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Hey, thanks for stopping by. I'm Hastydemon2, or just Hasty, doesn't really matter which.

As a Yu-Gi-Oh! player, I guess I would consider myself as a more combo oriented player. A deck that can be conservative at times but then explode when really needed. As you can see with my Wind-Up deck, but Gustos have truly captured my dueling heart, and in a close second is my new favorite my Fire Fist Fire King deck. As a deckbuilder though, I'm one who tries to find an alternative route that complements the deck, like my Wind-Ups with T.G. monsters. Or there are some decks that are just out-right strange, such as my Frog Inzektors (which was fixed by Jason Grabher-Meyer on TCG Player).

If you want some deck advice from me, I can try my best to help you with what you are trying to accomplish. I'm really not that bad at deckbuilding, but one can always improve on a new strategy or and existing one.

If theres anything else that you would like to know, just post it up on my talk and I'll get back to you since I'm on the wikia everyday.

Current Decks[edit]