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Fortune Lady formula[edit]

Odd level (n + 3) x n 50 End level (n+ 2) x n 50

I don't see any Blog function here so userpage will do

Blog: problem with ygorganization or beyondtheduel translation[edit]

a.k.a why sheep mentality is degenerate. I've been advocating against blindly following their translation for a while, but our staffs is so dense that telling them after shit happen doesn't even flinch them. So I will at least list examples of their translation failures that they blindly do.

  • List
  1. Forcing weird order of TCG name (since 2017 in Wikia)
  2.,_Generaider_Boss_of_Storms hoar = whore. Do you think this is funny? yugipedia culprit:Vortexdome
  3. Opening of the Spirit Gates they Translate the search effect as optional but yugipedia manage to spot out their mistake
  4. Not AA
  5. Fallen of Albaz what was the basis of using latin Nullius Filius instead of direct translation to English? This is straight up removing Albaz from its name. yugipedia culprit:Vortexdome again, Citating other is not excuse to turn off editors brain.

Hyoroemon (talkcontribs) 05:17, 8 August 2020 (UTC)