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Why hello, I didn't see you there. I guess I'm somewhat of a novice to competitive play, but I'm definitely familiar with the cards in general. I'm most certainly new to this wiki, so you'll find me asking questions a lot. My first deck was a D.D. Beatdown with Gren Maju Da Eiza and Golden Homunculus and my first favorite card was Jinzo. I'm on DN with the username MachoCheez.

Mah Ferverut Curds[edit]

Yeah so there's this card called Cyber Dragon. It's a nice card, easy to summon, beatstick attack. The only thing that would make it better is if I could Xyz for a Rank 4 with it/ Search it with Reinforcement of the Army. Oh wait, that card's called Photon Thrasher. Yeah It's a nice card.

It can protect itself from any type of destruction, then pop anything on the field afterwards. Yeah, that seems logical.

It is a WALL. In today's meta there are all these huge monsters with 3000 or even 4000 ATK. Spirit Reaper doesn't bat an eye. It's quite funny how many decks just can't get over it. Anyway, you may be asking "Why this card over Marshmallon?". I'll tell you why, THAT DISCARD EFF. Oh my god, during the late game when my opponent's already made his push and I have the upper hand, the best thing is just locking him down by destroying his hand.

"Oh, what's that man, you wanted that monster? Yeah, well, it's MINE NOW." Seriously, there's nothing to get your monster back after Relinquished has omnomnommed on it. Throw in a Kaiser Colosseum, The Dark Door, and a Scrap-Iron Scarecrow and you've got something nasty.

Bam, he hits the field, one fourth of most people's deck gone, sometimes more in other decks.

Mah Ferverut Derks[edit]