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King Starscream is a long time duelist. At 21, he has been dueling since the game was first released. However, he will not be giving a Deck recipe on this page. He'd rather it be a surprise to new opponents. Needless to say, he has several and all of them are meticulously scrutinized almost constantly, leading to a constantly changing play style that can be baffling to inexperienced Duelists (as in, inexperienced at dueling him).


I play with a number of Decks, each with its own unique traits and strategies. Though whole recipies will not be given, here are a few ideas as to what they might hold.

  • Dragon Deck (soon to become two seperate decks, each focusing on different aspects of the original)

He also has plans for a number of other decks, including

  • An Alchemy Deck, when more Alchemy cards are released.

Additionally, so far all of the above mentioned decks are 100% Advanced Format legal and will continue to stay as such. However, an Egyptian God Deck is also in the works and as such will include several cards that are considered Illegal or Forbidden in Advanced Format.

If you wish to duel me online, please leave a message on my talk page with your user name for AOL Messenger. This is currently the only messenging service I'm subscribed to. Alternatively, if you live in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia, live duels may be set up.

Favorite Cards[edit]

Here are some of my favorite cards. In general, I like Dragon monsters the best, though certain ones not as much as other. For example, I like the Cyber Dragons for their design but not their strategy. However, other cards, such as Five-Headed Dragon I like all around, especially when my opponent isn't expecting it. Moving along, here's my list in no particular order:

Favorite Cards