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User:Jon Kovacs

About me:

Dueling Time : Since Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, Starter Deck Yugi, and Starter Deck Kaiba were the only card sets released.

Favorite Card : Morphing Jar 2

Favorite Dueling Strategies : Morphing Jar 2s in defense mode with Battle Mania to start the fireworks, anything involving Winged Kuriboh LV10, burn OTK's, and using the Wicked Gods (generally The Wicked Eraser).

Decks for Free: Lately I have been archiving, and working on some decklists for the page.

YVD Code : kovacs

My Decklists:

Gravekeeper's 3.0, The Enraged

Empty Jars Return

Malefic World 3.0

Harpies have Claws! V.2

Herald of Perfection

Infernity 1.5

20 Monsters

Extra Deck

15 Synchros

Side Deck

15 Cards

Skull Servants

Retired Decklists:

Simochi, Simochi

Lords of Valhalla


Malefic World 1.0

Malefic World 2.0

Gravekeeper's 1.0, The Original

Gravekeeper's 2.0, The Angry

Gravekeeper's 2.1, The Angrier

I'ma doing a Wheelie!

Kuriboh Rock

Kuribon Wins!!

Empty Jar, The Enraged

Decklists Under Construction: