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The Duelist Profile:[edit]

  • Birth Name: Jaren Jay Mendoza-Caluag
  • Nickname: Kaiser
  • Yugioh Wikia Username: Kaiser-kun
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Location: Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila City of The Republic of Philippines
  • Occupation: Student of City College of Manila in Philippines taking the course B.S.ED Major in Social Studies
  • Other: Kaiser of Avatar Sanctuary
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sex: Male
  • My Facebook and Yahoo mail account:
  • My Duelist Philosophy: All Duelists are Players but not all Players are Duelist
  • My Favorite Books: Social Science Books, The Most Holy Bible, About Astronomy, and many more...

Pls watch this videos[edit]


  • 1. To be a successful Educator,
  • 2. To be known and a model Duelist & also establishing Duelist Confederation and someday one of the champions; and
  • 3. To share the gospel of God to any person

My Articles[edit]

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Message to all who read this:[edit]

For all players who want to be true duelist in terms of intelligence either skills you can attend my semi-duel academy this coming semestral break here in my house at 2422 Cjn-J Ramon fernandez st. gagalangin tondo manila

My WikiFriends:[edit]

My Primary Deck:[edit]

  • The Defender Of Faith

Lightsworn Description:

'''The light covers the heavenly skies with only pure divinity and solemn judgment that no one can oppose to its right which is truly sacred...'''

My Lightsworn Moves:

My Lightsworn Style:

  • Judgment Dragon OTK
  • Monarch Control - Lightsworn Style
  • Gragonith Beatdown Burst
  • Honest OTK
  • Sacred Break Dance Combo
  • Sacred Draw Combo