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Hello, I was one of the users of Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia. I usually contribute trivial stuffs in the card trivia. I concern about cards that have some sort of story lines, and most of the time, those that came from Duel Terminal universe. Even so, most of my edits are usually come from my own perspective and theories, most of the time without any official references. Knowing this limit of mine, I humbly beg for your guidance as pro editors to supervise my works. Cheers :)

Dueling Activity

I don't duel a lot in real life, but I love to try out new decks through dueling simulator such as EDOPro (previously YGOPro). Due to the price of YGO cards that is relatively expensive in my country, I didn't purchase too much cards, and currently don't have too many variety of cards to play. Nevertheless, I own a purely build "Lightsworn" deck in real life.

Lightsworn and Me

LIGHT Attribute has always been my favorite since the beginning this game existed. It was so hard to find any strong, yet aesthetical LIGHT Deck in the past generation of Yu-Gi-Oh!. I am considered as a weak player among my circle because of my inability to build a proper deck, compared to other friends. However, my dueling life changed significantly when "Light of Destruction" Booster Pack finally shipped to my city. A couple of "Lightsworn" monsters which I got back then motivated me to get more of them in my hand. A single "Judgment Dragon" which I got from a trade with a friend was my best card that, like a magic, significantly boosted my understanding and ability in dueling.

After years, I still kept my "Lightsworn" Deck and keep updating the content. I was so excited every time I heard the news about "Lightsworn" getting new supports. I still remember the excitement when the news about the first "Lightsworn" Synchro Monster "Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn" was on air. After I started making my own money, I often spent some cash to completing my "Lightsworn" collection, until "Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn" and "Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion" were finally joined my forces.

Today, I see the growth of Yu-Gi-Oh! into having more and more unique archetypes. Not gonna lie, I have got some interest in trying newly released decks. Among them are "Tenyi", "Crusadia", "Cyber Angel", "Chaos", "Dragunity", and "Charmer". However, I don't mind trying them over simulation software only. Even so, "Lightsworn" deck will always be the deck I am keeping. It is my first gateway to the true Yu-Gi-Oh! world.