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About Me[edit]

Okay, here I am talking all about me.

Firstly I live in the UK, I am 21 years of age (BD:31/01/92) but still love this card game for children :D

I'm still a college student currently studying computer programming, network engineering and the like.

I enjoy the music of Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Jamiroquai, Justice, Kavinsky, Vitalic and a lot of other artists.

I spend most of my time either online or out and about with friends doing what ever seems interesting.

How Yu-Gi-Oh! Started for Me[edit]

I started to pick this game up in college about three years ago were a few friends mentioned that they still collect things like Yu-Gi-Oh! I hadn't played since I was a kid so this seemed fun to do seeing as we had so much time on are hands. Pretty soon we where building vagabond decks, constructed from whatever we had to hand bringing them in and duelling each other gradually improving everyday.

It started to grow on us that we're getting good at the game, really good in fact, after about a full year to learn rulings, deck builds, playing intermittently etc. We started to attend a local hobby league to broaden are skills and improve upon our decks, not gonna lie, we got destroyed by the regulars (strange feeling getting your ass whooped by children). But we kept at it, we attended every week or so until we had become some of the best players in the hobby league and moved on to regionals and that's where the story ends, we've been attending and topping ever since hopefully I'll get to a YCS one of these days.

Trying to get a hold of Me?[edit]

I'm quite active in the chat room so that's were I spend the majority of my time as well as Dueling Network

  • Username: Spice

Also, I spend a lot of time on steam add me if you like here's my profile

If you see me about just give me a shout I'm a pretty nice guy.