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Hi everybody

I'm Jetronix. my real name is Jetro, and I enjoy playing this game a lot. im from thailand and i live in Bangkok. if any of you guys know me buy some way, whether you're my friend and happen to come across this page or know me by facebook wtv, go to edit this page and sign your name with 4 tides.

I dont have super expensive cards like 3 stardusts and stuff in a deck. i do though, have some ocg exclusives. i think im the only thai user in this wikia, but if u guys know any other thais, please shout out at me. i like to create many decks and think of new original themes because its very fun and interesting. Here are my decks or decks under development:

MY DECKS[edit]

Lightsworns. This one's my strongest deckXD. i really like it esp now i added plaguespreader.

Secret Village lock. i decide to do effect negation lock (skill drain and divine wrath) and spell lock rather than spell/trap.

Endymion/spell caster abuse deck.yeah, u guys get the idea. abit slow for metadecks but its really fun and has many potential.

Coelacanth or seaserpent deck without royal swamp eel. Chain town=yes, its the one that used to be on the forum. i think it has reached its best potential without valleys. thank you everyone who has contributed to the deck.

Gadgetronics= my best deck right now. uses gadget, and many defences. this deck is not an oppression deck because of the pure reason i dont have them, although i have tried all possible ways to make it as anti meta as possible. once it gets going, it is pretty to really good! this deck packs underestimated cards for a surprise.

plants= trying to create the ultimate plant control. any ideas,contact me.

Ancient simorgh/dark simorgh control and bounce (hey i saw this godly combo with tons of normal wind/dark monsters like harpy brother and archfiend soldier and heart of the underdog+common charity which was really good and locked me from defending myself with dark simorgh) under development

dark armed deck of some sort. i have zerato, krebons, teleports, dad now, even allure, so im gonna try making one. soon.

i have thought about an anti meta deck. gonna be awesome. still ideas to come.

a random beatdown-monarch - i like to use this deck because its my favorite deck, and for some reason, people always underestimate it and get annoyed greatly when they lost! some say its one of the uniquely well built random deck. discontinued

an attempt to a Macro Monarch deck, though it is pretty rotten discontinued

Rise of the Great douchey Dragon (hey i thought of this combo using patrician of darkness+decoy dragon+a big dragon in the graveyard to either have my opponent not attack or they face big dragons. do you think it would work?)

Virus Control (im not rich, they're just japanese normals) does anyone have a good idea for a virus deck? discontinued

== IDeas/ combos/ and discoveries ==[edit]

this list will continue to grow, please contribute...

well, here in thailand, many people are running chain coil+ chain repairman combo. heres how it works: people use foolish burial to dump coil. then RotA for repairman. then use its effect to special summon the coil. u could use cosr here too if u want. then they tune out black rose and such on the first turn! effective with zombie decks if u have mezuki and a big zombie in the grave, u could atk directly. Like said, i just discovered that chain coil has a continous boosting effect, and could become a huge threat! goodness it doesnt have built-in piercing damage too!


Psycho synchro deck. jinzo deck basically, and synchro summon before jinzo goes to grave.

Guerillas from the fifth dimension. This deck would focus on dd beatdown warrior type monsters, without the focus on monarchs. just an idea. any ideas?

Translated Japanese decks from Magazines[edit]

im going through the trouble of translating these decks for you all to read XD, so pls enjoy it. it also gives a sense of what the japanese are up to.

Core Chimair Translated deck[edit]

2 valafars

3 ice

3 guardian

1 devil

2 power hand

2 drago

3 grave keeper's spy

1 spirit reaper

1 marshmallon

2 emergency provisions

1 mystical spave typhoon

1 heavy storm

1 swords of revealing lights

2 magical stone excavation

3 steel core

3 urgent steel core disposal

1 urgent synthesis

3 good goblin housekeeping

1 reckless power

2 automatic laser

1 solemmn judgment

1 mirror force

EarthBound God deck[edit]

2 aslla piscu

2 grave keeper's

2 dark armed dragon

3 grave keeper's spy

3 grave keeper's commandant

2 grave keeper's guard

1 dandylion

1 breaker

2 armageddon knight

1 sangan

1 snipe hunter

3 terraformings

3 necro valley

1 mystical spave typhoon

1 heavy storm

1 fires of doomsday

2 dark burst

3 allures of darkness

1 monster reborn

1 ccv

3 solemn judgment

1 mirror force

Anyone is welcome to edit my page[edit]

Interested in dueling? here's my email: thanks! and i'll constantly edit this page.