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Well, I'll start putting some of the decks I use and going to make.

The main deck I use the most. I Would like to make others but most of the cards i need are in future sets(Amazoness and Genex)or i just dont have all the cards yet (my next deck based on allure queen) (If someone can teach me how to do the deck format since im a bit of a newbie here).

{{Decklist| Gemini Assault |monsters =

Extra deck

  • x3 [[Superalloy Beast Raptinus]
  • x3 Black Brutdrago
  • 9 other Generic Synchros

|spells =

|traps =


Although not finish and tested yet, I'm making a deck based around Allure queen and her equip ability. Support does include the 2 Magical knights, and evocator chevalier also Chaos-end master for sychroing.

Allure of her knights