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Before we get started here, I am GoldenDragonRider and I have been a contributor to this site off and on since 2015. At the time of writing, I maintain a good working relationship with multiple more senior and experience staff. I am writing this page after a conversation with User:Dinoguy1000 and User:TheycallmeBrick on the #wiki channel on the Yugipedia Discord.

On this page I will dump and quote documentation scattered throughout the wiki. If something is posted is not quoted by its source, it needs it is my opinion or recollection based on previous feedback (such as edit reverts). These must be cross examined by more senior contributors before being taken will "yay" or "nay" them. Ideally, some of this content will be useful for official documentation later down the line.

This page should not be taken as gospel.

General wiki formatting[edit]



  • Hidden notes should be avoided wherever possible and only be used to inform other editors that text is intended to be written a specific way.
  • A blank line should exist between the body of one section and heading of the next.



  • When discussing an archetype, quotes are used around the name of the archetype, inline with the text used on the cards that support said archetype. For example, "Dark World" monsters and "Deskbot" card are to be used. Sentences must be constructed in such a way that a apostrophe or or 's' does not immediately follow a quote.


  • A card is considered to be a member of an archetype if and only if the latest Japanese printing (or official database/ruling text) of that card meets one of two conditions.
  • By extension, archetype membership is not determined by English name, unless there is no Japanese printing, for example a TCG-only archetype. In the event a new TCG archetype is printed that could support older cards, those cards are expected to be updated in the official database or reprinted with either a archetype-exclusion condition or a new name at the same time. For example the TCG set Shadows in Valhalla released the first "Valkyrie" support, at the same time older cards such as Valkyrie of the Nordic Ascendant were given such an exclusion conditions around the set's release. If the database is not updated and no reprint has changed the text, it is considered a member until its Japanese release, where the above critia override current conclusion.


  • When discussing a series, quotes are not to be used around the name of the archetype.


  • A series is a collection of 3 or more cards connected by a theme. A card is considered to be a member of an series if does not meet the requirements of an archetype, but it meets at least one of the following conditions.
    • The cards have a consistent design and had a pattern to their release, such as effects, set release, or a naming pattern. E.g. the Cataclysmic series.
    • The card is used alongside other members of the series in the anime/manga by the same. For example, the Tomato cards used by Tombo Tillbitty. As such "Mystic Tomato" is not considered a member of the series, as it was not used by Tombo.
  • A single monster and its retrains are not considered a series.

Related to archseries[edit]

At Yugipedia we categorize cards that are related to an archseries using the related_to_archseries tag on a card's page. By using this tag, the card appears in that archseries' navbox. Since related to is an inherently vague term, the tag is only used when card A is related to archseries B through a first degree relationship.

A first degree relationship exists between a card and archseries if that card is neither a member or support card of that archseries and meets one of the following criteria.

  • A is specifically named in the text of a member of X.
  • A specifically names a member of X in its own text.
  • There is a lore connection between A and X. This can be lore from any official medium, such as stories told in video games, the anime or official blog posts.
    • Artwork alone does not necessarily constitute lore.
    • The mechanics of older video games, does not constitute a lore connection.
  • A is a counterpart to a member of X, such as a retrain. In this event, only the original member is considered related, not all its forms (unless the aforementioned lore condition is met).

If a card fails to meet any of these three conditions, it is not treated as related to that archseries for the purposes of this wiki and it does not require a related_to_archseries tag. With strong justifiable reason, it the relationship may still be worth mentioning on a trivia page, for example "This card is a counterpart to "X"" (see the trivia section for guidelines).


Examples of related by card text:

Examples of related by lore:

Examples of related because of a counterpart.

Miscellaneous examples:

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