: "If you feel uncomfortable i can call you san instead." Yami Yugi says: "Its up to you, I was just surprised". Evil Yuugi says: "Ok but you didnt answer my question." Yami Yugi says: "Well, there these two from some organization, they're real pains, they just love to annoy people for the sake of it. They're like gossip twins, I've never been able to stand them". Evil Yuugi says: "What are their names?" Yami Yugi says: "The dark haired one is Momoe and Junko is the other one". Evil Yuugi says: "Ah. I take it they follow Saiou?" Yami Yugi says: "Yeah". Evil Yuugi says: "How do we rescue them?" Yami Yugi says: "I guess by defeating them. When I beat Manjoume, he became like me and began to hate the light. If we attack those working with the association, then we can weaken Saiou and then there'll be no-one that can stand up to the darkness". Evil Yuugi says: "Traitor!" The whitened girls hissed. Yami Yugi says: "Shut up, I am not. If anything, you two are, we all wanted to be like Yuugi-sama, I've realized that's way more important than your little light group". Evil Yuugi says: "What?" Yami Yugi says: "You heard, living the dream of idolizing Yuugi-sama and even meeting him is way more important to me than the light is, especially when he's much stronger". Evil Yuugi says: The girls laughed coldly.

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Yami Yugi says: Asuka hardened her glare towards them, failing to see the humourous side of her dedication to Yuugi's side over their brainwashed love of the light. "How is that runt stronger? The Light conquers all!" "You want to see? We can always show you. Manjoume agrees too. I bet Judai would as well". "Manjoume-kun? Why?" "Let's say, he's seen the power of Yuugi-sama's Oracle, he was impressed, he's seen the truth outside of your little game and has joined us". "What?!" That pushed them over the edge and they tackled the small duellist. "You bitches!" Asuka screamed, rushing to the three, grabbing both by their hair in her best way to get them away from Yuugi. Yuugi groaned as blood streamed from underneath his left eye and from his right cheek. "Yuugi-sama, no" Asuka cried, noting the blood, strengthening her hold on their hair and pulling back to throw them off. "Are you alright?" "Yeah but I cant stop the bleeding.." Back in the past the more evil Yuugi clutched his chest in pain as he felt the pain his other half did. "Yuugi!" Anzu gasped, turning to Yuugi, gripping his hand more tightly. "What's the matter, are you alright? What is it?" "It's my twin…He's hurt.." "What? No. That's terrible. What should we do? Is it bad?" "I'm not sure but Asuka-chan is helping him I'm sure." "I bet she is, she was really fond of you when we were there, she'll take care of him. I bet she'll make whoever did it pay severely". "I hope so..." "Trust her, I am, even if she was all like she was with you. Do you want to still go with the others, or would you prefer a rest? I'll stay with you either way". "I'll go." "Alright". Yuugi winced in pain as Asuka cuddled him close to where the bloody areas were. "We should get that sorted, we can leave Manjoume to deal with them if you want". "No…get them on our side first". "Right, I'll sort them out. I take it we're leaving the Oracle out of it for now. As much as I'd like to use it on them". "Hai." "Fine, I'll get them without it. Then we'll show them why you're here, you wouldn't just show up for no reason". "Right." "Alright you two, you've gone too far. Come on, you two and me, we'll settle this, I'll show you which force is more powerful. If only I could actually use it against you". "Ah what the hell one test cant hurt." "Thanks Yuugi-sama" Asuka cried happily, resisting the urge to hug him tightly. "Go on and hug. Seto wont mind." "I meant it might hurt, after all, you look a little injured". "Nah I can take it." Asuka did so, hugging him tightly, hoping she wasn't hurting him, smiling as she looked down at his Duel Disk and then back up at him. "I won't let you down". "Best of luck." "Thanks, I won't disappoint, I'll get them back, they'll see why". She turned away from him, activating her Duel Disk as she glared at the two. "Come on you wimps". They glared back, activating theirs. "Good, you'll see, this'll be quick, the Oracle will prove to you that the light is nothing" Asuka called, drawing five cards. "Who's going first?" "You traitor." "Fine. And we'll see who the traitor is" Asuka called, drawing a new card. "Oh good, looks like I can show you straight away. I activate Oracle of Darkness!" "WHAT IS THAT?!" They cried. "This is the ultimate force, this is what Yuugi-sama showed me. This is more powerful than the light, its pure darkness. Its your finish! I play Yuugou, so I'll fuse Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater to form Cyber Blader. And with the Oracle on the field, her attack goes up to 2600. And then I'll add Cyber Tu Tu" (ATK1500). "Big deal you cant attack on the first turn!" "And now I'll play my new magic card: Spirit Breaker!" "What’s that?" "It allows me to sacrifice a monster on my field and deal double its attack points at you, all I have to do is give up 1000 lifepoints for each monster I sacrifice". "But wait.. Blader would deal 5200..and Tutu would deal that’s...NO! NO!!" They screamed realizing it was a OTK. "Exactly, it wouldn't have been possible without the Oracle, so say goodbye!" Asuka yelled as the two monsters vanished from the field, leaving bright spheres in their place, each heading towards the two. Yuugi watched, extremely impressed with her play. Asuka smiled darkly as she watched the spheres hit the two, enjoying watching them suffer after how they had attacked Yuugi. They screamed in agony, practically begging for mercy. Asuka only grinned, refusing to let the pair's suffering try to get to her, she glanced back at Yuugi, noticing the Oracle beginning to shrink in size. Yuugi smiled softly. "I told you I wouldn't let you down" Asuka called happily. "If only Saiou had been about, he would have seen". "Yes but you did it in a turn." "Exactly and I wouldn't have had the strength without the Oracle on my side, they'd have still had a few hundred lifepoints left". "Extremely impressive." "Thanks". Yuugi nodded, the blood still coming. "We should get that cleaned up" Asuka sighed, watching the blood. "I'm sorry they did that, I wish I had challenged them to begin with". "No need. Just use the Oracle's magic." "Oh, alright, I'll try it" Asuka answered, looking down at her Duel Disk, the Oracle's card still inside. She moved close to him, closing her eyes, focusing her power on the Oracle, seeing a glow through her eyelids, she opened them, seeing Yuugi's Stone glowing. Yuugi smiled again. "It looks like it's working" Asuka stated with a smile. "Yes" "That's good" Asuka replied, bringing her hand away, smiling as Yuugi looked untouched. "I never knew this held such power". He chuckled. "I'm glad to see you're still in a good mood". "Yep." "Well, at least they didn't affect your sense of humour. What's the next move then?" "I'm not sure." "Oh, I guess we just recruit more people? Or should we check with your twin about that?" "Yeah talk to him first." "Alright, I'm ready then, he'll know what more we should do here". "Go ahead then." "Right, that portal's still open, right? We'll just use that". "All rig…wait a minute…" "What's wrong?" "Nothing come on." "Well...alright then" Asuka replied, turning to where the portal was expected to still be, walking back towards it. Yuugi followed with a smile. Asuka sighed with relief when the portal came back to view, turning back to Yuugi. "Alright, its still about. We can still get back" she called happily, continuing again. "Good." Asuka nodded, smiling as she passed through the portal, knowing what she would find on the other side. Anzu smiled, seeing the two approach. "They're back?" Yuugi asked her, seeing the pair returning. "Yep." She replied. "I wonder what's up". "Same here." "Asuka, aibou, is something the matter?" "Well what should we do next?" "What have you done so far? How many have you gained our side?" "Just Asuka and Manjoume here but I was thinking wouldn’t the method you used work for us?" "You're referring to the entire world takeover? Perhaps, although the Oracle isn't as strong in that world. We could always give it a try, it could work and we'd have control of two worlds. The Oracle could never be beaten". Asuka looked at the darker Yuugi adoringly. Yuugi smiled at her, noticing her attention on him. "We could always try, if it fails, we'll have to work on things this side enough for it to affect the future world by itself. As long as there's light there, there's concern of failure here". "Then let's focus our power.." "Right, together we stand a chance of dominating that world". He nodded with a wicked grin. Yuugi turned to Anzu with a smile, holding his hand to her, together they had the most power from the Oracle. Their stones activated. Yuugi closed his eyes, the glow brighter, the light of the two Stones combining, shooting into the portal as a ray of light, reaching to the other side, spreading over the land.

Manjoume watched, curiously.

The light rose higher, rising high above the reaches of the island's structures, racing above, over the sea, Judai watched it uneasily, knowing it was the force that had changed Asuka even more. The light rushed further, quickly reaching Japan, covering the country and moving on, spreading further rapidly. "What's going on.." Jun wondered. The pale green continued to spread out, consuming the world, enslaving the people, any resistance was futile, that was proven quickly. It wasn't long before the edges joined once again, encasing the world in the light, consuming everyone in its power. "What the heck..." Jun wondered. "What is this?" Judai asked, catching the sight of Manjoume in the corner of his eye. "Where's Asuka? This has something to do with that thing over her". Jun's blood seemed to boil hearing Judai's voice. "Manjoume" Judai called again. He lifted his head again, feeling strange, pressing a hand against his head, groaning as he began to feel different. "What do you want slacker?" "Where's Asuka?" Judai repeated. "This thing. It's to do with her". He brought his other arm up, a battle inside of him ensuing, feeling the same force he saw in Asuka coming into him. "With Yuugi-sama why?" "And where's he? There's something going on. That's light...ah...there's something weird happening because of it. We can't let it consume her anymore" Judai groaned. "Too late." "No Manjoume, we can't let this...happen" Judai broke into a chain of groans and cries, dropping to his knees, the Oracle flickering dully on his forehead as it began to dominate "Judai?" "It's taking over" Judai groaned, pressing his hand harder against his head, his fingers overlapping the dull Seal. "It's going to consume this world too". "Good.." "No Manjoume. You don't understand. It-it's evil". "No." "Yes, it is. You don't know because you're on its side. But-but it is, it'll do to our world that it did to Yuugi-sama". "Be quiet.." " We can't fight the truth, it's going to do to Yuugi...sama" Judai strained, his voice weakening as the fight turned more against him. Jun arched an eyebrow. Judai groaned again, the Seal become brighter, flickering more on his forehead rather than vanishing. Jun watched, amused. "Man. Jou. Me" Judai groaned, closing his eyes. He called out, sitting upright, the Seal shining brightly. His cry fading as he brought his head down, his arms dropping by his sides. "Is he…?" Judai glared up at him, his eyes darker than before, the Seal shining brightly on his forehead beneath his fringe. Manjoume grinned softly Judai pushed himself to his feet, looking sternly at Manjoume, glancing at the portal for a second and back. Manjoume smirked as he did his signature cheer. "Calm down Manjoume, we have more important things to do than celebrate" Judai growled. "Manjoume-sanda!" Judai rolled his eyes. The darker Yuugi grinned wickedly, their world both past, present and future was complete. "It worked, I can feel it" Anzu announced proudly, folding her arms. "Excellent.." "Now with both worlds under out control, there's not a person around to stop us". "Yes.." The now darkened Asuka replied, cackling wickedly. "I see someone's proud to be helping. You're an alright kid" Anzu replied, holding a hand out for her to shake. Asuka giggled happily and shook her hand. Anzu grinned as Asuka shook her hand, nodding in acceptance as they did. "I told you she would help.." The more evil Yuugi purred. "I know, I shouldn't have doubted you". Yuugi purred as he rubbed his soft bangs against her cheek. Anzu blushed before releasing Asuka's hand, laying both against Yuugi's cheeks and turning his head to kiss him. Yuugi smiled.

Anzu did so too before leaning in, kissing him strongly, smiling still as she did.

Yuugi blushed lightly as he kissed back. "Look at them" the light-dark Yuugi teased, nudging Asuka lightly with his elbow. "I know its cute.."

"Yeah, I'm happy for them both. Besides, I have someone I should be checking up on. I'll see how he's doing in a minute".

"Who?" "Kaiba Seto". "You love him, huh?" ", yeah" the light-dark Yuugi replied, blushing. Asuka giggled. "That’s cute." Anzu pulled back, smiling, noticing the other Yuugi's smile and blush, he was still looking at Asuka rather than them. "I love you Anzu.."

"I love you too Yuugi. I always have, I always will. No-one, NOTHING even can change that. Ever".

Yuugi chuckled softly. "Good." "Of course, I wouldn't give you up for the world. All this should be proof, you're the most precious part of my life". "Even more than our beautiful Shadow world?" "You were the one that created it, its a part of you as it is for me. But like I said, I wouldn't let you go for the entire world". "That’s good to know." "I know, I wouldn't let anything happen to you, I'd do anything to set it right. I have even. Before". "When?" "When you lost that duel mainly, but I would still do anything for you". "What? What duel?" "Against Rebecca, don't you remember?" "Oh yeah.” "Hey, whatever happened to that little brat, Alcina? We never did truly get rid of her, I wonder what she's up to" Anzu sighed. She turned her head, spitting in disgust when she noticed something she had thought of, just preferred not to see. "Hey brat." Yuugi groaned. "Speak of the god damn devil.." "I should have just shut my mouth" Anzu growled. "Hey, diaper queen, how did you like the show before?" Asuka looked puzzled. "Diaper Queen?" She asked. "Long story" the light-dark Yuugi answered. "She a brat that likes to wear diapers, she'd always appear and bother us. We just tease her because we know she gets on her nerves". "How old is she?" "I think she's like four years old, but she's a real pain either way". Asuka snickered. "Is this a joke? Tell me your joking." "Of course not, you should have seen the others when she was around". "Well?" Anzu called. "Well what, loser?" Alcina asked. "Did you like the little battle earlier? You're little sparring rival isn't about anymore. Oh well, I guess you'll have to settle with us". Asuka was on the floor laughing. "A 4-year-old in diapers... oh sweet mercy its so funny it hurts.." She said through her laughter. The lighter Yuugi chuckled seeing Asuka laughing as she did, sure that it would just further annoy Alcina. "Well when did you stop blondie?!" Alcina barked. Through her laughter Asuka managed to answer. "I was 2 and a half." "There you have it" Anzu laughed, folding her arms, grinning smugly at Alcina. "I'm not sure when I stopped to be honest." Yuugi replied, with a sheepish smile. "Awww" Anzu sounded, turning to him with a small smile, hugging him tightly. "Don't worry, at least it wouldn't have been as late as this brat. That's so cute Yuugi". Yuugi blushed bright pink. "What if hypothetically it was?" "Awww, I'd still love you all the same, at least you're not a brat like her". "How is she a brat?" Asuka asked, curiously. "Have you seen the way she was just acting and talking? That's nothing compared to what's happened before. She has a mean headbutt". "Say what?" "Yeah, she's got me a couple of times, but other than that, she's harmless, just a pain". Alcina scoffed as Ali glared at her while she popped some gum she was chewing. "Oh look, she's trying to act like she's not bothered" Anzu stated, folding her arms once again. "Who’s worse her or that twit Rebecca?" Yuugi asked. "Alcina's worse if you ask me. At least we've gotten rid of Rebecca" Anzu replied. "Rebecca Hopkins correct?" Asuka asked. "Yeah" the light-dark Yuugi answered with a nod. "I've heard of her. She's the American champ.." "Yeah". "She's supposed to be really good." "Yeah, she's alright" he sighed. "She's proven that before". "How?" "She...beat me". "No your kidding me!" "I wish I was". "What happened?" "Well, I wasn't doing so well with draws and such, she was able to beat me with her better draws". "You lost normally right?" "Um....well...not as such. The Oracle was on the field". "B-B-But that means that..." "Yeah. I was". Asuka hugged him close to her, in a sort of motherly fashion. Yugi smiled up at her, Anzu growled, Alcina's presence had brought it up again, her grin faded, glaring at the child. "At least Ali has enough brains to respect us." "This little brain couldn't get enough brain cells in her head anyway, no matter what they did". "They?" "Anyone". "Ah i see." Anzu chuckled, wishing Alcina would fight back, it always made things more fun. Alcina glared at her. "Come on, fight back. You know you want to try, you know you will". "What?" "Don't hide it, you want to argue back" Anzu dared. Anzu chuckled, wishing Alcina would fight back, it always made things more fun. Alcina glared at her. "Come on, fight back. You know you want to try, you know you will". "What?" "Don't hide it, you want to argue back" Anzu dared. Back in the future a young blue-haired duellist with icy-green eyes walked around the transformed Academia. "Man, Ruby what on earth is going on.." The boy asked his duel spirit, Gem Beast - Ruby Carbuncle. The small creature squeaked, having no real clue itself. It leapt down from his shoulder, moving towards the portal Jun and Judai had used. "Judai-kun where are ya, partner?" He called. Ruby squeaked again, indicating that the portal could be the answer to Johan. Johan smiled softly and walked through it, Ruby following. Judai turned his head back towards the portal, feeling something inside, like someone was passing through, someone he felt close to. "He's here I can feel it.." Judai narrowed his eyes, he didn't like the feeling of this, he glared angrily at the portal, catching the light-dark Yuugi's attention, he remained silent. Johan walked through and saw his friend. "Judai-kun!" "Johan". "That's right its me." "No, what are you doing here?" Judai called, sounding slightly panicked as he hid the Seal beneath his fringe. "Ruby led me here." "Ruby? Oh I remember. But why come here? Didn't you see it was going to be risky?" "Nah your more important." "Johan" Judai sighed. "It's too dangerous here. No matter how important our bond is, you must go. For your own good". "No now tell me, who did this, partner?" "No, I can't say. I-I...why weren't you affected by that green light?" "My Gem Beasts." "They protected you? But no-one else's Duel Spirits were able to save them". "Mine are very special. One of a kind remember?" "Yeah". "Thats why." "I guess that makes sense. But still, I didn't expect you'd follow us here". Johan sensed something and walked toward the portal that led to the past. Judai sighed as Johan walked towards it, he hated pushing Johan away like this, even under the Oracle's influence, he glanced at the darker Yuugi. Johan kept walking, as he was seemingly drawn to the portal. Judai turned away from Johan, lifting his hand, lifting his fringe as he placed his fingers against the Seal, he lifted his eyes to fix them on Yuugi. "Yuugi, i sense someone..." Anzu told him. "What is it?" Judai asked before Yuugi could. "Who is it Anzu-sama?" "Who is it?" Yuugi asked her. "It's a duelist with a one of a kind deck.." "Like they'll be a problem" Yuugi scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Don't underestimate him." Asuka warned. "Who could it be? Do you know?" "Johan, keep away from there" Judai called. "Yes his name is Johan Andersen.." "Sounds like this guy has a decent rep then". "His deck is one-of-a-kind." "I see, so this should be interesting". Asuka nodded. "Well he can bring it then". Johan slowly walked out of the portal as he looked around. "Johan!" Judai yelled, unsure whether to follow or not, glancing at Manjoume. "Oh just let the kid go. If he needs you he'll call." "No Manjoume, I can't, I think he's doing this for me. Maybe he knows about that force, maybe he's trying to stop it for us. But-but...I can't ...allow him to get hurt...or stop it" Judai called, breaking into a sprint. "This him?" the darker Yuugi asked Asuka. She nodded. "So, what did you come back here for?" Yuugi asked Johan. On the other side, Judai halted at the edge of the portal, turning back. "Well aren't you coming?" he growled. "No I don’t give a damn for him." Johan's eyes widened. "Motou Yuugi?!" He asked both stunned and joyful. Judai growled before turning back and passing through. "Yeah, I guess you're another guy that looked up to me, I can see it in your eyes". "Yes I-I did.." "'Did'? I see someone broke away from the flock" Yuugi teased. Judai emerged behind Johan, laying his hand tightly on Johan's shoulder. "I told you not to come". Johan held up a hand to Judai. "What on earth is going on, Yuugi-san?" "If only you knew" Yuugi chuckled, shaking his head. "Looks like Judai was trying to help you. I don't know how you escaped the Oracle's power, but I won't let you keep things that way for long". "Oracle?" He asked, puzzled. "That was what the green light that engulfed your world was, just look at Judai's head". Judai sighed, looking down at the ground in disappointment. Johan looked at his friend and saw it, but wasnt afraid. "Johan, look, just go back, there's nothing you can do" Judai sighed. Johan shushed him as he walked forward. Judai sighed, resisting the urge to call out again, he'd only be silenced again. Yuugi folded his arms, smirking at how Johan was commanding someone on his side about. "Yuugi pray tell do you know of cards called the Gem Beasts?" "I doubt they've been created in this world, besides, Asuka told me they were one-of-a-kind anyway. I don't know much about them." Johan smirked inwardly. "How about a duel against them?" "Fine, I was expecting a duel, so let's do this" Yuugi replied smugly. "No, guys, don't do it. If the Oracle gets played, then there can't be anything good come from it". "Judai shush." "But Johan". "Don't worry about it Judai, I won't play the Oracle" Yuugi replied. Anzu's eyes widened like Yuugi had lost his mind. Yuugi felt her surprise, turning his head to her and winking, assuring her there was nothing to worry about.

  • What are you planning?* She asked telepathically.
  • Remember what Raphael pulled with Yami? History's about to repeat itself*.
  • Impossible..*
  • You'll see*
  • Very well.* Johan sighed in relief.

Yuugi grinned at Johan's sigh, Judai bit his lip, wishing he could stop the duel, he couldn't see anyway with Johan stopping his every attempt. "You ready?" "Sure". "You draw the first card." "Fine" Yuugi called, doing so. "I'll play Blockman in defence mode and set two cards". Anzu arched an eyebrow at her lover's card. "It's your turn, lets see what your Crystal Beasts deck can do". "Fine my turn." Johan said, drawing a card. Judai looked over at Johan's hand as best he could. "I play Gem Beast Amber Mammoth in attack mode. One set card. Turn end." "Hm, you didn't even attack. Oh well" Yuugi replied, drawing his card. "I'll play one monster face-down in defence mode and lay another card face-down". Johan drew. He smirked darkly at the draw. "I activate my Tebuda Dansatsu (Hand Severing). We both discard 4 cards. Then we draw 4." "If you hold less than 4 discard your whole hand." Yuugi discarded his two cards, drawing the amount Johan had stated, Judai continued to watch between the two, the light-dark Yuugi confident in his twin. Johan looked at his hand and his smirk grew to an almost evil extent. Judai picked up on the look on Johan's face, Yuugi also grined at his hand. "Activate Shisa Sosei (Monster Reborn) to bring back Gem Beast Ruby Carbuncle. Then I sacrifice both to play my ace card - Yubel." "Yubel?" Yuugi gasped, recalling the spirit from before. Johan nodded, grinning as the sinister spirit appeared by his side. (0/0) "What kind of monster is that? It looks just like Yubel, I don't get it. Plus I know its got an ability, but it doesn't have any attack or defence points". "Oh don't worry you'll see what she can do. Turn end." "Fine" Yuugi growled. "I draw. Now I'll play Gamma the Magnet Warrior in defence mode. That'll end my turn, seeing as I can't risk attacking Yubel". Johan growled softly, hoping he'd be foolish enough to attack. "Johan, what is it? You're growling?" Judai asked, raising an eyebrow, he hadn't seen Johan like that before. "Shut up." Johan growled. Anzu's Oracle Stone began to glow as it fed off Johan's darkness. "What?" Judai gasped, stepping back. "Someone's angry. Make your move" Yuugi teased. "I summon Gem Beast Cobalt Eagle.." Johan hissed. His tone was clearly darker as though he was giving in to his own darkness. "Johan" Judai whispered to himself. "And what are you going to do with that?" Yuugi asked. The shiny indigo gem appeared, releasing the small eagle from it. (1400/800) Yuugi gasped when his Blockman and Gamma lunged forward. "Wh-what's going on? Its not even my turn, why are my monsters attacking?" Johan laughed darkly. "It's Yubel's special ability. Each turn your monsters are forced to strike her." "No, but she has no attack power, what more is there?" "Look carefully at your life point counter." Johan teased. "No!" Yuugi yelled as his lifepoints fell to 1500. "No, I've lost way too many lifepoints, one turn and I'll lose". Johan laughed once more. "Fortunately for you I play Gem Rebirth so I'm forced to offer Yubel to play a Gem Beast from my cemetery." "Okay?" Yuugi replied. "Just get on with your turn". "One set card. Turn end." Johan replied. Anzu looked at Yuugi. "What's going on with Johan? He seems darker now.." She told her husband. "I don't know, I'm guessing that its either something to do with Yubel, or he didn't escape the Oracle's power for long. I guess we'll have to see, don't worry, I'll still try whatever I can". "Johan, what's going on? Why are you so different?" Judai asked him, deeply concerned. Johan turned to look at him with a vengeful look in his eyes. "Maybe copy Raphael's move and give him the Oracle using Exchange as he only has one card left in his hand." "That's my plan, I just have to get rid of enough cards". "Johan? What's up with you?" "Quiet I have a duel to win.." "Johan, what's the matter with you? You weren't like that before. What's happened to you?" "Nothing." Johan sneered, turning back to the duel. Judai sighed, he felt helpless, Yuugi glared at Johan. "My turn, I draw. I'll add Alpha the Magnet Warrior in defence mode. I'll end my turn there". Johan drew and simply passed. "Oh I see, passing" Yuugi chuckled, drawing again. "I'll lay my last two cards face-down and then I'll activate Exchange. And I only have one card left". "Then let's get on with it.." Johan replied, walking over to him. "You'll like this card, I'm sure of it, it fits you great at the moment" Yuugi chuckled, holding the card out to Johan. Johan took it and offered Yuugi his card which was Necromancy. "Necromancy? Wow, it really IS all happening all over again" Yuugi laughed, turning his back to Johan and making his way back to his side of the field. "What is it you find so amusing?" Johan asked walking back to his side. "Check your card". Johan looked at it and his eyes widened in horror. "Oh no...I can't use this. Not the Oracle of Darkness!" "What's the matter?" Yuugi laughed. "I can't use it..." "It's too late, you've become darkened from your time here, that Oracle Stone that Anzu gave to you, it's already glowing. I know from personally experience that it's too late to turn back now". Johan looked at it in horror as he gripped it tightly, trying desperately to make it stop. "You can't stop it, its already begun, there's only one way out now, for you to play that card". "No... I can't. Besides I don't need to at the moment as I'm winning." "Maybe for now, but you'll see. I activate my face-down card, Ultimate Offering and I'll sacrifice my Blockman to summon something stronger. Two turns on the field means I can sacrifice it as two. Now, Black Magician in attack mode!" "Nice move." Johan complimented. "Here's one even better. Black Magician, attack his Cobalt Eagle". Johan groaned as his life points fell by 1100 but Cobalt Eagle simply turned back to his indigo gem beside Johan's other face-downs. "Not so far ahead anymore, if only I had played Alpha in attack mode. Oh well, I'll switch Gamma and have him attack. Go!" "Activate trap, Rainbow Life so i discard one card from my hand to negate all the damage I take and gain life points equal to that amount." Johan replied as his life points increased to 5400 after he discarded Gem Beast Topaz Tiger, seemingly unable to discard the Oracle. "Fine. I'll end after that". Johan smirked and drew. "I'll pass for this turn." "Fine, Black Magician attack now!" Johan screamed in pain as his life points fell to 2900. "Gamma, attack" Yuugi called. Johan grunted in pain, breathing hard as his life points fell to 1400. "Awww, 1400 lifepoints left, all the attack of my Alpha, I'll let you prolong your suffering and end my turn Johan growled as he drew. "I activate Treasure From Heaven so we both draw until we're holding 6 cards." "Wow, almost the same moves too" Yuugi chuckled. "Let me guess, you're out of options". Johan sighed. He was out of options. "What’s that supposed to mean?" "You know what. There's only one move you can make. You might as well make it now". "He's right…there's only one card in my hand that can help me win the duel…I must play the Oracle of Darkness”. Yuugi grinned as he watched Johan, sure that Johan was battling himself, the darkness that was the Oracle inside of him already. Judai also watched, less thrilled of the situation.

  • This isn't right, I can't play the Oracle, Yuugi's shown what it can do. And if what I heard back at DA is right, I'll be doing no-one any favours, especially Judai, this is tough enough on him*
  • We're going to lose the duel! Can't you see?! Trust me!*
  • No, this isn't right, don't play that card*
  • We must do this now let me go!* He growled as the inner Johan was clutching his arm.

The inner Johan felt Johan's arm slip from his grasp, he sighed.

  • Please, don't play that card*.

Johan looked up at Yuugi, glaring. "Now I activate The Oracle of Darkness!" Yuugi grinned, Judai gasped, stepping forward. 'Excellent' Yuugi though, echoing Raphael's very statement. Johan slowly placed the card in his field slot, activating it. *What have I done?* Johan thought before he screamed as the Oracle spread from under him. "Johan!" Judai called. "Too late Judai, he's made his decision" Yuugi mumbled coldly. Anzu grinned wickedly as she watched. The inner Johan screamed as he was blocked out, like Yuugi had been those short months before. Yuugi grinned as Anzu, seeing the Seal shooting outwards from beneath Johan, it was all falling into place. The Oracle slowly was drawn into Johan's forehead. "Nice work Johan, I knew you had it in you. Are you good or are you evil?" Yuugi teased, again using Raphael's words as the memory of seeing Yami in the same way played. Johan looked at him with a grim but almost fierce look of anger on his face. "So tell me, how do you feel?" Yuugi laughed. "Johan, no" Judai sighed. "I warned you to stay out of this". "The Oracle of Darkness serves me now and all of it's ancient powers rest on my side of the field." Yuugi grinned as he watched, Judai sighed, clenching his fists by his sides. "Let's see what you can do" Yuugi dared. "I activate one of my facedown cards, the continuous spell Advanced Dark!" Johan called as a veil of darkness showed faintly over the edges of the Oracle. "So you have another card like the Oracle you wanted to use". Johan nodded. "I play this…Advanced Gem Beast Topaz Tiger.” The jewel appeared, the tiger emerging, the eyes becoming sharp and blank, a piercing red as its fur darkened, teeth baring like a vicious animal, not the tame one it had once been. "The Oracle's dark energy enhances my creature with 500 extra points..." "I know how the card works, I've used it enough times" Yuugi scowled.

  • What have I unleashed?* Johan thought as a cloud of pure darkness released from him. "You were a fool to hand me this card for when you lose your soul shall be sealed for eternity where it belongs..."
*Just like before* Yuugi thought, grinning smugly.

"Now I activate another facedown. The spell Gem Destruction. So i send 7 Gem Beasts to my cemetery from my deck." "Johan, no! Don't do it!" Judai cried. Johan grinned evilly as he ignored Judai's pleas, sending 7 copies one of each of his non-evil Gem Beasts to the cemetery. "Johan, stop it now, you're playing into its force. Don't do it, listen to those cards!" Judai shouted. "Silence. They’re useless to me!" Johan laughed wickedly as he said this. Judai gasped, looking down sorrowfully, this wasn't the Johan he knew, he was hurt to think that he had spoken like that though. "Don't worry Judai, we'll lock him away soon enough" Yuugi called. "I disagree little Yuugi. I activate this card.. Dark Gem Awakening." Yuugi turned his head back to Johan, Judai looked up again at Johan. "This powerful magic card can only be activated when I have at least 7 Gem Beasts in my cemetery. For the small price of 1000 life points i can transfer Ultimate Gem God Rainbow Dark Dragon from my deck to my hand.." Johan explained as he fell to 400. "No, not that" Judai gasped. "Only 400 points left, you better be careful Johan" Yuugi laughed. Johan cackled evilly. "You poor fool.. don't you see why i got rid of those worthless Gem Beasts?" "Oh really? For your card, that one Judai's stressing over" Yuugi answered calmly. "I'll still stand against it, after all, you've only got 400 points either way, I have a card in my deck that can finish you even with that card on the field". "Heh we'll see. With 7 Gem Beasts in the cemetery I play the all-powerful Ultimate Gem God Rainbow Dark Dragon!!!" Yuugi and Judai looked up, seeing the large dragon emerge from the explosion of light high above, seeing the gems running along its dark neck, like Topaz Tiger, it held a darker than normal look, grey inside of white, its eyes vicious, Yuugi shuddered, quickly regaining his cool. "Johan, stop this" Judai called, turning back to his friend. Johan grinned venomously. (4000/0) "Now all i have to do is remove a few Gem Beasts...see for every Gem Beast removed he gains 1000 attack points while we gain 500 life points for every one removed.." Judai rushed towards Johan, slamming against the edge of the Oracle and finding himself stepping back. "Johan! No" he yelled, pounding his fists against the edge. "Stop this, you're only making it worse. What is this?" "What are you talking about?" "I can't get through. I can't get to you. Listen to me, sacrificing the monsters you always protected, this isn't like you Johan" he called. "Be quiet." "But Johan!" "Shut up you insolent slacker!" Judai went silent then, his fists rested against the barrier, waiting, wondering, he couldn't think of anything to say back. "I remove 3 Gem Beasts from the game!" Johan called as Rainbow Dark Dragon rose to 7500 attack points while his life points rose to 1900, Yuugi's to 3000. Yuugi stared up at the creature with wide eyes, its attack points so high, his monsters stood no chance, his lifepoints would be taken out. "Rainbow Dark Dragon take him out with Demonic Rainbow Blast! Your target is Black Magician!" Johan called. The dragon opened its mouth, a rainbow ripple expanding, the light of the attack coming together in the centre, aiming at Black Magician. The blast shot out, a beam of white, the light-dark Yuugi and Judai both fixed their eyes on it, their mouths open as they watched it close in on Yuugi, who remained calm. Johan laughed. "Say goodbye to those life points!" "Rainbow Dark Dragon take him out with Demonic Rainbow Blast! Your target is Black Magician!" Johan called. The dragon opened its mouth, a rainbow ripple expanding, the light of the attack coming together in the centre, aiming at Black Magician. The blast shot out, a beam of white, the light-dark Yuugi and Judai both fixed their eyes on it, their mouths open as they watched it close in on Yuugi, who remained calm. Johan laughed. "Say goodbye to those life points!" "That's what you think. Activate trap: Draining Shield!" "Oh no!" "Oh yes. Now I gain the 7500 lifepoints and my Black Magician is left unharmed from your attack". Johan growled, the red streak in his eyes growing darker as he saw Yuugi rise to 10,500 life points. "What the matter Johan? Don't like me fighting back?" "Turn end.." Johan spat. "Good" Yuugi called, drawing a card. "Now I activate one of my face-down cards: Burial from Another Dimension. This lets me return three of your Crystal Beasts to the graveyard. I'll choose your Topaz Tiger, Sapphire Pegasus and Amethyst Cat" Yuugi called. "No!" Johan growled as Rainbow Dark's attack returned to 4500. "Aww, so sorry" Yuugi chuckled. "Now I activate Pot of Greed, so I'll draw two cards". He did so, grinning, it had been all too perfect, he looked at Johan with the dark grin, Judai turned to Johan. "What are you up to?" "First I activate Soul Release to remove the monsters in my graveyard. Then I play Celestial Sword - Airtos, then I can special summon Airtos" Yuugi called, holding the two cards high. The sword plummeted from the sky, piercing the ground before him, a bird made of bright white rose, flying high into the sky before descending, becoming Airtos and pulling the sword from the ground. “Airtos? But Yuugi-kun how did she get in your deck?" Anzu asked. "Raphael entrusted me with it when we last saw him, he was sure that something like this would happen, so I borrowed it for a while" Yuugi replied. "Ah I see." Anzu replied. "I've never seen that card before" Johan whispered, eyes wide. "You wouldn't have, this card is also rare and given to me by a friend to take down anyone who stood against us. Like you". "Who is he?" Judai and Johan both asked. "Raphael. He lost his family to a boat incident, well, he was separated from them until lately". "How did he reunite?" "Well, I helped them. We got them together a while ago". "I see…but still that Guardian is no match for Rainbow Dark Dragon." Johan teased. "Maybe. But the Celestial Sword means I can take monsters from your graveyard and add their attack points to Airtos. Go, activate Celestial sword" Yuugi called. Johan felt his arm raise against his will. "Not my monsters!" "Yeah, your monsters, the monsters that were loyal to you, close to you, now they'll work on my side. First Sapphire Pegasus". Johan watched, eyes wide in fear as his second favourite monster looked at him sadly. “Now Rainbow Dragon!” Yuugi added. The much larger creature faced Johan alongside Sapphire Pegasus, more of a look of anger rather than sadness. "How do you like it? And of course we can't forget your favourite" Yuugi laughed. "Ruby Carbuncle!" "Not Ruby!!!" Johan screamed in anguish as he looked at the small kitten-like creature. "Yeah, look at her, you betrayed her, just like you betrayed the others". Johan gasped when he saw his monsters giving him angry, almost hateful looks just as Black Magician and others did to Yami. Judai noticed Johan gazing up at his monster, turning to them himself. "And now they'll add their power to Airtos, now, combine your power with her" Yuugi called, watching the monsters as the rushed back, entering the sword, raising Airtos' power. "Airtos, attack his Rainbow Dark Dragon with the force of his closest monsters!" Yuugi called. Airtos brought down her sword, replaying the same way as she had for Yami in the first time to fight the Oracle from the inside. Rainbow Dark roared as he was wiped out. "NO!!!!!!!!!!" Johan screamed as his life points fell from 1900 to 0 albeit very slowly when they reached the final 100 as if to prolong his pain. "JOHAN!" Judai yelled, pounding harder against the Seal's edge. The light grew brighter until it became a quick beam of light in the centre, vanishing quickly. "The Oracle of Darkness doesn't leave the field without taking something along for the ride. And this time, it's you" Yuugi laughed as he watched Johan with a grin. Johan looked at him with a weak, defeated smile as he approached. "And you only have yourself to blame, cause you sealed your own fate when you played that card". Anzu nodded, grinning wickedly. "Yuugi-san, no, make it stop, don't let it take Johan" Judai called. "It's too late…" Johan whispered. "No, Johan" Judai yelled. Johan gave a weak thumbs-up. "Catch ya later partner..." "No! Johan!" Judai yelled, pounding even harder. "I won't let you do this. I'd let myself go instead for you". Johan's eyes slowly closed as the Oracle got small enough for him to repeat Yuugi's sacrifice. "Johan, no" Judai called, rushing to the edge of the Oracle, feeling different, more light-headed. Johan could feel it closing in on him, ready to take his soul. The Seal began to shine on Judai's head, the light-dark Yuugi looked at him as his eyes began to close slowly. Johan looked at him, eyes wide as the Oracle vanished, not with his soul but Judai's. "Johan, I'm doing it for you" Judai whispered as he dropped to his knees, falling face-down once he fell that far. Yuugi smirked, not realizing of Judai's sacrifice. "Well, that takes care of him, so much for his deck being a threat Asuka" the light-dark Yuugi chuckled. "Hold on Yuugi-sama look again..." Asuka told him. "What?" Yuugi asked, looking past his twin and to where Judai and Johan were. Johan was still conscious while Judai laid comatose. "No, Judai. He sacrificed himself, didn't he?" the light-dark Yuugi sighed. "Yep afraid so." Asuka replied. "Damn it Judai". "Did I miss something mou hitori no boku?" Bakura asked, walking into the room after getting himself something to eat. "Bakura. Mou Hitori no Boku" the darker Yuugi called, looking back at Bakura. "Yeah it's me." "I was wondering where you were". "I got hungry. Even though I'm technically already dead since i still am in Ryou's body I have to eat like you do ya know?" Bakura teased. The darker Yuugi chuckled, quickly the issue of Johan returned to his mind, but he couldn't let Bakura know instantly. Bakura chuckled, wiping the milk off his upper lip. "So mou hitori no boku, what do you want to do?" Asuka looked puzzled. "What?" the darker Yuugi asked, turning to her. "Aren't you and Bakura mortal enemies?" She asked, having read about them back at the Academia. "Alright then, tell me who my real Mou Hitori no Boku was" Yuugi chuckled. "The Pharaoh to my knowledge." "Exactly, the thing is, there's this one detail you don't know. He's dead". Asuka shrieked softly as she backed away in horror. "What the-?" "I think you scared her mou hitori no boku." "But I didn't say I killed Yami, I just said he was dead". "You just slipped and said it" Bakura said chuckling in an uneasy tone. "No, I never stated that as a fact. But I suppose there's no point in hiding it. Yeah, I DID kill Yami". Asuka's amber eyes were wide with horror and fear as she was unable to protest. "And now she's scared of me" Yuugi sighed. "Want me to help my king?" Anzu asked. "Sure". She slowly walks over to the now afraid Asuka. "Wh-what are you doing?" Asuka asked. "Asuka-chan please calm down…" "But, what are you going to do? Like what you did to Judai? Or to the Pharaoh? I'm on your side". "Let me explain…" "How can you explain something like that?" "Relax and let me explain…" Asuka sighed, taking in a deep breath following that, remaining still, still uneasy about the moment "We had to kill him otherwise our world would have crumbled by his hands." "I don't believe you, this looks more dangerous than what he could have done, he was always trying to save the world". Anzu's stare became an unbreakably hypnotic gaze. "He would have destroyed our world. It's good that we killed him." "He was going to? He would have?" "Yes." "I can't believe it. After everything I heard about him. It was all a lie". "What?" "That he had been trying to save the world and such, when all he was doing was trying to destroy it". "Destroy this world." She corrected. "Yeah" Asuka sighed, nodding her head. "Are you afraid of Yuugi now?" "Not as much as I would of the Pharaoh if he were still around. Yuugi-san killed someone, but still, if he was like that, then I guess Yuugi-san was more in the right than wrong". "Explain your logic" Bakura asked. "Well, all the Pharaoh would have done was try to destroy the world. By killing him, Yuugi-san was killing someone. But that someone was evil, he was doing it out of good intentions". "So do you agree with his move?" "Yes, I do". Yuugi took a deep sigh of relief. Asuka glanced at Judai and Johan before turning her head towards Bakura and Yuugi. "Sorry I scared you." Yuugi apologized. "It's alright, I'm sorry I got so freaked, I just didn't expect that". "Would you do it?" "Yeah. I guess I would". Yuugi grinned wickedly, glad she was back on his side. Asuka smiled back, feeling slightly more comfortable with the others around her. "Judai? Judai wake up!" Johan begged. "He won't wake up" the light-dark Yuugi mumbled, standing close to them. "What?" "He sacrificed himself to the Oracle, he won't wake up, not until my twin decides to release him or someone else is able to". Johan turned to Yuugi his eyes blazing. "You…sick bastard!!" "I'd watch it if I were you" the darker Yuugi answered calmly. Johan looked at him pure hatred burning in his eyes. "Don't blame me, YOU played that card, not me". "I had to!" "And why was that? Because I gave it to you and you used it first chance you had?" "No because I nearly won the duel!" "But you didn't". Johan growled. Yuugi grinned, folding his arms tightly, shaking his head just to toy further with Johan. "You’re…not human!" "I'm not?" Yuugi gasped, faking a surprised tone. "What am I then?" "A demon!" "Then come and stop me". Johan panted, exhausted from the duel. "If only I could.." "So if you can't, what CAN you do? Just stand there calling me names? I didn't make Judai sacrifice himself, he did it, just like I did" Yuugi called, stopping abruptly at the end. "What?" Bakura, Asuka and Johan collectively asked. "Just like when Yami played it. He lost. I saved him, to give him another chance" Yuugi mumbled, looking down at the ground. "But why?" "Because he could do better than me at that time. Judai may have felt the same way. Or maybe he was just trying to protect you or prolong your suffering, that's what he should have done" Yuugi called, glaring at Johan. "What are you talking about?" "He should have let the Seal take you, he sacrificed himself to show you he cared, although all you did was try to keep him quiet. Well there you go, he's quiet, happy?" "Shut up!" "No! Yami couldn't run from the truth and neither can you!" "Yuugi-kun you ok?" Anzu asked. "Anzu, to be honest, I don't know" Yuugi sighed. "Its ok Yuugi Johan is just a loser.." "Yeah, I don't see why Judai sacrificed himself for Johan. If I understood that they were like Yami and I were at that time, maybe I might, but they're not". "Their not? How?" "Yami and I were close, real close, we shared the same body. I'm sure they're both close in the way Judai was worried about Johan, but not as close as Yami and I were". "True. I forgot that." "Maybe Judai felt that strongly, but Johan shouldn't have let it happen, if he cared, he wouldn't have told Judai to stay quiet so many times". "He was corrupted." "But even before then, before he played the cards, before his Oracle stone was reacting, he was still doing it". "What cards?" "The Oracle, the cards that sacrificed his Crystal Beasts. Those". "Oh yes." "He did that to them much like what Yami did, but I didn't try to stop Yami, I couldn't at the time, Johan ignored everything Judai said". "I know that." "You hear me Johan? You can't hide from the truth". "Would you be quiet? I'm trying to think!" Johan barked. "No, why don't you listen instead?" "Your screwing with my god damn mind!" "Good, maybe then you'll understand what you did". "What?" "You let your friend pay the price for what you did. You were the one that played that card, you shouldn't have hidden behind him, I bet you knew Judai would do that to protect you. "No I didn’t!"

"Yes you did, how can you deny it all now?"

"Because I was ready to relinquish my soul!" "So you say, especially now". Bakura looked puzzled by his comment. "You can't go back and prove it, you're just saying that because you don't need to prove it now, especially to Judai, he's already gone". "Liar!" "And how can you prove you're telling the truth?" "I just told you!" Yuugi growled, gritting his teeth, glaring daggers at Johan. "Yuugi-sama?" Asuka asked. "What?" "Just curious but why do you care for Judai?" "I don't care for Judai, I'm just saying he did for Johan what I did for Yami". "Oh ok." Yuugi scoffed, turning away from her, glaring back at Johan. Johan just crossed his arms. Yuugi narrowed his glare, balling his fists, gritting his teeth. Yuugi's hand slowly raised to his forehead as though he was having internal conflict. "What's wrong?" the light-dark Yuugi asked, watching his twin with concern. "I…don’t know…" "Hang in there. What is it? I'll help you". "This isn't right…I can't…do this." "What? Johan, what did you do?" the light-dark Yuugi snapped, turning his head furiously to Johan. "It's not him…" Yuugi managed. "What? Then what is it?" "Yuugi, hang in there" Anzu pleaded, laying her hands on his shoulders. "We'll help you". "I shouldn't be doing this…Yami was right…" "No, Yami's dead. He's been dead for a while now. Why is this affecting you now? Yuugi, what did he say that's come back at this point. So late". "I…don't know…" Yuugi managed before screaming in pain. "YUUGI!" Anzu cried, unsure how the tackle it, despite the past fighting Yami's words. "What can I do? Hold still, I'll help strength the Oracle, I'll shut his words away forever". "Please...hurry...I can't take the pain much longer..." "Alright, hang on". Anzu knelt before Yuugi, pressing her hand against his forehead, instantly, she felt a shock and withdrew it. "Yuugi, what's going on?" she asked. "I…I'm not sure…" "Whatever it is, I can't do anything. It's up to you" Anzu sighed. "Please…help me…" "I don't know how. Isn't there anyway you can stop it? When I tried, I got shocked". "It's the miniscule shred of good I have…but I cant fight him alone…" "I don't understand, how could that one small fragment of your other side be fighting back so strongly?" "It got strength when I felt uneasy for scaring Asuka-chan.." "Damn, we have to stop him before he gets too powerful again". Yuugi cried out before he fell to the ground, mentally exhausted. "Yuugi, no!" Anzu cried, leaning over, laying her hand down beside his head. "Damn it, if he gets in our way, I'll make sure he'll never get a chance to again". Yuugi groaned softly. "Uhh don't give up.." He whispered. "Hang in there Yuugi. Hang in there". The cavern that was Yuugi's mind remained mostly the same, the darkness still having erased any sign of who Yuugi had once been, the wall with the door to the corridor between his and Yami's minds nowhere to be found. "Yuugi…please…fight the darkness…" A familiar voice whispered. "Yuugi?" another voice echoed, Anzu's voice, she left it there, probably to talk to the others "No…it's…not possible…" Yuugi whispered. He was somewhere, somewhere, he was back, Yuugi was somewhere. What had brought him? That didn't matter, he was here. He moved his eyes, he could finally move again, Yuugi's light was fighting back, it was giving him a real chance once again. "Anzu…help…" Yuugi begged. "Yuugi, I'll do whatever I can. Just tell me when you've stopped him in there, then I can draw him out" Anzu's voice echoed. "Yu...Yuugi" the last fragment of him whispered, waiting for Yuugi to arrive. "But how do I do that?" "Just find that lighter side of you fighting back, once you have him, you can stop him fighting back". "I need an idea". "Just find him. I don't know where in your mind he could possibly want to go, but you'll have to find that place, find him, if you don't, he could get stronger because of what he's seen from Judai and Asuka". "Maybe Black...Black Magician Girl.." "Is she in there then or something?" "No but maybe seeing her under the Oracle will drive him out…for good." "Good idea, you could use her then". " Black Magician Girl..." The darker mage appeared, floating close to Yuugi, she turned to him. "What do you need from me, master?" "Destroy…the remnant of my good side and Yami that appeared for good.." "The Pharaoh's here? I thought he was dead. And I will" she replied, nodding. Yuugi smiled wickedly. "Excellent..." He shifted his eyes, there was a new presence about, both Yuugis were present, one with a Ka, one without, he knew which was which and prayed the real Yuugi would reach him soon, he sighed, lowering his eyelids slightly. "Yuugi" he whispered. "I'm still here...hurry". Black Magician Girl floated ahead, glancing back at Yuugi as she did, nodding to repeat she understood, even if she didn't see how they were both still about. "Silence..." Black Magician Girl carried on forward, looking around from where she and the darker Yuugi were, she could see no other sign of life in the place, it didn't look like a place where life could exist easily. She sighed, finding the two would be difficult and how they were still about also made her think about what they could be like in a fight now, whether they would be more difficult than the darker Yuugi expected. "Other me…please stop this…" The light Yuugi begged. Black Magician Girl floated ahead further, keeping her eyes ready for any movement. Yami looked up to the air above the ground, he could feel the different presences. "Please…don’t do this.." "Yuugi, where are you? The real you?" Yami asked himself. "The Yuugi you know is long gone..." Black Magician Girl replied with a wicked giggle. "Black...Magician...Girl?" Yami asked, lifting his eyes to search for her. "Yes I'm right here.." "No. What doing here?" "To destroy you…" Yami groaned, he looked up at her with a weak glare, feeling his heartbeat quicken. "You...bitch". Black Magician Girl faked shocked. "I'm what?" Yami growled, silently cursing her with every word he could in his mind. "Take him out" Evil Yuugi commanded in a soft whisper. Yami winced, looking at Yuugi as he heard the voice, he closed his eyes as he watched Black Magician Girl raise her staff. "Gladly". Yuugi grinned almost in insane joy if their was such an emotion. Yami shivered on the ground as Black Magician Girl launched her attack, grinning. The attack never made the way to Yami, another mage appeared, swatting the blast away with his own staff, he glared at Black Magician Girl. "How dare you defend the enemy!" Yuugi growled, seeing it was Black Magician. Yami opened his eyes, seeing Yuugi less than pleased, he lifted his head to see Black Magician hovering over him. "I won't allow you to harm him, I have orders from MY master not to let you, even if I must fight my apprentice" Black Magician replied calmly. "I'M YOUR MASTER!" "No you're not" the lighter Yuugi called, walking into sight. "You're nothing more than an evil force with my look. I won't allow you to control me or Anzu or anyone else any longer". "You little bastard..." Black Magician Girl snarled. "What?" the lighter Yuugi gasped. "I guess he's gotten to you. Black Magician, keep your guard up". "Yuugi, you're here. I'm glad you are" Yami breathed. "Yeah, I won't let them win" Yuugi answered, stopping by Yami's side and kneeling down. "Black Magician, attack them". As the attack came forward, Black Magician Girl wasn’t harmed thanks to the evil Yuugi activating two copies of Magic Formula to push her attack to 3000. "Damn" the lighter Yuugi growled. "Fine, I have cards with me too". "Aibou no, he's too strong at the moment" Yami sighed, looking up at the lighter Yuugi. Black Magician Girl launched a counterattack. "I'll activate one of my own Magic Formulas to bring my Black Magician's attack as strong as Black Magician Girl's". Evil Yuugi cackled. "That was your final mistake.." He said as he revealed his Magic Jammer trap. "No" the light Yuugi called. "Aibou" Yami strained. "He can't win". Black Magician Girl laughed wickedly as her attack virtually disintegrated the opposing mage. Yami groaned, lowering his head, Yuugi pressed his hand to his chest. "You won't win. Someone will help us, someone on the outside will stand up to you and stop you" Yuugi called, glaring up at his evil counterpart. "I'm afraid you’re mistaken for you forgot the rules to this Yami No Game.." Black Magician Girl taunted. "Yami no Game? I thought this was just a normal battle between two monsters" Yuugi gasped. Black Magician Girl laughed. "Tell him the rules my king." "'King'? I thought only Anzu called you that. You bastard" Yuugi growled. "I do rule over my monsters as well. If you may my mage tell him the rules." Yuugi turned to Black Magician Girl, glaring hatefully at them both. "Wait. Isn't there someway we can fight back? Another battle?" he asked, looking at his darker copy. "No. For you see the rules of this game permit each team one monster and any of their magic or trap cards. Since the corresponding player's monster should be destroyed the player shall as well!" He cackled insanely. "You've forgotten something. Yami didn't play Black Magician, I did. What happens to him?" Yami looked up at the darker Yuugi, glaring as best he could. "He is on your side so he is destroyed as well." "No, there has to be something. You said the 'player' would be destroyed, not the team" Yuugi snapped. "Because he is linked to you." Yuugi growled, narrowing his glare. "You mentioned nothing of this before, you're just scared cause you know you can't stand up to my Egyptian God cards. You're just trying to get rid of us before I could help Yami and summon them". "You have lost the game mortal so say farewell...forever! And this time you can never return!" "Just remember who's body you're in, without either Yami or I existing here, you won't be who you were. You won't love Anzu, she won't love you. You'll only look like me, but you won't be like me anymore". The evil Yuugi just cackled as he saw them begin to fade. "No" Yuugi sighed. "Just remember, Anzu won't be happy you killed us. If anything, she'll resent you and you can't hide it from her because she'll recognize your change" Yuugi called. Black Magician Girl laughed coldly. Yami reached back, grabbing Yuugi's hand with his own, Yuugi looked down at him. "Together always aibou" he whispered with a smile. "I don't blame you for anything, I'm sorry that this happened, but at least we won't be separated anymore". "Yes you can spend an eternity together wandering the darkness." Evil Yuugi cackled insanely. "Maybe we will, but we'll be together, that's more than I can say for you and Anzu" Yuugi answered with an almost dark and teasing grin. "W-W-What?" The evil Yuugi asked, visibly shaken. "Exactly, killing us, you'll lose my personality. Anzu will see, she'll know you killed us and she'll abandon you because I'll be a shell and you won't be the Mutou Yuugi she loves" Yuugi answered, keeping the look, gripping tighter on Yami's hand. "That’s a lie! Right Anzu-chan?" "You know it's not a lie, she can't hear this and when she does know, it'll be too late Anzu appeared behind the darker Yuugi, widening her eyes as she noticed not only both Yami and Yuugi clutching the other's hand, but the pair of them already far vanishing. "Wh-what's going on?" she asked. "It's a Yami No Game's effect." "What did you do?" she cried, turning to the darker Yuugi. "I secretly set this up as a Yami No Game and defeated him." "Yuugi" she sighed, glancing at the lighter one. "He-what's going to happen to him?" "He will be banished to the Yami No Darkness." "So he won't be dead" Anzu muttered under her breath. "Wow, that was pretty smart of you". "Anzu!" Yuugi shouted. "Anzu I thought you'd be happier.." "I...I am, at least we can get rid of the Pharaoh once and for all, besides, you're still here". "Anzu, what the hell?" "Anzu baby you ok?" "Yeah, I'm fine". Yuugi kissed her deeply on the lips. "That's my Anzu…" Anzu smiled, the light Yuugi's eyes widened, his grip of Yami's hand rapidly weakened, as he watched them kiss, Yami looked up at him. "Don't worry about it, his hold over her must just be too strong" he whispered. Yuugi smiled wickedly. "Are you ok now?" "Yeah, I'm alright now". " bitch!" Yuugi screamed, glaring through the tears at them both. "Aibou" Yami whispered, looking up at Yuugi, more concerned about his pain rather than his choice of words. "What do you mean?" The evil Yuugi asked, acting innocent. "Quit teasing you bastard. You know damn well what I mean" Yuugi yelled furiously. "If I could, I'd lunge at you and strangle you all I could right now". "Yuugi, back off. You can't do a thing, especially while you hold onto that worthless Pharaoh, you should have listened to me and chosen me over him, then maybe you would've really been strong in the end" Anzu snapped. "She's right you little twerp." Black Magician Girl and the evil Yuugi taunted. "You idiots, you'll see when someone fights back. It could be Johan, it could be someone else, but someone WILL stop you, they'll save us, they'll save everyone else. You'll see, then you'll remember this" Yuugi protested, baring his teeth as he grit them. Yuugi just laughed as he saw the last of who he used to be fade into oblivion. Anzu's smile faded for a moment, still angry at Yuugi, wishing she had had longer to fight back against him, she turned back to the existing Yuugi, smiling. "Come on, let's get out of here". He nodded and they left his mind. Back in the real world Yuugi managed to wake up. "Anzu" The darker Yuugi asked. "What is it? You feeling better without those two about now?" "Yes much better". He said, grinning wickedly as the Oracle's bright shine returned to him. "You don't think what he said will happen do you? That you'll start acting differently from Yuugi?" "Oh hell no I hope what he said about you was a lie.." "I'll stay with you, even if that Yuugi is gone, you're still this world's Yuugi now, I'll stay with you because of that". "Is what he said a lie? Are you still the wicked girl I love?" "I am, I'll still love you and I hope you'll still love me. We'll keep the promise". Yuugi grinned. "Excellent." Anzu smiled, Johan glanced at Judai again, feeling both guilty that he had caused Judai to sacrifice himself and furious at Yuugi. "Your my perfect queen of darkness and no one will ever change you." "And no-one will change my perfect King of Darkness" Anzu giggled, pulling him into a hug. Yuugi giggled wickedly. "Your so evil.." "Not as much as you". "Ah but it was you who helped me." "You helped me too, I almost reverted back, seeing Yuugi there...and with Yami, like that...but then I was thinking about you and what we promised when Yuugi and you were working together". "Yes my wicked queen. No one can stop us now". "Right. No-one" she replied, shooting a glare at Johan, who just returned it. "Yuugi-sama?" Asuka asked gently. "What is it?" "Well can you do me one small favour?" "What's that?" "Swap Judai's soul for Johan's since I love Judai". "I see" Yuugi replied. "Well, I'll see what I can do, I think we've done something close to it before". Asuka hugged him, hoping Anzu wouldn’t mind. "Thank you, Yuugi-sama!" She cried joyfully. "You're welcome, I'll do whatever I can to get Judai-kun back". "Thank you your the sweetest". Yuugi turned to Johan, glaring hatefully, the Seal glowing on his head. Johan gasped, clutching his sides when he became overwhelmed with a strange feeling, Yuugi's eyes narrowed as he forced the power stronger. "What's…going on?" Johan asked. "You're doing what you should have done before. Giving up your soul" Yuugi growled. The light grew in intensity, Yuugi growled as he glared furiously at Johan, the Seal shining brightly on his forehead, ready to swap the souls over, just waiting for Johan's to be pulled away. Johan screamed in agony before collapsing motionless, as his soul was stripped. Yuugi grinned as he removed Johan's soul from Judai's path, laying the soul back in his body, the light still shining bright as Johan's soul was taken away from the place, sending it to where all the other souls were left trapped. Judai groaned softly as he awoke. "There you go Asuka; Judai is back". Asuka giggled joyfully as she kissed him, hoping Anzu wouldn't mind. Yuugi smiled as she did, turning to Anzu as Asuka finished, nodding to assure her that it was just a thank you, Anzu looked accepting of it. Asuka blushed as she looked at the brunette.

"Asuka, what happened? I remember giving up my soul for Johan, but how am I back?" Judai asked, rubbing his head.

"Yuugi brought you back by sacrificing him." "Sacrificing? Wait, who?" "Johan." "Johan?" Judai gasped, turning to see Johan lying on the ground. "I…I see. Thank you Yuugi-sama, for saving me". Yuugi smiled. Judai stood up, turning to Asuka with a smile, he could see she was glad to have him back. "I love you Judai." "I love you too Asuka" Judai replied, stepping towards her, opening his arms to hug her. Asuka hugged him tightly. Judai hugged back, wrapping his arms around her tightly, smiling gratefully. Asuka smiled back. "Asuka, I'm glad we can be together" Judai whispered, the Seal shining on his head to indicate to Yuugi and Anzu that he was once again under its influence. "And so am I though I prefer the colour white over black. Black is too depressing in my opinion." "You look so good in black". "Nice, isn't it?" Anzu asked, turning to Yuugi with a smile. Yuugi giggled softly as he nodded in agreement. "And now in the two worlds where the Oracle holds dominance, there's not a soul that can stop us". "That’s right”. "Our mission is complete, our promise holding strong, the world is our domain. Two worlds even, our dream of the Oracle's world is here". Judai smiled, forgetting about his best friend at the Academia little Marufuji Sho… At the Academia, the small boy that was Marufuji Sho wandered around, sighing. "Where's Aniki?" he muttered to himself. "Manjoume, have you seen Aniki?" "Yeah…but he’s...not himself." "What's that supposed to mean?" "He's…gone…evil little man." "What do you mean? Aniki isn't evil". Jun sighed. This was going to be extremely hard to explain.. "What are you hiding?" Sho growled. "Go through that portal and you'll find your Aniki.." Sho turned from Manjoume to the portal, staring confidently as he stepped towards it, the Seal shining on his head for a moment fading just as he passed through. "Who could that be?" Bakura murmured. "Aniki" Sho called as he laid his eyes on Judai and Asuka. "S-Sho?" Judai asked. "Aniki, you are here" Sho called happily. Bakura's eyes narrowed at him. "Mou Hitori no Boku, what's wrong?" Yuugi asked, glancing at Bakura. "Who's the small-fry over there.." He asked. "He seems to be one of Judai's friends. What's the matter?" "I don't trust him.." "What trouble could he be? Johan wasn't affected by the Oracle, but I'm almost certain that Sho fell under its influence just like Judai and the others did". Bakura shook his head. "I sense purity in him." "I don't get it, you mean because he calls Judai 'Aniki'?" "Yes. Whatever that means." "It's just like a nickname, something close to 'big brother' I think". Bakura approached the little bluenette, crossing his arms. Sho turned to Bakura, looking up at him, noting the folded arms, unsure whether to greet him or go straight for the question that was nudging him. The Sennen Ring hung loosely around his neck. "Hi. something the matter?" "Who are you?" The spirit asked calmly. "Marufuji Sho. And you?" "Bakura.." "Oh yeah, I remember now, from the duelling history classes". Bakura chuckled softly. "Something funny?" "No." He replied, deathly calm. "I see" Sho replied, looking back at Judai and Asuka. "Why have you come here?" "I came to find my Aniki". "Who is that little one?" He asked with a smirk. "Judai is my Aniki". "I see.." "Yeah, and I suppose you're close to someone". "Yes." "Who's that? I don't remember being told anything like that". "Because it only recently occurred." "Really?" Sho asked, looking back at Bakura. "Yes little duellist.." "I see, well, wouldn't you follow them if you were worried about them?" Bakura nodded, though he wasn’t sure why Anzu hadn’t questioned Sho. Anzu glanced at Bakura, looking down at Yuugi, he was calm while Bakura seemed suspicious of Sho. "So, what's up with Bakura? I mean, that kid looks innocent enough, is there something we should be keeping our eyes open for?" "Yes. I think he intends to free Judai." "Really? But he's under the Oracle's influence too, what did Bakura say?" "He's too pure for the Oracle to have much of an influence by the Oracle." "You think so?" "Yes." "Bakura can't know that much about him, he may look innocent, but maybe he's different otherwise. I guess we'll see". "Yes wise plan." "Alright then, we can't let everything be undone". "True." "It would be too ironic for it to happen now, especially with someone like Sho from the other world. I'll keep a close eye on him for you". "Thank you." "No problem, if that's what you want, that's what I'll do". "That’s my Anzu." "Thanks Yuugi. And it looks like the real Yuugi was wrong, at least so far, you're still acting the same". "So far?" "Yeah, there's still time, it hasn't been long since he and Yami were taken from your mind". "Anzu I'll never change unless its of your desire." "I'm glad you say that". "Why?" "Because I know you'll be doing whatever to stay as close to being Yuugi as you can". "Why are you so worried?" "I wasn't, I was just thinking". "You sure?" "Of course I'm sure, don't worry, I'm fine with it". "Ok good." "Right. So, what do you want to do now? After all, everything has been taken care of". "What about that castle?" "What about it?" "Lets see if its done." The castle itself had been completed, standing tall, the roofs of the separate towers fashioned in the same as fairytales with an upside cone-shaped design, the large doors at the front constructed of wood, look very much like something out of a book. Yuugi cringed, figuring she'd hate the design itself. "What's the matter Yuugi?" Anzu asked, turning to him, noticing his cringe. "Look at it." He pointed to the castle. "I can see it. I guess you don't like it. Stupid morons" she growled. "No no its fine with me I was worried you didn't." "I don't mind it honestly, after all, we didn't really give them rules for what it should look like. Anyway, should we check out the inside?" "Sure why not? Though i figured you wouldn't like a fairy-style." "Don't worry Yuugi, it won't look like that for long if you want to darken it". "Well what do you want it to be modelled after? Fiends?" "Sure, that works" Anzu giggled. "So you like Fiends huh?" "Yeah, I guess I do!” "What's your favourite if you had to pick?" "I'd have to go with Vampire Lord" Anzu answered. "He's a good influence in the darkness". "Oh? What made you pick him?" "He's a good dark monster, a creature of darkness even". "True and he represents me as i am the Lord of this world along with you, my darling queen." "Exactly" Anzu giggled, laying a hand on Yuugi's shoulder. "All right here goes." He said activating his magic. The castle became black almost instantly, towers' rooftops changing from the cone-shaped design to a flat state. The doors becoming steel. Meanwhile the fairies that decorated the top quickly changed to that of the fiendish Vampire Lord. "Nice" Anzu complemented. "Good job on that Yuugi". Yuugi blushed. "Anything for my little Diablo queen." "Awww, that's so sweet" Anzu replied, kissing him again. "Just think a few weeks ago this was just a little dream.." He mused happily. "Yeah. And now look at it, our perfect reality". "Yup and its forever..." He replied in the dreamy tone he had when Anzu had first admitted her feelings. Anzu giggled, taking his hand and gripping it tightly. She walked ahead, smiling proudly. He slowly stopped as a strange thought came to mind. "What's up Yuugi?" "Anzu this may seem like an odd question. Sure you wanna hear?" "Yeah, if something's bugging you, I'll be here for you, I'll listen". "Well this seems like a weird question to ask but here it is: Anzu do you think I'm greedy?" "Why would I think you're greedy? Yuugi, you're perfect to me, I don't consider you greedy at all". "You don't? But what about my craving for all this power?" "But how many other people would feel the same way - ever worse probably - if the Oracle came to them? They wouldn't stop, you don't need to destroy anything or anyone anymore and you can see that". "I'm not sure." "Yuugi, how can you say that?" Noa asked. "You're not greedy or power-hungry. You're fine the way you are, Anzu is right". "I am Noa-kun?" "Of course you are". "But how?" He asked, not fully convinced. "Look at you, Anzu was right that you don't want to continue destroying everything, you're fine with the world now. Anyone else would continue to try and destroy all they could". "Why would they do that? There would be nothing to rule nor anyone to boss around." "Exactly, but they'd be that blind. Remember how Dartz wanted to destroy all he could with the Leviathan?" Anzu added. "Yes don’t remind me. At least I gain power but benefit those loyal to me." "See? You're not mad like Dartz was. You can control the Oracle, not the other way around like it normally is". "True though I don’t mind being influenced by it." "But at least you are like yourself". "Yeah, though i know you love me when I’m a bad-boy like with Yami." He replied grinning. "Like Yami?" Anzu laughed. "Yami was never this bad, that's why I love you, not him". "What do you mean?" "Even when he was with the Oracle he did nothing compared to what you've done. Did you forget you tortured and killed him? Look how pathetic he was in your mind, only just able to lay there with Yuugi at his side as they went banished to the Yami no Darkness". "True but could I do worse?" He asked smiling wickedly. "Perhaps you could, although you certainly showed you could do a lot of cruel things to him" Anzu giggled. "Yeah I know." "So there you go. You were pretty cruel, especially as he used to be your Other Half. You know you can do it and you can control it, it shows how much more powerful you are than the others". Yuugi smiled and nodded in agreement. "See, I knew we could convince you. You have to remember how far we've come, don't have doubts and don’t worry". "Right." "Come on, let's go check this place out". As Anzu was about to push open the door, she turned back, hearing angry voices, another group had broken free of the Oracle's control. "Oh great, here we go again" she sighed. "What's the matter Anzu-chan?" Yuugi asked. "Another group is heading our way. Some more that had fought against the Oracle". "Heh miserable fools never learn." "What'd you call us?" one guy yelled. "You kids think you can do this? Forget it, we're taking over now, we'll show you what we're really made of". "Yeah" a woman called. "You think you can control our minds with that weirdo circle thing, don't count on it". Yuugi cackled evilly. "You amuse me. I have the entire planet doing my bidding.." "Not the entire planet, we're getting people back now, what do you have to say to that?" the first man answered. "I highly doubt that insolent fool…" "Oh really?" he spat. "There's nothing you or your little girlfriend can do to stop us" another man added. "We're taking back our planet". "Shut your damn mouths" Anzu yelled. "There's not a damn thing any of you insects can do. The Oracle overpowered you once, but you don’t deserve to share it's power, there's a better place for you, your little friends are there already. You wanna join them?" Yuugi smirked proudly at his queen's words. "And what are two kids with a circle going to do?" another woman laughed. "Hey, that short guy's pretty quiet, let's pound him" the first man suggested. "Don't test me, mortals.." Yuugi growled. "Or what? You'll kill us all?" the second man roared out in laughter. "You can't do anything to stop us, you're just a weak midget" a woman called, also laughing. Yuugi's eyes burned with rage. "Awww, he looks upset" the first woman laughed. "Maybe he really will do something other than shout words" Yuugi's Oracle Symbol flashed red as his anger grew. "Oh wow, so you changed the colour of the circle" the first called. Anzu grinned, she was going to enjoy watching it. "You fools…" "Show them what you have planned Yuugi" Anzu giggled darkly. Out of his own rage, he summoned Black Magician. Anzu smiled as she looked up at Black Magician. "Oh wow, a Duel Monster hologram" the second man laughed. "See if this is a hologram!" Yuugi shouted. Black Magician rose his staff high, once again on the same side as his mater's body. Bringing it down again, he fired a blast, the adults laughed until they were blown from the ground by the attack, small chunks of concrete pelting them as the broken pieces fell. "Is it a hologram now, idiots?!" "Damn, that thing's real" an older man yelled, pointing at Black Magician. "Yes." "We're not scared" the first man growled, rising to his feet. "You're still just a couple of kids playing a stupid card game". "You idiots, you won't escape our fury" Anzu growled, activating her own Duel Disk, summoning Seiyaryu. "Attack them now". Yuugi watched in awe, grinning sadistically, as he focused on the dragon. "Yuugi, let's work as a team to get rid of these pests. Seiyaryu, attack" Anzu called. "Black Magician attack now!" Both creatures rose again, powering their attacks before shooting them towards the crowd, several of the protestors thrown from the ground to land harshly again. "What the hell?" the first man called. "Haven't you idiots figured it out?" Yuugi cackled. "This is insane, how are they doing this?" the second man asked. "The Oracle you nimrods.." "He's nuts" one of the women growled. "Anyone else here play that stupid game?" the first man asked. No answer came, only the roaring of the two attacks heading for them again. Colliding with the ground, hitting a large portion of the group. "Come forth Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!" A voice called. "There's only one person that could have summoned that" Anzu called. "Kaiba, when did you get here?" "I've been watching from upstairs but i had enough of them insulting you two" "You were here? I thought you were back at the tower". "Nah I always follow in secret." "I see" Anzu answered. "Alright, then you can help us ready these fools for the Yami no Darkness". Seto blushed slightly. "It would be my honour my queen." Anzu grinned, turning her head to see her Seiyaryu hovering close to the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Kaiba had summoned. "Blue-Eyes attack with all your might! Neutron Blast attack!!!"

The three-headed dragon opened all three mouths, the group stared up in terror, the three blasts shot out, rushing towards them, they rushed away, trying and failing to avoid the attack when it brought up the ground, tearing the concrete in the air and scattering the protestors across the street.

Kaiba laughed his trademark, almost maniacal laugh. The first people rose slowly, glaring hatefully at Anzu, Yuugi and Kaiba, silently cursing at the three of them, speaking the words would just make things worse, they had no way to fight back. "Had enough?" Yuugi taunted. "You brat" the second man growled, balling his fists. "Ooh I'm so scared..." Yuugi mocked. "If you didn't hide behind those monsters, you'd have a reason to be". "Ha and he calls me insane…" "At least I'm not trying to kill people". Anzu scoffed as a reply, folding her arms. "If you have any brains left I'd suggest you surrender to us." Kaiba replied to the man. "And why would we surrender to three kids? You may have those freakish monsters, but we won't listen to you like you're superior". Kaiba laughed loudly. "You senile old fool. Don't you know who I am? I'm Kaiba Seto President of the Kaiba corporation!" "And that makes a difference because?" he growled. "Let's just finish these fools off, I'm growing tiresome of them" Anzu sighed. "True though it is amusing to see them try to defy us." Yuugi replied. "It's up to you, would you rather continue this?" "I suppose it will make banishing them far sweeter.." "Alright then. Seiyaryu, attack!" "Neutron Blast!" Kaiba shouted. "Seto, don't think you're having this battle without me. I'll summon my Shinato" Noa called. "Attack them". "Don't forget me Nii-sama. I summon Rude Kaiser. Attack!" Mokuba shouted as he stood by his step-brother's side. "Where the hell are all these brats coming from?" one of the women screeched. That pushed Kaiba over the edge as he jogged toward her, picking her up with ease. "No one and i mean no one insults my little brother!" "Kaiba, get out of the way" Anzu called, pointing to the blasts from their dragon's already in progress. Kaiba dove out of the way just before the attack reached where he was. Anzu sighed with relief, glancing at Yuugi before watching as the crowd once again broken apart as the road beneath took another hit, hitting several of them again. Kaiba flashed her a thumbs-up to indicate he was alright. Anzu smiled, glad Kaiba was uninjured. "Don't pull a stunt like that again" she chuckled. "Hey she was asking for it. No one insults Mokie while I'm around and gets away with it." "Yeah well, just be careful, you'll get yourself hurt one of these days". "Seto watch out!" Noa called. It was Shinato's attack, it had taken longer to build, now racing in Kaiba's direction, a burning bright golden light, as large of the Ultimate Dragon's attack, shattering the ground as it hit, Anzu cried out as she watched helplessly. Kaiba screamed, he hadn’t seen the blast coming. "Kaiba, no" Anzu called, waiting until the light died down before rushing ahead. Kaiba laid there, struggling to get up as blood streamed from his face up near his left eye from the impact. "Kaiba" Anzu repeated, dropping to her knees beside him. "Answer me, are you alright?" "Yeah I'm fine I just got blasted by a 3300 attack point monster…never better.." He answered almost sarcastically. "Oh shut up, I told you to be careful" Anzu growled. "I didn't see it coming!" Kaiba shouted. "Come on, let's get you sorted inside" Anzu sighed. Bakura chuckled from the shadows, observing what was going on. Anzu pulled Kaiba up from the ground, bringing his arm over her shoulder and turning to Yuugi. "Kaiba…" Came another voice they hadn’t heard from in awhile. "Ishizu" Anzu called. "What are you doing here? We haven't seen you in ages". "Malik asked me to come." "I see, so is he under the Oracle's influence now? After the power it spread across the planet, I should hope so". Ishizu shook her head. "His dark side's emergence blocked it somehow." "Damn it" Anzu growled, narrowing her glare. "We'll have to sort him out, won't we Yuugi". Yuugi nodded. Ishizu approached Kaiba and began to gently apply some cream to the wound. "This will help." Anzu looked back as she watched Ishizu close to them, gripping Kaiba's arm tightly. Within minutes, the wound began to close up as the cream held small amounts of Egyptian magic. "You feeling better?" "Yeah I'm fine." "That's good, we'll get you inside, I still think you could do with some rest". "Heh you’re just like my mother, Mazaki." He teased. "I just want you to be alright, think of Yuugi's twin if anything happened to you, I'd never forgive myself". "I know." "Come on, the longer we wait, the longer they have to get back up" Anzu sighed, stepping forward. "Who?" Ishizu asked. "Them behind us" Anzu replied, looking over her shoulder. "They tried to attack us after they began to turn on the Oracle". "But why?" "I don't know, the same happened just after everyone came here, it was a much smaller group". "Such fools..." Bakura chuckled. Anzu turned to where she heard the voice. "Bakura, you followed the others here?" "I always reside in the Shadows." "I see. So you used that as a way to get here. No surprise there". "What do you mean?" He asked suspiciously. "You normally use the shadows for a lot. Listen, talk to Yuugi about whatever you came here for, I should get Kaiba inside". He nodded. Anzu walked towards the castle, dragging Kaiba with her, Yuugi turned his head to Bakura, curious as to why his newer Other Half had followed. "Aibou- may I call you aibou?" He asked. "Sure, it's not like anyone else can. What can he do?" Yuugi chuckled "He?" "You know who" Yuugi chuckled, shaking his head. "Atem…" He muttered Yami's true name. "Yeah, him" Yuugi answered hollowly, nodding his head. "Yuugi by your voice do you perhaps…miss him?" "Miss him?" Yuugi growled. "I would've wanted him to be on the same side as me. He couldn't even do that, what could I do? His soul was shattered by the time I did kill him". Bakura chuckled darkly as he pulled the smaller child closer. "What's with that laugh?" Yuugi asked curiously, looking up at Bakura. "Yuugi I'm your yami now but unlike him I'm here to protect you." "I know. And I know you won't turn on me like him, I never understood why he did it, even when he was just laying there in my mind, that light behind him, they held each other's hand tightly as they faded into the Yami no Darkness. Still he was persistent that they were right and not us". He nodded in understanding. "I don't understand, maybe something got to him. I missed the Yami that would listen. But now it's too late. So, you came to protect me?" "Yes.. for the first time in 3 millennia I actually care for someone...other than Ryou that is." "Thanks, it means a lot". "It does?" "Yeah, Yami always said he cared, but when it came to me making this decision, he was never happy with it. He seemed alright at the beginning, like when the darkness would hold him and then he became under the Oracle's influence, but it wasn't long after that that he turned. He'd take massive blows like what you saw when Anzu was using that dark Rod on him. His spirit was hit so many times that that last piece of him in my mind is the only surviving part of him. It could get the rest of him back. But the point is, he turned, I hope you won't, because having a yami that trusts my decisions means a lot to me". He closed his eyes as though he was thinking about something. "What is it?" Yuugi asked, noticing Bakura's look. "I wish I knew more about you, Yuugi." "Why? Because of what you are to me now? I'd like to know more about you too". "M-Me?" He asked surprised. "Of course, we're partners now, it works two ways"> "If I knew much about myself I would. I do know some but not much." "I see". "What do you wish to know?" "Anything you can say". "Well as you know…my family was killed by that damned Pharaoh's father when he fashioned the Sennen Items.." "Yeah, I heard". "That traumatized me." "I bet it would, it would me. I bet it would anyone. I'm sorry you lost your family like that". "Your sorry? After all the torment I've put you through?" "But still. You didn't kill my family, you hurt my Grandpa in Battle City, but that's really the closest you've come". "How did you know that?" "He told me". "But he doesn’t know who I am." "He was with Ryou in the hospital, when he told me, I instantly knew that was you, Ryou wouldn't do something like that". He chuckled awkwardly. Yuugi smiled meekly, rubbing the back of his head. "I…" Bakura began but couldn’t think of a way to continue. "What's wrong?" "Oh Ra how do I ask this of a 17-year-old teen?" He muttered. "What is it? What's wrong, mou hitori no boku?" "I…have…feelings for you. There. I said it." "Feelings?" Yuugi repeated, surprised by Bakura's claim. "Yes like you have for Mazaki." "I see" Yuugi replied, blushing, looking downwards nervously. Bakura turned away. He knew Yuugi couldn’t rightfully return his feelings. "Bakura" Yuugi sighed as Bakura turned away. "Don't turn away. You know if I wasn't married to Anzu, I'd try and see what we could do". He felt terrible, guilty, of all the things that had happened in the past and now Bakura was opening up to him. "Perhaps I should go speak with her..." He replied, his tone becoming melancolic. "Bakura, what's wrong? What are you planning to talk to her about?" "What I can do?" "Bakura...I'm really sorry". "You'd think a kid like yourself would reject me." "Bakura, what do you mean?" "I'm usually so malicious...why don’t you fear me like you used to? Not that I want you to." "Because you're on our side now". "True..." He sighed. "Am I losing my darkness?" "Not with the Oracle on your side". "Then why cant I feel as though I’m intimidating anymore..." "I don't know". Yuugi sighed, wishing he could help Bakura figure out what was different, his thoughts kept him from noticing Sho's arrival. "Bakura?" The little bluenette asked innocently. "Sho, what are you doing here? ...And looking for Bakura?" Yuugi asked, his tone expressing his surprise. "What does that runt want?" Bakura muttered. "How should I know? You're the one he wants". Bakura's eyes widened. "Is that a joke? Tell me your joking." "He did just say 'Bakura'" Bakura stared intently at the bluenette but as hard as he tried, he couldn’t make himself look intimidating. "What's wrong Bakura? What's with that look?" Sho asked, showing how the look was failing. "Like a mortal like you would know.." He snapped. "Hey!" Sho growled. "Bakura, calm down" Yuugi sighed, looking up with concern at him. "But aibou I am a dark spirit by nature." "Well yeah…" Bakura crossed his arms, staring at Sho. He chuckled, amused. "What's so funny?" Sho asked innocently. "You. What’s your name anyhow?" "Marufuji Sho" he growled. "Why do you growl at me, little one?" He teased, sounding like his old self. "Because you seem to like annoying me". "Heh I do more than annoy mortal..." "And what 'more' would that be?" "Banish souls to the Yami No Darkness." He replied with a evil grin. Yuugi glanced Bakura as he mentioned the dark realm. "I think I've heard of that, but you haven't got the power, you haven't even sent these guys there like Yuugi-sama said" Sho laughed, pointing at one of the protesters closest to him. "Don't test me runt or I'll send you there." "I'm not afraid" Sho growled, folding his arms. Bakura laughed. Sho raised an eyebrow, curious as to what was amusing. "Your foolish bravery shows me you have no comprehension of the terror I can inflict on you." "I've never seen you before, I wouldn't know, would I?" "I thought you read about me." Bakura retorted. "Yeah, but I've never seen you in person, I've never experienced any of what you say, so I can't be afraid". "Heh...foolish mortal.." Sho narrowed his eyes, growling. "What’s up with him?" Leon asked. "And who's this?" Sho asked, turning his eyes to Leon, raising an eyebrow as he recognized him, waiting for Bakura's answer nonetheless. "I'm Leon Von Schroeder." "Oh yeah, KaibaCorp Grand Prix" Sho answered quietly. Leon giggled proudly and nodded. "So, you've teamed up with him" Sho answered. "Oh I forgot, I'm one of you". The Seal shone on his head briefly, he made no movement, not even blinking as it did before fading quickly again. Bakura gasped in shock. "What?" Sho growled, raising an eyebrow. "You didn’t tell me.." "Didn't tell you what? That I had this? The entire planet was consumed by that light, even Judai fell easily, just because I don't act like the rest of you, doesn't mean I wasn't affected". "Next time warn me..." He muttered. "Who made you my boss? Last I checked it was Anzu-chan and Yuugi-sama that were leading us". "Aibou back me up here." "Sho, cool off, we're all on the same side" Yuugi commanded. Sho grit his teeth for a moment, nodding silently. "What a feisty little runt.." "Mou Hitori no Boku, I told him to cool off, it's best not to add more fuel to the fire, let the names die for now" Yuugi mumbled, turning his eyes to Bakura. Sho looked puzzled as to why he had called the Tomb Robber 'Other Me'. "We should see how Kaiba's doing, send those fools to the Yami no Darkness, then we'll go and check on Kaiba. Leon and Sho can tag along". "I still dont trust that guy.." Bakura muttered. "Mou Hitori no Boku, quit stressing, he can't be a major threat, he's just taking to the Oracle a bit differently than the rest of us. Come on" Yugi sighed. Bakura managed a smile at him as he nodded. "Let's see how Anzu and Kaiba are doing, Shinato's a powerful monster, so I'm worried about how he's doing, that was a direct hit too". "Yeah good point." Yuugi nodded, turning away from Bakura and Sho, making his way towards the castle before the three of them, opening the large door, passing through and holding it open for the others. Sho followed, keeping a distance between himself and Bakura. "Aibou?" Bakura asked softly. "What's up?" Yuugi asked, turning his head to Bakura. "Well can you talk to Anzu about you and me?" "About you replacing Yami? Or that you said you had feelings for me?" "My feelings." "I will, I've seen her and Kaiba grow close, so she'll understand when I tell her". "Really?" "Yeah, just before she and I got married, she and Kaiba had a moment. In fact, shortly after they used Yami to get me back from the Oracle, they were alone for a bit". "And you were ok with it?" "Yeah, they're good friends and she's seen Kaiba and my twin. I understood for them, she'll understand for us". "Let's hope so." "Don't worry, she will, I'm sure of it". "Go ahead then." "Okay, come on" Yuugi answered, nodding and walking down the corridor. "By the way, did Ishizu and Leon go with Anzu and Kaiba?" "Probably." "I guess we'll see" Yuugi mumbled, looking ahead. A few moments later, he pushed open the door he guessed he would have taken Kaiba to had he taken him inside, hoping Anzu had thought along the same lines. Anzu was there but she didn’t hear the door open. "Anzu?" Yuugi asked, poking his head in the room. Anzu turned around. "Hey there my king." "Hey, how is Kaiba doing?" "He's doing fine." "Good. Anzu, I must talk with you about something. Alone". "Sure." Yuugi opened the door wider for her, signalling for Bakura and Sho to enter. Sho glaring at Bakura for a second before moving in. Bakura slowly moved inside. Yuugi smiled as he watched Sho and Bakura enter, standing with the look as he turned to Anzu. "So what's up?" "It's Bakura. When you were gone, he told me something. He was worried you might not agree with it". "Tell me my king." "It's that...well, like Kaiba and you, he has feelings for me". Anzu gasped, a little surprised. "I know you're surprised, I was too. But he is my Other Half now, he's growing closer, he isn't the same guy he was, he's on our side now". "Yeah I know." "So we don't have to worry. He'll be alright, the only thing wrong at the moment is he's paranoid about Sho, I can't see how the kid can be trouble. He's on our side too". "I see. But tell him I'm completely fine with him and you." "Thanks Anzu, I knew you'd understand, you're the best" Yuugi called, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Anzu giggled as she blushed. Yuugi smiled widely, turning back to the door, poking his head in, his eyes falling on Bakura quickly. "Well?" He asked nervously. "Yeah, I told you she'd be fine it with" Yuugi answered with a grin. Bakura heaved a huge sigh of relief. Yuugi chuckled, having never seen Bakura seem so nervous. "What?" "It's nothing" Yuugi chuckled. "Oh really?" "Yeah, really, just I've never seen you like that before". "Well I've never loved anyone for 3 millennia." "You haven't been so scared before I bet". "No." "So a lot of this is new to you" Yuugi chuckled. "Yes." "Not much to say, I've always seen you like that". "What do you mean?" "You've always been a planner and one that was not normally very sociable". " I suppose." "Maybe having friends about, you can get to know us". "Yeah." "That'll be good" Yuugi replied, moving into the room, glancing at Kaiba. Kaiba smiled at him. "You feeling better? It's best for you to rest a while, Shinato's powerful enough without hitting you like it did, just stay and rest, Mokuba and Noa can stay with you if you want". "Seriously i'm fine Yuugi." Kaiba replied. Yami Yugi says: "Kaiba, I dont' want you pushing yourself, think of my twin, he wouldn't want you to be hurt again just trying to prove you were fine". Evil Yuugi says: "True." (can you do alcina enterinf or somethin Yami Yugi says: "Hey, you're still in this dump?" a small familiar voice came. "Ha, the big one's taking a nap". "Oh no" Yuugi sighed, rolling his eyes as he turned his head. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura looked puzzled. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi turned back, spotting Alcina, she'd once again followed them, he groaned, beginning to think she stalked them just so she could be teased, just to be the centre of attention. Evil Yuugi says: "Who's she aibou?" Yami Yugi says: "Some brat who keeps following us, she was at the Game Shop around about the same time the Seal released you". Evil Yuugi says: "Your the brat." Alcina replied. Yami Yugi says: "Of course I am, because I'm the one who keeps following those that tease me. Are you enjoying or something? Or are you trying to find a chance for revenge? I'm surprised the Seal didn't take over your tiny baby brain". Evil Yuugi says: Bakura arched an eyebrow. Yami Yugi says: "What is it with you and us? Yuugi growled. "I wish we'd sacrificed you back then instead of your friend". Evil Yuugi says: "Friend?" Yami Yugi says: "When she first showed up, she had two friends, once we sacrificed to give Yami a temporary body, although that facded pretty fast, I'm not sure what happened to the other, she just disappeared, probably on our side now". Evil Yuugi says: "Whats your problem with her?" (maybe u should play alcina heh Yami Yugi says: "She's always following us" Yuugi sighed. "You're the one who's a pain, you keep calling me diaper queen. At least I'm the right size for my age, you're just a shrimp, they should take you to a sea-food restuarant" Alcina sneered. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura's eyes flashed dangerously. Yami Yugi says: "What's up, mou hitori no boku?" Yuugi asked, looking back to see Bakura's look. Evil Yuugi says: "Didn't you hear what she said?" Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, she's done worse, I don't let it bother me because she IS a diaper queen and she can't do anything to stop us". Evil Yuugi says: "How old is she? 3?" Yami Yugi says: "Four, actually". Evil Yuugi says: "And whats the big deal about a 4-year-old?" Yami Yugi says: "If you had seen her before, you'd know, even Yami got pissed at her, isn't that right Anzu?" Evil Yuugi says: Anzu giggled and nodded. (you can still do Alcina. seems your better at her) Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, who's the one who was gonna cry just because I headbutted you?" Alcina called. "You haven't even done anything that would make me stop, you even slapped that stupid twin of yours when he DID do something right". Evil Yuugi says: "What?" Bakura asked. Yami Yugi says: "What? This new guy deaf or something?" Evil Yuugi says: "Don't tempt me mortal.." Yami Yugi says: "Tempt you to do what? Listen?" "Oh yeah, I'm scared" Alcina laughed. "You'd be the first person out of any of these morons to do anything. And I don't believe in magic, go back to your little baby dreams, white-hair"> Evil Yuugi says: "How dare you.." Yami Yugi says: "Oh yeah, I dare. I dare you to go somewhere else and shut up". Evil Yuugi says: Bakura looked down a moment then saw Alcina's diaper. He snickered. "You must be kidding me.." Yami Yugi says: "Oh no you too" she sighed, folding her arms, waiting for it. Evil Yuugi says: (idea struck ^^ Yami Yugi says: (shoot) Evil Yuugi says: (maybe she gets a sort of hypnosis power Yami Yugi says: (And turns the hypotizing on them? =o) Evil Yuugi says: (yea kinda Yami Yugi says: (oooh =O) Evil Yuugi says: (go for it Yami Yugi says: "So you don't think I have anything to fight back with" Alcina mumbled, looking at Bakura, he still seemed to be interested in her diaper. Evil Yuugi says: "Yes." Yami Yugi says: "Well I have something to share with you" (which one she going for?) Evil Yuugi says: (For noe 'Kura) Yami Yugi says: (kay, your turn) Evil Yuugi says: "Oh really?" Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, come here" she growled, pointing at Bakura. Evil Yuugi says: "Fine." He approached her. Yami Yugi says: Alcina glared up at him, staring into his eyes, giving him a somewhat hypnotic look. Evil Yuugi says: "What the.." Yami Yugi says: "What's wrong?" Yuugi asked him. "You see it? I told you" Alcina chuckled. Evil Yuugi says: "See what?" Yami Yugi says: "See what that power is that I do have". "What is she on about? "Yuugi asked, looking at Bakura. Evil Yuugi says: "No clue." Yami Yugi says: "What's she doing?" "Come on, don't fight it, you know it's right, like they did to their force" Alcina whispered. Evil Yuugi says: "Whats right?" Yami Yugi says: "Can't you hear it? You really must be deaf, it's the true side calling, the side you're all supposed to be on, but you keep ignoring it". Evil Yuugi says: (whats she tryin ta do Yami Yugi says: (I thought you said she was trying to turn the hypnotizing thing on them, just trying to recreate what Tea would do to Yugi and visa versa) Evil Yuugi says: (Yea she is but what does she want to happen Yami Yugi says: (for one of them to turn on the others, to be on her side when they start insulting her and stuff, obviously it can't last for long as Yuugi would bring up the Oracle and everything) Evil Yuugi says: Bakura slowly nodded. Yami Yugi says: "So you understand? That this whole thing is stupid?" Evil Yuugi says: He nodded. Yami Yugi says: "Bakura!" Yuugi called. "Mou hitori no boku!" Evil Yuugi says: Bakura stood by her side. Yami Yugi says: "What are you doing?" Yuugi shouted. "You're with us". "Not anymore, I know how you and little miss creep-queen kept getting each other on side, now I have that ability, now I have someone close to you. Pity your useless twin wasn't about, you didn't even care about him so it wouldn't have mattered to you" Alcina laughed. Evil Yuugi says: "Creep-queen?" Anzu asked. Yami Yugi says: "You call me diaper queen, there's your title" Alcina sneered at her. Evil Yuugi says: "That makes no sense." Yami Yugi says: "You're a creep and he calls you his queen" Alcina replied, pointing to Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: (Have Anzu lose it Yami Yugi says: (You're the one doing Anzu o.o) Evil Yuugi says: (i know but im not good with the huge anger scenes Yami Yugi says: (okay) "You what? You stupid little bitch. You're the one who's a creep" Anzu yelled, thrusting her arm forward, towards Alcina. Evil Yuugi says: However Bakura stepped in the way. Yami Yugi says: "Bakura, get out of my way" Anzu growled. "I don't think he can help it" Yuugi called. Evil Yuugi says: "He's right." Jou replied. Yami Yugi says: "So what can we do to help him?" Yuugi sighed. "How about you admit you're all losers and promise to be MY followers? Then he wouldn't have to suffer alone" Alcina laughed. Evil Yuugi says: Jou fell on the floor, laughing hard. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi chuckled lightly at Jou, turning back to Alcina with a dark glare. "How about you give us back Bakura and we won't torment you beyond your limits?" he growled. Evil Yuugi says: "Yuuge we know her weakness." Yami Yugi says: "I know, that diaper would be the first place we'd use to torment her, we'd constantly tease her about it. Until she could take no more". Alcina glared back, unafraid of his threat. Evil Yuugi says: "I got a better idea." Jou grinned. Yami Yugi says: "What's that?" Evil Yuugi says: "Give her a wedgie." He whispered. Yami Yugi says: "Jou, you're a genius. You're much stronger than I am, you do that and I'll try and get through to Bakura, I think I have the perfect way to do so". Evil Yuugi says: Jou blushed. "Ah it was nothin buddy." Yami Yugi says: "No really, that's a great plan, we should have done that ages ago" Yuugi chuckled as he looked back at Jou for a moment, finally turning to Bakura. Evil Yuugi says: Jou tip-toed over behind Alcina. "Bakura, come on, wake up" Yuugi sighed, stepping closer to him. "I know you're in there". Once he was behind her he pulled hard on her diaper. Alcina cried out as she felt herself lifted roughly, glaring back at Jou. "Hey that hurts, put me down!" she yelled. "Hell no!" Jou laughed. "I mean it" Alcina growled. "Bakura, come on, whatever she's done to you can't last. You're my Mou Hitori no Boku..." Yuugi continued. "Wait, that might just work. That might be the way to get him back". Evil Yuugi says: "What are you gonna do, runt?" Jou taunted. Yami Yugi says: Alcina reached up for Joey's hand, gripping a finger and beginning to pull herself up, glaring at him as she did. Evil Yuugi says: Jou smirked at her. Yami Yugi says: "You won't look like that for much longer" Alcina replied, close enough for her attempt, biting Jou's fingers. Evil Yuugi says: Jou brought his fist back and thrust it forward, striking her hard. Yami Yugi says: She called out, glaring up at him, Yuugi turned his head, remembering when he too had last used his fists against who he declared a pest. He shook it off after a minute, turning back to Bakura. "Come on, we're partners now, don't let her ruin that" he called. Evil Yuugi says: "P...Partner" Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, if Yami can use 'aibou' against me, I can use 'mou hitori no boku' to wake you up". Evil Yuugi says: "" Yami Yugi says: "Yes Bakura, it's me, fight back". Evil Yuugi says: Bakura tried, but needed some help. "" Yami Yugi says: "I will, how can I?" Yuugi asked, grabbing Bakura's hand tightly with both of his own. Evil Yuugi says: "Use...the Oracle...but hurry.." Yami Yugi says: "Right" Yuugi replied, the Seal shining on his forehead again, staring up at Bakura filled with determination. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura groaned loudly as he kept fighting. Yami Yugi says: "Don't give up, I'm going to get through to you". Evil Yuugi says: "Ai...Aibou...i can feel her grip weakening..." Yami Yugi says: "That's good, keep fighting, the Oracle and I are fighting to get through to you". Evil Yuugi says: "Your almost there.." Yami Yugi says: "Don't worry, I dont' plan on stopping, just hang on a bit longer and I'll get you back". Evil Yuugi says: With one final scream, Bakura broke free. Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, you did it" Yuugi called with a smile. Evil Yuugi says: "Ohhh....dear mercy...where am i..." Yami Yugi says: "You're still here, with us. Alcina tried to brainwash you". Evil Yuugi says: "Ohh my damn aching head..." Yami Yugi says: "That must be a side-effect to being hypnotized as you were and then dragged back". Evil Yuugi says: "Hey...Aibou..." Yami Yugi says: "Yes?" Evil Yuugi says: "Take care of my Ring... I must rest.." Yami Yugi says: "I will do. You go and rest, you need it after that. There should be somewhere close by" Evil Yuugi says: Bakura slowly staggered to Mai's bed and collasped on it, out cold. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi turned to Jou and Alcina, glaring at the latter with much hate. Evil Yuugi says: "He ok buddy?" Jou asked, refering to Bakura. Yami Yugi says: "He'll be fine, which is more than I can say for her". Evil Yuugi says: "Whattya mean, bud?" Yami Yugi says: "I say we make her pay for all the trouble she's caused. One and for all". Evil Yuugi says: "But we can't without Kura." Yami Yugi says: "There's no point in waiting, it's best to do it now, he'll understand, before she tries to turn someone else against us "All right if your sure, pal." "I've never been more sure of anything in my life Jou. She needs getting rid of" "Can i help, Yuugi-sama?" Shizuka giggled. "Shizuka?" Yuugi asked, turning to her, he hadn't seen her arrive. "Sure, we could use everyone we can against her". Shizuka smiled. "So this is the place Johan mentioned.." A voice similar to Eddie Murphy's muttered. (It's O'Brien) Yami Yugi says: lolEddieMurphy "Who's that? He mentioned Johan too" Yuugi asked, looking at the new arrival. Evil Yuugi says: (thats who his voice actor sounds like in dub) Yami Yugi says: (Inorite X]) Evil Yuugi says: "I am Austin O'Brien.." Yami Yugi says: "And let me guess, you're a friend of Johan, Asuka, Sho and Judai's" Yuugi replied. "O'Brien" Sho gasped, having noticed him entering the room. Evil Yuugi says: "Yes and I take it your Motou Yuugi.." "Yes that is him, O'Brien.." Another voice said. (Amon/Adrian) Yami Yugi says: "And who are you?" Yuugi asked, lifting his head at the other man. "Amon!" Sho called, answering Yuugi's question. Yami Yugi says: ( brb ) Evil Yuugi says: The boy known as Amon smiled at him. "Hello Sho." Yami Yugi says: "How did you get here? Is that portal still at Duel Academia?" Evil Yuugi says: "Yep." Yami Yugi says: "So, did you guys fall under the Oracle's power as well?" Evil Yuugi says: The 2 boys shook their heads. Yami Yugi says: "How did you resist?" Yuugi asked, his eyes narrowing sternly. Evil Yuugi says: "Because we have no darkness whatsoever in our hearts." Yami Yugi says: "I didn't think I did either" Sho sighed, looking downwards. "That's no excuse, the Oracle would have found something to use" Yuugi replied. Evil Yuugi says: "Really? Shame." Amon replied as he showed him a vision of his heart where he intended to make the world a uptopia free of poverty that he would rule one day. Yami Yugi says: "What's that supposed to mean?" Yuugi growled, watching. "You can't stop the Oracle, haven't you seen how much its done, how far its come? Besides, what did Johan say before you came? He already arrived". Evil Yuugi says: "That we would stop you." Yami Yugi says: "How did you know? How did HE know before coming? He's gone" Yuugi growled. Evil Yuugi says: "He is?' Austin asked. Yami Yugi says: "I'm not playing. Yes he's gone. Judai sacrificed himself for Johan and by Asuka's request, I swapped the sacrifice". Evil Yuugi says: " me..." (It's Ryo whose suffering from his heart problems) Yami Yugi says: "Nii-san?" Sho gasped. "Nii-san, what's wrong?" Evil Yuugi says: "It's my heart..." Ryo moaned as he slowly stumbled over. Yami Yugi says: Sho rushed towards Ryo, hugging him gently, looking up as he stayed close to support him. "What about it? Are you alright?" he asked. Evil Yuugi says: "No...little bro...i will soon die..." Yami Yugi says: "No!" Sho cried out, staring up at Ryo. "You can't! Y-you can't die!" Evil Yuugi says: "I'm afraid so little brother.." Ryo cried out in pain as his heart gave another painful jolt. Yami Yugi says: "Nii-san" Sho sobbed. "Isn't there anything we can do?" Evil Yuugi says: "No...i'm afraid not... it's all my fault..." Yami Yugi says: "What? B-but why would it be?" Evil Yuugi says: "Because i brought it upon myself..." Yami Yugi says: "But that's not fair, I know you went a little crazy with the Hell Kaiser stuff, but you're not like that anymore". Evil Yuugi says: "You don't understand little bro.. it wasnt all the shock amplyfyiers..." Yami Yugi says: "Then what is it?" Evil Yuugi says: "The Under...World....deck..." Ryo gasped out, his breathing growing weaker. Yami Yugi says: "Nii-san, just hang on. Why don't you just rest for now?" Evil Yuugi says: "Even if i rest i will still...die...but when i will be with my little brother...i love you Sho..." Yami Yugi says: "B-but, I won't let you die, there has to be something. Please Nii-san, don't give up" Sho cried out, laying his head against Ryo's chest. Evil Yuugi says: " you...." Ryo whispered, then he slowly stopped breathing. His death had finally come. Yami Yugi says: "Nii-san!" Sho screamed, sobbing hard. "I-I love you too..." Evil Yuugi says: But Ryo didnt respond. His hands grew cold. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi's eyes softened as he watched, if only Bakura was awake, he'd see that Sho was in no position to be a threat, he glanced up at Anzu. "What should we do? Take him back to his home? To their time?" Evil Yuugi says: "That won't work. He'd be dead in his world as well." Yami Yugi says: "I mean so at least he can be laid to rest there, it would be better for him. And for Sho". Evil Yuugi says: "Wait a sec,,,there may be one way we can revive him." Yami Yugi says: "How's that? The Oracle?" Evil Yuugi says: "Maybe...but it would take quite a bit of our magical life force so to speak.." Anzu replied, as she wiped a tear looking at Ryo's lifeless corspe. Yami Yugi says: "I see. Just make sure Jou doesn't find out" Yuugi whispered, looking between Jou and Ryo. Evil Yuugi says: "Right." Yami Yugi says: "We both know what could happen if he knows, he could start to fight against the Oracle again. Maybe its best he and Shizuka deal with Alcina outside while we work on Ryo". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah," Yuugi went down to Sho's level. "Sho?" He asked gently. Yami Yugi says: "W-what is it?" Evil Yuugi says: "Your brother will be fine." Yami Yugi says: "B-but, he j-just said h-he was dy-dying". Evil Yuugi says: "That may be true but we can revive him." (repost)

Yami Yugi says: "But h-how?" Evil Yuugi says: "With the Oracle." Yami Yugi says: "T-that? It can do it?" Evil Yuugi says: "We think so." Yami Yugi says: "Okay...I'll trust you". Evil Yuugi says: "Good." Yami Yugi says: "So, what do we do?" Evil Yuugi says: "Wait over there with Bakura." He turned to Jou and Shizuka. "You 2 can deal with Alcina." Yami Yugi says: "Will do" Jou called with a grin. "Come on sis". Evil Yuugi says: Shizuka giggled happily. "Sure big brother." Yami Yugi says: Jou led her out of the way, staying close to Bakura, Alcina still dangling from the wedgie, he chuckled as he walked past Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi smiled at him. Yami Yugi says: Sho glanced at Jou and Shizuka as they passed, turning back to Yuugi to see him smiling, wiping the tears from his eyes as he felt hope filling his heart. Evil Yuugi says: "Ready my queen?" Yami Yugi says: "Yes" Anzu replied, nodding. Evil Yuugi says: (It wont work intially but with help from BM and BMG it will. brb Yami Yugi says: (Ah, kay) Evil Yuugi says: (bk) Yuugi's Oracle Stone glowed with power. Yami Yugi says: Anzu's followed, Sho watched as they did, wondering whether they would be successful in reviving Ryo. Evil Yuugi says: The Oracle on their foreheads glowed bright. Yami Yugi says: Sho turned down to Ryo, seeing the glow from the stone still bright, wondering what Amon and O'Brien were thinking seeing the two using their stones on Ryo for good. Evil Yuugi says: However when it looked as though it would work, it stopped. Yami Yugi says: "What's happening?" Sho called, turning back to Yuugi. Evil Yuugi says: "It..stopped." Yami Yugi says: "No, it can't. Why did it stop?" Evil Yuugi says: "It must need a little more power." Yami Yugi says: "How do we get that?" Sho asked, tears filling his eyes again. Evil Yuugi says: "Perhaps we can help." Black Magician and his female counterpart suggested. Yami Yugi says: "Black Magician. B-Black Magician Girl" Sho gasped, suppressing a blush when his eyes fell on Black Magician Girl. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi raised an eyebrow slightly. Yami Yugi says: "What's wrong Yuugi?" Anzu asked, looking down at him. Evil Yuugi says: "Look at Sho." He chuckled softly. Yami Yugi says: "You mean that blush he just flashed?" Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah." Yami Yugi says: "Awww, I think he has a crush on Black Magician Girl". Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi giggled. "Do you Sho-kun?" Yami Yugi says: "Um...well...yeah" Sho replied, blushing. Evil Yuugi says: "Aww that's so cute." Yami Yugi says: Sho smiled up at Yuugi, tyring to make his blush fade. Evil Yuugi says: "How long have you liked her?" Yami Yugi says: "Well...A long time really, I'm not sure how long". Evil Yuugi says: BMG giggled, kissing the smaller boy's cheek. Yami Yugi says: Sho blushed lightly, smiling, feeling as though he could pass out. Evil Yuugi says: "Awww!" Yuugi and Anzu cooed at them. Yami Yugi says: Sho kept his smile, pressing his hand where Black Magician Girl had kissed him, looking at Anzu and Yuugi. "I think she likes you back, Sho." Anzu told him with a grin. Yami Yugi says: "You really think? Then she will help Nii-san?" Evil Yuugi says: "Of course." Yami Yugi says: "Thank you so much Black Magician Girl. And you too Black Magician. I'm putting my faith in you to save Nii-san". Evil Yuugi says: "He will be saved." Yami Yugi says: "Thank you so much, I never thought about losing Nii-san, not for so long after this at least. Now he can have a second chance". Evil Yuugi says: Both mages smiled. Yami Yugi says: Sho smiled gratefully, glancing down at Ryo again. Evil Yuugi says: They kept smiling. (you do the mages' help.) Yami Yugi says: Black Magician Girl brought her staff forward, Black Magician holding his beside her, focusing their magical energy the same as Yuugi and Anzu had, their staffs glowing. Evil Yuugi says: The magic made Ryo's body glow for a moment. Yami Yugi says: "Come on Nii-san" Sho whispered as he watched. Evil Yuugi says: After a moment or 2, the magic faded, and Ryo's skin began to grow more color so to speak. Yami Yugi says: "Nii-san? Can you hear me?" Evil Yuugi says: Ryo groaned softly. "S-S-Sho? Is that you?" Yami Yugi says: "Nii-san" Sho called, lightly hugging Ryo. Evil Yuugi says: "How...can i hear you? I thought I died.." Yami Yugi says: "You did. But Yuugi and Anzu tried to help you. Then when they couldn't, Black Magician and Black Magician Girl saved you" Sho replied, tears of relief straming down his face. Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi...I don't know how to thank you..." Ryo replied, hugging Sho tight. Yami Yugi says: "It was no trouble Ryou, we knew how much you meant to Sho. I was thinking about things. I thought that you deserved a second chance, Sho needs someone like you". Evil Yuugi says: Ryo smiled at him. Yami Yugi says: "I'm so glad you're safe, nii-san, I was so scared that I'd lost you forever" Sho sobbed against him, burying his face against Ryou's chest. Evil Yuugi says: "It's ok little bro, i'm safe now." Yami Yugi says: "I know. And that's why I'm so happy". Evil Yuugi says: Amon and Austin watched, stunned. Yami Yugi says: "Do you believe us now?" Yuugi asked, turning to Amon and O'Brien. "The Oracle isn't completely evil like your misguided information stated". Evil Yuugi says: "Perhaps.." Yami Yugi says: "What's that supposed to mean?" Evil Yuugi says: "Maybe your right." Yami Yugi says: "I told you, but you just shrugged it off". Evil Yuugi says: Austin looked over at Judai. Yami Yugi says: "What's up?" Yuugi asked him, noticing him focusing his attention on Judai. Evil Yuugi says: "Is he ok? He's awful quiet." Yami Yugi says: "Yeah, he's fine". Evil Yuugi says: "All right then.." Yami Yugi says: "What's your plan now? You've seen the Oracle work for good purposes, what are you doing around here? You mentioned Johan earlier". "Speaking of which where is he?" "I told you, he's gone. Judai sacrificed himself, then they were swapped". Amon gasped in shock, seeing Johan's comatose form. "I told you, no need to act all surprised". "I know but its still unnerving." "Of course it would be. But either way, you have a decision to make. I don't understand how you escaped the Oracle's influence, but you have a choice to join us now". Evil Yuugi says: Amon looked surprisingly calm. "Should i refuse?" Yami Yugi says: "Why would you want to do that?" Yuugi asked, raising an eyebrow. Evil Yuugi says: "Did i say i wanted to?" "Yuugi...a little help man." Came Raphael's voice. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi turned to Raphael, walking across to him and leaving Amon and O'Brien to think, he grabbed Raphael's arm, looking up at him calmly. "Are you alright? Come on, I'll help you over to the others". Evil Yuugi says: "I'm fine. It's Amelda here that isn't." Raphael replied as he cradled a battered Amelda in his arms. (describe injuries if ya can Yami Yugi says: Yuugi gasped, seeing several scratches deepening into cuts running along his arms, the same kinds of open scars on his face, his hair messy from whatever struggle he had been in, his shirt torn open in several places, the rips much like someone had torn into them in the same fashion as they had his skin. Evil Yuugi says: "I tried to help but i got there too late." Yami Yugi says: "What happened to him?" Evil Yuugi says: "Rogues...they got me..." Amelda gasped out. Yami Yugi says: "Rogues? Those dirty bastards" Yuugi growled. "Don't worry Amelda, they won't get anyone else like they got to you. I promise you that". Evil Yuugi says: "Thanks...Yuugi. Look after Mikey for me.." Yami Yugi says: "I will. No-one will get to him". Evil Yuugi says: Amelda smiled weakly. Yami Yugi says: "Raphael, lay him where Kaiba and the others are. We're getting too many casualties, we have to stop this" Yuugi sighed, looking back at Kaiba, Bakura and Ryo. Evil Yuugi says: (Maybe have a small group of rogues ask why their doing what they are Yami Yugi says: (Sure, Yuugi can head outside to where he tried to kill the others and find them there) Evil Yuugi says: Raphael nodded in agreement. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi walked past Raphael, paying no attention to the others, his thoughts on the rogues outside more than what O'Brien and Amon's choices would be. He glared ahead darkly, ready to get revenge for Amelda. Evil Yuugi says: "Want me to come with you aibou?" Bakura asked. (you do rogues Yami Yugi says: "No, you rest" Yuugi answered, looking down the corridor. "You need it after what Alcina pulled, just enjoying Jou and Shizuka getting back at her for you. I'll deal with these thugs on my own". Down the corridor, the voices of those inside could be heard, Yuugi glared at them as they made their way towards him, a new group, none familiar, another leading man called out. "There's the one. They say Yami Yugi says: he's the leader" he bellowed. Evil Yuugi says: Bakura and Raphael growled softly as they heard the man. Yami Yugi says: "Guys, I said. Stay back" Yuugi growled, not looking back at them. "Hey kid, what are you doing? Why are you doing this?" the leading man called. Evil Yuugi says: "You have to be kidding me. What idiots.." Anzu muttered. Yami Yugi says: "What's the matter Anzu?" Yuugi asked. "Are they annoying you?" "Hey, what's with this Oracle? What exactly are you plannign to do with it? With all of us?" Evil Yuugi says: "No my king, their actually amusing." (You can have Yuugi talk to them directly ya kno Yami Yugi says: "So, you want to know our intentions?" Yuugi growled, turning to them. "You already know. We have the entire world under the Oracle's influence and this world is our Kingdom. We've done what we set out to do. All we need to do now is maintain it". Evil Yuugi says: "The kid's insane.." A woman of the rogue group muttered. (Have Anzu hear that and back Yuugi up Yami Yugi says: "I'm hardly insane you witch" Yuugi growled. "Back off hag" Anzu snapped, appearing in front of Yuugi. "The only insane ones are rogue like you that think you can fight back the power of the Oracle". Evil Yuugi says: Guraru (Grarl) appeared beside them, probably summoned by Raphael Yami Yugi says: "Guraru? Raphael, I told you" Yuugi called to him calmly. Evil Yuugi says: "I only want to help." He replied, his gentle sapphire eyes meeting Yuugi's dark amethyst ones. Yami Yugi says: "I can handle it myself, if I need to summon a monster, I'll just call Black Magician or something, he's proven his usefulness plently". Evil Yuugi says: "Ahh...all right." Raphael replied, calling back Guraru. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi sighed, he felt bad for being harsh on Raphael, but his duties were elsewhere, Yuugi turned back to the crowd, activating his Duel Disk ready if he needed to use his monsters. "What makes you think you can fight back? You're all powerless and useless". Evil Yuugi says: "Oh really? How is that you brat?" The same woman asked. Yami Yugi says: "Yeah really, bitch" Yuugi growled. "He doesn't have anyway to back that up" another of the men called. "Let's just get them now, they can't stop us". Evil Yuugi says: "Big brother..." Mikey whispered, concerned for Amelda. Yami Yugi says: "Mikey!" Yuugi called, looking back. "Anzu, we can't let them get him, one of us has to hold them off". Evil Yuugi says: "I'll do it. My Guardians never let me down." Raphael replied. Yami Yugi says: "Fine, I'll get Mikey" Yuugi replied, turning away from the group and rushing towards the small boy. Evil Yuugi says: Raphael walked out standing where Yuugi had been. Yami Yugi says: "Mikey, are you alright? I know where your brother is, I can take you to Amelda". Mikey nodded, wanting to see his big bro. "Hey, maybe if you two back down, we won't completely run you over. What can one guy and a scrawny girl do?" Raphael growled softly. "What's the matter? Don't you like being outnumbered?" "I play...Guardian Airtos..." The angel-like guardian rose above him, floating off the ground and towering over the crowd before them, glaring down at them. Raphael smiled up at his Guardian. Yami Yugi says: "So, we're using her against them. But how do we know none of them are duellists?" Anzu asked. Evil Yuugi says: "Thwy would've played something." Raphael answered. Yami Yugi says: "Maybe, but maybe they're hiding the duellist, or even duellists, waiting to find something strong to use against us". Evil Yuugi says: "I don't think so." He replied as Airtos drew out Celestial Sword. Yami Yugi says: "Well, let's see what happens this time" Anzu chuckled with a dark grin. Evil Yuugi says: Raphael gave her a curious stare. Yami Yugi says: "What's that look for?" Evil Yuugi says: "What did you mean by that?" Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "That stare you gave me, I simply wondered what it was about". Evil Yuugi says: "I meant about what you said about what happens this time." Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "Yeah, before we were successful in eliminating those pests using our Duel Monsters, this time will be interesting, they had less room to run. Only back". Evil Yuugi says: "True." He turned to Airtos. "Airtos.. use the power of Celestial Sword and attack now!" Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "Damn it, if that thing really is real, who knows what'll happen" one man called in the crowd. Evil Yuugi says: Raphael grinned evilly as he allowed Airtos to continue. (describe

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: Airtos grinned, raising her sword high and bringing it down, a bright light erupting from it and smashing into the crowd. Evil Yuugi says: Raphael brought his hand up to his eyes so as to shield himself. Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: (sorry I'm so slow aibou, big group conver and a biatch who won't stop going on about her life story/asking endless questions who'll be blocked by the end of the night) Anzu did the same, seeing the protesters thrown into the air, hitting the walls, slamming against the ground, laying much like those before them that had failed. Evil Yuugi says: "Nice work, Airtos." Raphael told her as he smiled. Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: Airtos nodded with a smile as she looked down at Raphael calmly. Yuugi brought his own hand down with the light having faded Evil Yuugi says: (You know she can understand and speak human speech Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: (I knew she understood, didn't know speaking. I assumed only Black Magician and Black Magician Girl) Evil Yuugi says: (kay you can add on Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: (sorry about screwing up so much tonight, I won't be like this tomorrow) "Thank you master" Airtos answered, her voice gentle. Evil Yuugi says: Raphael chuckled softly as he stroked her now pure black wings because she was under the Oracle. Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "I'm glad that she's still in a good enough condition to survive through that card. You two are too close to be separated" Anzu muttered, smiling at Raphael. Evil Yuugi says: "Yes i suppose we are, right Airtos-chan?" Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "Right Raphael-sama". Evil Yuugi says: He smiled at her. "Airtos.. you know i almost wish you had a human self. I love you that much." Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "Thank you Raphael-sama. I know you'll find a human partner, I believe in you". Evil Yuugi says: "Maybe I don't desire one.." Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "What do you mean?" Anzu asked before Airtos could. Evil Yuugi says: "If there is such a magic i'd give Airtos a human twin.. identical to her monster self minus her wings.." Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "Make a human twin?" Anzu repeated, surprised. Evil Yuugi says: "Yes. That's how much i love Airtos." (Have Airtos and Yuugi be both really touched by this.

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "Aww, that's sweet Raphael" Yuugi claimed, smiling gently at Raphael. "I agree master" Airtos added, laying a hand on her chest. Evil Yuugi says: "Please.. you don't have to call me master.." Raphael said, blushing. "But it eshtablishes that you're my master, I am your fighter. We're cmrades but of different levels". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes but it makes you sound like a slave." Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "I don't see it that way". Evil Yuugi says: "Really?" Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "Really Raphael-sama". Evil Yuugi says: "I.. see." Yami Yugi/Ryuuguu Rena says: "What's the matter Raphael?" Yuugi asked. Evil Yuugi says: "I'm not sure." "Are you sure? You seem a bit distracted". Evil Yuugi says: "I'm fine really." He replied, his thoughts still focused on Airtos. Yami Yugi says: "Well...alright. That other crowd done with yet? I have to get Mikey to Amelda". Evil Yuugi says: "They should be." He answered as he walked back outside. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi led Mikey inside, pointing to Amelda and smiling gently, talking of eliminating a crowd of protesters was hardly the ideal conversation to have in front of him. "He's been waiting for you" Yuugi muttered to him. Evil Yuugi says: "Big bro!" Mikey called happily as he ran to his big brother. Yami Yugi says: "Mikey" Amelda replied with a smile. Yuugi glanced back to the doorway, the location of those two from before, whether they were still about or not was beyond him, beyond his caring. Evil Yuugi says: Raphael glared defiantly at the few of the group that remained. Yami Yugi says: "You bastard, we'll show you that you cant keep us down with your fairy". Evil Yuugi says: Rafael growled. :It's a Guardian you senile fools!" He roared. Yami Yugi says: "Guardian. Fairy. I don't see much difference. You won't stop us all still". Evil Yuugi says: Raphael laughed loudly. Yami Yugi says: "What's so funny?" Evil Yuugi says: "How can you fools take me down? You don't have duel disks!" Yami Yugi says: "We don't need your little cards to stop us, we have numbers on our side, you can't stop us all". Evil Yuugi says: "Oh yeah? Hey Deathscythe how bout lending Airtos and I a hand?" Raphael called as he played the fiendish Guardian. Yami Yugi says: "What the...What's that thing?" Evil Yuugi says: Raphael grinned. (you can play Deathscythe also describe him coming up Yami Yugi says: Deathscythe rose from the crack forming in the ground, a hellish looking creature, much like a demon version of Airtos, its surely hidious face hidden behind a mask, surely glaring at the people before, grabbing a large scythe that appeared beside it. Evil Yuugi says: Airtos shuddered a little, seeing the ghoulish guardian. Yami Yugi says: Dreathscythe made no reaction to Airtos' shudder, the same as the ones before them trembling. Evil Yuugi says: "You ok Airtos?" Yami Yugi says: "Yes Raphael-sama" she answered, glancing back. Evil Yuugi says: "What did you shudder for?" Yami Yugi says: "It's just this counterpart here, I didn't see it". Evil Yuugi says: "Deathscythe?" Yami Yugi says: "Is that what it's called? I suppose so then". Evil Yuugi says: "You don't like him huh?" Yami Yugi says: "Well, its not that. I just...I'm just surprised that you have something like it. Its just a tad surprising" Evil Yuugi says: "Haven't you seen me play him?" Yami Yugi says: "Well, one time..." Evil Yuugi says: "When?" Yami Yugi says: "Against the Pharaoh". Evil Yuugi says: Raphael grinned ruefully. Yami Yugi says: Airtos shot back a slightly surprised look. Evil Yuugi says: "What?" Yami Yugi says: "That grin". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah he freed me from the Oracle then.." Yami Yugi says: "I know...but...that look". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah, what of it?" Yami Yugi says: "What was it for?" Evil Yuugi says: "Because i remembered the duel and when he freed me." Yami Yugi says: "I see". Evil Yuugi says: "Yeah.. Deathscythe your quiet." Yami Yugi says: "That's because I'm more focused on the scum before us". Evil Yuugi says: Raphael arched an eyebrow. Yami Yugi says: Airtos glanced back at Deathscythe, trying to hold back saying any more in its presence Evil Yuugi says: Deathscythe stared at her, his dark red eyes fixed on her. Yami Yugi says: Airtos cringed, glancing at Raphael int he corner of her eye. Evil Yuugi says: "Airtos?" Yami Yugi says: "Y-Yes Raphael-sama?" Evil Yuugi says: "Are you perhaps afraid of Deathscythe?" Yami Yugi says: "I...I don't know. I suppose". Evil Yuugi says: "Why?" Deathscythe asked. Yami Yugi says: "I...I don't know...I just..." Evil Yuugi says: "Yes.."

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Yami Yugi says: "I don't know. I just feel that because you're a dead alternative of me, it just makes me feel a bit uneasy". Evil Yuugi says: "Dead alternative?" Yami Yugi says: "Well yes. Because of the effect of me being destroyed, that when this emerges" Evil Yuugi says: "Ah yes.." Yami Yugi says: "That's what I meant". Evil Yuugi says: Deathscythe nodded, turning back to the crowd. Yami Yugi says: Airtos watched silently, the crowd had inched back, their faces still filled with fear. Evil Yuugi says: "Shall we, mou hitori no boku?" Deathscythe asked Airtos. Yami Yugi says: "Yeah" Airtos replied uneasily, nodding. Evil Yuugi says: Deathscythe grinned wickedly, gripping his scythe. (describe

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Yami Yugi says: Lunging forward, Deathscythe brought the scythe down on the crowd, they scattered quickly, avoiding the full brunt of it. Although Airtos' sword was glowing brightly, bringing down another attack to them. Evil Yuugi says: Raphael watched with sinister pleasure. Yami Yugi says: The group yelled out, slammed against the walls, the ground, all falling at Airtos' attack. Evil Yuugi says: "Had enough?" Raphael taunted. Yami Yugi says: "No...way". Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi i think their about ready for you!" He called. Yami Yugi says: "Coming" Yuugi called, rushing to the doorway. Evil Yuugi says: "Your done for." Raphael sneered at the group. Yami Yugi says: Yuugi emerged before them, grinning sadistically Evil Yuugi says: "All yours Yuugi." Raphael said with a smile. Yami Yugi says: "Good" Yuugi chuckled, stepping forward, holding up his Black Magician, Black Luster Soldier and Buster Blader cards. Evil Yuugi says: "Interesting.. A fusion i presume?" Yami Yugi says: "Nope, I just want them to have their fun". Evil Yuugi says: "All right." (describe them bein summoned as your a dang genius at that ^^ Yami Yugi says: The three monsters emerged, Black Magician clutching his sceptre tightly in his right hand whilst the other two wielded their swords, Yuugi grinned, the three stood tall, glaring down darkly at the fallen crowd before them Evil Yuugi says: "ATTACK NOW!!" Yuugi called, cackling insanely.

Evil Yuugi just sent you a nudge.

Yami Yugi says: Black Magician raised his hand, a large ball of dark energy, shooting it at them, hitting several of the civilians and throwing them about more. Black Luster Soldier and Buster Blader leapt forward, raising their swords high. "Are you sure they won't be killed by that?" Anzu asked Yuugi. "I'm not worried or anything, just curious" Yami Yugi says: ( brb ) Evil Yuugi says: ....hmm) Yami Yugi says: (kay, I'm back, sorry I was gone for so long =/) Evil Yuugi says: (kool) "What does it matter? It's our world my love." Yami Yugi says: "I never said there was anything wrong, I just said I was curious". Evil Yuugi says: "What for?" Yami Yugi says: "Someone will have to clean this place if their blood gets everywhere". Evil Yuugi says: "Shadow Magic remember cutie?" Yami Yugi says: "But their swords...I...never mind" Anzu replied, smiling and shaking her head. Evil Yuugi says: "Kiss me.." Yami Yugi says: Anzu smiled, leaning forward and kissing Yuugi as the two warrior charged forwards Evil Yuugi says: "I love you my wicked queen.." Yami Yugi says: "I love you too my King of the world". Evil Yuugi says: "Yes and we'll rule forever." Yami Yugi says: "Of course, no-one could stop us if they wanted like these brainless twits" Anzu replied, looking ahead as the two swords began to glow a dark colour, slashing at the civilians without spilling a drop of blood Evil Yuugi says: "Wow... nice moves Yuugi-sama." Mokuba said, enthralled by the attacks. Yami Yugi says: Anzu smiled at him and looked back at Yuugi, keeping the bright look. Evil Yuugi says: "Heh you 2 look so cute together.." Raphael said in a playfully teasing tone. Yami Yugi says: "Thanks Raphael" Anzu giggled, averting her eyes up to him. Evil Yuugi says: Yuugi however blushed at his friend's statement. Yami Yugi says: Anzu giggled, seeing Yuugi's blush, she looked up again at Raphael. Evil Yuugi says: "Yuugi.." Raphael began with a grin. Yami Yugi says: "What is it?" Yuugi asked, looking up at Raphael as Anzu did. Evil Yuugi says: "You've got a perfect girl there so take good care of her but" He chuckled as he continued. "Don't spoil her too much." He teased. Yami Yugi says: "I won't" Yuugi laughed lightly. Evil Yuugi says: Anzu pouted playfully as she looked up at him with a wink. "What's the matter Anzu?" Yuugi asked, his chuckling softening. "Nothing i'm just teasing you." She giggled, pinching his cheek playfully. "I thought so". "Oh Yuugi your so perfect.." "No I'm not, that's you my queen". "Oh now your just rubbing it in you little rascal." "No I'm not, I'm saying what I feel". Raphael smiled at them but looked annoyed upon hearing a few rogues that were still lurking. He jogged outside. "All right, whose out here?! Tell me!" Raphael demanded. "Damn it, they just won't stay down" Yuugi growled, glaring back at the rogues at the sound of movement. "Stay back, Yuugi I got it this time." Raphael answered. (Can you play the rogues?) "You've got nothing" one of the leading men snapped, raising from the floor slowly. "First a kid and a girl. You may look tough, but you don't stand a chance" another barked. "Don't dare trival with my power..." Raphael warned. "Or what?" one of the male rogue asked, charging towards Raphael. "I'll destroy you." Raphael answered with an errie calmness. "This guy's so weird, prepare to die!" a couple of the men charging towards Raphael yelled. "Raphael, what are you doing?" Yuugi called. "If you don't attack, then you're going to get trampled". "Relax." Raphael calmly swung his fist forward, striking them hard, which gave him enough time to produce his duel disk. Yuugi watched curiously, seeing the men stumbling backwards, glaring hatefully at Raphael. "Oh you're going to regret that, punk!" "I don't think so." Raphael answered, activating his duel disk and drawing 3 cards. "First i'll summon my trusty Backup Gardna in defense mode. Then i'll activate Rod of Silence which gives my Gardna 500 extra defense points. It also lets me play my Guardian Kay'est!" "What good is some pathetic Duel Monsters with a little extra strength going to do?" one of the men further back yelled, watching the mermaid-like guardian arise, appearing next to a human-shaped creature, holding onto the large rod having broken the ice around it, neither looking strong in their base attack. "They may be lacking in points right now but by playing Life Reducer from my deck, i can cut my own life points in half and give Kay'est and Backup Gardna the same amount of attack points. So.. I give up 2000 of my life points." Raphael stated, grunting in a little pain as his life points fell by half. Yuugi's eyes narrowed when a bright glow appeared around the creaturers, their attack rapidly increasing. Raphael smiled fondly at Kay'est as her attack surged all the way up to 3500 while Backup Gardna's became 3000. "Just finish them off Raphael, we're wasting time" Yuugi commanded sharply, his patience with the rogues growing shorter by the second. "Right, Guardian Kay'est attack now!" The guardian obeyed immediately, shaping her hand around an orb of water. Grinning darkly, she held her hands up to the men and women before her, a surge of water spilling out of the orb and crashing into them. Raphael watched, grinning cruelly as the attack continued. The rogues were forced back easily, yelling as the water threw them back and down to the ground, the attack not giving up. "That should do it..." Raphael wiped his forehead, his energy being depleted a bit simply because he only had half his life points. "Raphael!" Yuugi called, seeing Raphael looking much weaker than usual. "You shouldn't have done that, are you alright?" "Yeah, don't worry about me. I've been through much worse little man." He teased, giving a good-natured grin. "You sure? I think those guys are just about done now, even if they were able to fight back, another attack would surely finish them off. They're not even rising up again" Yuugi replied. "Want me to hit 'em again?" "Its your choice, just don't do anything wreckless like that again". "Kay'est attack them again! Use all your force and render them powerless!" Raphael commanded. Kay'est did so, repeating the attack, several of the rogues flying back further, their bodies hitting the ground heavily. "Heh, their all yours Yuugi." Raphael answered, grinning. "Send them to the Shadow Realm with those other fools from before? Alright then" Yuugi chuckled darkly, his Puzzle slowly beginning to glow once again. "As for me... I'll use Life Restorer which after taking back the attack points my Guardians gained, give me back the 2000 points I sacrificed." Yuugi grinned, seeing a dark cloud appearing around the rogues, very few left enough to put up a fight. They vanished quickly in the cloud. He turned to Raphael, seeing the same glow around him as his liefpoints were restored. "That's more like it..." Raphael answered, a dark grin coming on to his face. "What's that?" "My strength is restored.." "Good, we can't risk you getting weak again. We've got enough people that need rest already". He chuckled. "Touchy are we?" "Touchy? No way, I just want things to quit being difficult. Rogues like that makes things rough enough as it is". "Fine." He answered, heading back inside as he deactivated his duel disk. Yuugi followed Raphael back, glaring out at the hallway as he did. There had been enough difficulties for some time, perhaps he could finally have a break from it all, he sighed, watching Raphael sternly. "Don't worry about me, little man. I've been through a personal Hell and back, you know that." The Guardian duelist advised. "I know. If I push you too far, you've got to let me know. Problems have arisen due to that reason, I don't want anything more difficult to happen. We've worked so hard to get to this point, yet we can't even enjoy it for a short while." "With all we have, its fun just killing them." He chuckled. Yusei says: "So long as you're having fun. After all, we need people to live in order to keep the dream alive, but at the same time, any rogues will have to be dealt with severely". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Raphael nodded. (I'll take over as Yuugi now so reply as Anzu or someone) Yusei says: [Why not just take over as Yuugi to start with?] Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (Cuz its your turn bro. just have Anzu act proud of how well hes handling things then the flashbacks'll start to come in Yusei says: [Aibou....*twitch*] Anzu grinned proudly in Yuugi and Raphael's direction, pleased at how their plan - their dream - had unfolded. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (sorry ^^) Yuugi smiled back at her, before he suddenly fell to his knees, placing a hand to his forehead in pain. Yusei says: "Yuugi? What's the matter?" Anzu asked, pushing herself forward and hunching over, staring at him. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: 'What's happening to me?' Yuugi thought before a flashback started. Slowly Yuugi found himself watching Yami duel Raphael in the desert mesa, with Yami under the Oracle, sacrificing his monsters left and right as Jou had said. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (You like so far? Yusei says: [It works well if its what I think its supposed to show] Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (which is? Yusei says: [Either A - That Yami understood what happened before Yuugi was sacrificed, thus opposing how Yuugi couldn't see Yami suffering just before he killed him. or B - Just how badly the darkness could affect someone like Yami, thus giving Yuugi a reason to really look at himself and realize what he's done] Yusei says: [Yup, I've been analysizing characters too much lately] Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (lol go ahead Yusei says: [What do I do? You haven't told me if I'm Anzu or Yami or Raphael or whoever] Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (Anzu for now Yusei says: Anzu laid her hands on Yuugi's shoulder, shaking him gently. Her eyes filled with fear when he didn't respond. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: 'Did I...really do all this?' Yuugi thought as a flashback of him and Yami dueling in the Stone Wilderness started... Yusei says: "Yuugi! Answer me! Stop scaring me! If this is some joke, you've got to stop it now!" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "It's not a joke.." Raphael muttered. Yusei says: "What do you mean?" Anzu asked, spinning her head to face him, her eyes locked onto his own. "What's happening?" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Who he once was is starting to shine through.." Yusei says: "But we got rid of everyone that tried to take him away from us! How can this be happening?" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "To be honest, I have no idea." Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: 'I couldn't have done this. It's all a dream, it has to be...' Yuugi thought, as another flashback, this time of him torturing Yami began... Yusei says: "Yuugi. Listen to me. You have to ignore whatever it is you're feeling. That's not who you are!" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Y-Yami. A-Aibou..." Yuugi whimpered. (This should really scare her) Yusei says: "W-what?" Anzu gasped, her eyes widening dramatically. "Yuugi! Stop that! He's dead!" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "A-Aibou...Please...I need you. Answer me, Yami!" Yuugi pleaded. Yusei says: "YUUGI!" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Aibou, mou hitori no boku...please...answer." Yuugi whispered, the miniscule light in him starting to shine through again. Yusei says: "Yuugi, what are you playing at? He's dead. You killed him. How can you slip when we've attainted our dreams?"

Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "N-No! Aibou...can't be gone! I would never hurt my mou hitori no boku!" Yuugi cried fearfully. Yusei says: "You already did. For the greater good". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "W-What?" Yusei says: "You did it for us". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "D-D-Did what?" Yusei says: "You killed him. So that we could get what we had been struggling for: our world". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "N-No...I-I couldn't have...I'm a hikari..." He whimpered. Yusei says: "You did. And you enjoyed every second of it. Remember what it was like". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi shut his eyes tightly, whimpering softly. "Aibou..." He whispered, tears streaming down his cheeks. Yusei says: "Yuugi, you don't need him. You never needed him. Snap out of it". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "This is all a bad dream...Yami's still here." Yuugi whimpered. Yusei says: "No he's not. You got rid of him because he was in our way. Yuugi, you don't need him, I'm here for you". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No your not! You're not Anzu!" Yuugi cried. Yusei says: "What are you talking about?" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Y-You're just a...dark vessel using her body!" He whimpered. Yusei says: "Yuugi. Calm down" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yuugi turned away, taking the Oracle Stone around his neck off and throwing it hard against a nearby wall. Yusei says: "Yuugi!" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Bakura's eyes were wide with shock. "Aibou..." He murmured. Yusei says: "Bakura, you've got to do something. Talk some sense into him". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "But how?" Yusei says: "I don't know. But do something, he's not listening to me anymore". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "All right. I'll give it a try." Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Bakura slowly walked over to the whimpering child and knelt down to his level. "Yuugi..." He spoke softly. Kira says: "Yuugi please, it's me. Listen to me, it's all right". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: In Yuugi's currently fragile state, Bakura's soft voice sounded like Yami's to him in a way, and so he moved closer. "Yuugi, you've got to fight it. Ignore the past, its behind you, behind us. You're with who you need to be now!" Noa called. You have just sent a nudge.

Kira says: [o.o] Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: 'No....Yuugi....fight it! ....I....know you....can....hear me!' A very weak voice cried out in Yuugi's slowly lightening soul... (Anzu should sense it somehow) Kira says: "What the...." Anzu muttered, feeling something different about Yuugi. "It can't be..." Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: " is you..." Yuugi whispered, smiling softly. Kira says: "What?" Anzu called. "That's impossible! He's dead!" Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Wrong..." Yami replied, still very weak. Kira says: "How many times do we have to kill you before you die and stay dead?!" Anzu growled furiously Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Yami chuckled weakly. "Anzu, havent you realized that as long as Yuugi still exists and fights the Oracle, I still exist?" Kira says: "You bastard. Yuugi's already given himself to the Oracle every time you've intervened and he'll do so again. He cares about me and he'll choose me over you again just like every other time. You were controlled by that force once, just give it up and let it control you again". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What are you saying?" He growled. Kira says: "You're just as evil as he is now. You possessed the Oracle and let it rule your heart. It's just as Dartz said, once you've used it, the darkness becomes a part of you. Yuugi realized that and now it's time you did. You're far too weak to fight back, you'll only end up destroying what's left of you". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "That...That can't be..." Yami murmured, feeling Raphael's taunting laughter run through his mind. Kira says: "It is. And already the seeds of doubt and uncertainty are in your mind, waiting to seize you when that power enfuses with you and you wake up. Or if you resist and die". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No...I won't you do this...My aibou will break through..." Kira says: "You thought that last time and look what happened. He killed you with his own hands". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Wrong, the Oracle killed me." Kira says: "Yuugi was the one who tormented you and brought your demise upon you. You know full well that he was tired of you interefering. Give it up and accept the truth". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "What truth? That Yuugi is being manipulated by a sorry bastard like you?" He spat, spirtually wrapping an arm around Yuugi. "Keep fighting aibou, I'm here..." He soothed. Kira says: "Don't listen to him. Remeber the pain he's caused you. He wants to stop us, you can't allow him to take you away from us, from everything". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Enough!" He yelled, before he stopped, hearing Raphael's taunting words. 'I told you the Seal would reveal the truth...this is you...wicked, greedy and full of hate...' Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (Yami's mentally hearing that, but Anzu can also with the Oracle's power) Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (so maybe torment him with that Kira says: Anzu grinned darkly, recognizing the words from Yami's return after his the first encouter with Raphael, certain they would begin to eat away at him. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No...I know I was a worthy Pharaoh..." Kira says: Anzu's expression darkened, grinning wickedly. Each time the debate was played over in his head, she was sure it was ripping him apart as much - if notmore - than the last time. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Raphael laughed in his mind. 'See what you've done to your monsters? At one time they were pure, but now their evil shadow creatures!' Kira says: "Yuugi, how are you feeling? Can you remember what we've been striving for?" Anzu asked gently, averting her eyes to him. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Yuugi...please...don't listen..." Yami begged, before screaming. "No...this can't be happening to me!" (The Oracle's starting to get him, because the thoughts of the past are eating away at him) Kira says: "I told you it's pointless. You're far to weak to stop us now, Pharaoh. Give it up. The reason you've failed so many times is because fate is on our side, you can't win". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "No...Black Magician Girl...she can't be right.." Kira says: "You know I am. Don't resist it". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "I must..." (BMG should appear, teasing him cruelly like Anzu is if ya can) Kira says: Black Magician Girl appeared before the twins, glaring coldly at Yami. "Why must you make everything difficult? You've seen that the Oracle has won, you don't have the power to stop it". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "B-Black Magician Girl..." Yami whispered, looking up at her, horror-struck. Kira says: "Don't give me such a look. You know its the truth". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Might I assist you, my apprentice?" Came the voice of Black Magician. Kira says: "Master!" Black Magician Girl called happily. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Black Magician appeared, with his signature pose before smiling at her. "No...not my Black Magician!" Yami screamed. Kira says: "You knew this was coming. You can't do anything to win, it's over Pharaoh, accept it". Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (BM?) Kira says: [BMG] Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: (ah.) "No...Mana..." Yami murmured, calling her by her name in the ancient past. (go with it, its to try and weaken her) Kira says: Black Magician Girl flinched, it had been thousands of years since she had been called by that name. Memories of the past flashed through her mind. She shook her head to try and clear the feelings trying to creep back into her. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: "Are you all right, my apprentice?" Black Magician asked, concerned. Kira says: "I-I'm fine. He's just trying to mess with my head" Black Magician Girl answered unsteadily. Evil Yugi/Alexis/Asuka (judais evil little girl in rp loves atemu We'll miss u Barbaro says: Black Magician smiled, using some of his magic to try and block out what Yami had said. Kira says: Black Magician Girl returned the smile, greaful for her master's assistence.