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Favorite Cards[edit]

Hated Cards[edit]

Favorite Card Themes[edit]


* Horus - Horus the Black Flame Dragon, and Dark Horus
* Nephthys - Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, and Dark Nephthys
* Anubis - The End of Anubis, Curse of Anubis, and Judgment of Anubis
* Ra - The Winged Dragon of Ra
* Osiris - Slifer the Sky Dragon
* Sphinx - Guardian Sphinx
* Pyramid - Pyramid Turtle, Pyramid of Light


* Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes
* Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua
* Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar
* Alien Ammonite
* Sinister Serpent
* Reptilianne Naja
* Reptilianne Medusa
* Des Feral Imp

Favorite Yugioh Character[edit]

Marik Ishtar


To collect at least 6 copies of every reptile-type monster and reptile support card in the game, so that at any point in time, I can make any reptile deck I want and a tag deck to match it perfectly!

I've now started collecting sets of 6 holo versions (if there is a holo version available), so the Ult. Rare only labels mean all I'm missing are the ultimate rare versions. DT only means I only need Duel Terminal versions.

All I need now to do this is:


The Facedown Deck was the deck I used up until the Six Samurai came out, so keep in mind that it's a bit out-dated.

Reptile DeckLists[edit]

Reptile Decks: