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Soulburner with "Salamangreat Meer" and "Salamangreat Foxy"
  • サラマングレイト
  • Saramangureito (romanized)
  • Salamangrande
  • Grosalamander
  • Salamagna
  • Salamagnum (translated)
  • 샐러맨그레이트
  • Salamagrande
  • Salamangrande
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"Salamangreat" (サラマングレイト Saramangureito) is an archetype of FIRE Cyberse monsters used by Takeru Homura in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.



In this section, we comment on the design of the monsters. Spell/Trap card appearances can also be comment on if they are consistent between cards.


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Playing style[edit]


This section contains a 1-2 paragraph overview of the Deck, its win-condition, and any gimmicks it might have.

A "Salamangreat" Deck primarily focuses around swarming the field with FIRE Cyberse monsters to set up for Link Summons. It accomplishes this through many of the Main Deck monsters having effects to Special Summon themselves, as well as support cards such as "Will of the Salamangreat" and "Salamangreat Mirage Stallio".

A unique feature of the "Salamangreat" Deck is the boss monsters' potential to be reincarnated by using another copy of itself as material or Tribute. For their Link Monsters, this is achieved through their Field Spell "Salamangreat Sanctuary", called Reincarnation Link Summon in the anime. When Summoned this way, their monsters gain additional effects. In addition some of their support cards, such as "Will of the Salamangreat" and "Salamangreat Gift", gain additional effects while the player controls a "Salamangreat" Link Monster Summoned this way.

Comprehensive guide[edit]


In consistency, the description is centered around cards that are useful for the Deck to function

"Salamangreat" Decks don't normally suffer from too many issues of consistency with "Salamangreat Circle", "Salamangreat Fennec", "Salamangreat Foxy", and "Salamangreat Gazelle". The Deck also has a good amount of recovery and GY synergy with cards such as "Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf".

Decks focusing on Reincarnation Link Summons can often forgo "Terraforming" due to using "Salamangreat Veilynx" being able to search "Salamangreat Sanctuary" while acting as a stepping stone into further Link Summons.

Due to its consistency, non-archetypal support cards are not usually needed in the Main Deck, but other recommended cards can include:

  • "Lady Debug" and "Cynet Mining" to search a search any low Level Cyberse monster. "Lady Debug" is useful in most cases, as you do not have to dedicate your Normal Summon to a "Salamangreat" to get your combos started. As for "Cynet Mining", while discarding a card might seem a bit steep the Deck's synergy with the GY alleviates the cost significantly.
  • As the Deck is not heavily reliant on its Normal Summon, "Red Resonator" and "Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince" can also be included to allow for even more Special Summons, while also being eligible as Material for the "Salamangreat" Link Monsters themselves. "Flame Bufferlo" can also be a useful addition to the Deck, particularly for using it as Link Material for "Veilynx" as it allows for GY setup, drawing and searching for "Salamangreat Sanctuary".


In power, the description is centered around the Deck's power-plays and end game

The bread and butter of a "Salamangreat" Deck is its ability to Link Summon to summon powerful monsters, be they "Salamangreat" or generic monsters.

"Fusion of Fire" acts as an archetypal "Super Polymerization" and gives the Deck an edge in versatility and comeback potential with searchable, non-targeting, and non-destructive removal of an opponent's Link Monster (potentially breaking an Extra Link) while Summoning "Salamangreat Violet Chimera" as a powerful beatstick. The aforementioned "Super Polymerization" is also an excellent choice for the same reason as "Fusion of Fire" but being a Quick-Play Spell Card it can be used disruptively during the opponent's turn. "Fusion Tag" can be used to change a monster's name to "Violet Chimera" making it easier to Summon a "Violet Chimera" with its full effects.

The Deck also has Ritual Summoning capabilities with "Rise of the Salamangreat" and "Salamangreat Emerald Eagle", which can be searched by "Pre-Preparation of Rites". Another option for a Ritual Spell is "Cynet Ritual", which allows for Summoning other Cyberse Ritual Monsters, such as "Cyberse Magician", and also has a token Summoning effect which can be give the Deck more comeback potential. If using "Cynet Ritual" it is recommended to include "Cyberse Witch" in the Extra Deck for consistency, and if using "Salamangreat Fennec" as Link Material for "Cyberse Witch" it possible to search another card.

The Deck can also perform very well defensively and interrupt the opponent's plays. Not only does it have access to a searchable Counter Trap in "Salamangreat Rage", but due to its consistency it can comfortably play a large number of hand-traps, such as the Yo-kai Girls.

Recommended cards[edit]

Cards recommended for Deck variants should be listed later and not here; no staples should be included unless they are supported by a specifc card in the Deck (e.g. "Monster Reborn" is supported by various "Winged Dragon of Ra" cards)

Notable variants[edit]

In this section we can include a 1 paragraph description per each notable variant. Each should be short. An example might be on the "Frog" page to mention "Paleozoic" support make for a good hybrid because the Traps are Level 2 Aquas to make "Toadally Awesome"

Weaknesses and counters[edit]

Here a dot point list is included to outline how this Deck can be countered.

Official Decklists[edit]

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See also[edit]

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