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Yu-Gi-Oh! Olongapo or YGOGAPO is a group of duelists based in Olongapo City, Philippines.

History of Yu-Gi-Oh! Olongapo[edit]

The Chaos Society[edit]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Olongapo began with small group of duelists, both students and professionals, forming a group they called the "Chaos Society". The name originated from the most popular deck during that time, Chaos, which consisted of Light and Dark Monsters, led by "Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning" and formerly, Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End".

The Rise of Zenon[edit]

Around early 2011, the first Anime Shop "JV's Anime Toys and Collectibles" inside City Square opened and along with it came Olongapo City's first LGS. With the opening of the store also came the growth and popularity of Yu-Gi-Oh! in the city. Every day, many duelists play inside City Square, facing off with decks attributed to their respective users. Some signature decks from the Chaos Society are "Gladiator Beast", "Karakuri", "Machina Gadget" and "Dragons".

With the growth in the number of players, another group of duelists called "Zenon" rose to rival the "Chaos Society". However, personalities clashed and several Chaos Society members chose to retire from playing as they deemed that the new players were too 'immature' and taking the game too seriously. At this point, the Chaos Society as a whole decided to lie-low for a brief time, only appearing in tournaments every now and then, but generally stood clear of the drama that was brought by the newer players.

Satellite and the Fall of Zenon[edit]

A majority of the Chaos Society members took to the adult life and have moved on to being professionals and family people. Only the members of the "Zenon" group remained and have taken on an 'Elite' status among the duelists in City Square carrying decks like "Blackwing", "Morphtronic", "All-Monster FTK", and "Six Samurai".

As time went by, the number of Zenon members grew and another group of people branched out again and called themselves "Satellite". The duelists of Satellite, however, proved to be more powerful duelists than their predecessors and eventually overthrew the Zenon from their elite spot. Some notable decks during the reign of Satellite include "Dragoon Control", "Synchron", "Dragunity", and "Gravekeeper's.

Several issues also plagued the community during this time. Coming from the shadows of what was formerly Zenon, some of the higher-ranking duelists took to scamming new players for financial gain, low-balling newbies and re-selling the cards at an outrageous price. This was immediately mitigated by the other, more knowledgeable players who educated their fellow duelists to prevent further damage in the community.

Old Disk Duelists[edit]

During the problematic times of Satellite and Zenon, came three players who were returning to the game after a long hiatus. They were not even familiar with the new cards and mechanics such as Synchro summoning nor even Synchro Monsters.

Carrying only the basic knowledge and passion they have for the game, the three players took old-school Yu-Gi-Oh! and made them relevant again in the community. Two of the three players became instant powerhouses, carrying decks such as "Giant Germ" and "Disaster Dragon".

Eventually, they labeled themselves as "Oldies" due to their preference of playing old-school decks. However, "Oldies" strangely became known as "Old Disk" within the community, and the group ultimately stuck with the name.

Signature Deck Profiles[edit]

Disaster Dragon (2011)
Giant Germ (2011)