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About me[edit]

I'm 15 now. I love YGOTAS. 'Nuff said.

My Decks[edit]

1) Yugi-Mania 2) Corrupt Heroes 3) Mental Discipline 4) Starlight Warrior 5) High Tide Penguins 6) Burning Flip 7) Harpie Storm.

Yeaaaah...I have a lot.

Spirit Partner[edit]

My Spirit Partner in real life is Winged Kuriboh, but Sometimes Orichalcos Kyotora torments me.

My Views on 4Kids[edit]

They are awful at dubbing. They have only done 2 things right EVER!

  • Made the Toon World Theme
  • Made the Orichalcos Theme.


If I ever control Konami, Yugioh or UDE or KDE, I will make them give me a tourney-legal Seal of Orichalcos-themed Deck.

Other worlds[edit]

I think that if I could go into any world, I would go to the Yugioh world and get the seal of Orichalcos.

contact me[edit]