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Personal Info[edit]

  • Name: Kai
  • Age: At least 15
  • Deck Types:
    • D.D. Monarch
    • Crystal Beasts
    • Chain Burn
    • Machina Gadget
  • WC2011 FC: 0476 5622 5251


Your standard Yu-Gi-Oh player. However, it's kinda boring when you can't find any challenging new opponents...

I live somewhere in Singapore, and hence play using English, Japanese, and Asian-English cards. A fair amount are Japanese due to the fact that their boosters are loads cheaper, and are also available earlier. Heh.

I have a little hobby of designing Decks for relatively interesting Deck Types, as my relative lack of capital restricts my deck designing to just the drawing boards. Some decks I have thought of involve Reverse Burn, Venom and Junk Warrior decks. And yes, I do take the trouble to thinking of names for them. If you find someone on YGOpro going by the name of Gadjiltron, it's probably me.

Other than Yu-Gi-Oh, I also play Touhou (6~14), Stepmania, Maple Story (retired), Duel Masters (retired), MtG and the Trauma Center series.

Deck Lists[edit]

Decks in the drawing board[edit]

These are all the Decks I have planned out, but don't have the money to construct fully. You are free to use these decklists in constructing and testing certain ideas. Bear in mind that some are outdated due to the changing banlists.

Deck Guides[edit]

I swear, I'm the only one who ever bothers with these now.

Additional Trivia[edit]

Know that none of these listings follow a particular order.

Favourite Cards (for personal reasons):

Least Favourite Cards:

  • Fusionist (LOL whut?)
  • Master Monk (His theme showed up in TLM... and disappeared afterwards.)
  • Larvae Moth (A complete waste to summon him.)
  • Water Dragon (One-shot Nomi with no particular support. Ugh...)
  • NEX (We don't even have a full NEX set.)

Favourite Anime Characters:

  • Judai Yuki, but only from halfway in the third season onwards. That's where his character really becomes interesting as he is faced with trauma of putting his friends in danger, and it's also when his (somewhat annoying) duel-enthusiastic mood starts fading off.
  • Kiryu Kyousuke, completely psychotic (GYA~HAHAHAHAHA!!) as a Dark Signer, and badass once he gets his act together in Crashtown.
  • Austin O'Brien, for that one scene against the Laughter Mask where he just walks away without waiting for his opponent's LP to zero out. So, so fitting with the line "You're already dead".

Least Favourite Anime Characters:

  • Divine, and I probably shouldn't elaborate. Watch his acts and see why.
  • Giese Hunt does some really weird stuff that sorta defies game logic. Then again, most of the other things in the anime do.
  • Demak doesn't even have a good backstory on how he became a Dark Signer. And seriously, look at what happens during his duel. What the heck is going on!?