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Hi everyone! I'm Kirho from the Philippines. I am a solid fan of all Yu-Gi-Oh!. I have just started this week editing some Yu-Gi-Oh! articles.

Well I have a mixed Elemental Hero Deck, these are the cards I have: If you can notice my deck is supported with cards that can destroy Spell and Trap Cards. I have added D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master to recycle monster cards which are Removed from play. I also included Gigantes in my deck in order to maximize the usage of Evil Hero Dark Gaia and in order to send Yubel from my hand or field to summon it by Call of the Haunted and Sacrifice these cards for Anteatereatingant, then Yubel will be destroyed and I will be allowed to summon the other Yubels used as a tribute for my Evil Hero Malicious Edge.


This is one of the other deck I have:

I also have a partially with trap counter, chain link fairy deck. I wish I could add my Winged Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh LV10 here.

I want to complete my suggestion of the cards to be forbidden, limited or semi-limited.

Here are my additional cards to be banned:[edit]

Suggested Banned Cards

I wish I could have the card Spell Striker, since it is easily be special summoned when mixed with my Elemental Hero Deck, it can attack Directly and you wont receive any battle damage if it is attacked by a monster with higher attack points, after that you can return it again, this will be a great combo to recycle again your used spell cards by having Elemental Hero Electrum, if I will be having this card I will change my Anteatereatingant from my deck to this card.

My Favorite Cards[edit]

Monster Cards
1. Rainbow Neos
- in our own community duel we only play with life points of 4000 so summoning it will surely give a OTK to my
opponent, although I do not have any Rainbow Dragon card in my Deck i can still summon it using the effect of my King of the Swamp.
2. King of the Swamp

- this card makes me easily getting my fusion monsters on the field, it is powerful when you also have the card like Dark Fusion.
3. Yubel - Terror Incarnate
- when I have this card on my field, I feel very safe that I will still survive for the next turn.
4. Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare
- my co-duelists always say that the effect of this card is very powerful, inflicting life-point damage to the
player's attacked monster and then it will destroy it and you take any battle damage with 0 ATK points, poor
Magic Cylinder you will not be very disappointed if you just use a weak card like Hero Barrier.
5. Elemental Hero Prisma
- this monsters make me really choose what fusion monster I am going to summon during the same turn. It also helps me
in special-summoning my Neos Wiseman.
6. Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
- this card makes my opponent to be annoyed by its effect.
7. Elemental Hero Gaia
- I can always have it as my choice when I am going to have a fusion summon, it is always inflicting a battle damage
of 2200 when it attacks the monster in attack position whom it has drained its attack it adding it to himself, but
only when it is fusion summoned.
8. Yubel
- an unexpected support card for Elemental Hero Deck. I supported it with cards which can destroy it using my
Dark Hole.
9. Evil Hero Infernal Gainer
- this will allow my Evil Hero Fusion monsters to attack twice when I summoned it using my Dark Calling and the
best combo is to use it with Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare to have it attack twice is very dangerous to any
player's life points, even Magic Cylinder will become very useless against it.
10. Evil Hero Malicious Edge

- more powerful than Elemental Hero Bladedge, using only one tribute and if I wish to I can just have it attack
twice during the same turn.
Spell Cards and Trap Cards
1. Dark Fusion
- the most powerful fusion magic card limited only for fusion summon of fiend type monsters but more useful in
Elemental Hero deck.
2. Torrential Tribute
- I really love this card destroying monsters of course with Yubel activating its effect then having Yubel -
Terror Incarnate into my field.
3. Monster Reborn
- after fusion summoned a monster and sent it to the graveyard, I can return them back using this card.
4. Return from the Different Dimension
- I usually play with someone using Light and Dark Deck with their signature card [[Black Luster Soldier - Envoy
of the Beginning]], I just allow them to have 1 copy of that card in their deck(although they only have one of
it). My opponents' deck is just power-upped by that card, why complain when I have Rainbow Neos and [[Return
from the Different Dimension]].
5. Polymerization
- it is easily added to my hand using the effect of Elemental Hero Woodsman.
6. Dark Hole
- the best support card for players with Yubel.
7. Damage Condenser
- receiving any battle damage when activated will allow you to special summon a monster another good support card
for Yubel.
8. Miracle Fusion
- for easy fusion summoning in the graveyard and in the field.
9. Dark Calling
- a more powerful card than Miracle Fusion, although the monsters to be fusion summoned by this effect is really
10. Future Fusion
- using this card I can just have my Rainbow Neos for the next turn.

Get your Game on![edit]